(2010/10) October 2010 MTB


Stella, yes heart attack moments aplenty! So heartpain when they hurt themselves hor!

Princess d: yeah the cough cough... He has almost finished the entire bottle of cough mixture n I wondered y he is still coughing.... Now I know. This is going to be a cheeky fella who knows how to wriggle his way to get what he want.



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Hurray!! to the Poo,Niko!!lol[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Seriously..we should go out for a nice dinner w/o the babies ..[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


ahak ahak...!!LOL ...now u know that fella thinks coughing is wasy to get attention and he is really clever lor!Now that his lil secret got exposed!lol.............think he must be finding another way....keep us update!muahahhah!!!

Hello Mommies and Ian

Really busy with work no time to come in here, yet to finish reading thru all your posts!

Starry, Cherry

Hey ladies! nice nails u have got! Starry, u really have good lobang, $38 for gel medi and pedi is really good deal! I also wanna sign up! Can pls email me the details?

Princess, Groovy

Happy 6th months to our princess! Hope they stay healthy and pretty always hehehe [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Fel, Fifi and Metta

I have added u to my FB too! My initial is IL. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

baby food

I have started Lujayne with different puree like sweet potato, pumpkin, avocado, peas and carrot, i even let her try a wee bit of creamy mashed potato with leek soup and she loves it. I have introduced these food over the course of several days to check for food allergies and also see how she is reacting to different puree, am glad that she is taking in well.



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Hi all!

Lazy to read through the posts!

Superbly tired. Caleb had caught a bad cough and haven't been sleeping well.

Chace seems to be developing one as well and my hubby is away on a business trip!

Looking more like a panda with every passing minute!



Teoong: Jaeden oso can dong many hrs w/o milk. But if he gets hungry, he is REALLY HUNGRY and can cry the house down. So we always tell him 'Who ask u dont want drink just now?' LOL

I keep wondering maybe he doesnt like milk cos i didnt drink milk when i was pregnant. My gynae doesnt encourage milk so i didnt drink. Haiz hope its not.

Fifi: Wah your baby can understand that? So smart! I hope my boy learns his lesson after the fall yest. I'll hv to watch him closely too n teach him the right way to move.

bblibran: my boy sometimes can drink up to 180 - 220ml depending! But that usually is for the last feed of the night. However last week he regurgitate a lot of his last milk feed so i have reduced it to 150ml. Day time feed is usually 150ml. On good times, he will finish it. On bad times, he will drink only 50ml! -.-""

Diveera, i think all babies will have their fair share of fall n knocks here and there hor? but of cos we dont wish that to happen but sometimes no choice. they move too fast n furious that we are not fast enuff for them! when they hurt themselves we oso heartpain.

Seabreeze: Wahahahahhaa your boy so cute. The kids really know how to twirl their parents around their little finger with their words and actions! Oh my.... the kids are really too smart these days!

Apple: Thank u for ur kind words. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Am still monitoring him. Lucky thing its on the bedroom floor cos its laminate flooring. If its tiles, aiyo the impact would have been greater on his botak head. How is hebe now? Got put on weight?

Ann: so far so good. keeping fingers crossed. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Yes kekeke ur boy also v cute la. Every morning on the way to work i must check my fb for new baby photo updates. Hahaha! Brightens up my day and makes me forget abt the blue-ness of going to work for a while. :p



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Marissa, like your page. Me just looking to buy some long sleeve for Cae.[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Marrissa: LIKED!

Princess D: hahaha actually last mth when he coughed my mum said he pretend to cough. but he had fever so when we saw the PD, i told the PD i think he has cough but dunno is it real cough or pretend one. PD says babies dunno how to pretend. If they cough means its real. *faints so ok lor i take it that when kai kai coughs it is for real. but after yest n tdy's incident, *ahem looks like he really know how to pretend la! lol

im so so sian with my work. trying to drag one day at a time n see how long more i can dong.... if really cant then maybe will treat my boss to cuttlefish. that oso explains y im spending a bit more time in forum these days hahahahahaha! :p



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Happy 6th month old to lujayne too!!MOG..i actually forgets....[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]lol


I fell from bed dunno how many times when young...baby fell till toddler till teen!wahahhahah

my nanny suggested i sleeps on mattress but i slept n rolled to corners in room and got myself knocked on walls and cuts in lips...[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

I survived!!muahahahhahaha!!!

