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Hi Mummies,

I'm from the April 2011 thread and would like to seek your help.

For those of you who have not given birth and have the Medela Freestyle, can you please help me to charge my battery? Coz' the battery needs an initial charge of 24hours but I've delivered and need to use my pump every 3 hourly. I am willing to pay a token sum to whoever can help me and would arrange to pass you the battery at a place of your convenience.

Thank you very much!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


hey mummies-to-be!

Don't forget that today is May Day! Which also means Happy Long Weekend!

Am going to chiong to Popeyes today for their Payday Special. 5-pc chicken at only $5.90!! Last chance before the day ends - until 1 am.

Hi Mummies,

I am from April forum.

My friend brought me a PHILIPS ELECTRICAL SINGLE BREAST PUMP. I already brought my own pump thus would like to sell the new pump off.

The above was purchased on 07/03/2011 and is under 2 years warranty.

Pls PM @ [email protected] if keen.

Thank you.

Mummies, anyone intending to get a Pupsik Studio Baby Pouch? www.pupsikstudio.com

I am letting go mine. Comes with original plastic packaging and instruction manual. Its used only at home. Have washed and kept back into original packaging.

Letting go for at a low price of only $22 (more than 50% off). Originally bought for $45.90

Colour: Chocolate

Size: L

Do pm me in case I miss out your reply in the thread as it moves too fast for me ! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]




Hi Mummies,

I have BNIB NEW BORN SET, selling at S$15 NET




Collection point: Tanjong Pagar MRT/ Paya Lebar MRT


Natal Care Plus (400mg): Each box of 30 capsules at $14.00 (U.P. $16.05)



All boxes with Expiry 2013.

Bought too many from Dr Adrian.


An Australian specially balanced formulation that helps fulfill DHA requirement for fetal / baby brain development, and optimizes the brain development of the fetus and infant.

The core element in NATAL CARE PLUS - Natural Fish Oil - contains DHA and EPA, which is particularly needed during pregnancy and lactation. Apart from that, NATAL CARE PLUS also contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps to alleviate the negative impact of free radical formation, and increase normal cell function.


Cash on pick-up/delivery @ Jurong East or Raffles Place.

Kindly PM or leave SMS at 9 876 1872.

good morning, mtbs! how r u doing?

nitestar, so quiet in this thread except for adverts!

so fast, we are in the third trimester!

looks like the boy/girl ratio is more balanced now [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

HI Aug MTBs,

I realised there are alot of advertisements lately in our forum. And it has been v quiet as we have all migrated to FB.

Wonder who is not on FB in this forum..

Advertisers, pls stop spamming our forum.

BabyDreamy Queen,

Saw some of your msgs flooded b/w the adverts. Have you got all the stuff ready for your bb?

pipi, i m not active in FB as cannot acces FB @ work... then too tired n busy with #1 after work...

BabyDreamyQueen, hope ur hubby is better [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

re: bb shopping

only bought a few clothes for my boy... limit choices... guess this is #2 so not so gan geong :p

re: bb movements

guess all the mtbs should be experiencing more bb movement now! my boy is super hard kicker and my tummy is "changing shape" violently *haha*

re: ms

any mtbs still having MS? i m still puking at 26 weeks [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Hallo Pipi, Hallo adv_sports,

Hubby is slowly recovering, still on blood thinning medicine.

Me also not so good. Went for a cyst removal surgery 2 wks ago.

I suddenly had a cyst that grow so fast till I pain till can't sit and stand properly.

Think got it in hospital when I camp in hosp for few days. Sigh... Hope after this, only good thing and no more bad things happen. My 5 mnth pregnancy is blur blur passed one. Sigh!

Don't know wat happen to our family recently, like kena spelled bad spirit. Sigh.

Shopping wise, I sent out all items needed to my group of friends, colleagues and ex-col, get them to help me shop and send the parcels to my house after say hit certain purchases, eg: 150 or 300 in some shops.

Lucky I have many "soldiers" ard to help this time, else I will faint and worried.

Now, I would say most necessity is ready, except the big thing like pram and carrier. Since will not be using it so soon, will wait for sometime for these items.

I prefer forum here too instead of FB coz office network ban it and also, too tired to logon to FB after work. So, really hope forum will have more posting soon, esp when we going to birth. I have no puking, juz sleepy all the time. May be nite time didn't sleep well. So day time is so sleepy.

Yet to collect my milk bottles from my friend. Aduhai!!! So many things outstanding in my plates! Wished I can have 36 hrs!

