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Felicia, haha, finally you are back, wake up wake up. Lol.

Yingzz, I am June mummy in fact, I gave birth 5 days later than my sis, but I felt this forum super informative, don't mind I get some tips here hor? Jun thread a Loy of mummies have not delivered so there topic now is bat labor.

wu py: My #1 suck every hour, not for an hour lah, though sometimes he did suck that long, which is super tiring. My gal suck average 15 min, after that she'll refuse, sometimes I'm able to coax her back into sucking though. She likes to sleep when she latch, so sometimes it's a bit hard to wake her up to continue feeding.

Kelly: hehe, joined this thread cos my EDD was May, but ended up delivered in April, so I'm also on the "wrong" thread ;)
Dolly, I felt the best way to wake up a sleepy baby for feeding is by putting them back to the cot, if they are not full, sure wake up for milk de. Lol
Hi mummies any recommendation for cooler bag? Im looking for compact size for easy to carry about.. hw much is cooler bag range?
Hi kitty, I 'm using avent bag and will put an ice pack in the bag, and together with ebm. Buti I will store my ebm in disposable bag so I can bring more milk bags out. Used twice, and finds it quite compact and easy to stuff into my diaper bag. I have another one, which is lucky baby..this bag has more compartment, ideal to store bottles. But I find the bag too big to stuff into my diaper bag.
Any of your baby experiencing growth spurt? My gal has been crying for no reason. And she cry for milk every hour since evening time. Torturing to the max..
yup, my boy experienced it around 9th day and today he's 15 days and i felt he's having it again, my parents say usually every 7-10 days will experience one growth spurt, they usually eats more, or needs to be fed more frequently, and sleep less for that 1 to 2 days.. tough to handle
My 26 days old girl also has been crying for no reason from 9pm till abt 4am... Although she has been fed.hut still cry... This has been ongoing for the past week already... It has been very tiring for me and y hhubby. And when she cries, she'll scream the whole house down till she turns red!! What to do??!! Is it colic??
Hmm.. She's turning 1 month next fri. So I assume she's having the growth spurt. Really v tired n emotionally drained, not knowing what she wants and don't wanna slp. My mum
is my saviour as she can only settle down well with my mum. Haiz..

Zp: my pd says baby who are less than 1 month are hard to determine if they are colic. Mayb ur baby also experiencing growth spurt.
Rachel & ying: my bb dun latch on i pump out for her. But if its outside i give formula. I scared if make milk in train n drink is not allow then everybody in the train will gone mad listen to my bb crying ...
Thanks yingzz

Zp, maybe u can pat ur bb back..keep patting to see if burp..
My bb b4 burp will usu cry..so I know..sometimes got to burp very long
it's possible that your girl is having colic, cuz around 3rd week they will experience growth spurt but not for such a long period, usually one or two days..

if you see she moves her legs up and down, up to stomach level while crying, then very possible.. you can try to massage her carves, my malay massage lady told me baby with colics their carves area is hard, when massage they might not like cuz it's painful, but slowly massage it helps them to pass out the wind/gas.. cry too much will easily get the wind lor..

can bring her out for a car ride if you all drive, usually they will fall asleep easily..
Morning mummies!!

Today I'm bringing bb for his nb shoot! Hope it turn out well

I'm a panda today! Ytd night bb keep waking up n latch for the whole night thus diaper leak... Change him for 3times!! Aiyo...
Is it growth spurt?
Brought my girl to see PD and it's confirmed colic thus given medication. Hope that tonight she can have a good rest, and us too...
Hey mummies, will baby get nipple confusion If we bottle feed them directly after latching on? I managed to latch on my baby Then follow by bottled ebm, she refused to drink from the bottle and I latch her back and she's more willing to suck than bottle. Was wondering if what I done is the correct method. Scare mix her up.
Ladies, I've been wanting to drink coffee for so long but now bf so dun dare... But it would help me through the night. Would only one cup be ok?
Hi zp, what medicine did the doc give you? Is it suppose to help clear wind in the tummy?

My confinement nanny said that to prevent wind, we can try to sit the baby upright for another 5-15 mins even after the baby has buped once to totally get rd of any remaining wind in the tummy because sometimes burping once is not enough.
Felicia, my dear sis, really thanks for the tips on colic, I seriously believe it is not just about wind in stomach, even you burped baby well, it still can happen, personally I felt it is all about calves cramps, yes, the calves are hard and when you massage, baby tend to cry, but after the calves get softer, baby will stop crying. But sadly, after a wile, the cramp came back again. So just had to massage till baby calm down. Then try to make them sleep.

For my case, I brought my girl outside to living room, seems she had cramp after sleeping in the air on room for whole day. Then seems easy to settle her down.

