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Littledotty and mermaider: ya, same. My gal "talk" n sometimes respond to me when I'm talking. Also blow bubbles at times. It's a tiring yet fulfilling experience.

True, my gal is more fussy during evening time, but she still wants to be carried to slp. But she managed to fall aslp herself last night, think she's too tired, hence she concuss.
Hi mama_gene, it's just like what littledotty has described, but I dare not turn my baby tummy down yet cos she puke quite easily. Instead, just let her face up and massage.
Here's how the massage lady do it when my gal faces up:

Hi Dolly, thanks for the photos. Ur gal like my gal having a lot of hair. lol....
Sorry ya, I still not sure where is the location to do the massage... at the heel or the knee area? My gal also fart a lot, initially I thought I ate too much durian… now I realize not because of the durian as it is normally for bb at this age. Lol…
My gal having milk rash for about 1 month, currently she going to be 2 months old. I have wipe her face after each feed, wash her face with baby body shampoo during bath, after 2 weeks her face getting better but it get worst again a last week..  she always scratch her face with mitten, I think may be the rash is itching…  any cream can apply?
Thank you very much!
Refer to the sleep pattern, my gal previously also hard to get into sleep at night. After I read tips from Dumex email, I keep day time noisy (turning on TV with higher volume) and bright, then at night I keep my bed room a bit dark (on the toilet’s light with toilet’s door close instead of the table light) and quite as normally ( nothing change). It’s work for my gal! she able to sleep from 12am to 6.30am!  u gal can try it out if u wan as it’s easy test. ;)
Cheer up panda’s mother! :D
bearycue and chai: Yeah, my gal hair like that since birth, and curly also

Chai: It's the back of the little calf, do it in circular motion. Sometimes she fart straight away, sometimes like no reaction though. Anyway, glad that she enjoyed the massage, that's something I do at night if can remember.
Chai use advent miracle cream for milk rash. It works well for my bb's milk rash. Can be used for nappy rash too - powder works a lot better for my bb.

Mummies does your bb vomit out milk half/one hour later even after burping session? Is it normal? My bb burps but still vomits out milk, sometimes can be quite alot. I apply ru yi oil and give him gripe water to expel wind.

When can we start exercising and what can we do?
Yes, my hb vomits milk too even after burping. One mummy said here tt it could be reflux. Yesterday, my bb poo is somewhat green in color; any mummy here could advise what is it likely due to?
I asked my gynae during my last check on when can I start exercising and he said can start anytime. Guess its best to check with your gynae first in case the womb is not in good condition yet.

Yest started to give DD ridwind and it seems to be working good. Managed to catch some sleep. Just hoping that it will work for nights to come as I'll be back to work next week.
Thanks zp1503. Went for my pap smear test yesterday but forgot to ask gynae. I did ask if the uterus is contracting well and she said yes so guess can start soon but will go easy on lower abdomen as I had cesarean. Next check up will be a yearly affair.

Are you all still taking calcium and fish oil? My gynae advise to take as I'm still breastfeeding.
Phyllis: I'm still taking dha after delivery cos breastfeeding. Not sure if shld take prenatal vitamins cos I still have some leftover. Should I?

Vone: think for menses, it differs among individual. Some ppl says that if menses come, milk supply will drop. But my sister is still breasfeeding for a yr plus despite her menses which came about 6 months after delivery. Can't imagine have menses again after 9 months.
Btw. My gal is going for her first month check up and jab tomorrow. May I know what to expect after the jab? For eg more fussy during the night or fever etc? She's coming two months soon but due to late registration of her birth cert, we just managed to book schedule for her check up.
ak: My baby jab schedule starts on 2nd month because we choose to take 6in1 instead of 5in1, she took the rotavirus as well. Only slight fever, we gave her calpol only on the first night for crankiness
ak: my boy had his jab about 2 weeks ago, pd gave him fever med in case got fever, but he is ok so no need to give..other than that, no difference from normal days but I think different babies react differently..

menses: I hope it wouldnt come so soon, ha..really cant imagine having menses again..like phyllis, I am also still taking the calcium n fish oil as advised..gynae says fish oil is for baby, calcium is for us so just take till finished..but always forget..

chai: my boy had rashes and those little bumps on his cheeks and arms, dont think it is milk rash, more possible could be eczema, so I bought California baby's calendula cream and I used it everywhere actually, including the diaper area, works very well on him..nice smell and he is not getting red bumps anymore..I also apply breastmilk..read that breastmilk has antibodies, and it helps with eye infection etc..

green poo: hmmm I always associate green poo with being frightened..is your baby startled by anything lately?
Thanks to Phyllis Setok for the info.

LittleDolly: How to differential within milk rash and the eczema?

CK: My gal also poo green sometime will mix with yellow poo and sometime will only poo yellow... I also dont know y..

Since she still have yellow poo in between so I feel relieve like u ;P
Hi mummies,
Mostly a silent reader. Delivered a son on 8 may.
Green poo: baby might be having too much foremilk , it happened to my son too as my milk is mostly clear and watery. It goes away itself.
Anyone tried this Eu Yan San medicine called Bao Ying Dan? I heard its good for wind but wonder our baby 2months can take?

