(2011/11) Nov 2011


Thank you to all mummies for the encouragement. Hubby and I are looking forward to the arrival of our bb and have even decided her name.

As for bb future treatment fees, hubby and I are still trying to find more info and hopefully can switch to subsidized rate once bb is born.

Sorry, who's the administrator for FB secret group? And what's the name of the group?



Dear Mummies,

I just had arguement with my mum. She is now staying with us becoz of my husband's long biz trip last month. She happend to hurt her feet 3 weeks ago and still has not fully recovered. Then later on got a bit rashes on her neck. We brought her to see both Chinese and Western docs. She seemed to be better but recently she said her stomach is feeling upset and she suspect it is due to the medicine. I told her it is better to go back to the doctor and let him know the condition and the doctor is good. My mum has some minimum medical knowledge and sometimes she cannot trust the doctors. I am worried about her but she said I do not understand her. I cannot help myself and raised my voice to her just now. Sigh... Sometimes really feel the generation gap and even cannot deal with own mother.

Sorry to post this irrelevant topic here but just want to throw out my emotion.

Enjoy your weekend and holiday!



Shjean-Its ok you can voice up here..Ya i agree sometimes its quite difficult living with elders.My mum and mil will always pollute me with those old wives tales.They are super supersitious.SOmetimes they heard from other aunties from the market and assume its true and expect you to listen.So i can totally understand how you fee.Dont think too much,dont because of this ruin your mood.Today is Friday!



Hi little bb,

I feel better after reading your comments. Thanks a lot!

Wish everyone enjoy the weekend n holiday!!!

Happy national day, mummies!



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Hi mommies,

All gearing to step into our 3rd trimester huh? It's nice to see everyone starting to prep for the arrival of their little ones.. I'm a 2nd time mommy so a bit more relaxed on the preparation..

Like Simp, I'm having a lot more complications with this round of pregnancy.. I've been officially confined to complete bedrest by my doc.. I've complete placenta previa.. Initially, doc hopes to be able to avoid cutting into the placenta during the csect but now has to cut into the placenta in order to take the baby out cos' the placenta is covering from front to back of the womb.. This highly increases the chance of losing the womb during the csect as the womb contractions r generally the weakest at the bottom.. I've had 2 bleeding incidents within a month.. The most recent one was scary.. Blood just started dripping down with no sign or symptoms.. My poor hubby was totally freaked out.. Good thing it stopped after I popped the medication.. Went to see my doc the next day n during the scan, we found that my girl is in a breech position n she's happily kicking in the direction of the placenta! My doc is only hoping that I can last till end sep.. Anything earlier than that, she'll refer me to KK cos' the baby will need to be in ICU.. n that can set us back by 250k to 300k in Gleneagles.. Not to mention the potential medical problems that will be faced by the baby..

Sorry for ranting here when I've not been a regular contributor .. But now that I'm on bedrest, I'll be sure to be logging on more often.. Haha..



Hi Jthan, very sorry to hear abt ur current 2nd pregnancy. Have lotsa rest as advised by your gynae. Maybe can talk to your bb to tell her be guai guai and dun keep kicking your placenta =((

Keep us updated of your progress k =) Rest well!



janice,yeah i manage to buy all 3 books at $38 yday [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] i think the breastfeeding book is really good.


thanks for referring me to the spree! i tink i will ask what parts i need to buy.


welcome and congrats! thank you for sharing your story you are a strong mummy. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Your baby wont be any different to other children.Cleft lips can be fixed so not to worry.

Does govt subsidise such surgery?


sorry to hear that you had to be at bedrest for your placenta previa. do rest well and take care not to move around too much.

hope you'll have a smooth pregnancy with no worries. We all jiayou together! 3rd trimester coming and 3 more mths to go!


its good to find an avenue to channel out your frustrations here. we should not bottle our feelings up and feel upset or tense esp during pregnancy

cuz its not good for both mummy and baby. issues with elders are always very touchy and difficult..hope ur mum gets well soon so perhaps her mood will get better.

baby monitor,

me also have the same idea of putting the cot in my room only after CL left. but now i am thinking of letting the baby sleep in her room all the time

to train her since i plan to get a baby monitor. Which baby monitor is recommended with monitor?

leaking breast,

errm does anyone of you leak in the breast? i found dried rings patches on my right breast few days ago and i tried squeezing it once and little bit of white liquid ooze out also.yikes..gave me quite a shock! why so early! i hope they dont leak too much cuz i havent got any breast pads yet..



