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hv ur CL also adv u how much of the chinese herbs need to buy?

i m thinkin to call my CL, called her few days ago, think she is doing confinement somewhere so call was diverted to her hse [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]


Hi pipi@ya hen xin ku le!!eyes v itch n tearin non stop n nose drippin like mad!tom need look aftr no.1 me tt wht i can't wait get well!!just woke up from nap-i covered w blanket despite super hot weather!Hopin sweat will get well faster!Wow national day wk so i guess both us will deliver sme week!hehe...ya me oso scared need take epidural without contractions tiz x sure pain!I didnt experience pain for no.1 cse contraction was pain enough!I take flu med till bb oso drowsy no move much sigh feel so bad!yr CL gd le share all these i shall omit the ginseng frm bird nest!i neva take durian at all tiz x cse easily fa re tiz time round le.my CL keep

ask me eat ginger n rice wine during confine but i dun wan le cse breastfeeding le

Wen: Maybe diff CL, different practices. So far I verified whatever my CL told me to what my mum knows and so far all matched.

I think your CL may ask you to take ginger during confinement cos sometimes some bb can take it. (tt's what my CL said) But majority of the bb cannot take it so by 2-3 day, bb start turning yellow if you take ginger and start breastfeeding. If tt's the case, I think got to stop taking ginger for a while first.

By the way, those of you staying around Serangoon, Hougang area - pls be careful cos my cousin was recently down with dengue, and unfortunately my mum is also down with dengue. She just got admitted to hospital today. And I don't think I can go and visit her cos hospital = alot of virus.

Pipi:ya dun go hospital..tt where my hub n i cght the flu bug!i suspect so cse i nvr go out de.i dun tink i will eat ginger n ask her put less rice wine for cookg scared affect bm.She is quite insisent though v nice.if worse shall tell her my gynae n pd advises.i booked my PD for delivery oso so tt itz same pd tt i use for my no.1 so easier hee.Yest i packed my kitchen cupboard need to clear space for steriliser man!Next wk gotta buy new cot mattress!Wa lau weather so hot

Myu mum say aug will same!cham la confinement so hot!I will still blow wind at nite no choice my hub n no. 1 needs it ley.How can i avoid haaa.

Thanks Wen, yep not going hospital. Was busy sorting out a # of stuff at parent's home and mine.

Doc has granted my mum permission to come back but she is not allowed to carry heavy stuff and is ordered to bed rest. (usually those with dengue cannot fall, cos may get stroke or internal bleeding)


One of the mummy has given birth. so happy for her.

Pipi:how is yr mum?hope getg betta..my dad laz x oso gena twice somemore!now weather v hot recent my room oso gt moswuito!gonna wash cot net just in case,my mum says hot weather still in aug-sep  Recently keep wake up eat or too hot then can't sleep..oso v excuted as day nearing as still many tings not ready am waitg for my maid to

Come in to spring clean.Sigh hope she arrives early!So happy to hear another has popped!Tink aug alot due..my in law oso dun like i givin birth in 7lunar mth bt com'on as if it can b controled!To b able to

Conceive n carry the bb till delivery is oredy a blessing!i hve so many frens try n try oso cant conceive!

Was lookg at tingkat menus yest tinking of ordering cse i realli no energy to walk my hips jpints oways cramp for tiz preg!n weather so hot oso sian to eay daily frm dwnstairs!Am thkg of ordering fm empirefood says no msg.They oso hve buffet catering which i may consider apart fm Mannapot.Saw Kim's kitchen price oso can compete with these 2!lol realli lookg fwd to c my bb no 2 at sat's check.he iz oways hiding tat my scan oways not clear n so i dun get any pictires!so sad!

Hi Bunny_mummy82, I signed up the COrdlife yesterday at the Young Parents Fiesta @ Marina Square. Cost is $5250 before 7% GST for 21 yr plan. Got free Huggies starter kit and Avent starter kit. Think quite worth it as both worth ard $150 I think.

Wen, hope you getting better now. Your boy may be want to give you a surprise when he is out, so kip hiding. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Poppy_poo, i also suffer from acid reflux since Fri. Every evening will have that gastric feel, and esp when lie down, can feel the water flowing back, and keep burping. So "xin gu". Fri nite woke up vomitted. These few days dare not eat spicy and kopi liaw. Hope will get better, else don't know how to survive for few more weeks.