Now think back, she only started colic yesterday when she slept in air on room during daytime. My older girl also had that from 3 weeks, and finally stopped at one night that my mum took her over to a non air on room.

Just to share my experience since doc also say nothing we can do when baby having colic.
>> kelly
feel free to join! the more the merrier

>> star
i think should be ok la.. bb hungry what to do right?

>> juski
how's the newborn shoot.. my bb was too cranky on the day of the shoot.. so not much poses..
keep peeing onto the props too :X

>> zp1503
hope ur gal get well soon!! i think u can drink coffee and monitor reaction of ur gal.. cos whatever we drink may pass on to bb.. if u drink coffee and she doesnt slp after u bf her.. mayb best to avoid coffee? Or like what kitty say drink a few hours before u pump / latch~

>> ak
hmm i think shld be ok to bottlefeed after latching.. thats what i do.. and some of the mummies also top up after latching.. maybe ur bb too used to nipple.. or you can try change teats too? the flow may be too fast / slow for her..
Yingz> photoshoot was fun.... Bth my no1 pose... As for bb happen tat we there n it his sleeping thus feed time.. So I latch a little to keep him awake. But mine scare cold n without clothing he feel v insecure
sardonyx: If just let baby latch then our body only produce the amount our baby requires. Pumping will let our body generate more cos it's more than what baby requires

kitty: I got a fridge-to-go which only have one very thin ice-pack panel, it's slim kind, and just nice to put around 4 to 5 thin glass bottles. I used that to carry ebm from office back to home and it's very compact. Got it at a sale from pupsik, I think it's around $30 to $50?

ak: Think my gal just complete one growth spurt? Cos my breast is full the whole day even on TBF. I wonder if it's becuase I pump less and latch mostly today. She's around 50 days old now.
And now after latch both sides at 3am, pumping out the excess. Am amazed that after all the leaking and latching, still got 120ml in total.
Dolly - how long do you pump for? I find that My flow usually ends after the first 5-7 mins. Is that normal? I am supplementing with fm because i am only expressing ant 30-50ml each time which is not able to meet my baby's needs.

Felicia/juski/ yingzz- seems like manduca is very popular! My baby is now 4 weeks old, can I put her in the manduca carrier? Have you also tried the other carriers and how does it compare? As I can't really go out much to shop and try so have to get more feedback on the diff carriers then make a decision on which o buy. All comments nd feedbacks appreciated. Thanks!
renniee> u r not alone... my letdown also at the 5 - 7 mins. sometime i will rest for another 5 - 10mins n pump again.

i like manduca material too... hvent tried other brand thou
I hv questions on BM storage:
1) How long can we keep after taken out from fridge put outside (not heated up)?
2) If we pump milk while outside, do we hv to store with the ice pack immediately after complete?
3) if we bring frozen BM in cooler bag to go out, hv to consume by how many hours?
Found this website really helpful for all the breastfeeding mummies. Am on TBF and the problem I have is a strong letdown which causes my DD to get all cranky and fussy during feeding as she doesn't know how to cope/deal with it. Was driving me mad and have been moments where I feel like asking the hubby to go out and buy formula. But have now managed with the issue with some tipsf rom this website. A happy baby equals a happy mummy!!

Am using both carrier (Ergobaby wt infant insert) and the Pupsik sling and love them both. Both can last till the baby reaches toddlerhood (1-2 years depending on weight). But in terms of long-term comfort, the carrier is better as it distributes the weight evenly. Can go on for hours with baby in carrier without much ache but with the sling, my shoulder would start to hurt after a while.
thanks dolly. so sad that i decided to give up on pumping. it's just that it's so stressful when baby cries and i have to pump and take care of baby at the same time. i don't know if my supply will stop because baby is not latching well. he only sucks for like 5-10 minutes and he always falls asleep while latching and it's not continuous.

mommies, do any of your babies need to be waken up for feeding time? the other night, he was not fed for 7 hours! he was supposed to be fed on formula milk after 3 hours but he fell asleep while latching on me. i don't know if he's getting enough breastmilk from me. last night also, it was past 4 hours after and we have to wake him up for feeding time.

if baby always falls asleep while latching on you, how do you know if he's getting enough from you? what if he won't cry for milk and always sleeps?
just had my gal's baby shower today! Lots of fun but Soo tired.

Breastfeeding needs alot of preservance!! So tired. Was wondering if my diet for past few days due to being sick affect milk supply as well? Was on Chinese medication and my milk supply dropped alot since yest, have to keep pumping n pumping to regain the supply.

