(2010/05) May 2010 mtb

hey ladies!

gd evening! i had good 4 hrs of sleep last ngt. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] n a few gd short naps today [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]a happy mummy today.. heheh..

baby farting- mine bombs loudly too. sometimes 3 bombs in a row. usually the finale is presented with poop. heheh.. then sometimes when changing diaper, we get surprise 'water fountain' shows. heheh! he burps loudly too like old man! hahag. sometimes so cute u just want to eat them up!

Edie.. bb's feeding is suck, suck suck pause to swallow then whole cycle repeats.. smtg bb drift away into lala land thats why u need to wake them up by stroking their cheeks etc.. initially my hero also sometimes use me as human pacifier but i really cudnt figure when is that...

for hospital, the phototherapy cost me 750 for 1.5 days (admitted at noon, discharge the next day 5pm)

claimable 450 medisave. hospital will provide diaper/FM...etc

If it really gets worse I might rent the photo therapy machine so that I can breastfeed her

aloe: thanks for the information!

No sun at all now. Really praying her level is under control when I go and see pd tmr.

Hello mummies,

any of ur babies has this wheezing sound from the nose? Like nose blocked that causes their breathing to be quite loud... does it go away cos PD told us will go away.. but it's almost 2 weeks le...father is very worried... we are considering whether to bring him to neareat PD tmr...

Hello Mummies/Daddies/MTBs/FTBs

Past 2 days were tiring!!

BBF - I started to hv engorement since yday!! SUPTER painful >.<...I tried latching and massaging but still didnt work. Then tried calling TMC 24hrs hotline, no body pick up..Zzzzzz

Today tried calling them a few times again n finally able to get thru. However, kinda disappointed as they r nt so helpful. So i tried my own... Using hot towel and keep massaging. After dat tried pumping on 2 intervals, total of 20ml and 15ml fr both breasts. Is dat considered very little for day 4? Yday only managed to pump 1 tablespoon!! haha!!

Sue - I really salute u for ur high tolerance lvl!

Lucasmummy - my bb has a bit of blocked nose on day 2..so the nurse pushed her back to warmer. After dat she is ok already. If its almost 2weeks, personally i would hv consult another PD le...sure beri worry

Today was a bit pissed...SIL told my MIL dat her breasts so big but dun hv much milk (didnt manage to BF her son) and how can my small breasts produce milk??? I feel like telling her dun be ignorance coz its nt the size dat determine the milk supply....Sianzzzz!

Hope my milk supply will be more soon so dat i can prove her wrong!!!!

Lucasmummy: *raise hand* *raise hand* me me me... my ger also has the wheezing sound. the other day we discovered "gold" in her nose, and managed to remove it. but now no gold still got wheezing sound.

Mrs Heng: Prove Her Wrong!!! Remember to eat and drink more!

blue_turtle: We still havent found any gold. He sneeze and no mucus too...

I knew it's normal but how long does it take? My grandma says sometimes whether too cold or too hot could cause it. He was very hot and always sweating. But tonight's rain and weather seemed to have subtled the wheeze....... Hubby is asking me to try sucking it out... Hmmm... My mama instinct not in yet. Oops.

Hullo Mummies... finally hv a chance to log into forum.. for past 1 wk... so hectic n juz spend all time on baby....coping wif bfg... so tiring...

Congrats to mummies who hv popped!!!! So many i can't catch up wif the forum....

Btw how much should a 8 day old drink?? is it 90ml? im not sure how much to feed on FM

Mummies... if i tbf the whole day but want to put baby on fm at night.... do i give for last feed only or feed for last feed and the middle of the night feed?

For the mummies who are doing that do you all still wake up in the middle of the night to pump to prevent engorgement? But wouldnt that be super tiring.. still have to wake up and feed fm and still pump?!


Yup engorgement very painful indeed ..Did TMC hotline advise you on anything?

To keep engorgement under control, we need to work hard and not miss bb's feedings.

The hot towel can be used to soften areola and to facilitate let down before and during pumping

but it also encourages more milk flow in the breasts,

so be careful and use it sparingly during engorgement.

Try using cold compress/cabbage leaves after pump out to reduce the engorgement.

BB's stomach is very small now so don't worry too much abt the amt of milk you pump out,

instead focus on trying to latch as much as possible to relief your engorgement and regulate supply.

Your bb can drain the milk more effectively from your breasts than a pump.

Only pump after bb has latched to relief engorgement.