Pipi, hope your mum is better now. Thanks for sharing the tips from your CL.

Wish all mummies here a very good and smooth week ahead. I pray my boss will not hack me again this week. Had enough of him last week.

Hi Mummies,

I am from June 2011 thread I have the following item for Sale (Brand New/2nd Hand)

- Medela Swing Pump (Use only 3 days) Singapore Set

- Pigeon Breastpad (1 box open use only few pic)

- Mastela Stratchmark Cream (Brand New)

- Tollyjoy Nappy Liner (Brand New)

- Tena Waterproof Sheet (Package open and use only 2-3 pic)

PM me or email me at [email protected] if anyone is keen on the above item Thanks

the most sway thing happened to me. My maid failed her Eng test and is on her way back to home ctry. ^&%$%&*))_. Now I gotto re-select another maid. I saw one bio data for Fillipna maid, who used to work in SGH and took care of babies in one of the ctries. Can't rem which one. her price is 450 but with the exp, should be ok right? She shd be able to come in within 1 mth.

Hi BDQ:still sounding nasal n today start slight cough w phlegm tink gena fm huby who has cough..sian..i dun wanna eat cougg mixture le tat makes bb v drowsy one

Ya dunno why he oways hiding lol..detailed scan oso hiding away..he's oways in a yoga position v cute ..legs curled up towards him..my first one legs oways open even hands n arms!lol!my gal cannot wait to c him oso everyday will ask why so slow n bb can cme out already?She will even say gd 9 bb so sweet..lol

hello pipi...i oso waitg for my maid le due to arrive end jul..me oso worry abt the eng test man...sigh...thenhow u decied to trytat experience one?I oso not lucky either la..when i went dwn agency to book the ex sin maid who worked in sin for 3 yrs and willg look aftr nb bb...aftr i pay money.. agent called her she back out!Ganasai..say she rather look aftr her own bb wt^&^&...!Ende up i no choice take a fresh one who is willg to sleep n take care of nb...i pray she will pass n b a gd maid!There wasnt much other choices as new biodata only avail in jul n i cant wait liao...

Lets keep our fingers crossed ya!


I have a question, I signed up a gynae marternity checkup package, SGD 550, can I just do the checkup there but not deliver under the gynae and hospital?

good morning mtbs [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

mia for a while as my dad went for a heart bypass op and juz discharged from hospital last weekend... my dad asked me not to visit him in the hospital -- he dun wanna me to catch any virus at this stage of pregnancy... finally can put my heart at ease as he is slowly recovering from the op... my mum is taking care of him now -- hopefully he will be better before my mum comes over to do confinement for me in 7 weeks time... talking to my baby bunny stay in my tummy till full term...

pipi, wish your mum a speedy recovery! u take care, too... dun get bitten by mosy...

wen, hope u r feeling better...

two aug mummies oledi gave birth... hope all other babies be good and stay in mummy's tummy till full term!

let's jia you -- final lap to go!

Hi adv sports thks for wishes!me just bk frm buffet with frens..hee yeh feel better cse yest i nap 3hrs!bt nite sleeping more tough nw tummy getg bigger n biggrr n funny mine higher n higher!the taci dtiver just guessed boy rite say my tummy is so high!yeh final stage me oso prayin bb b gd!letz keep one anthr updatef aftr deluver!i haven join

Secret FB page yet!shall do so

One these days lol;) u gals all in?all of ya?

good morning mtbs... such a nice weather to sleep ah, but too bad, working day today [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Some more monthend... so better don't dream, later kena slapped by boss...

ADV_Sports, hope your dad recover fast fast, then can play with your kids. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Wen, you can still eat buffet ah? For me, even 1 dinner, i have to split into few portions. Else i will throw out or bad feel from heartburn.

Wen, my tummy is lower and lower ler. Like a pear shape, bottom big, up there (near bra line) is nothing at all. My hb also said, why ppl one is 1 big round watermelon, mine is Mcdonald ballon, but upside down. ~_~

Bb dreamy:lol actualli lately my upper tummy getg higher n higher tat i slight gastric n difg to

Breathe n eat!bt laz nite frens treat my bb eat hehe..n i had only meatballs for lunch till 7.45pm then dinner!was so hungui so can eat!