Hi twink,

Thanks for your kindness. Life is always not easy and everyone has different issues to handle. Sincerely wish everyone here can overcome all the problem.

Hi jthan n piglett,

Do not worry. Believe in yourself n ur bb. I am sure ur babies r very cute.

Leaking breast

During my prenatal class, they did mention some mums will experience this kind of minor leaking before delivery and it is normal. If it happens, just keep it clean. However if the flow is heavy then you might need to consult your doc.



Hi Ladies


I know we are suppose to buy blankets for babies but which to buy? There are the normal blankets and the swaddle blankets. What's the diff?

Dry Shampoo

Also, I can't seem to find the brand of the dry shampoo u all mentioned from Guardian. What brand is it again?

Breast Pads

Is it necessary? What brand is better and what is it for?

Milk Bottles

I pan to buy Avent brand.. My SIL got me to just buy the smallest one since baby will not take too much milk but mum wanted me to buy the bigger bottle ones since baby grow up fast.. Which to listen?


Till date, haven got anything for baby.. Bot nothing.. Don't seem to know anything about how to take care of the baby, care for the baby, breast feed the baby or aything.. When people tell me things, Im clueless what they are talking about and this is making me stressed.. My cousin who is not even married knows what is a swaddle blanket or even basic things like breast pads but I have no idea.. I don't know where to read from and don't know what to do.. Lost.. Sigh

Hi rebeana, dun be stressed! I'm also first time mummy n a lot of things dunno..... For blankets.... I'm getting one thicker one in case cold cos dec, nov can be rainy n rest I'm getting normal ones like muslin cloth n funnel... Muslin type can get exp ones at mother care or cheaper ones fr ikea too, as I saw fr catalogue, will be checking them out soon....

Sorry that I'm not sure bat the brands of breast pads n dry shampoo. Hope the other mummies can help u out in these.

As for milk bottles, did u get breast pump? If so, u might want to get same brand so that u can pump into the bottles straight away unless u dun mind transferring after u pump. As for size, other mummies adviced me to get a variety....

Do u need a shopping list? I have one pretty comprehensive one posted by other mummies. But your private message here is off, u may want to turn it on or pm me your email, then I send u?




I was very confused also and do not know which type to buy. After I asked around and visited my friends who are experienced mummies. I got some rough ideas about it. For me, I got few ( about 5) muslin wrap blankets. I got 4 from mothercare. It is qutie expensive but the material seems to be better and they got those nice printed pictures. My friend told me muslin material is cooler than others. We can get those normal plain muslin wraps from Isetan / Taka bb fair also. it is good enough to wrap baby or use it to cover stroller when taking bb going out also.

I got one slighter thicker blanket just in case the weather is cold in Nov / Dec. or if later we need to switch on air-con for bb.

Swaddle blanket

I got one so far. You can get if from Taka, Isetan and mothercare. it is made of cotton material. The good thing about the swaddle blanket is the desigh is easy for us to wrap comparing to muslin wrap. But one pc is about 20plus. So I just get one first. You can go to below website to view the picture.


Dry Shampoo

The brand is KLORANE. You can refer to below website for the picture but I got it from Watsons as last week they have memember sale.


Breast Pads,

I got Pigeon one. Think Piegon one is quite common. it is necessary especially for breastfeeding. maybe you can buy one box to standby.For me, I just got one box so far.

bath towel

I got 3 hooded ones and 1 normal one. Many people told me hooded ones are good for newborn as you can easily grab their heads.I got hooded ones from mothercare also.


Do not worry. I was like you also. Now I slowly realized for first time mummies, we tend to overspend sometimes. I was lost with all those different terms and after learning from a lot of mummies here as well as my friends, I think we can just prepare for those basic stuffs also. And we try not to buy too much as we will never know if our bb will like or not. Everyone infant is different. Like shampoo, shower gel etc. At this point, as first time mums, we do not have if those products will be suitable for our kids or not. so I just bought small bottle and if later bb can take it then buy bigger once.

By the way, I am first time mum also and actually I am not so sure if my information is most appropriate or not. Just to share with all of you here and welcome all the comments and feedback.

Have a nice day, Mummies!