Re: cutting hair
I also quite reluctant to cut my gal hair cos her head is so fragile but heard from my friend, If don't cut, baby's hair will drop on the 4th month. I'm referring to The back of the head. Think I'm not taking the risk, will cut her hair soon ;)

Re: massage lady for block milkduct
can please pm me the contact? I got a lump which seems to keep coming back despite I cleared it while pumping. The limp just reappeared after my pump. Thanks!
Sasha - thanks for the link! I have exactly the same prob as u and I m glad that I m doing the right steps as mentioned in the site! Wooohhh..
>> juski
haha mine is refuse to sleep.. the photographer wanted him to slp so that she can make him do some poses..

>> happymum
my bb sometimes sleep when drinking milk.. but other times still awake.. hmm how is your bb jaudice level?

>> ak
happy first month! my baby shower is suppose this sunday.. & oops i haven ordered all the food yet.. must order by today! everyday seem to have so many things to do!

my sis bb is 8 mth old and she never cut her hair before.. her hair is quite lil.. i wonder if its cos she never cut her hair.. i am intending to shave my boy's hair on his first month
going to make the hair brush (tai mao bi)

>> sardonyx
yes my bb needs to be woken up for feeds.. esp night time.. but we usually stretch the feed times a bit if its at night..
Hi mummies can I check, my bb's belly button is protruding out. She is 7 weeks. Is it normal for belly button to protrude out? My mil says bb cry until belly button protrude out..
Hi mummies, I'm on TBF.. Is that any food I need to avoid? Like prawn, crab, chilli, etc? And can I dye my hair? Sorry cos was told cannot eat certain food if I'm breastfeeding..
Hi happyMum, I am having a supper sleepy baby, sleep 18 hours a day. In fact my older girl is like that too.

How old is your baby? If below 2 weeks, better wake up baby for feeding, as baby is sleepy due to jaundice, the less bb ate, the more sleepy he will be. But if no jaundice, then not a concern.

I am using Gina Ford contented bb schedule to nurse my baby now, anyone tried? Quite good I felt, kept my girl sleep only 5 hours from 6am to 6 pm, and she slept thru from 11:30pm to 5:00am. But of course also becuz she is a sleepy bb I felt. She only wake up once in midnight before I put her on this schedule. However, she suffered from colic for 2 days, which triggered me to try out Gina Ford method, and it worked like magic, no colic last night, pretty amazing.
Hi Kelly, where do you buy the Gina Ford book?

My boy has a hectic feeding habit. He only manages to stay at breast for 5 - 10 mins each time and he sleeps. I find it so difficult to wake him up. Most of the time, he will not wake up. Not sure if he is getting enough. He is now at 4 weeks only. I never had this problem with my girl.
Am at the salon now getting my long overdue colour and rebonding. Shld I keep the next pumped milk? Or shld I throw? What do mummies here think?
Kelly - how do you keep your baby awake during the day? If bb wants to sleep means they want to sleep. Most babies will cry and fuss when they are sleepy and not allowed to sleep.
thanks so much for adding me to the FB group!!

is your boy gaining weight? if yes then i think no need to worry much, isn't that a good thing that baby can sleep more? hehee...

envy envy!! can't wait to get my hair done too!! so ugly.. anyway i think play safe maybe dun keep the ebm for this round..

and yes i also find it tough to keep baby awake when they are sleepy, almost no way to wake my boy up de.. Kelly my sis i salute you sia!! but for Gina's method, if you have other people helping out with taking care of baby, then it's not easy to get it done.. like my boy cry a bit in laws will nag why i never give him milk... so the best is if you are taking care all by yourself, can give it a try, the logic behind really makes sense but too bad, so far not able to put my boy on this schedule,and i am still feeding him 3 times after midnight, before 6am...
yah im trying to see if Gina ford works for my girl.. but everytime from 2-4.. my girl wants to slp.. and i cant seem to keep her awake..

but without following Gina ford, my girl only wake up max twice between midnight and 6am..

any tips to keep bb awake?
newbie> those food as long as ur bb is not allergy u can hv them, u can dye ur hair too! but aft hairdo pump n throw away the milk 1st

Kelly> can share more abt the book? how does it wrk? when breastfeed baby did they mention to feed how long?

Kris> throw away the milk for safety bah.. coz it all chemical.
Am also gg to do my hair soon!

im thinking to dye my hair too but listen to my fren sil story i dun dare to do it..her SIL went to rebond & dye hair after her confinement and when the 4th month reaches (where mother hair start to drop) her hair falls alot and doesn't grow back and left some part of her hair bald and mainly the top part..

i think i will trim my hair first and wait till 6 months then i do sumthing to my hair.. i have to endure this but better to be bald..