R u havin a bb g?dunno alot pple say g is b low n round b is sharp n high...tiz x round mine realli v v high n dunno why getg higher!dunno wat my lil one doin inside hee but i tink he luvs the durian paste tt i ate laz nite cse kicked non stop n tiz morn more active kick v hard!told my hub to buy duruan today heee...

Hi Hi,

Am new here.

EDD: 22 Aug

#1, Boy

Gynae: Dr LC Cheng

Hospital: TMC

Not alot of MTBs chatting here, i assume everyone is over at FB ?

Would like to be added to the FB secret group too.

Wen, if i go hunger till 7++pm from lunch and no bites at all, I can get ready to throw out all the dinner / food i going to take later. Seems air will go in my stomach, then when i eat the food, the food can't get digested even after 2-3 hrs. Food will get thrown out entirely as it's original. Yucks yucks... So, now, will always bite and munch on something.

Ya, i'm having a gal. ~_~

Mummies in FB was talking abt kodomo wipe at Watson's. 70 pcs per pack, selling at $2.00 each. Buy 10 packs, free 1 pack. So, seems everyone rushing down to buy. In case those not in FB, can head down to watson's to grab. End up each packet will be $1.80. Very worth. Most mummies buy 22 packs - 20 pacs free 2 pacs. Say can last 1 yr? Those experience mummy, can tell me how long 1 pack can last? Later stock up too much, become dry wipes. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

NTUC is $8.80 for 3 packs - also 70 pcs per pack.


I going to grab some tomoro! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Bbdreamy:eek:h dear seems yr tummy easily wind..

The kodomo wipes r realli gd itz best to me.I use for my no 1 n oso the doraemon.ya saw the offer i bght only 1 though ce cant handle hee..u can tie in a plastic bag keep in store room away fm heat.tt wat i do so far all wipes stay moist still n gdi just had durian feast nw gg sleep

Cse bao bao liao heee

BDQ: I already signed up with Origins Jamu with the rest of EDD Aug mummies on FB. Better book first since we are just 1 mth away.

Wen: Yep, the maid issue is giving me headache. Luckily my friend is working in the maid agency so she called me and told me the maid has no confidence in passing. In the end, I sort of blame my friend cos she gave me those profiles and they are the exp ones. Anyway my friend said she found one who is v good and highly recommended by the Indon side for me, cost is $420. I just take lah cos I want her to get herself into SG asap, so that she can learn from confinement lady.

These days, I am busy trying to search for a maid to take care of my grans. Actually I shouldn't be involved but b/c my dad is soooo KPO to volunteer to do all these misc stuff!! Long story......this kind of stuff, you do well, no one will thank you for it one. *hiah*

Adv_sports: Thanks, my mum is still very weak after the dengue saga, 2 weeks already. She still feels giddy and restless. Been at home checking on her now and then so didn't come in much.

She has been terrified of mozzy these days. See one mozzy flying ard, she will spray bygone to "toxicate" the whole room. She used to be soooo garang prev when I told her the hse got mozzy. (cos I kenna before in my parent's pl but they refused to accept the fact. Now her turn...like retribution like tt. hoho)

Adv_sports, yalo, wind like my tummy, wat to do???

Pipi, how much u sign up for origins jamu? How many sessions? Sign up together w other mummies, got cheaper? How much for the package?

My hubby got fever and muscle ache for 2 days liaw. I worried not sure is dengue or not. Kind of worried. Coz no flu no sore throat ler!!!

Will go grab the wipes tomoro from SK compasspoint.

Milkyway, u want me to grab some from u? Can't reply in FB, don't know why. Lazy to troubleshoot!

Carole, I will go grab tomoro morning once they open. If OOS, then I shout out to u. Thanks. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

good morning mtbs [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

yesterday my baby bunny felt very low and tummy super tight... i had a feeling that he may come out earlier... gosh, couldn't sleep well last nite... this morning, woke up early to pack my hospital bag -- except for baby's coming home clothes which i hv not wash yet... now the hospital bag is in the car -- juz in case...

