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Love xuan, thx for yr explanation. Apparently it seemed tat e Gemini even thou got more features, somehow it cost cheaper than butterfly

Play dates, I'm FTWM too, so can only go during maternity leave.

Seemed like quite a no of bb here reject bottles. My no 1 rejected bottles when i back to work last time and my MIL didn't try to train her, fed my EBM with spoon, end up when she left i suffering for like 1 year of spoon feed EBM and fomula. Now i hope to train no 2 since 1 month, so everyday i tried to feed her EBM at least twice. I think need to do it everyday cos i felt she still prefer latching than bottle.

I just brought bb for hep B vaccination 2nd dose after 1 mth today. bb at 1 month 2 days is 4.3kg, gained 1.3 kg since birth but only drink max 70ml each time (2 hr interval), is that ok?

I weighed myself at the weighing scale at polyclinic and guess what, only 45kg, my pre-pregnancy weight was 47kg. Think this is a result of BF and also all the sleepless nights and mastitis. Still have a big tummy though.
Love xuan
Me me.. After feed or pump i'll feel very hungry or thirsty..
And I also lost a lot ef weight after no.1, from 52kg to 62kg (preggy) to 42kg..due to breastfeeding.. for no.2, 57 kg preggy, 3 weeks ago, 47kg, now not sure..
how is ur first day after confinement, busy? you not bad still can log on and talk to us ya

for me as both kids i have over supply, so i dont feel pain when throwing EBM. i just feel very depress when people (in-law) comment my milk not good, my girls not gaining weight, they dont know the pain of pumping and every night wake up twice to pump out like a cow in the dark. after 2 episodes of mastitis, now occasionally i still feel sharp pain at the breasts. but i realize that when i dont wear the bras, less prone to blocked ducts. just that more messy and more sticky. i'm a clean freak and i cannot stand that my mattress cover also stink with milk so keep washing, haiz...
that is a very drastic weigh drop!!! need to take care and eat more le. but then can buy new clothes

from my no 1 experience, when i stop BF, gained weight very fast also.
Bbliss, i think butterfly has more designs printed on it that's why? By the way compared to ergobaby, beco is very light. Can roll up and stuff in my diaper bag when not in use.

desperatemum, you're so slim! Got to eat more so you have the energy to take care of 2 kids! So losing weight is common too i guess..

You're not wearing wired bras right? Cos it can cause mastitis. And try to sleep on your back instead of sides or stomach so the milk ducts will not get squashed. This morning i had the worse engorgement pain. The last time i had it was a month ago! My bed all wet too cos baby went without milk for 7 hours last night. Don't know good thing or bad..

Lotusmum, your weight loss is drastic! But if you're eating more, i guess it's fine? I was 52kg before preggy, 60kg at full term preggy, 51kg right after birth, now 48kg and still dropping... Can't wear my old pants le. Ya, great excuse to shop! Haha.. I bought a new pants and 2 nursing tops! ;)
For those many needs the dryper diaper pls SMS me at 9868 1654.
Only got little time to login to see what'up....
Have been busy from morning 5+ till 3pm and take a 1 hour nap with #2 and bb... Now still busy pumping milk so can see look look.
I wonder if anyone were to invent those wireless dual pump so that we can pump while still walk ard to get things done... Now I got to pump, feed bottle, change diaper, eat my food, login all in 1...
Maybe next time need to pump and cook? Haha...
Haha the grass is always greener on the other side. I have to admit that I am lucky that she sleeps throughout the night, but seeing her getting thinner is bothering me.
And i dunno if I should stop bf since I can only yield less than 100mls per day.
I still have 3.5kg of weight to lose to get to my pre pregnancy weight. But my weight still stagnant now. Not gg down anymore.
Hi ladies
I would like to ask whether it is normal for a 5 week old baby to sleep through 6-7 hours without waking up for milk? My baby gal did that yesterday and i am worried that she will be starving
can try those night time bra, like sports bra but not much support cos very soft so at least still can put pad.. I hate wearing bra at night but the leakage staining is getting on my nerves so no choice lor..