Milk bottles,

We bought the Pigeon steralizer pack and inside got 3 free pigeon bottles. So we plan to use these 3 pigeon bottles and maybe get another few from Nuk. Avent brand is good also. But if you want to get Avent steralizer,you may take note Avent steralizer can only fit for Avent bottles. For pigeon steralizer, it can fit other brands. But think do not buy too many same brand of bottles and teats first as many mummies mentioned here later on your bb might demand for different types of teats n bottles.



Hiya all,

I have been window shopping and looking at baby clothes but am confused.

What exactly does a newborn baby wear all day? sleepsuits, rompers, trousers, t-shirts........ Do they just wear sleepsuits all day or just for actual sleeping?

very confused ah, what is best to buy?



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Hi Mommies

Happy National Day in advance to all new and experienced moms [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Im now staying at my flat temporary amidst the messiness till wednesday. Have been walking, bending for quite a bit till tummy cramp. Now I just going to be slow and easy. Am planning to meet up some friends these 2 days and hope i just meet, eat and go off and not walk too much.


U r not alone. Im so hormonal this pregnancy that i can flare up for no reason with anybody even though for the smallest things. I also argued with my mom 1 day before urs. Usually on how my dd is being taken care of. Now my mom happily holidaying overseas with my sis while I'm out of the place for a few days. All is fine.

Hi Jthan

How r u feeling today? After reading what happen to u, I'm being reminded that a few of us just have rest more than our usual ladies here. Anybody taking care of u while u bed rest? I also remind myself that i have low placenta and just walking can put so much strain on the lower tummy. It' like even when i turn in for the night, it is uncomfortable till i sleep. When i wake up, the feeling is still there. Did dr says need to watch wt gain since u have placenta previa? U take care ok. Im also a little like u and if I'm not careful many complications. Jia you together.

Leaking breast

Think i saw the whitish collection on and off but it; nothing to be alarm i suppose.

Breast pads

I used a lot of the disposable breast pads during tbf days, Pigeon ones are good and slightly more exp. I just buy tollyjoy slightly cheaper as i used a lot. Got to change every time u shower or perspire too much.

Dry shampoo

That time i but but din use a lot. This time i order the ginger shampoo to wash. That time i was at my mom' place and she did confinement so cannot wash hair for 1m. This time i will wash.

Bath towel

I used use the normal towel though it is always nicer to buy hooded ones.

Muslim cloth

I din buy the other times. These days i saw a lot of very pretty ones but not getting. I but the muslim cloth from tmc and i must say i love those best, plain white, material is larger than the nappy and can swaddle bb well. Per pc then is act $10. The nappy cloth is not as big and thick though.


I can understand how u feel. I was once like dat too. However as long as u get the basic necessities, u will learn along the way and gain confidence. That' how we learn. I think smf has provided a gd platform for new and experienced moms to share act lobangs, experience, fear and form support so u will do fine [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Hi Bunny,

Usually during day time, I think most of the family will not on air-con for babies so bb can wear rompers with mittons n booties. Those long sleeves sleep suits usually use during night time when the weather is cool and especially if you want to on air-con for your bb.

I think the most important for newborn baby clothes is to get those ones with front botton / bront tie up ones. It is easier for us to wear for them and will not hurt babies' head. For me, I get a lot newborn bb front button / tie up tops from my friends so I bought some short pants and long pants to match. And I got about 7-10 rompers and few long sleeve suits. I think should be enough as babies grow up very fast.

Oh ya. I got few hats also as many ppl say for newborns need to wear hat to protect the head.




sorry to hear abt ur difficulty in #2 preg. How many weeks are you now? im oso having low placenta. went to see gynae last week and she said the placenta is still lying low. since sun i have experienced cramping on my lower tummy. she has prescribed me 'ventolin' and asked me to take when experience cramping. can i know what medicine you took to stop the bleeding? do u exp cramping and how long? what's the cramping feeling like? i really hope to have smooth preg like my #1. i have booked my c-section on 11.11.11 and hope bb will guai guai wait till this date.


dun worry too much abt getting stuff for ur bb. my late mum was v pantang and refrained me getting anything until i was on the last 2nd mth of preg. before i get anything, i have already done the research as in a list of items to get, comparing the price between shops to shops, and where to get.




just to share. i have muslin blanket and swaddle. for day time or outdoor, i will use muslin blanket. in the night, i will use swaddle as it's so much convenient and easy to use, also keep bb warm esp in the aircon room.



bath towel,

i din use the hooded kind but i bought those bamboo towel which is soft, high absorbent, anti-bac. till now my gal is still using them and still in good shape! i wld think is worth of getting.



