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(2010) TTC-ing for 2010 BabySsss!!! Come On! <IMG SRC="http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by cutienottikitty, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. cutienottikitty

    cutienottikitty Active Member


  2. sadz

    sadz New Member

    Hi Cutie
    Hello to all!! ;-)
  3. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    Looks like I won't make it for 2009. So here i am..[​IMG]
  4. cynthia

    cynthia New Member

    hello all ..

    ok mah.. jus read fr other thread, they started nov MTBs.. so we still got a mth + to jia you.. =>
  5. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I'm new here...
    Have been trying to conceive for 2years. Just started seeing gyn last mth.
    I was put on clomid. So far no good news yet.
  6. pipilili

    pipilili Member

    it's too late to hope for a y09 baby but early to have a y2010 baby. hopefully, all of us can graduate from this class successfully soon.

    baby dust to all of us. [​IMG]
  7. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi all

    I'm new to this thread too. Ever since i conceived my boy 4 yrs ago, i have difficulties conceiving again. Have been trying for 2 yrs, but each time ended up in miscarriage. Really hope to have a y2010 baby, so lets jia you...........[​IMG]
  8. starfruit12

    starfruit12 Member

    Hi all,

    it's so interesting to see the nov thread open...and now this thread..keke
  9. hi all
    let me join you, Ladies
    wish us all the luck
  10. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member

    Let's all "jia you"

    Baby dusts to all of us...

    I'm thinking of doing IUI if I still not preggie this cycle.
  11. audreysu

    audreysu Active Member

    hi all

    I'm joining this thread, have TTC for 2.5 yrs, no courage to do IUI, let hope I can have a tiger baby [​IMG]
  12. cutienottikitty

    cutienottikitty Active Member

    [​IMG]<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">to all TTC-ing ladies!!!!</font></font>

    <font color="aa00aa">i'm actually now aiming for a tiger bb.... well, i was aiming for rat bb, joined the ttc-ing for 2008...then for cow bb...and now for tiger bb...well, actually not yet decided if i want a bb...but since i've been ttc-ing for so long until recently stopped for 6 mths due to personal reasons... kind of lack of courage to ttc again...until i met up with my friend who ttc-ed for 3 yrs and finally she was recently pregnant!!! and she was not very young...about 36 yrs old...and she did it au natural... no clomid, no tcm nothing... so her faith in ttc-ing kind of spur me on... </font>

    <font color="ff6000">meanwhile, for those who r still hoping for 2009 babies can join us over at the ttc-ing for 2009 babies thread first... cos it's all where most of us are at currently...as there's still 1 more mth of ttc-ing b4 we will hit the 2010 babies... if strike this mth, it will be end nov 09 - early dec 09 babies...and if strike next mth...will be dec 09 bbies!!!</font>

    <font color="0077aa">SO LOTS OF BABIES DUSTS TO ALL!!!!</font> [​IMG]
  13. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi Lucky Clover

    What is IUI, can you share more about IUI with me, Thks.
  14. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member

    Hi All,

    Have been aiming for a rat bb, to cow bb and now tiger bb...
    Haiz... has been a long &amp; tiring journey, hope all should end well soon.
    Can't motivate much, cos I'm really all stressed up and depressed...
  15. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member


    The IUI process is when a very thin flexible catheter is inserted through the cervix and washed sperm is injected into the uterus.

    So usually, Dr will start patient on clomid, CD2-CD6
    When nearer to ovulation (but will do ultrasound to check if really going to ovulate),will do the IUI.

    There's another one call SO-IUI.
    Its actually the same , just that patient will be put on clomid and given hormone jabs.

    IUI costs abt $500+ , SO-IUI abt $1K++

    I'm seeing my gynea at KKh, and KKH only have SO-IUI
  16. littleoink

    littleoink New Member

    Hello All,

  17. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    hi lucky clover,

    thks for sharing. By the way, my gynea is also fm kkh, his name is Dr John Tee. I just remember my next apmt with him is 8 Apr, probably i will ask him about this IUI and SOIUI.

    hi ongfamy,

    Don't be depressed and stressed up. I too hv been trying for a rat bb, but ended up i hv a m/c and when i tried again, i ended up hving a molar pregnancy (there is no foetus) which only 1 out of 1200 women will get it. The op was done sometimes in Nov '08. So let's jia you......
  18. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member

    I too have tried for 2 years and have seen gyn, tcm, use ovulation kits...still no good news.