Milk supply will build up with latching and when bb grows the supply will increase also.

Lucasmummy, blueturtle,

same same, bb was wheezing quite a bit after discharge the first few days but after the "gold" came out by itself from the nose, it's been clear.


for FM, usually the packaging would state the amt? but I am not sure if it will vary from brand to brand.

Lilstarz: u can start by giving bb 60ml, then add on another 5ml-10ml if u would like them to sleep longer tru the night. My boy drinks 90ml every 3hrs from about 5th day onwards. Now in his 3rd weeks I increase it to 100ml. Remember, fm makes bb fuller and do not overfeed. 90ml on first 2 weeks in consider pretty much le....


haven't seen my boy's gold. Bringing him to see PD tmr.


same same, my bb girl was wheezing for almost 2 weeks... what is the "gold" u refer to? so that i can look out for...pardon for my ignorance. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Ya.. it is quite tiring to wake up and bf bb and pump out after latching... but all these r worth it... by our bb. Jia You to our mummies!!!

Serene, my Hubby is not yuk min. Juz saw ya details and u juz delivered a day after me, on mother's day. What a wonderful gift!! :) and we had the same gyne. I stayed on lvl 3 and the nurses was a tad rough but helpful thou. What abt u?

Mummies, it's more than 5 days after disc fr hospital and my supply still can't meet demand. Can I know if soft breasts can still cause block ducts? I dun have engorgement and breasts are quite tender so each time after I bf my breasts still soft and I still top up feed with fm. And I dunno if my bb is getting the bm fr latching. How to tell?

lucasmummy : mine also! got wheezing sound.. ya lor pd said will go away.. but will worsen esp if its cold.. becos their nosrils or nose very small only.. so if cold.. will contract also..

lilzstar : i got sore nipples for my left side.. i feel so engroged most of the time.. den wanna feed also feel so pain.. bm and nipple cream not helping [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] i dun pump middle of the nite.. i just tahan and feed her when she wakes up.. if i pump.. will be before i go to sleep lor.

alamak! i haven share hospital bill.. but hor! becos my girl din cry for 1 min. they ask e pd to come down! my total hospital bill $7k+ .. haven deduct medisave .. after deduction.. i paid abt $2K +


gold = dirt in the nose


Engorgement = pain and suffering.

It's ok not to have engorgement, as long as you have milk [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Infact, you must be one of the lucky ones.

Yes, blocked ducts can happen anytime during the BF journey and can be triggered by missed feedings ,tight/underwired bras and insufficient fluid intake.

If you wish to TBF, you don't have to supplement but just keep latching bb even when your breasts are soft.

Our breasts will constantly produce milk now unless we stop removing milk from it.

And bb's demand from latching will regulate your supply.

To see if bb is getting enough intake, check if bb poops and pees...

For TBF babies by day 5 poop should be greenish/yellow and should wet at least 6 diapers with pale yellow urine.

(guideline from LC at Parkway East)

But since you supplement with FM, the above guideline will prollie vary a lil.

Lucasmummy - tks! She has indirectly motivated me to work harder for milk!

BBF - feel so safe with u ard coz u nv fail to give gd advises to lost mummies. Tks so much!

Sk - I agree as long as there's milk, it's a bonus nt havin engorement.. Should b happi hee

Mrs heng,

most welcome [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] but I cannot protect u from engorgement and blocked ducts ley...

These are just theory based on what I have read and worked for myself...

The practical part are the challenges that is up to each individual.

Who on earth would have thought that something that is supposed to be so natural like breastfeeding a bb be so hard?!

Hi sk, ops sorry tot u might b my hb's fren's wife.

Oh, I eventually stayed at mt a. E whole day costs me 6k+. csection on sun is certainly ex.

Anthestist is 500. dr woody's attendance fee is 642. urs??

Hello morning all mummies, daddies, MTBs and FTBs

This is BB Jaden (boy boy of Mummy KTSC)

I arrive on 15 May @ 2317 naturally w pain relief for mummy

Place of birth: TMC delivery ward 7

I'm 3.23kg, height 49cm, 35cm head circumference

Uncle Loh, can you help me update my details in the wonderful list done by you and Auntie BBF (^_^)

Mummies living with in laws... how do you all deal with them... the baby so much as make a squeak only they will rush to pick up!!

Obviously i cannot tell them don't carry the baby at all but just dunno how to deal with it.. my girl starting to want to be carried to sleep if not she will start to make a lot of noise..