With all the adverts, i decided to change my font colour to orange.


I also puke recently...ard 5-6 pm I puke all my lunch out - emptied my whole stomach. And guess what ...I puke too hard till I wet myself..*hiah* I was so afraid that my nightmare in tri 1 is going to come back in tri 3 and started emailing my friends to ask them...They told me shouldn't be so I suspect it is the mango which I ate. BB dun like the type of mango which is grown at the backyard type.


Happy to hear your hubby is recovering well. But what has happened to you? You went for cyst removal when you are pregnant? WOW!!! My cousin didn't even remove hers till now..I hope you are recovering well. I have a sec sch friend who shared her 3 preg exp with me, she has a pre-term baby for #1, and I think her 2nd child she experience contraction in 7th mth...and had to do a opt to hold it till 30 plus weeks. #3 also preterm baby....I find her so brave!!!! Must kao tao to her...

I din buy those which I didnt need for 1st 3 mths too. No pram, no car seat, no carrier..

Babydreamqueen, there is one yr I oso super sway. I think that was 2009. Dun know if you believe in fengshui but I do. That yr was an "empty yr" for me so I will not be rewarded for anything I did - and its true. Maybe you are just going thru a bad phase right now, but with your bb's arrival - everything will be good. Keep being positive.

Since both of you are working, when do you intend to apply/activate your maternity leave?

if you are looking to buy separate bb pillow/bolster/newborn mattress - see below.

NTUC Xtra selling bb pillow/bolster @ 8.90, and newborn mattress set @29.90

Pipi, ya lo.. pain till can't hold the cyst till after give birth ler... Doctor said wouldn't affect bb's safety, but didn't say wouldn't affect her inteligence. So, since I oredi can't tahan any further, have to do the surgery lo. What to do... when "soi", is really nothing to say de.

Now, I just hope my leftover 3.5 mnths pregnancy, i can really enjoy a bit. I only feel bb's movement from the past 2 wks. Think my mind and soul are too occupied, so can't feel her moving. I'm now in wk 24. So, is it 16 more weeks to go? Or may be less hor... Now, my focus is in organizing my bb gal's wardrobe. So much to arrange and her clothes are all so tiny... hard to organize. ;)

I plan my maternity leave 1 week earlier, so that I can rest and hand over my work to my collegaues. I will take 16 wks altogether. How about you? Any plan? I will be back to work ard mid Dec, but if i taking another 6 days of childcare leave and some annual leave, I should be able to be back to work on 3 Jan.

I have also enrolled to an infant care, since the infact care ard Buangkok area are sooooo full... and since I have no car, can't choose those that are far. So, I have paid deposit to enrol her in Jan 2012 intake.

Have anyone plan how the bb's care after the maternity leave?

you take care after the cyst op, it's thru laproscopy right? I did it in Y2009 @ Gleneagles...

Most mummies can feel bb kicks and punches now. Certain times of the day/music/food - diff mummies will feel more kicks/punches.

Some mummies are taking maternity leave 1 shot, some are leaving 1 mth (to clear before bb is 1 yr old) so that they can bring bb for injection, etc.

Regarding bb care, some mummies employing maids(like me), some leave it with parents/in-laws, infant care centre, nanny - all depending which options are more accommodating for diff mummies.

I think I am going back to work in late Nov/Dec. My boss called me and told me she wants to move me to another dept under her, so if I factor in training time...I want to be able to finish training in Y2011. I think everything is working out fine for me now cos I also wanted to chg dept to learn new things every 2-3 yrs before I turn into auto-mode.

Sidetrack a little: I just bought a 9 mths Carter body suit for my nephew (4 mths) and my cousin told me it's too tight for bb. I think if getting Carter - gotto buy a few size bigger cos now I intend to chg to 18 mths for nephew.

babyDreamyQueen, no worry abt the bottles.. i can collect from your friend and pass to u [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] maybe u can link me up with ur friend. i need to go to philips to get spare parts for my avent breast pump, too.

great that ur hv help to get ur baby stuff [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] juz enjoy the pleasure of organising ur bb stuff -- esp girl have so many cute cute stuff! stay positive and cheerful -- things will get better!

i will be sending my #2 to infant care, too. Same infant care as my #1 and i like the teachers there. plus my #1 goes to the childcare in the same centre...

pipi, i m in the mist of changing job -- so hope bb will be good and stay till full term... MoM states that i need to work in the new company for 90 days before I can claim 16 weeks of maternity leave -- else, i can only take 2 mths unpaid leave...

boy tends to be bigger.. so get bigger size clothes [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

yeah, going for gynae appointment -- it's a long 6-week wait! so eager to see my baby bunny!

have a good long weekend!