Weight loss
Aiyah, I always lost 1kg with 1 missed meal during the period of being a cow, hence the drastic drop and also no appetite due to post natal depression for 6 months after confinement for no.1,.
Resso- if your baby is taking enough in the day and is gaining enough weight, then no concern.. But if she didn't take her daily requirement in the day, then better wake up To drink... 5 weeks is possible, but not very likely because they still cannot take very big feeds yet..
Sob.. And now I feel depressed.. Why are all the mummies here so slim and slender? Makes me feel like a giant.. Sob... I was 63 Pre preggie.. Don't even ask my post.. SOB!! DOUBLE SOB!!
Hi mummies, need some recommendations. I'm currently using the pupsik nursing covers when expressing. But I find it a little small and the coverage not really enough..

Mummies any recommendation for bigger nursing covers or aprons? Thanks..:)
lovexuuan,desperate mum
i envied u guys fo losing wt.i also do tbf. but the preg wt still with me.super sian.do u have special diet or u did any special exercise .r u all slim before pregnant.
Anyone had gd massage lady to recommend? I need one to reduce the fats on my tummy. Had one previously but it's too oily.
C&C mummy,
I also have the one reborn recommend. I agree it's much bigger and more discreet but i have not started using it though. I am also using pupsik when i go out.

I don't think i did anything special to try to lose weight. I don't even exercise. In fact i am not very conscious about my weight. Definitely not the type who goes on diet. Haha.. But for both my pregnancies, i just lost all the preg weight right after birth. Think everybody is different. And think it's because it was stressful for me and i had been super busy doing my own confinements. No worries, it takes time. It took you 10 months to gain all these weight, give it even more time. Jiayou
Mummies, has any of you started using a stroller? Baby is still so young and tiny. Will it be safe? I tried at home but apparently baby hates it. I started using stroller for #1 at 9 months old. Lots of struggle. Hoping to start earlier this time. Any tips will be very much appreciated!
Mummies, anyone of u have put your baby on tummy to see if they can lift up their head? My baby is coming to 1 month this sat I will like to know when I can put her on tummy
love xuan
i a do thing on my own with no help handle two kids my own.so tired but no wt loss.hate my current wt look so ugly .sign.maybe u din put on much duringduring preg .iput on 16kg
Mrs kang
Before 1mth my boy can turn his head ard and hold for awhile... Now even longer lo... My boy likes to stand on my tummy too...
My girl very strong. Havent 3wks she already tried lifting up her head when we carry her up, head on our shoulder.
Want bb to slp on tummy down, must make sure they know hw to support their head.
I have started using stroller yesterday. My gal is nw 1mth 2days. I think she love it! Afternoon we went out n she slpt thr till she wake up for milk. After that she was wide awake looking at surrounding.. Evening time she just slpt thr for for 2-3hrs.
I need to rant abit.. As my ils helped to look after my no.2 at times and I brought him home over the weekend and direct latched him throughout his stay with me.. So when my ils learnt about my boy direct latching, they are so unhappy, saying that it will be very difficult to wean him if I latch him so often...
Mine sleep 8-9hours without milk. Asked gynae last week, she said is alright through seldom seen. Just make sure they drink enough during the day and here is weight gain then is alright.
I put my gal in the pram since full month. Just make sure they won't drop out if the pram then is ok and we even went up and down the escalator.
Mrs kang
I tried putting my gal on her tummy at 2 weeks old. U just have to turn their head to one side so they can breathe. Then from there they will slowly train to lift up head.
i started using stroller a few times already. at first baby hates it but now he is ok, except when he can't fall asleep he will scream in it..my #1 loves it tho!! she will sit in it when didi refuses to sit in it.
Love xuan and C & C mummy
I like to check when you are using the pumping pal shields, do you have problem of milk leaking from the bottom of the breast? Tried adjusting the strap but it got worse.. It's perfectly fine with 1 side but the bigger side seems to have leaking problem.
Thanks for the reassurance...I don't think my gal is losing any weight but the fact that she don't wake up every 2-3 hours in the middle of the night is quite worrying for me. Like yesterday, she slept from 7pm all the way to this morning 2am. I tried waking her up to drink milk at 12am she just refused.
I am a 1st time mum so a bit blur here...
Mrs Kang,
My baby started to lift his head at about 2 weeks old when i put him on my shoulders to burp. But i think he's still too young so i did not give him tummy time until about 4 weeks old. By then he learnt to flip too. Haha.. I find him at different corners of the cot every morning ever since. In fact he could also stand and jump on my lap when i carry him by the armpits. He is very strong. Just like how his kicks hurt when he was in my womb. Lol. I guess you can try by putting baby on your tummy first.