Now illustrate my birth story to all uncles and aunties.

On 15 May, mummy's water bag burst and super intense contraction pain start immediately. At interval of 2 to 3 mins.

Mummy called gynae to ask for epi to be ready when she reach hospital cos the pain is killing her liao. Luckily daddy already at home and drove at super fast speed to TMC.

Wailing and waiting desperately for epi. Nurses keep saying mummy really was very distressed and ask her to try laughing gas and keep helping to massage her back to relieve the pain a bit.

Epi was finally administer after nearly 30 mins of wait. After administer, still have to wait for at least 20 mins for it to take effect. Almost on the verge of dying liao. Really kudos to those mummies who can go without pain relief.

At 21:00, check in delivery ward, still 3cm dilated only, mummy thinking cham liao, have to go thru long hours labour liao.

At 22:00, dilation suddenly jump from 3cm to 8cm.

At 22:30, fully dilated, start to push. Nurse on left side, daddy on the right side to guide mummy in the interval for pushing.

Tried for 1/2 hour still cannot push out cos epi level too high, Mummy was too numb to have strength to push. Epi dosage reduce from 10 to 8.

At 23:00, gynae arrive and help mummy further in pushing.

Finally I arrived at 23:17

Downside of epi, pain subside but have side effects of epi, shivering very badly during the whole delivery and stitching process.

After stiching was done, have high fever when epi was switched off completely.

Ktsc: congrats congrats! After all the waiting and false alarm. It was quite a short labour also.

Feeding now and it's raining and so sleepy and hubby is snoring...

Maggie Mee..

Here is the table that one of the mummies posted.. i saved it on my desktop..


For babies older than 1 week, the formula for calculating a suitable amt of feed is:

(150ml X body weight of baby) divided by No. of feeds per day

BB Jaden!! - Welcome to the World!! heheh

Edie, same here. Hb was snoring while I was feeding. I even to my hp to record his thunderous snore.

This morning he asked me if I slept. Coz whole night he see me either bfing or changing diapers.


Just to check how u feed ur baby? You feed FM for his last feed before sleep and in the middle of the night? Do you wake up to pump in the middle of the night as well?


Yeah really damn sian... the moment the baby wakes or any noise she hurriedly picks her up... then tells the CL nvm the mother asleep let me play with her... then carry all the way until the baby fall asleep in her arms again... sigh..




Feedings after 12mn to about 7am morning, CL will fed him with FM. Max. twice.

I pump every 3 - 4 hourly in the night. Depending if I can wake up. Right now, I have not fed him in the night yet and I do not latch on. So I cannot comment too much on weariness yet.

hi mummies,

So sorry to intrude nere but I seriously need HELP!

I'm due in Dec10 n looking for a gd confinement lady.

I've tried calling a few contacts but they're alrdy being booked n I'm panicking now.

Can any kind mummies share ur CL's contact if u think ur CL is gd.

Really need help n thks so much in advance.

lilistarz: for the FM night feedings is up to ur convenience n preference. For me, sometime i start to ask my maid to feed bb FM fr 9pm onwards I wanna hv a break n spend a little more time with my #1 so I skip bf n wait for the next feed or breast more full, if not I will give her FM say abt 11pm and then in between of the night I will either feed her FM or bfeed her that depends on hw tire i am n how hungry my bb is. But i notice my bb tends to be more hungry than the day not sure is it bcos she slp in aircon rm so more wet nappies n poo.

Even til nw I don hv any reserve in the fridge. I also quite worried whether can I pump enough reserve for her when i go back to her. For the past 3 days I didn't use my pump all latch on.

Hw abt u?

BBF: so until now u still total latch on? Do u think if we pump 2 weeks be4 work do u think we able to keep enough milk for bb when we go wrk? I didnt pump for 3 days all total latch on so not sure hw much i can pump now but then on fm my bb is drinking 90-100ml.

lilstarz29, right right! now bb used to being carry to orr... -.- more jia liat is... everyone know how difficult to breast feed right? esp when bb hungry... they will cry loud loud.. it happens a few times... that i was trying to get him to latch... n he too hungry was crying out very loudly... she actually just come into e room n try to calm bb... i immediately -.-|| lo... not cause i paiseh.. but i needed e space etc cause it will affect my mood n more difficult to bf lo... sad to say... its still happenin... i can only pray hard hard to move out soon... appreciate that she try to help... but... haizz

Hi Mummies..

Need help here... Any recommendation for Caterer?