Hi mummies


I dun think govt provide subsidies specific for such corrective surgeries. But can use baby bonus to pay.

Milk bottles

I also agree with frenlop. It's better and more convenient to buy milk bottles of the same brand as your breast pump. 


I bought 3 hooded receiving blankets but not the very thick ones. Will be getting another 1 or 2 thicker ones. Like what Shjean said, the thicker one is only for use when in aircon places or cold weather. 

Breast pad

I also bought one box of pigeon one just in case I need.

Dry shampoo

I think I will start washing my hair from 3rd day onwards. Not intending to use dry shampoo.



Hi Simp,

Wah.you are busy but you must take time to rest also. Do not make yourself too tired. My company gives us one more day off today so I can rest at home. Hope there will be more extra leaves[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Nappy cream,

Sorry to ask again here. Some of my friends say they use it after every diaper changing. is it the normal practice? And some mummies here mentioned only use it after bathing and at night. I am a bit confused. And right now seems like no one will use those baby powder any more, right?

BF at night during Confinement?

My mum was commenting on all the baby stuffs we bought. She asked if we plan to do latch-on BF why still need to get things likes breast pump, steralizer etc. Haha. I told her it is prepared for later on when I go back to walk.

But if we will have CL, will you do latch-on BF during night time or let CL handle during confinement? Someone say the one month is better for mum to rest especially during night time. But if let CL handle during night time and use bottle feed, will it be difficult later on for bb to latch-on BF? I am confused.




how nice is ur co! my co work 24hrs no shut down even cny. how nice if i k get extra day off. i dun feel like working today at all.. so come in here to chat.

for nappy cream, i used it every diaper change as this was an advice fr tmc nusrse so i just followed. some mummies here dun dont use it every diaper change as they think too much relied on the cream is not good. I don't use powder at all cos i believe it will clog baby pores. i used diaper cream on the neck areas as well to prevent rashes. to prevent rashes, i only use wipes if we go outside. at home, we use wipes then use hankie w water to clean again cos i dun like chemical stuff stay on bb's skin.

BF during confinement:

my late mum did the confinement for me last time. i did direct latch-on for night feed cos i dun want her overtired. once in a while when i extremely tired, she helped me to bottle feed expressed milk to bb.




this time round i'll be having CL, i'll prob still do direct latch-on since im planning for tbf and it is much convenient than express out, unless i am over exhausted.



jtan,i know it's not easy but rest well...ur hb must be worried sick..Jia You!

Simp,any outings, walking cannot be avoid. i know it bored to stay at home n with the messiness but if possible rest more at home instead...my placenta is still low but for the safety of myself and my bb, i won't go out unless my hb is w me...

shjean, it's vy individual. if my bb is not having any rashes, i din apply nappy cream. I will use bb powder to keep them dry if nt using nappy cream. Not to worry, when time comes, u get the hand of it or the CL/ur mother/mil will know what to do. Jus get these things to standby so can use it when needed.

BF at night during confinement. This is definitly a must for me cos bb on breast milk will tend to be hungry every 2-3 hr unlike using FM..bb will be co-sleep with me n i will just latch on, even you dont BF ur bb,you still need to express the milk out to prevent engorement.

It seems tt no one mentioned abt bb pillow. I bout 2 bb pillows (center w a hole). This is good for bb head support and prevent flat head so call...



Hi Littlefren

I have on my PM already.. Thanks for your help!

Hi Simp

Thanks for the explanations..

Hi frenlope

Do you experience cramping regularly? I also experienced that but I just ignore it.. Can you also send me the list of the items to get and where to get at a cheaper rate?


Looks like the swaddle blankets are bigger while the receiving blanket is smaller.. Hmmm Ok I will keep a lookout.. Thanks gals..



Blanket- Swaddle-me blanket is quite small (think can only use till 3mth). I feel newborn baby like to b swaddle till 6 mths so if sleep in air-con room can buy a few. Normal blanket can used for swaddle too.