kirsten, it's part and parcel of motherhood i guess. I hate those dark skin on my tummy too. No time to even put cream to try to lighten it!

silverygal, Gifffy and haru,
Thanks for sharing! I am going to try it out.

I had a bad experience pushing the stroller up the escalator with #1. We were stucked at the top of the escslator and the stroller almost toppled causing the safety belt to cut into my girl's tummy and her skin tore. Ever since that time i always use lift. Never want to risk it again!
Lotusmum, the only time it leaked was in the beginning when my engorged breasts were rock hard. It was leaking with or without the super shields. The suction just didn't work well. Other than that it was fine. Just try to "scoop up" the breasts and fit it into the flanges.
I think my girl still can't lift up her head yet, case recently I start to burp her by putting her head on my shoulder but I can see the support still not there. Might try this weekend when she is officially 1 month
Like what lovexuan said, everyone is diff. But for me I would atrribute it to bf and no confinement, i didnt have proper confinement food, taking care of bb day and night and still need to keep an eye on the elder kid. Once in a while when I hv time i will drink milk powder for bf mothers as I worry I don't eat enough not enough nutritions for my milk. Other than that no diet, sometimes hungry but no time to eat or too tired just sleep when bb sleep.

I use stroller since full mth. My girl seems like it sleep all the way.

I also want to vent, my hubby went business trip and I feel super stress up. Why man can hv life as normal when they hv babies ah. Somemore as this is our 2nd girl he still wants to try for a boy. I not scared of giving birth though i had bad morning sickness, but dread the aftermath, breast feed and all. But if I refuse to try to him the family is not completed. So here I am taking care of a new born by myself and worry for the next episode. Feel like going crazy soon.
hi mommies,
my baby has been having a cough and cold since yesterday. think he got it from #1 who got it from school. his mucus (not much) is clear and i understand that babies can't take medication and at most doc may give saline drops. wondering if i should take him to PD or let it get better on its own?

it is normal to feel that way, mommies tend to have more responsibilities. it can never be an equal partnership where each one contributes equal amount to the family/marriage. just got to give and take. if you are really not ready and willing to try for another child, best to be honest about how you feel. don't give in just to appease him else it may be a subject that leads to lots of resentment and arguments in future. having children is a couple's decision, both gotta agree..cheer up and just enjoy your 2 kids in the meantime ok? *hug*

yikes! i also prefer to use life as my stroller is big. too scary thinking about accidents that could happen..
Wow a lot of great info.

Breastfeeding is the best for bb. I have been feeding for 3 years.

Oh! Just to share, I found Drymama Reusable nursing pads in the USA.

Tried it and I LOVE IT...
Kept me dry and comfy..
I tried to bring the stroller downstairs for dinner just now. Baby hates it!
Maybe because he has never really been laid down before during the day and doesn't take naps longer than an hour too. Ya, i carry him to nap at home everyday!

desperatemum, your situation is really really so much like mine.