Doing my party this Sat. Still havent decide on the catering... haiz

Lilstar, KCPQ: it's like that lar. before the baby came, MIL and mum tell me no need to keep carry the bb whenever bb cries. else bb will get used to it. now, whenever bb cries, they run to bb first.

MIL is currently staying with me cos she is doing my confinement for me. 1st few days when there's no milk supply but i still insisted on latching on, she will just barge into the room, stand there and comment. "why dun give water, give fm, u dun have enough milk" understand that this is extremely frustrating. there's once my mum happened to be ard and both of them were going on and on, somehow, i snapped at my mum. ever since then, they dun make such comments anymore.

i think they are all trying to help in 1 way or another. just that their way of helping isn't the same as what we want. learn to look on the brighter side, at least that's what i have been trying to do the past 2 weeks, things are definitely getting better, and they no longer nag at my decision to do total latch on.

Chubby Tiger

Have not fed FM at all yet. Had small extra BM supply in fridge becos would pump after latch and have about 10ml to 20ml each time. But recently pump at night for husband (last feed) and CL to give mid-night feeds. Noticed only pump 55 to 75ml each time so extra supply in fridge also dwindling as baby intake roughly 90ml or more.

For yourself if you want to increase supply must be more hardworking and pump after latch on or find time in between especially since you giving FM at night.

Think for myself will start exlusive EBM to take the guesswork out of baby whether really hungry or not and preventing the every 3 hourly / 2 hourly / 1 hourly latch ons. Plus think need to increase my supply as well and see baby's intake.

KCPQ.. wha this whole morning going crazy baby refuse to sleep since 730am.. until now haven't sleep can see very tired already but just refuse to sleep when put down in cot..carry her then she stop... finally stuffed the pacifier in her mouth hopefully will help her go to sleep in the cot... think would rather wean her off pacifier next time than have to carry her up and down until she sleeps..

I won't be able to move out until end year when my new house TOP... i also dunno how to deal with my in law.. baby cry need to change diaper so wake up instead of letting her go back to sleep she play and carry her keep her awake... then until the baby really want to sleep in the arms then put back to bed... and tell me some babies like that one got more energy...

Next time u lock your door when u latch on.. then she cannot come in..

blue turtle7, haiz... so i can only keep hoping and hoping lo... keep telling me give water too...=X i am more and more fan cause my supply have dropped alot!!! after i had fever tat day... i am trying very hard to get the supply back... hope i can still be this calm all the way... =X

chubby tiger, before fever... i used to be able to express up to 90ml on the don know 4th or 5th day... now... only like 30-50ml from both side... really feel so down.. more over my bb appetite is getting bigger and bigger... i have already give in to FM on an alternate feeding... really feel so down... -__-"

now i am trying to see if i can re-adjust my body by pumping every 3hrs... 10mins per side... hoping the supply will increase...

sometimes, i wonder if my method is right... -__-"

i think if i ever go into depression... its all because of breast milk... haiz...

mummies!! i need to share this!!!

jaundice : remember few days back i was asking u all abt jaundice?? n i said i trying green grape juice?

day 8 - level was 208

day 11 - today is 146!!!!

i fed abt 3 grapes daily n my granny used the herbs for jaundice to bathe her 2 days only.. n 15mins of sun ONLY yesterday morning..

i guess its the green grapes tat worked..

KTSC congrats!!!!

wow, you managed to push bb out w/o assistance[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] that's great!


yes, still total latch. I may start earlier to increase pump supply.

For TBF, I need to plan to replace all feedings while I am at work.

Not sure how much EBM you want to feed but since you are already supplementing with FM then you will just need to pump enough to replace feeds you latch.

Also I am not sure if BM should be compared to FM in terms of volume coz BM is more easily digestible.


cannot close/lock the door?

Aiyoh remind me of the times, my MIL stand beside me looking down to make sure bb latch on properly and drinks milk.

Mayb you can tell her nicely that you are going into the room to feed bb, and she can go and have a rest?

blueturtle, lilstar, kcpq,

I think the trend last time for our mums and mil generation is to take FM

because it was so well publicised and only the more well-off folks could afford it.

It takes a while for the mindset to be changed.

It took a while to convince my own mum, mil and sis that BF is good.

I think it was also because they wanted to help but can't and BF is just so physically tiring for the mother.

At the end of the day, they mean well but we need to explain to them the main difference between FM and BM

is the anti-bodies which get passed on to the bb. This means less trips to the GP/PD and less problems with milk allergy.