    Dun be stressed up...have you seen a gyn yet? or done any tests?
    Maybe should speak to gyn what's the next step..

    My hubby and I have agreed to try out IUI if this cycle still no good news...we felt that we have given each other sufficient time and spent lots of $$ on ovulation kits, tcm medicine...
    But will see what my gyn has to say when we see him next week.

    Don't give up...there's always a way out.

    jia you : )

    I am seeing Dr SF Loh. It was my cousin who recomended him.
    I'll be seeing him next week for review..
    Got a feeling this cycle is going to be a failed mission again...
  19. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member

    Hi Gals,

    Thxs for all ur encouragment! I'm trying to be in a more positive mindset but is easier said than done, hopefully with the support of each other in this thread, we can all make it and next time can bring our all babies out for tea tog, haha...
    I had tried TCM with Dr Tan @ Clementi for maybe abt 3mths but stop cos is too difficult to arrange appt with him and I can't predict my O cos my menses irregular. I have not tested +ve on OPK so far. (I have not been consciously testing also, pai sai)
    Thinking that I might hv PCOS I went to c the gynac at TCM to hv blood test conducted, but she says I'm normal just that my cycle might be long and hence I O very late. But I got retroverted uterus [​IMG] My cycle seems to go haywire... especially I keep thinking abt it, sometimes 52days, 46 days, 39days...haiz
    But I was dignoised with Thyroid, cos of my super stress work.
    Waiting for my DH to be free and go for his SA test. Think i will jus opt to go IUI, cos I really got no mood and energy to keep trying n trying and end up still zero result, and partly the peer pressure I hv.
  20. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member


    I understand how you feel...especially when Keeping hearing my gal friends getting preggie. Sometimes I get very frustrated when I have family gatherings and the relatives start asking what's taking me so long to have BB.

    One my gal friend always tell me.."You'll get preggie..its just a matter of time"

    Dun give up okie..we'll reach motherhood one day.."JUST A MATTER OF TIME" [​IMG]

    My work also give me a lot of stress...but evey time when I get so stressed up and up tight...I'll tell myself " Its just a job...i must relax. My priority and goal now is to try for baby. So must relax"... keke..my bosss will kill me if he knows.
  21. faintz

    faintz New Member

    Hi, Ladies

    I am TTC-ing for a late cow or a early tiger baby.. But BD is not frequent [​IMG] wonder how to have baby.. sighzz
  22. sarahttc

    sarahttc New Member

    U need to BD more often to increase the chance to conceive.... according to my gynea, u need atleast every alternate day from CD8 to CD18. depends on when u ovulation also....
  23. audreysu

    audreysu Active Member

    I'm very sensitive to clomid, I got the most extreme side effects that nausea, it got me on around CD20 to CD22 starting from when I brush teeth, like as if I'm really preggy in the end see red [​IMG].

    Gynae did suggest SO-IUI, just jabs without clomid but I got needle phobia so put off for sometime till I'm ready, I tried from piggy till now &amp; I haven't give up hope yet.

    To all ttc-ing, jia you!!! I really hope to give my hubby a baby soon cos we just love kids so much
  24. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member

    My office lately very chaotic, and I might get retrenched...is "only a matter of time" also, haha
    If God really plan so, might nt be a bad thing. I will get more rest, tiao my body as I freqently fall sick. Maybe by being more rest I will hv a BB. But I sacred I add stress to my DH, haiz... There will nv be a balance in life.

    Since doc tested that I actually did O but y am I nt being able to test +ve on OPK, Y this is so? Anyone can advise. What should I do to verify that I did O.
  25. audreysu

    audreysu Active Member

    onfamy, u need to know how long is ur menstrual cycle minus 14 days &amp; test on OPK. I usually test from day 12 onwards so the kit is very ex.

    my gynae did mention that some girls dun ovulate every mth &amp; I happen to fall in that category
  26. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    Erm...can some1 help to explain the various acronyms. I'm kinda lost with the various terms used. Some common ones I know but mostly I catch no ball...[​IMG]
  27. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member

    Maybe you can check ut this website
    Most of the abbreviations are there


    I too have very long cycle. but after a few testing on the ovulation.my ovulation is around CD23/ CD24.
    I spent quite a bit on the ovulation kits.
    Another way which my TCM dr wanted me to do was the basal body temperature charting...but I find it quite a hassale cos the temperature must be taken 1st thing in the morning even before you get out of bed.
    Also , cos my cycle rather long...so gave up doing it after 1 cycle...