I remember once i fell from bed n broke one of the bones on shoulder...thats not too bad!the bad thing is i went around with a padded cast on my shoulders and it looks so awful..i look neckless and over padded on my shoulders...(ppl thinking im over doing it )Hey those days shoulder pads are IN okay!!LOL


Nice stuffs! Yes i "like"d you too!


Oh no..Hope Caleb is fine. like that he didnt go school right? try to rest more, mommy panda u must take care too!



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I am also amazed that he seems to understand. At first I though was coincidental but a few occasions after that, I see him trying to get off beds/sofa leg first. Or maybe its all coincidental... haha



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thanks mommies for yr support.. happy shopping!

Fifi, yr boy so smart!

Iris, with all e early food u introduced her, im sure lujayne will not grow up a fussy eater! Btw, u puree sweet poatato? I did that for sofea but realised when its cooled, it becomes pasty? no matter how much bm i put still pasty. Sofea almost chocked once then i stopped feeding altogether



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Princess D

Thanku for replyi me [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] i tried doing so too but be back within 3 hrs was so rush wor.. travelli alr took 2 hrs unless i get hubb to pick me up ..

wah envy those mommies feeding babies well,

i alwd haf to coax v hard fr my baby to eat .. de most is 1-2 tbsp of cereal and turns away

Looks like i got to perserve ..hopefully one day she will like food



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Lilac & Princess: My mum says as a baby I used to fly outta my walker coz I'd quietly go behind her n grab her skirt n wen she walked away I'd follow outta e walker n head first onto e floor! N I'd constantly roll off e bed til mum had to barricade w chairs. Mum used to call me butter feet. Even during pregnancy I kept tripping n falling but I was a clumsy unbalanced ball hehe. Til this day I tell my mum I could hv been smarter if I didn't fall so much. Lol



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sorry i missed yor post.. unfortunately i couldnt get my ger to take frm bottle so my breasts stuck wif her till i intro her the sipping cup



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Yo yo!!

Me today half shopping half work... Keke... Now just reach home to change before chionging to mum's place and see my 2 little monsters... Keke...

Ok, who's baby is on milk strike too?

This naughty girl of mine recently think milk powder very cheap, suddenly refused to finish her milk. When she hungry, scream like mad woman liao hor, give her milk still save at least 20ml for me. Yesterday worse, drank less than 600ml whole day when she usually drink ard 800+ml. Aiyo... But hor, EBM drink finish wor... Just when my factory closing. Argh. Now where to find bm for her lah. Bth.

As for solids, think she still have the tongue thrust reflex. Everything I feed she push out. Now She like to accumulate her saliva and then 1 time "push" evrything out. *faint*

Looks like this mummie still need to wait somemore before she can play masak...



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Diveera, my boy now still coughing but better. We have been giving him supplements like cod liver oil, manuka honey and vit c. So far we find that he dun fall sick that easily now. This time round is really a stubborn virus, even spread to my Hubby who is still coughing too. Sigh...

Pregnancy rash:

Me me me!!! That is the Mother of ALL itches!!! For me, nothing can relief my itch lor. Just take cold showers and keep moisturise everywhere and pray for it to go off.

Mine went worse even after Rhea is out. Only after 2-3 weeks after labour then start subsiding. At first my Gynae thot my liver dun know is it got problem coz my rash is too jialat liao... Aiyo, now think abt it, still can shiver leh.



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The "open" area on his face has cleared up about 70%. Another 2 more days of antibotics to go. Hope the rest will clear up soon.

The eczema on his body, back, arms n legs still there. Sian...still applying moisturiser n cream and taking the oat bath.

Sorry didnt reply ur earlier post on how to do the oat bath. I just use erm the quaker oats put into a mitten and throw it into his bath water. I think erm there is suppose to be a better method like grinding it into power form or something..but no time la.