Breast Pads - it is good to prepare a box if u keen to breast feed. I bought the washable type but I don't hv breast milk leak.

milke bottles - it is good to buy small bottles for newborn n chg to bigger bottles when they take more milk. Not good for newborn to use big bottle as they will may suck in more air n cause colic.

nappy cream - it is good to use after every diaper chg to prevent nappy rash. If u c the rash than use desitin.

BF at night - yes. unless u r very tired, than let other bottle feed. Can also pump more during the day so other can warm the bm n help u to feed at night. But I think more latching will help to increase the bm. u can start using pump when u r in hospital, it can help to increase the bm supply.



Thanks for all the information n tips.

I just saw those baby cream and lotion. I have not bought any of them yet. Is it necessary to applyon bb body or even face? Which brand should we get?



Blanket-I bot 3 receiving blankets,2 hooded blankets and 1 thicker blanket can be use during night.

Milk bottles-I bot a set of avent bottles and another 2 more pigeon bottles.I agreed with BlueDream that newborn shouldnt use big bottle as they will cause colic.

Breast pad-I bot a box from pigeon.

My sister gave me a preloved Medela breast pump,quite new as she used only afew times.Can anyone advised should i change any of the parts? I do not want ot get breastmilk storage bag as my mil strongly against it so i will be getting the Medela breastmilk storage milk bottle instead.The Medela BM storage bottles quite exp though.Anyone can advised how many storage bottles do i need and where do i store it in the fridge of freezer after i pump the BM?



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Dear Mummies,

I newbie to this forum n hope to get some help.. I going to delievered in Nov but I clueless in what to buy for baby. Is there any list that I can follow?? Thanksz



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hihi, how was everybody's holiday? i had a long weekends [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] took leave on Fri and Monday and basically couch on the sofa to watch dvd for the few days...

twink, good you got the book cos most of the things she teaches she will refer to the book [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Actopse, thanks for the info. I was considering taking GPLS or PEM, lucky i chose the latter cos the sales personnel actually follow up with me but not GPLS so i signed with PEM ^^




since everyone talking about confinement and just left 3 months only. Not sure anyone interested for Red rice wine for your onfinement cooking?

It is an traditional Chinese alcoholic drink made from fermenting glutinous rice and it is very healthy and nutritious. Most ladies are taking Glutinous rice wine to built up resistant and good health after birth during confinement. PM me for more detail[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Hi Esther, here is a list i complied myself. U can try googling, there are various free lists online -- customised for your own. Some of the stuff may or may not be relevant. =)

Baby's Room

[ ] Baby's cot x 1

[ ] Cot mattress x 1

[ ] Cot bedsheet Covers and Cot Bumpers

[ ] Cot pillow / bolsters x 1 set

[ ] Cot mattress Protector x 1

[ ] Cot bed lining x 1

[ ] Wind-up mobiles/ Merry go-round x 1

[ ] Baby's cries detector x 1 set

[ ] Waterproof mat x 1

[ ] Blanket x 2

[ ] Chest of drawers x 1

[ ] Bean sprout pillows x 2

Baby's Clothes

[ ] Pacifiers? (optional)

[ ] Mittens x 5 pairs

[ ] Socks/ Bootees x 5 pairs

[ ] Bibs x 5

[ ] Jump suits/ Rompers (short sleeve) x 5

[ ] Jump suits/ Rompers (long sleeve) x 5

[ ] Short sleeves / Long sleeves Tops x 5

[ ] Long pants x 5

[ ] Face towels x 10

[ ] Nappy/ Nappy liners (optional)

[ ] Bath towels x 4

[ ] Tummy covers (optional) x 5

Hygiene/ Bath Items

[ ] Short stool x 1

[ ] Nail clipper/ scissors (optional) x 1

[ ] Bath sponge (optional) x 1

[ ] Baby shampoo (optional) x 1

[ ] Safety pins (optional) x 1 pack

[ ] Cotton balls x 1 pack

[ ] Baby Wipes x few packs

[ ] Bath tub x 1

[ ] Non slip mat x 1

[ ] Baby bath x 1

[ ] Baby oil/ lotion x 1

[ ] Baby powder with puff x 1 tin

[ ] Diapers - Newborn x 2 + S-Size x 2

[ ] Sanitizer (optional) x 1

[ ] Baby's Laundry Powder x 1

Care for the Umbilical Cord Stump (optional)