    Let's all 'jia you'...We will get to motherhood someday...
    Though the journey may be longer than others, more difficult than others...but we'll get there.
  28. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi Lucky Clover

    Yes, let's all jia you...go for your review and c what yr doc has to say.....dont give up hope yet...

    And thks for the website, cos sometimes I'm also lost by the abbrev......[​IMG]

    Hi Ongfamy,

    I too has retroverted uterus, didn't know until i switched gyn to Dr Tee of KKH (hmmm..wonder Y my previous gyn didn't inform me about it)...so u r not alone.

    And hi to all ladies,

    Baby dust to you..........
  29. bluey

    bluey Member

    Hi all,

    me had been tccing for rat bb, now cow bb..

    hopefully we still can manage to get a cow bb... had started to c TCM 2 months back..my AF is irregular. still cannot tell my o is on which AD.. sighz..

    sometimes really feel depressed when most of the friends get preggie liao..it justs seem so easy for them..

    Let's jia you..
  30. bluey

    bluey Member

    Hi luckyclover,

    I had the same thinking as you when i am stressed with my work. My priority is now is to have a bb.. hhehe

    Really wonder what happen when our bosses know..

    hi ongfamy,
    let's take things as it comes ya. Now this economy. Haiz.

    Don't be depressed. Don't give up. We would all get what we want soon de [​IMG])
  31. fenya

    fenya New Member

    According the ovulation calculation in this website http://www.babyhopes.com/pages.php?pageid=23 , if we can conceive in May, it will still be a cow baby before CNY 2010. : )

    But, I think the more we think about it, the more stressed we are and the less likely it's going to happen. So, i guess we have to let nature take its course.
  32. faintz

    faintz New Member

    Hi sarahttc,

    Difficult to BD cos both of us are very tired after work and plus we have a 7mth old boy.. I am BF-ing at the moment so dun have menses.. do you think an ovaluation kit will help?
  33. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member

    Hi Luckyclover,
    Can I check with u what brand of OPK kit are u using?
    My menses is rather irregular so sometimes test till fed-up. Is it best to test in the morning or afternoon?

    Hi Wenya, even thou I tell myself to let nature take its course but sub-consciously will still think abt it when menses is delay, but I dun hv high hopes cos my longest cycle can be up to 52 days woh. [​IMG]
  34. taregal

    taregal Member

    Hi hi,

    i had been trying sinc late last yr.. hoping to conceive soon and give birth next yr [​IMG]

    had tried opk kits the past 2 mths and started tcm also. i guess for me is a long process..

    i am looking into options like IUI..

    can anyone share with me if IUI is painful when the doc insert the sperms into the womb?

    i also have irregular menses... hopefully can have
  35. bluey

    bluey Member

    hi fenya,

    ya loh... thinking like two more months apart from may nia..make me so stress up.

    hi taregal,
    which tcm u going to now?
  36. lucky_clover

    lucky_clover New Member

    Hi ongfamy
    I was using the clearblue DIGITAL ovulaton kit.
    I find it is easier to read.. cos if ovulating, it will show a "smiley" [​IMG] face. If not ovulating, it will show a blank circle.
    But I find it a bit too costly after a while cos 1 box of 7 sticks is abt $71 ( but i always wait for guardian or watsons sale - 20%discount.)
    And becos my cycle sometimes can be quite long,I end up using 2 boxes.
    After a while..I decided to try other brands..
    So I went to buy this "homebrand" non digital type.
    I had trouble trying to read the results cos to read the results, one colored line should be darker than the other... but I always find it the same..
    In the end, I used back the Clearblue DIGITAL one..cos it gives me a definite YES or No answer.

    But I guess its individual preferance.

    As for when to do the urine test...I read in many websites...the best time is actually between 10am -8pm and many will advise NOT to take the first morning pee.
    But the clear blue that I used did not mention that.. says can test any time as long as the timing is consistent for the next few days.
    So far, I have been using first morning pee and managed to get the results. Also because I am not in the office most of the time...end up always have to find public toilets to do the test and sometimes these toilets are crowded and cubicles are limited.
  37. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    Hi Lucky clover
    Thanks for the website. But wow..what a long list of abbrevs there is. I also prefer clearblue digital OPK too. Tried so many other brands &amp; the readings were never clear enough.