BDQ, must take care to eat small meals... my tummy is pointed and low -- can feel the pressure on the pelvis... i remembered for my #1, it is a sign that baby is engaged... watch out for waterbag burst or dislodge of mucus plug...

Pipi, hope ur maid will arrive in time...

wen, wow, still can eat buffet... now i dun hv much appetite as feeling very tired...

MTBs, have you guys heard of double boiling this soup - Bitter gourd with Frog soup, which is good for ppl with dengue fever. It will increase the blood palates v fast. I am trying to find recipe online but can't find any. It's our famile insurance person who told us about it cos her clients kenna dengue and drank this, and eventually got better. If anyone know how to make this soup, can post here cos I want to make for my mum, who still looks restless.

BDQ: I think if your hubby's fever persist, you need to ask him to do a blood test in clinic asap...cos usually they will start to look v pale, break out in cold sweat (meaning sweat is not salty). Btw, dengue can cause death if person dun know(he cannot fall, and faint) so dun play play...

Origins Jamu: I paid the same price as what they show in their websites with the freebies.

Medela Freestyle Pump Usage: I went to surf u tube yest and found some ppl actually uploaded how to sterilize the pump parts, and how to do pumping using the Medela Freestyle Pump so I decided to just watch the video and figure it out myself.

Wen: Yah, I also hope the maid touch SG by 7 Jul, take her Eng test and get her training from centre asap, and hopefully can reach my pl by 14-15 Jul. Now I feel abit gan cheong although my mum is loaning her maid to me to clean up my pl. (a few hrs every alt days)

Hi mummies,

I have some items to let go.

1. Desitin Creamy 4oz (Blue packaging) (Expiry Jun 2012) - $8.50

2. Desitin Creamy 2oz (Blue packaging) (Expiry Jun 2012) - $5.50

Please PM me if you are interested.


Gd morng my dear mummies!Oh my lately i been sleeping erractic hours!Some x wake 5am!then sleep again till late!n some x aftr lumch can nap 3hrs till evening!!feel like a pig realli!

Adv Sports:hee still a glutton can eat hee bt like dessert stuff more.tiz bb lubs sweet stuff o!

Pipi:gd luck ya!I knw wat u mean!I oso damn

Gan cheong bo bian just pick tat maid bt acyualli still nt my v v ideal but i just wan am extra pair of hands n to learn fm CL simple cookg n c how take cre bb!Yrs will cme in earlier o!Mine can only arrive end mth!N i m gh deliver on 11Aug so v lil x to teach her oso bo bian lar!Me oso prayin she passes her Eng test!

Tink durian damn filling sia last nite i ate only 5 n was so full had to wait longer to digest then can sleep!

Recipe for Dengue Fever

Bitter Gourd & Frog Soup - To me, this had the greatest immediate relief. Cut up one bitter gourd (small ones, not the long ones) and boil with three whole frogs (getting fresh frogs from the markets was the difficult thing and get them to de-skin for you). Use 8 bowls of water and boil till you get 3 bowls over low heat half-opened top, season with salt. It actually tastes pretty good and the frog tasted well. Do that once a day. Eat some of the bitter gourd as well.

BDQ: I found the recipe from someone's blog. I just got all the ingredients from Giant Tampines and will be double boiling it for my mum.

Wen: Yep, I damn gan cheong tt my maid cannot come in time cos my CL says she will teach my maid confinement cooking + how to take care of bb day and night. I am a first time mum so I am scared I dunno how to take care of bb. Let's hope everything will turn out well for us.

BDQ: Avent Breast Pump Conversion Kit, S$22.00

I bought from My first yrs at Paragon for $21. I heard Robinson sell it as well.

Pipi:i m no better oso dunno with no 2 can tagan bo cse no 1 sticks to me 24hrs n still wakes for milk at 4-5am de.letz pray our maids quick cme!!!

I went west mall to get the kodomo juz nw sibay heavy sia took bus hmehve u all gotten yr nb diapers?Sigh everday so

Many tings to do heee..me nw taking a breather frm mopping my living room..sibay chuan!