Adv sports/babydream

Did I share with you guys that my gynae asked me to get Avent milk bottles as they have latest technology for colic prevention. I got the newborn set cos I am not sure how many bottles we need to use.

But for steriliser, I bought pigeon cos it's more size friendly.

I am not sure on which Formula milk to get for infant. I know Enfa is exp and some mummies said it's good. I asked gynae and he say he cannot recommend and ask me to feed breastmilk. **duh** hmmm...maybe try my luck asking him again in the next visit.

HI I'm Aug mom too but been to busy to come into the forum. Thot I should just start now. Having no. 3, a princess, seeing Dr WK Tan/TMC. Gonna be staying home after that!

Pipi, yes breast milk is best. Dun tempt yourself by buying milk powder. Seriously not much difference with milk powder these days. All add this and that...

Adv_sports, my friend brought it back home, now at Lakeside le. No worry, will meet up with her may be end of May to get from her. ;)

Pipi, Adv_sports, I also get the anti colic Avent bottles. I get 8 together, 4 small and 4 medium. Can't remember what ml is tat. 2 each is normal type, as cheaper, and 2 each anticolic. Actually, when I open up to compare, (I get 2 previously from OG sales), actually they look alike. I didn't know what is the difference. It's more expensive by 4-5 bucks per bottle if I not wrong.

I decided on infant care coz thot she will get to socialize and no nid to see the face of nanny. Few of my colleagues told me, send to nanny, nid to "poh" nanny and nanny is not the clean type, will hav prob with hygience. If nanny is tv addict, also another issue. So, decided infant care since can socialize and some intellectual learning. More flexible, suka suka can bring home. But cons is easy to fall sick since so many kids ard.

I asked my gynae on milk powder brand also. I just told her I want to standby 1 tin in case I have no flow. You know wat she told me, if I ever stand by 1 can, 100% I will fail b/fing. So, die die must feed on demand to encourage flow. After deep thought, I think oklo, since NTUC at buangkok mrt is 24 hrs, wat to worry! So, ordered dual dump from krsyter in FB. Did u order as well? If yes, may be nid your help to collect if not too mafan.

My family has no one ever successful in b/fing. Not sure if I really can, though I told myself I very determine.

Another question want to ask her, hav u tot of wether go for natural delivery without epidural? I tot of not taking epidural ler, u tink I can make it? Wat is your opinion or advice ah?

welcome babyship [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

pipi, i supplement with enfa from 2nd month as i was too stress taking care of a new born alone after confinement... my #1 is drinking enfa till now...

bbq, i m staying @ lakeside -- can arrange to get from her and then pass to u when i next visit my parents @ sengkang [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

yes, i prefer infant care to nanny -- babies r more sociable and they learn faster with other kids ard to stimulate [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] do be prepare that baby will fall sick easily initially...

my #1 was natural w/o epi n i hope to do the same with #2... personally, i think it's a mind thingy -- dun think pain and give up... if baby's heartbeat is ok, juz endure and it will be over sooner than u thot [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Hi mommies

Sorry to intrude. If you need advise on coverage for you and your loved ones, please do contact me for a discussion with no obligation. I will also provide a free service to do a financial health review with you.

Thank you & have a smooth delivery.

Gyan Tan

AIA Financial Service Consultant

H/P: 8233 3254

Email: [email protected]

I've some anmum sachets to give away foc. Self collect at Rivervale Crescent. Expiry dates are near. Please PM me if interested.

2 original - expiry june 2011

2 original - expiry aug 2011

2 chocolate - expiry aug 2011

WTS: One night stay at Marina Bay Sands Grand Room

Hotelclub/Zuji rates at SGD459 - 479

Letting go at SGD360!!! Expires Aug 2011. Free access to Skypark and swim in the world's highest infinity pool!

Enjoy some romantic moments with Hubby before the Big Day comes!

SMS me at 9005 8165

Can any kind souls link me to the "discussion" on breast pump ??

Either here or FB cos too fast and i cant find alrdy ... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Hi Carol, haven't been logging in for sometime. I'm expecting a baby girl. =)

By the way, does anyone have recommendation for prenatal massage? Need some pampering. Hee

And also, anyone of you here going for pregnancy photoshoot? Any good ones to recommend?