[ ] Sterile swab applicators

[ ] Sterile cotton swabs

[ ] Sterile container for cord spirit x 1

[ ] Cord spirit x 1 bottle

Medical Items

[ ] Cream for nappy rash (Destin) x 1

[ ] Oil for wind x 1 (Ru Yi Oil)

[ ] Gripe water x 1 bottle

[ ] Thermometer x 1

For Feeding Baby

[ ] Steam sterilizer x 1 set

[ ] Warmer x 1

[ ] Milk bottles - big x 2 + small x 2

[ ] Teats

[ ] Tongs x 1

[ ] Bottle/teat scrub brush x 1

[ ] Milk containers x 1 set

For Nursing

[ ] Breast pump x 1 set

[ ] Storage bottles (optional)

[ ] Storage bags x 6 (min)

[ ] Nursing bras x 2

[ ] Nursing Tops (optional)

[ ] Nursing/ breast pads x 1 box

[ ] Cream for sore nipples x 1 - Destin


[ ] Play pen x 1 (optional)

[ ] Walker x 1 (for later stage)

[ ] Stairgates x 1 (for later stage)

[ ] Rubber/ corner protectors (for later)

[ ] High chair x 1 (for later stage)

[ ] Bouncer (for later stage)

[ ] Stroller x 1 (for later stage)

[ ] Baby carrier x 1 (optional)

[ ] Pram x 1

Mummy Care

[ ] Confinement Lady

[ ] Jamu Massage

[ ] Bedroom slippers

[ ] Sarong x 2 (optional)

For Confinement Lady

[ ] Mattress/ bed

[ ] Closet/ drawer?

For Jamu Massage

[ ] Mattress

[ ] 1 large towel

[ ] 2 small towel

Packing for Labour (Hospital)

For mum:

[ ] Slipper x 1 pair

[ ] Nightdress/ pajamas x 2

[ ] Face towel x 2

[ ] Nursing bra x 2

[ ] Breast pads x 4 pairs

[ ] Sanitary pads x 1 pack

[ ] Cardigan/ Sweater x 1

[ ] Toiletries - 1 set

[ ] Socks x 1 pair

[ ] Ipad, mag, camera, HP charger, etc

[ ] Aloe Vera cream x 1 tube

[ ] Nipple cream x 1 tube - Destin

For baby:

[ ] Long sleeve tops + long pants x 2 sets

[ ] Mittens + botties/ sock x 1 pair

[ ] Baby's Blanket x 1

[ ] Baby's diapers x 1 pack

[ ] Baby's knitted cap x 1

[ ] Cotton balls x 1 pack

Hi Janice, i oso signed up with PEM - did u get their herbal package and Jamu massage as well? =p I think PEM is one of the common agencies - got heard good and bad reviews abt them ... just keeping my fingers crossed =pp



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Hi Felix, I got their jamu massage but not their herbal package. I had achecked with my TCM and some of the herbs mentioned is better not to be taken during d 1st or 2nd week of our confinement. Actually their Jamu massage is also on the high side too. I got them cos they are one of the commmon agencies too [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] we just have to keep our fingers crossed, even if we get freelance, there are good and bad reviews too...



Hi Esther, u are most welcome! Pls feel free to ask anything u wanna know here... we'll try our best to help =pp

Hi Janice, actually really heng suay hoh =( I hope our confinement will turn out to be okay esp since the fees are not cheap loh. I took up both their herbal package and massage cos I dun want to trouble both my mum and MIL to go out buy the herbs for me, and for the jamu massage, i dun have contacts and also very lazy to go and source... Yah manz, some freelance CL, some pple say good while others say otherwise... =pp



Jthan, my gynae also told me that I have low placenta but he said he will continue to monitor... Due ard end November. However, I occasionally have cramps ard the tummy. Is it linked? Gosh... I didn't inform my gynae about the cramps... =( So scared that will affect the baby...



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My edd is 18 nov .. I just buy Rico 4 in 1 baby cot ( can convert to cot,playpen,sofa bed&junior bed) @$499 with free 12 bedding ,musical mobile n diaper change organizer .. Pigeon electric pump +nipper cream +breast pad +1 med + 2small bottles+ bottle brush +1 pacifier +1 bowl +1dish + fork spoon +1 pck dish washer etc@ $250 .. my boss give mi pigeon sterilizatior . I got baby clothes fr frenz n my sis in law buy several for baby .. Now I searching for stroller n may car seat n other stuffs ..