Especially now he diarrhea..i average every hour change 1 time diaper. damn tired.



will taking cereals cause rashes at the neck area. i tried healthy times and bellamy brands rice cereal on my baby and both brands seems to cause rashes at the neck area.

anybody have the same experience.

shd i stop feeding my bb rice cereals altogether?



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U were so funny! Waha. Can imagine lil stella hitching ride by holding mummy' skirt!

As a child ive only fallen twice.

Once from bed n i crawled undermeath the bed, the other time in toilet n bump to toilet bowl. That was bad coz the bump was as big as my little fist.


Hey.. i was wondering why my baby's neck also red!

But im still not sure whether due to the cereal or i nv properly clean..

I only feed him organix bellamy n happy bllies


No big poo. Only small poo..

Bit he just poo again bfore sleep. So im not worried. Phew!


That is interesting boit the oat bath..


cant b u dont like milk thats why jaeden doant like milk! (I think hehe)

why ur gynea doesnt Ncourage milk?



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try spoon feeding/syringe? Why dont u tke her out with u?

Or can endure la few more months "stuck" with baby..hehehe..



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hey jaime, ann.. can taking cereals cause rashes or spots? I feed sofea happybellies cereal and on the 2nd day i realised there's tiny2 rashes underneath her left eye. but she likes to rub her eyes so i thot maybe her hands were dirty. Then a day or 2 later, i found a spot on her thigh. i thot it looked like insect bite so i ignored it, then each day got new spot. i din tink it was the cereal coz i was expecting hives if there's allergic reaction. but anyway all the rashes and spots gone now

loca, poor baby! change diaper every hr. baby's butt must hurt..



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Happy 6 month old too for Lujayne and Meghan!! I remembered in the office, but when I'm home I almost forget. Hehehe.. Dressed Josie to take a good picture just now before she sleep :p.




is your bb still having the spots? did u apply any cream?

Marrissa good all the spots are gone for good. so exasperating to see those rashes on my bb, sometimes i wipe my bb neck area and she shows discomfort, maybe it's itchy maybe it's painful.. aigh..

dunno why cereals like so simple food can cause rashes. not sure whether need to see doc on this.



Hi all back here as baby sleep ! so happy one of those rare nights he sleep early. Usual is about 10+.

Marrissa, have like it. Nice range of stuff!

Starry, thanks. both my mom and myself been "seeing" your daughter and some other mummies daughters till saliva drop. ha ha we love girls. can't help it.

Ya my son ate the kaya inside the toast and bits of chicken meat. He got 2 small teeth at the bottom now. He knows how to bite and chew food esp after he successfully ate the teething rusk (1/4 of it).

Loca, poor baby! butt must be painful - do put some bottom butter on the butt area to reduce redness and smoother it a bit.

fel, perhaps your baby dont like cereal. My baby doesn't like cereal once you offer it him he will take 1 mouthful and then turn his head or keep his mouth really shut when try to give him 2nd spoon. He only likes porridge - use slow cooker to cook further mash it by hand.

milk strike - maybe teething?



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Princess d,

sorry to reply so late.. Tag along my hubby for short biz trip...

I haven try gel before... Maybe will try soon since it's so lasting n better for doing chores won't chip so easily.

as for pedi, long give up on nice stones n pearls cos I duno y everytime I do a nice pedi my dear son will step on toes with his shoes and scratch along the deco...



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jamie, are those heat rash? normally the folds ard the neck can be quite thick and rashes can be found at the area? food allergy so far i see on most kids are ard the mouth area wor. but rash is a general allergic reaction lo. u can try again when the rash subside and if it comes back again then definitely it shld be the cause ba? what did u mix the rice cereal with-water or milk?



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Vivian> Thanks for the tips! Will tell her to take a bath with cold water..

Her doctor also suspected it's liver problem, but it's not...

I can't imagine the itch. Huhu.. Last time itch in tummy I always scratch until I have lots of stretch mark.. Can't imagine if it's all over the body :S..



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The redness is along the neck folds..

It disappear quite soon, maybe at night disappear alrdy. 2 hrs max.

I wonder whetehr really due to cereal.. or u know sometimes the cereal drop n when feed water will also drip down. Maybe i didnt clean properly.

