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alicia and liz,

its enuff for me leh, maybe cause my boy clothes though like a lot actually can put inside one tier.. the other tier i out his swaddling blankets, mittens, hankies etc.

the 3rd tier i put all my Breast pump accessories, wet wipes etc etc and the last one also put other stuff haha

enuff for me lah


yah loh...



Ya. Like not enough space leh.. So far, I have packed those changing pads(free gifts), wet tissues, bath detergent, cotton buds insode, like already took up 3 drawers, now only left 2 drawers for my gal's clothes.. tat day took back 2 big bags of hand-me down clothes to mama place to wash. dun tink the 2 small drawers are sufficient.

So gng to get my dad to customise one chest drawer for my gal.

BBDust, mentioned abt the breast pump, u got ur pumps from TLL yet? Need to buy wat voltage convertor ah? I haven buy leh & also where can I get car charger for the pump ah? Any idea where to buy?

bubbleling, i also got those ikea organizers.. those different size of box ones.. to keep things neat.

alicia, freestyle no need any converter.. i asked TLL before.


yah coming liao loh this weekend she send it over to me..eh freestyle no need converter de mah? only PISA need.

car charger for pump sorry me dont know liao me bo car

Rabbit & BBDust, so the charger plug can just plug direct to our normal socket ah?

Then Rabbit, u know where can get the car charger for freestyle?


Soon Soon, you will have ur nursery room.. When ah boi more settle down, u can start to source for ur love nest...


Have you paint ur nursery room?

bb dust, hahaha.. those cost a bomb to decorate like that lor.. mine very simple one.. lol! anyway the cot will be in my room.. so the nursery room only have drawers, changing station and 1 sitter sofa. haha..

Rabbit, earth color very soothing... I painted sky blue on 2 walls of the room... to paste some wall papers... hope will turn out nice...


now sourcing liao loh.. but then again by the time when we have our own hse, maybe my boy older le ahha then can do nursery for my nxt kiddo [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

u all really doing alot for the baby room le... haha.

For me, I lazy. the room is half study room and half baby room.

No mood to decorate it la.


Still got time.. Slowly c the design & do some pasting will do... moreover most of ur stuff already done.. nt like mine... haiz.. all half here half there...


my boy loh just now he didnt finish his milk but he dont want to drink so let him down to sleep..1 hr later he woke up crying so i told my MIL he wants milk liao.. my MIL insist he not hungry loh.. say no lah where got so fast one, i told her he did not finish sure will cry one and wont sleep... then she try to put the bottle into his mouth he keeps wailing.. and she told me no he not hungry... ended up he finished up all the milk and I told her, he is hungry cause he didnt finish his milk just now. i know his cries so pls learn also how to decipher his hunger cries

because she got experience bringing up her kids mah so everytime i told her something she dont take it seriously or snort it off cause i newbie in motherhood


she is very stubborn hor.. i shld just let her handle and not be there when he cry just now see if she can handle aiyah.. since she is so good ah


the cookies are still on my table... =p

I finished the sandwich and a bottle of apple juice. Then walked one round in Centrepoint to compare price for my stretch mark cream.

When back in office, still feel tummy got space for more food! wahaha.


time for feed loh [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] keke bb sleep u sleep, he wakes up, u quickly wake up [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

everyday must take power naps if not sure not enuff sleep de esp 1st week ah.. prepare u girls 1st [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Yeah. but the snack I take are either fruits, milk, corn flakes, ice cream lo.

I dun eat after dinner. If hungry, the most is a glass of milk.

Jus now I went to Gurdian to buy stretch mark cream the lady ask me how many mth i am. After I told her im 5.5months now, she look at me and say "Wah! u really know how to 'keep' ur tummy in hor..."

-_-" I didnt keep anything lo. By the way, I really wonder how to keep tummy in...