Is there anything to do during confinement ?? Like what to eat what to avoid ?? I intend to hire maid ...



Fynn- I also have low placenta so maybe cannot natural birth..Its normal to have cramps every now and then.Sometimes my cramps at my lower abdomen was so aching then i cannot get up from my bed.My gynae said its fine too.

Esther-There are so many things cannot do during confinment but its up to you if you want to follow.Like cannot shower for a whole month,cannot wash hair also but i dont think i can dahan.I told my mil i will shower every 3days with herbs.My mil insists i cannot wash hair for at least 2 weeks but i dont think i can take it lor,the most 7days ba.Cannot drink plain water too only can drink longan tea.That why we need confinment rice wine to replace water when cooking.No air-con and fan but luckily our confinment is end of year so weather is not so hot.As for food,think we have to eat more fish and meat with lots of ginger.Avoid food that can cause wind,thats what my mil told me.



Thanks Felixp for the list,its so detail.At least now we know what we need and what to pack for labour.Im glad that i had almost all the items in the list.Phew...Looking forward to pack the bag for labour.So excited [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Thanks felixp! Btw , may I know what is safety pin for?


I have contacted one from MY who was doing confinement for my neighbour / friend before. Think we need to have open mind if we plan to have CL / maid. I do have certain preferred ways of doing housework or maybe taking care of kids. But I keep telling myself I must stay cool otherwise I will be very tired mentally.

CL food

I also heard we need to eat food cooked with ginger but can't take too much ginger if we will bf our babies.

Btw, recently my mum run of ideas what to cook for dinner. Any menu to share?



Shjean- If i am not wrong the safety pin is to pin baby cotton napkin as some people may not always want to use disposable diapers.Correct me if wrong.


Cannot eat too much ginger too,confinment lady will do the moderate.



Hi mummies, I guess all of us are looking for breast pump, breastmilk storage bags and milk bottles. 

I have the following items to let go...

1) "AVENT Electronic Single Breast Pump" 

* Pre-loved but used less than 4 months 

* All Parts intact

* Can be used either Electronic OR Manual 

* Comes with 1 x 125ml & 1 x 260ml Avent Bottles

* Comes with BOX 

* Comes with user manual booklet. 

* Condition 9/10, definitely in top working condition. 

2) Two packets of breastmilk storage bags (30 bags in each packet) 

3) 6 lightly used 125ml Avent milk bottles. Good for storing EBM.

4) 3 brand new Pureen BPA-free milk bottles (60ml, 120ml & 240ml) still in box

Reason I'm selling all the items above is because my baby can't use the normal feeding bottles due to cleft. Milk storage bags I bought too many. Breastpump I received another preloved one from my cousin. 

Kindly pls pm me if interested. Prices are negotiable. Thanks!



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Felixp, ya i think really heng suay lor. I think certain things we really need to close 1 eye so that we'll not be too stress out unless the CL is really really bad... I didn't take the herbal cos hubby said we can buy our own. According to our TCM, 1st 2 weeks better not to take alcohol as it will cause the blood to stop but we need to clear the blood out.

I was told not to take ginger or too much ginger if bf, so i think moderate will do ba.

Oh ya dry shampoo, my colleague used it b4 during her chicken pox, she said the hair like powdery powdery, not clean one hahaha....



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Hi everyone,

Having 2 days stomachache, symptoms for me once I'm very tired. Had it before.

Janice - I can't find the shampoo. Is it i think need to talk to my mum whether she allow me to wash hair.

I went to the post natal lesson last week. They mention to use alcohol to cook our dishes if we want to bf. As once cook, it will evaporate. Plus one day the max we can drink is up to 20ml. Not too much.



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Mrs Lim, guardian pharmacy has, think the brand is called Klorane. Maybe the bigger store will have not the smaller store [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Did you attend Mrs Wong's class? last week she mentioned dun buy milk bottle first, 5th lesson she'll share what to buy and for those delivering at TMC, no need to prepare baby's clothes as TMC provide but with Thomson Medical logo hahaha.... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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oh i've got 2 bottle of rice wine from my colleague [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] oh so can use alcohol... hmm... think moderate ba