My baby is drinking v little due to bloated n vomit milk after burp. Rub oil doesn't seem to work
Rabbitz, I tried the Bao2 Ying1 Dan1 from Eu Yan San before. My mum recomended me to try this. It works for my gal. Few weeks ago( I think during her sputtering period) , my gal always cried at night about 11pm-1am, after ate this Bao2 Ying1 Dan1 about 10 minutes (very fast effective) later my gal calm down in my embrace and continuous sleep after put her down in her cot. Sometime she will fart during her sleep after this, not sure whether is cause by Bao2 Ying1 Dan1 or original she will fart :p
I just gave her total 3 times (1 bottle each time) at that week after that she looks stable and no more crying at that timing so I keep the left over Bao2 Ying1 Dan1 as it come with 6 bottles per box.
Oh, forget to tell you that my little gal currently not yet reach 2 months old.
I also notice that at the label of the box written only for 1-3 years old but my mum said it’s ok for new born baby so I tried and no harm for my little gal. You can try if you want. ;)
hmm, my gal is over two months, and it's been difficult at night, I guess she gulp too much milk too fast, I can even hear the sound when she try to swollen down the milk. That normally means trouble, but sometimes burping just dont work. So it's quite easy to puke... and I got to feed, burp, puke, clean up... etc. Last night finally slept around 1am, then when I put her down, she cry again, so another feeding with not so full breast, milk flow slower so no need to burp, then she slept at 2am+, I'm so tired! But then she only wakes at 650am for next feed this time, at least got some rest for me. Didn't try Bao Ying Dan though, but you can ask Eu Yan Sang, they can tell u the dosage for young babies.
Hi Phyllis Setok, I failed to find the advent miracle cream for milk rash at Kiddy Palace(LotOne) and Watson. Do you know where can I get it? Thank you very much.
Hi for rashes on face, I tried sebamed face protection cream n it is really good. Few hrs later the spots disappear... Can get from kiddy palace
do you always get baby's poo on his clothes? how to prevent this? and have you experienced diaper leaks? diaper is tightly fastened and it's newly changed yet sometimes it leaks!
My gal slept at 4am last night! Super tired, pat her to sleep, put her down, slept for 10 min and started to stir, then slowly, she call out, no response, then louder and louder... huh.. this cycle repeated a few times. Dare not latch her too often cos she will vomit. At last feed her again at 4am to sleep... what a bad habit, but I really tired.

sardonyx, what diapers are you using? Is your baby pooing A LOT? Normally diaper has two elastic layers, pull out the outer layer and let the inner rubber area stayed in, poo poo should contained within the inner rubber area.

I'm starting work on 17th Jul, started to put my gal with nanny (where #1 is) since 2nd July. So far she's getting used to it, need time to adjust and she was not drinking much (100 to 200ml in a day) now she drinks around 300ml
Thanks for Babypom and Phyllis, no worry for the wrong name ;)
Thanks for the Merydith, I bought the sebamed face protection cream. After put it on about 8 hours, I saw the improvement of my gal milk rash! The blemThank you very much!
@dolly: I'm using Huggies. Sometimes, even if poo isn't a lot, it leaks at the back! Didn't know that diaper has two elastic layers...
Dolly, can understand how tough it is! My gal lately also not sleeping well. Any env change that could have cause her to be up til so late? My gal likes to be carry or rock to sleep. In infant care, sure no one will entertain her. Dun know if she will nap or not in the end.
Sardonyx: I usually use pampers it doesn't leak. I used Huggies in mount Alvernia hospital while my son was warded and it leaked. I'm not sure it's the diaper or my skill is not there.
Last week, my gal's belly button start to have clear liquid leak out after dry will become yellowish but no smell at all. My gal currently not yet reach 2 months.Is this normal? Thank u very much.
Groundpepper I'm also using Huggies and I find it very good. Perhaps when you wear try pulling the diaper higher to cover the top of the butt, front portion must be balance too. Shouldn't have too much excess at the bottom. So far there was one occasion where my bb poo a lot and it leaked from the side.

FYI my sil shared that Huggies recently improved their diapers and it's good. She switched from mamypoko to Huggies it's slightly cheaper too.
My gal using Huggies size S, we had a few last time at the bottom, guess sometimes we stick it loose and it kinda dropped down. Like Phillis said, I'll pull it up so that not too much excess at the bottom part and so far not much leakage *touch wood*

Calpol is for fever, can buy over the counter, my pd uses that
Babysean: not much change, we din go out on weekdays! But ytd she had massage and at night she slept from 12 to 6! What a relief! Hope she can sleep tonight as well, just had her last bb massage

Chai: my baby no discharge at naval
I realized that baby has outgrown her Huggies diaper. But their sizing is not accurate. It says size small can wear up to 7 kg but baby is only 5.1 kg yet it's too small for him already! But still, urine sometimes leaks at the front side even before. Why is that?

Sardonyx: Huggies cutting is a bit smaller. Do you change often? Mine poo poo many times a day, so have to change many times. Maybe can start size M or try other brands

Now that my pumping is kinda established, I found that I need more time to pump! Last time less than 10min can finish, now need around 15 min to 18 min (get around 200ml depends on fullness). Is that the same for others?