    Hi Ongfamy
    U ever tried taking Bai Fung Pills? It helps to regulate AF...makes it regular. My sis took it n it works wonderfully...previously her AF comes irregularly &amp; last only like 1 or 2 days...but now she's a mommy to 3 kids!
  38. fenya

    fenya New Member

    Ongfamy, true... the fact that we're trying will make every month seem like it's going to happen. But for you, with a 52-day cycle... hard to determine.

    In Jan, my mensus was 1 week late and it's just spotting. I thought it was implantation bleeding. After that, I had all the symptoms like morning sickness extreme weight gain around the breasts and tummy area. Cos' i've been very active in yoga and running. So, i had to discontinue thinking I was really preggie. However, it's always -ve results. Went to gynae for scan and nothing too. So i quit thinking that i'm pregnant and went back to my exercise regime.

    So frustrating! Cos' in Feb, it was also spotting. Not the usual mensus flow. Doc says it's hormone imbalance so gave me some pills but i didn't take cos' i don't think i need them. Recently during my supposed ovulation period, i used OPK and it doesn't show that i'm ovulating. Weird... don't know what's happening also.

    My masseuse can vouch that she really thought i was pregnant too cos' usually just before I have my mensus, when she massages my tummy, she can feel the egg in the fallopian tube (to be disintegrated as mensus). However, for the past two months, she says that she couldn't feel the "egg" there. We are both baffled. Really don't know the explanation to the body changes.

    I'm still waiting to see what's gonna happen next. But, I'm glad that the gynae says it's not cyst or anything like that.
  39. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi rapple

    Can someone with regular mensus take bai fung pills.

    I always suspect my problem is due to the poor quality of the egg, does anyone know of ways to improve it.
  40. taregal

    taregal Member

    hi bluey,

    i am seeing tcm at tong chai hospital [​IMG]

    onl started abt 3 weeks ago...

    hopefully can have a BFP soon [​IMG]
  41. snowysun

    snowysun Active Member

    Bluberrypie, u may wan to see a TCM sinseh to get to the root of ur prob.
  42. cherishbebe

    cherishbebe Active Member


    bai fung pill is good [​IMG]
    try to drink dom every night, it help too
  43. faintz

    faintz New Member

    Hi, Blueberrypie

    The bai fung pill should be taken after your menses are totally cleared. And, hubby can try to take some cordyceps..
  44. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi jandew and cherishbebe

    Thks for yr advice. I'm currently taking dom, but sometimes too lazy and tends to forget.....[​IMG]

    By the way, to those who is taking bai fung pill, i heard eu yan sheng is giving 20% discount on bai fung pill. Will go and check out this afternoon.
  45. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    Hi blueberrypie
    Yup...bai fung pill can be taken for general wellness n health. Also if u're malnourished. Some mummies were saying it helps to prolong the fertility period...dun know how true it is though.
  46. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member


    Clearblue OPK kit really ex. Thought can save $ but using the strips one, maybe hv to 'invest' loh. But my cycle so long, hmmm wonder how many boxes is required.
    Thought of asking my gynac to start me on clomid, heard it helps to regulate menses, but my gynac says if we can ovluate on our own than she feels is not so gd to take such pills.
    Last mth my cycle was 32 days, but this mth still haven't come, makes me so anxious. I hv alr tested on preg kit last week, nt positive. This morn try to take temp, only 36.2 nia, so I guess I'm nt preg, so i praying my menese to come and I can start new cycle soon.

    Rapple, i can't take too much Bai Fung wan cos I get heaty easily, but neverthless I'll give it a try.

    Hi Taregal, is the queue at Thong Chai very long?
  47. sarahttc

    sarahttc New Member

    Hi Taregal,
    What Thong Chai giving you? medicine? To "tiao" ur body?

    Can Bai Feng wan take after ovulation?
  48. snowysun

    snowysun Active Member

    Ongfamy, u can buy OPK strips online, they are much cheaper.

    Most of us get fr Ebay Uk website.
  49. ongfamy

    ongfamy Member

    hi bfp,

    I using stripes now, but difficult to c.Since the gals here reco using Clearblue OPK so thought of trying. But is so EX!
    Btw how do i order fr the Ebay website?
  50. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi LC , Hi rapple

    will try bai feng pills, since its for one's goodness, no harm trying............[​IMG]

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