Only these past few days i realised n started to clean the neck thoroughly after meal. Previously this lazy mum just wipe with wet tissue.

So now after meal we have half bathing session. Will wipe his chest upwards....

Still monitoring..



Princess D: OMG u must hv had a lot of fun rolling here and there then!! Hahahaa!!! I hope jade and meghan dont n wont take after u in this aspect. wakakaka look like mummy pretty and smart can already... dun be overly active n roll ard too much. Can be a handful taking care of a rolling baby. heheheh

u know huh my frd's son crawl ard in the house until the grandparents cannot find him. so funny can! i wonder kai kai will suddenly MIA in the house once he starts crawling anot? hahaha

Fifi: babies are really smart these days so sometimes really cannot underestimate their ability. not like my time... gong gong one... hahahahaa

Stella: muahahahha u r another funny one. its fun to recall those days right? No la u r still smart now. fall more will become tougher too! learn to stand on ur own feet faster. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Ann: my gynae is v anti dairy products. he said he read up a lot n did a bit of research himself. he encouraged me to drink soya milk instead. so thruout my pregnancy, i was overdosed with soya milk. lol my gynae is v strict abt weight piling during pregnancy. there was one mth my weight shot up by 3kg cos of durian feasting n i had an earful fr him. i remembered he even said 'You want to be Mrs Shrek or Princess? You decide.' [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] after that even when i sleep i can remember that sentence in my dreams [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] thereafter every month chkup i pray for max 1kg increase in my weight. I told him i ate bread for breakfast he oso say me. he is a very health conscious person. My colleagues n SILs who see him, all got the same nagging from him abt diet. He keep saying when hungry, eat banana dont snack on other stuff n he says during pregnancy, its ok to eat pineapple. weird doc but he is a good and experienced doc. then again i nv eat pineapple la. dun wan to take the risk :p



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at first when my aunt suggested it, i also didnt believe. But after checking online and after the doc told me then i believed.


Ya. But the volume of each time is getting lesser..wondering if i can dont keep changing.



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I also dun know. Gynae say my rashes too serious and there is a possibility that my liver is having some problem and that is causing the bad rashes lor. Scary hor. She draw 3 tubes of my blood say want to do some test to check but before she send out the blood, my bp very high and end up go to hospital and induce liao. In the end, waste my 3 tubes of blood she drew in her clinic. Worse, when I admited, she still tell the nurse to draw 3 more tubes of blood to send for test!!! Heng nothing to do with my liver.


Chace only push out the cereal? Or everything else?

If u observe that he tends to push out everything from his mouth, most likely is the tongue thrusting reflex. Which also means that he might not be totally ready for weaning.

My Rhea is like that lor. She pushes everything out, including saliva... So I just monitor and try feeding a tiny bit again few days later. No hard forcing and if she still push out, then wait till she is ready.



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Yup I really like the IFC teachers but am comtemplating of changing IFC as the current one location is really too far and inacessible. I can't fetch her after my work n have to wait for hubby to drive her home. She's the first to be there and last to go home. The current IFC is also quite run-down and dirty.

Saw another IFC n went to have a look. It's new and will only operate in mid april. Location is good. The person-in-charge kept stressing on their programme on how they develop babies into genius, using schichida flash cards and playing classical music with hidden messages for baby to sense. I'm more concerned about the teachers and when i told her that she replied "teachers come and go but the important thing is we make sure they adopt our system"

Now in a dilemma...


Wah your gynae really one kind! Haha so strict! But it turns out well that BB is healthy and you regain your figure quickly =) When I complain that I gain too much weight to my gynae, he just laugh and say weight gain is good...I'm not laughing with all the flabs now =(

I've a fren who drinks those milk for preganant mothers and she ended up having slightly high blood sugar. In the end doc told her to stop n she has to prick her finger to do blood test regularly.


yo yo yo...test result negative. Haha...but hope I have breaking news in June =)


Lujayne can finish one whole bowl of cereal and i have already replaced it with one milk feed for her lunch but yet to slot in for dinner, thinking to do it at later stage. I did not puree sweet potato with milk but water instead. My mom told me to get those japanese sweet potato (can get it in NTUC or cold storage) is better to puree, I steam apple and sweet potato together untill tender, puree and add water to thin it.