Finally.... Friday come... 1st day of monthend close past!!! YEH!!! But 1 more week next week to close everything... Oh MY!!!

Adv_Sports, I will watch out. Thanks. I think not so soon bah coz I'm only in my wk 32 ler. At least 6 more wks?

Pipi, my hb's fever subsided le. Just that he still got headache. If no cold sweat, means not dengue huh? He still didn't go for blood test coz he went to company doctor, he said eat panadol since no more muscle ache. Can't be even bothered to take a blood test for him. Sigh!

I'm thinking if i should book Origins Jamu or not. Actually useful or not ah? Coz not cheap ler...

Thanks Pipi, for the recipe. I have got the conversion kit from the littlethinkines, recommended by AJ. Bought together some California baby cream in case got dry skin. Post together w reg post is cheaper, no nid to go recce for everything. Nowadays, tummy too heavy to walk ard. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

hi guys, I think the frog and tiny bitter gourd soup really works, cos my mum says her joints are not as pain as before already. She drank it yest noon and night. Maybe will ask my dad to buy more frogs on Tues/Wed and let her drink one more dose. Extra frogs can be fried or stir fried. Yummmy!!

BDQ: I saw you more active on FB these days.

I am so hungry now (and just drank 1 large glass of milk with 5 oreos) and hubby is on his way back from air port. I amw aiting for my BK Mushroom Swiss MEAL!!!

I am seeing my bunny gal tomr. So excited!!!!

hello! back after a long MIA - too tied up & stressed at work! Happy to share that I'm expecting a gal [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] am now rushing around to buy stuff while struggling with aching legs...

Good afternoon, how's everyone ? I have been missing in action for soooo long....

Feeling v stressed n a big unhappy at work , ever thought of quitting but since maternity leave is getting nearer to me I will just tolerate a bit....

Pipi, Ya, more active these days in FB coz wanted to kip posted w the activity and discussion there since it's coming to our last lap. I'm clueless abt the contractions, labor, wound cleaning, bb's care etc etc... since here no such discussion, so, bo pian, try to kip up to date to the post there.

I only seeing my princess next Mon, 11 Jul. It's a long wait, not sure if she is growing more meat now. Last check, she is only 1.5kgs. I hope she is hitting 2kgs by next Mon.

I just posted the Enfa pictures in FB. NOt sure which to get... coz got 4 types ler... all are for stage 1. So, really clueless. I asked my gynae last visit, she said, if you standby FM, then your breastfeeding sure fail. I was like???? Ar??? Then my bb go strave meh... if i have no flow for 3 days??? So, really hope someone can tell me which to get.

Pipi, if you see 400gm de, can sms me? Thanks. ~_~

My bunny gal is currently b/w 2.4- 2.6 kg, and I am 59.9 kg at wk 35.

Although I dunno what I am seeing on the 2d scanner just nw, but happy to see her kicking.

Hi pipi yr bb is growing so well!congrats!gan cheong bo arrivin soon le!Mine is only 1.85 at wk 32.todae weather is super duper hot!Tom i shall start washing my bb clothins!Glad tt yr mum getg better!

good morning mtbs [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

aiyo, so many adverts again...

getting more exciting as the BIG day draws nearer!

pipi, wow, ur baby bunny is growing so well [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] hope my baby bunny will be above 2kg when i see gynae 2molo...

wen, i juz washed some of baby bunny's clothes... still have lotsa more to wash...

yufeng, tahan a while longer and you will have peace during ML... jia you!

BDQ, i supplement my #1 with enfalac -- but that time only hv one type, dun have so many versions... guess i gotta make a trip to the store to check it out!

ur gynae is trying to make u determine to breastfeed by not suggesting u to get FM... new born is able to sustain for a few days before milk flow is more... it's whether u hv the will to withstand the baby crying... juz remember to relax and not b stress -- easier said than done but ur body will response with more milk [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

adv sports-tom then i start wash le cse yest was v tired n tis morn rain...n now v sunny bt still got darj clouds here...siao siao one the weather...

Wah 36 wks ah..aiyo make me gan cheon i many many tings undone!kekeke...Oh ya the Enfalac like so popular erah i c so many mummies getg tat ah...how come ah?Its v gd n highly recommeneded?In my no. 1 time, Similac was most popular ....