WTS: Massage Lady Mdm Ida's Binding cloth & binder

bought from her at $50 for both.

Selling at $30.

Used for 5 days.

Hi mummies, I’m from Dec10 thread. I have balance of Rustic Nirvana detox/massage sessions for the package I’ve signed and wish to let go. Bought at over $100 per session and now selling off at $100 nett per session.

Detox: (for your hb or friends, not for preg)


Pre-Natal Massage:

(Is recommended at 5th month to 8th month of pregnancy)

A de-stressing treatment for mums-to-be who need to handle many stresses including

physical, psychological, spiritual and social changes. Other benefits from this massage

include relief from leg, hip and back pain; reduced swelling; shorter, less painful labour; faster

postpartum recovery; emotional support and a nurturing touch.

Post-Natal massage is also applicable.

If you get at least 5 sessions, a cellulite scrub and herbal bath will be thrown in. If you share with your friend, PM to discuss.

I have 14 sessions left. Please PM me for more details. Thank you!

adv_Sports, thanks for the offer. Your house near Summerdale? I will try to contact her as she is 8 wks preggie, tough time for her as she keeps dizzy and vomit esp in the evening. I will check with her if she is ok, will link both of you up, ok? Thanks.

Ok, will try natural w/o epi... hope i can make it... ;) thanks thanks... ~_~

Dandelion: u can try Kenko spa. I took the full body massage at arnd $700 for 10 session when i was preg.

Also, i took my pregnancy photos with The Studio Loft. I choose this studio bcos the photographers are ladies. And the reason y is bcos i took nude photos.

Hi Carole

Appreciate if u can update my bb gender to a boy [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

To other mummies

Anyone who went for their 20wks detailed scan & was told that the bb is in breech position? My gynae told me that it's normal & bb may turn at a later stage. I definitely prefer natural birth :p Anyone can enlighten me? Thank u!

RE: Childcare Centres

Anyone knows whether Cherie Hearts childcare centre considered good or mid-grade? Since it's the nearest one to my house, so thinking of sending my #1 gal there.


@ 20w, it's ok for bb to b in breech position as they are still very small in size, it's normal for them to keep changing position at this point.

Pre-loved items letting go at low prices

1. Peg Perego Pilko Switch Stroller (Red, 2010) at $550 (retail ~$1000)

2. Baby Bjorn Synergy Air Mesh Material in Blue at $150 (retail $280)

3. Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat in Blue/Brown at $180 (retail $350)

4. Winnie the Pooh Musical Cot Mobile at $40 (retail $80)

Interested mummies, pls PM me. Thanks !

Wow, so many adverts again...hohohohooo...


No need to worry about the Medela pump you ordered. I told "K" she can use those kind of delivery service to send to my pl and I will pay for the transport charge. Speedpost is less than SGD 10. I think it's easier for everyone oso.

Yah I heard alot of stories on nanny oso. It's just like maid - heng or sway. The nanny who took care of my younger sis (prev) was damn good and responsible...When my mum couldn't handle her at 2am, my mum called her for help and she rushed down to help my mum. That's what my mum told me. Nowadays I am not sure.

I am definitely, without fail, without further thinking, going for epidural. Anything that will not make me feel PAIN. I admit I am a weakling...dun wanna take risk. Anyway even antenatal class also say try to take "drugs" which is recommended or else you will definitely feel pain and edgy,e sp when this is your first bb.

Adv_sports: I am definitely buying 1 small tin of FM to standby but for night feeds, bb will drink FM. I think it's also good to switch b/w FM and breast milk so that bb will get use to it. I dun want bb to be over-reliant on my breast milk. I know it's good but once I return to work, it may not be easy for me to express milk out w/o stress. Maybe bb can only have breastmilk for up to 6 mths (shortest) and 1 yr(if I am persistent)

sakura25: I think I heard Cherrie Hearts undergoing some bankruptcy tussle...Not sure if I got the wrong info but I rem I heard something along this line. You better check out more before you sign up with them.

Posting this here in case some of you not in Facebook...

I'm organizing a Prenatal Yoga class:

- Simei Condo (Trainer's venue)

- Max pax 6 (Private grp, just 3 more pax we can start the class)

- Weekday evening

- $300, 10 sessions, 1hr each

- Provider : Inspire Mum and Baby

I just want to organize a class, nothing earned.

Anyone interested, PM me ok? I seldom come in to read already...


Thanks a lot, kendrick_kwa.. I'm really hoping to go thru a natural birth again [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]