I read that there are 3 signs to look out for to see if baby ready for solid.

1)tongue-thrust reflex - with the tongue-thrust reflex still present, baby may simply drink in liquid purees or push the food back out. In the first four months the tongue thrust reflex protects the infant against choking. When any unusual substance is placed on the tongue, it automatically protrudes outward rather than back. Between four and six months this reflex gradually diminishes, giving the glob of cereal a fighting chance of making it from the tongue to the tummy.

2)Ability to let you know if he is full from a "meal" with signs such as turning away from the bottle or breast. If baby is able to self-regulate the amount of food being eaten. This helps stop baby from accidentally overeating as we may continue to feed baby thinking that he is still hungry.

3)Ability to sit up and hold head up unassisted

Babies are highly individual in developing a readiness for solid foods. Its ok that he is not ready now, some shows no signs of readiness until around 6 or 7 months so no rush [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Ann & Lilac:

Thanks ya now thinking back I must hv been a sight. I didn't hitch a ride, I hitched a flight ahahaha! Somemore got four eyes n still can't see where I'm gg. My knees r permanently marked w battle scars! Now my eyes still can't see where I'm gg coz glued to iPhone hehe.


3 tubes plus 3 tubes? Haven given birth already lost so much blood aiyo. Wen my gynae took blood for testing for cord blood donation n blood spurt out coz my vein enlarged I nearly fainted coz quite alot of blood all over e delivery suite floor. Already hv to lose blood aft childbirth he still had to let me lose before also. Lucky I got plenty of supply hee.



nycmum: he is v strict. while lecturing me he took out his box of cold soba n steam broccoli to show me what he is having for lunch. he is v pro natural birth with epidural so i think he is worried that if i put on too much weight and bb gets too big, it might be difficult for me to push. but anyway end up i oso nv really push kai kai out. i ended up with natural but assisted and epidural after 2 hrs of pushing. hahahahaha!! baby wasnt big but i jus cldnt feel anything after the epidural. tried v hard to push but no signs of bb popping. LOL


Yoyoyo am waiting long long to hear good news from u and Ann! Dont need to wait till Jun, next mth also can.

Where is the new IFC opens in April, near our place?



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Hi mummies!

Baby has been having a flu since last Thursday. Fever, coughing, lots of phlegm and runny nose. Her fever subsided after two days of paracetemol but this morning she woke up with red, puffy eyes that were watery and some rashes on her face. Brought her to see pd, pd say virus infection causing her tear ducts to be blocked. Rashes are just due to sensitivity.

But I can't help but feel that this isn't just a normal virus. Could she be suffering from an allergy to formula? Ever since I switched from total breastfeeding to formula abt a month ago, she has developed this red ring around her anus. Pd diagnosed as diaper rash and gave her cream. It has been 2 weeks since and the rash is still there. Today, when I brought her to pd for her puffy eyes, pd still insist it is a diaper rash and not related to her puffy eyes and rash. Baby never had any skin problems when she was on tbf. Hence I would like to change a pd and seek a second opinion. Any recommendations on good pd?



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Mine was also assisted. Took epi when I was 7cm dilated and end up not feeling anything.In the end Claudia poo poo inside so must chop chop get mid-wife n nurse to help push bb out...haha


IFC at Yishun 716. My mum;s workplace is a 716 so she can pop by to help me if anything crops up. Theres bus from my school to there n I can take 980 home after that.

They have a CC at semb road.


Now opening a branch at Yishun.

I was looking for a CC that is good n offers IFC so next time no need to 'fan' over CC enrolment. This one has potential but I want to meet the teachers first. Think 80% gg to enrol Claudia there...but will miss the teachers at Cherie Hearts =(



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Fees is slightly higher than CH but they have enrichment prog so I save $, no need to bring Claudia to weekend enrichment class =p



I went there before when soucing CC for Alexus, infact there are quite a few CC in that area, a few units of the bungalow converted to CC, i found quite inconvenient unless u drove cos its quite a distance away from bus-stop. Let me know how's their teacher after the meeting ya [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]