I also want to vent again. Hubby is finally off today. So i asked if he can use the beco carrier to carry baby to let me take a short break and he agreed. But complained so much. Lol. Nevermind. He got angry with #1 in the cab. Yes, she misbehaved. But when the cabbie dropped us off, he actually left her to stand in the middle of the road instead of bringing her in!! Lots of cars around. What if there was a crazy speeding ferrari??? I was struggling with the heavy grocries and when i saw her, she was like standing tgere for don't know how long already! Before that i was already angry with him cos he hit #1 in public while carrying baby AND standing on the stairs. Grrrrr.... Already tOld him so many times not to use phsical punishment and public?!! My girl also has pride ok. Sigh! Told him off and he said i ate a tiger for breakfast today.... If he is stressed up by the kds, i am doubly stressed taking care of them all alOne from 6am to 1am everyday until he gets his off once in a blue moon. It's been a month since i last sat down for proper meals. I always carry #2 in a pouch, stand, grab a mouthful and do housechores at the same time. Luckily i am getting used to it. My kids are my everything. So for the sake of them, i always look on the brighter side!
I salute all the maidless mothers who look after their kids and do housework. Had little help yesterday and has a very tough day. Just glad the ordeal is over
For carriers, i just bought a boba freedom. It was so comfy for my gal.i went shopping for 3 h and she slp all the way. I would love the manduca too but i find the boba easy to handle. Not so many features to handle
Lovetian, i think you are a great mummy. I dont think i can handle 2 on my own like that. I only have 1 and i find it tiring.
Been quite pissed off with hubby too. For eg, first weekend my confinement was over, he told me the day before that he made arrangements to meet 2 different friends on the Saturday and in the same breath asked what my weekend plan was. Was wanting to go out but no way could I cope alone with two kids. Let's just say that his lifestyle is in no way affected and he still goes out after work or whenever he wants to though there weretimes I told him I need someone to babysit so that I can get some rest.
Help needed pls mummies!

My 5 weeks old kiddo slept in the day and refused to slp in the night till 330am, latest 4. How to establish sleeping habits?

Sometimes she doesnt even slp thru the day and she survived till around 3am too. Everytime i have successfully coax(pat/latch on/ play music etc) her to slp but once i put her down on the bed, within 10mins she will be awake. Frustrating!
My bb girl always don't burp and in the end vomit milk! I am so frustrated over this. Haiz... How to make them burp easier? I have use the method that place her on my shoulder n burp. Sometime she burp sometime she don't. So stressful!
Hi mrs kang
I hv the same pblm as u. R u on tbf or using fm as well? I'm using fm at nite n latching on the daytime. He always vomit abit. Maybe coz he is using alot of energy to force himself to make some sound till he vomit. Or perhaps not burp enug? But I thought I heard before that bb on bm actually dun need To burp. Though I still burp him every time, sometimes he will still vomit while latching. Wonder if anything wrong or if the fm is not suitable. My friend once told me before that his kid not suitable for enfa lac. After change fm, no longer vomit. Wonder if I shld change too.
morning mommies,
i am a lil zombified..barely had any sleep last night. hubby's not home and baby kept waking up due to cough and stuffy nose. and #1 came to sleep with me coz of thunder..then i had to pump milk in the night coz baby didn't really drink much milk..was like a mad woman trying to pump quickly to tend to a crying baby and trying to calm baby so that he doesn't wake jiejie up. think at best i got like 30 mins of sleep at a stretch. my #1 also end up waking up at 6am and then i realize she has slight temp. aiyo....what a day....=Z
Hi mrs kang and baby tots,
I also face this same prb n now i will burp her halfway during the feedings, be it fm or latch on. I think its better now at least she dont vomit out milk now...though there will b spits of milk at times.

Mrs Kang- last night I out my 4 week old boy on his tummy to sleep already.. I woke up several times to turn his neck from one side to another, then was pleasantly surprised to see that aroun 3am he was able to turn on his own already. Of course cannot be too confident la. Got to keep checking on him. But very pleased that he slept through the 4 hours without flailing his arms around like he normally does... Keeping himself awake all night even though he was swaddled.
I love putting them on their tummy. My elder girl was also a tummy sleeper from one month old..:)