Tonite am gg for western food with my frens hee...cravin for meat!Beef!N salad!!!

Wao Pipi, your bunny bb growing well. I doubt mine will hit 2kgs yet. Seeing my gynae next Mon morning only. Anxiously waiting. Last round, she weighed 1.5 kgs nia at wk 31.

adv_sports, i still thinking if i should standby FM. Coz so many mummies in FB say, impossible has no milk flow de if discipline to pump and latch. So, I really wanted to try hard. May be i buy 1 can and hide it... wahahaha...

All the clothes I have washed, left with the baby cot and playpen not yet fix. Coz no place to put inside the bedroom. Also, put in living room, very dusty as several units here doing renovation and toilet refab change to conventional toilet. So, didn't plan to fix so early. But I heard if by week 38 not yet out, means bb is sensitive and can sense that mummy and daddy not yet ready as bed for him/her not yet ready. So, he/she will not want to come out. So, better fix it. These 2 nites, I have insomia, can't sleep till 2/3am. Keep thinking so many things to do, how how how... the major headache is the spring cleaning. I just did for kitchen only on Sun, I oredi whole body and bottom ache. Like anytime give birth liaw. Sigh... so, very stressed when think about it!

Wen, enjoy your dinner. Mine will be Fri, but eating lao bei jing at Plaza sin, treating 2 friends for birthday, so they chosen LBJ, not my fav, my fav is Swensen. ~_~


Adv_sports: Good to see you coming in, you oso like MIA for a while. When are you taking your ML?

Wen: So how, finished all your washing? I finished those brand new clothes washing for bb, now waiting for pass down to reach my pl then I need to wash again. Hahaha....free stuff, cannot hiam.

You know so weird, I rec'd a mailer from Enfa and they actually din show the milk powder for 0-6 mths. Maybe it's a sign that they want us a BREASTFEED. I am so lost which Enfa to get and decided to get it when bb is out and see if bb likes Enfa, or else waste $. KKH pharmacy sure got sell.

BDQ: You dun stress yourself. Been drinking milk daily these days + occasional mushroom swiss so maybe tt's why my bb BOOMZ all of a sudden. If you want bb to grow - drink more milk + eat more + sleep.

I so sway, maid fail exams and then I got to do all the housework myself, with the help of my mum's maid. Not ideal but better than nothing. Now, I just hope my repl maid can come in before I pop so that she can learn from confinement lady. I will be too tired to teach her anything.

Oh yah, recently been sleeping late and waking up damn early. I oso dunno why but tt's what bb is doing to me now. Make me super tired.

Bb dreamy:thks!M in bus on way to orchard wanna chk out Daiso first b4 heading to The Ship.same here i oso can't sleep well as v v hot n oso stress so many tings undone.I haven buy a pail for storing the herbal bath yet.tinkg if shld get 30pks of bath packs cse will shower daily.The initial days i will wipe only cse caeserian scred wet the wound.

Pipi:these nites i keep wake despite so tired..had to eat n drink milo or milk cse gastric cme bk..sian..Tom shall start washing!!!i haven gone to my fren plce to collect used clothings too!!!my fren so bz!Mayb end up get at man yue osi nvr knw!lol!

Thiz x i oso nt gg standby formula..cse no mummy to discourage me!I just pray my milk will cme in earlier than no.1,which came in only day 5/6.

Letz all jia you tog hor...V fast we w b holdg n bz moo mooin our bunnies!!


Pipi, my work is shit like anything and worst time now. So, no time to sleep more actually. With the hormon things change, i think I'm too stressed up. I knwo is not good to bb, but can't control ler. 2 nites oredi can't sleep, turn and turn, go toilet, turn and turn, go toilet again. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Hope your maid will come in on time. Pray pray!!

Wen, did you enjoy your dinner?

I went to Daiso at Rivervale Mall this noon, to grab some containers to keep the milk bag, in case I have milk to store, so that can seperate out from the meat / fish. As you know la, confinement month, the freezer sure full like World war III coming. I also grab some clothes partition, and reorganized my gal's wardrobe. Tomoro will see if got time to setup the cot. I bought some container to keep the diapers also. In case too much dust here.