KCPQ: u wanna try pump every 2.5 hours or 2 hours instead and pump slightly longer to build the supply? i latch every 2.5 hours in the day time where possible, nv exceed 3 hours. will also make sure bb at least suckle for 10 mins on 1 side before i change side, now increase to 15 mins. night time latch when bb cries, which could be every hour. she will latch 1 side for about 10 15 mins den fall asleep. wake up next hour den i latch the other side. it can be very tiring at first, give urself sometime to adjust.


1) Can check with mums who gives EBM, when expressing the volume is not the same each time, do u combine EBM from 2 feeds or more feeds so that you can give more precise amounts at each feed?

2) also, there's a formula to calculate how much FM to give, for BM, got any formula or not? Else how you know how much to give at each feed huh?

bbf: u are right. need to educate the older folks. it's like i can understand why they keep asking me to express milk so that they can help me with night feeds, but what they dun understand is that, i will still need to wake up at night to express milk else i will be in pain! after i told them that, they sorta gave up or understood and they stopped nagging abt that. haha...

another reason why i insist on BF is cos both me and hb were lactose intolerant as babies, i still am. so i'm really worried bb would be like that. so i will BF as long as i can.

Latch on is for convienence! no need to warm milk, no bottles to wash. MIL was nagging on how we need not sterilize bottles every time we wanna use and so on previously. Arggg... to prevent any arguments on cleanliness of bottles, i have decided that i will do total latch on! at least while she is still here! haha... from frustration to motivation!

wow nanabear, thanks for yr info regarding grapes juice.

Questions about BF

i remember some mommies mentioned, BF each side for 20 mins. So this 20 mins include resting, burping ??

how come my son (2 weeks 1 day old) can only drink 1 side about 10 mins ? and when i move him over the other side, he either latch on 5 mins and fall a sleep.

How to maintain him to latch on for 20 mins ??

Loh, if you can help to update


Birth Date : 3 May 2010

Weight 2.640

Raffles Hospital

Dr. Thong


KTSC - congrat and welcome Jaden to this beautiful world. =)

Sue - u r one brave mother! Salute you! Congrat to the birth of Cally! =)

bbf - i have start latching on my gal again. She is doing quite well so far. But everytime, she only suck on 1 breast and if offered the other, she will reject it. I take it that she is full already. So do i empty the other breast by pumping it out? Or I just leave it as it is? Also will start pumping out 2 weeks before I go back to work enough to produce enough bf for bb in the day? By then, rightfully they will need 120ml-150ml for each feed...

For wind in the stomach, my mum gave bb the grip water and applied ru yi oil. It seems to get better... But I think she just want to be carry so... she cry alot... haha... grandma spoilt market here...

edie - for jandices, my massage lady recommend to get some herbs from the medical store to bath baby. She says after bathing, the jandice level will drop. My gal jandices level were at 10.1 in the 1 week. After bathing for 2 consecutive days and sunning for a few morn, her jandices level drop to 7. so you may want to try that. Just go to the chinese medical store and tell them you want to buy the herbs to bath baby with jandices. Oh ya... my mil says if we sun baby, remember to cover bb eyes with wet handkerchief etc. Coz if the sun is too strong, the dry handky may not be too good for bb eyes. Also, my PD only ask me to sun her for 5-10min on each side (front and back).

Caas - I used Neo Garden for my gal baby shower just over the weekend. The review of the food is quite good. Btw, they have 15% off for baby full month. So you can check out their website.

bbf, from the living room i bring bb to the room... already obvious enough le ba... hehhe... she just open the door... didnt lock cause sometimes my hubby wanna come in and most importantly... i don wanna have anyone ask me go open the door for them while i am feeding... haiz... so what to do... -__-" supply low already very jia liat liao... i feed bb FM and breast milk... do i have to feed bb water? i tried to dilute the FM by adding more water... to advoid bb having constipation.

blue turtle7, if the timing i pump is too close.... will my body be in time to produce more milk? n the thing is... my bb can latch on for more than 1hr lo.. -__-" n he seems to only like right side... i pump out cause my hubby say he would like to help feed bb n have bonding w him... that way i also can have more sleep... still.. i let bb latch whenever he crys nonstop n cant sleep etc...

i am currently mixing those milk i pump on the same day together to feed him... in order to get the amount he needed.

i have called the breast feeding consultant the day before... she advice me to pump every 3 hrs n each time no more than 5-10 mins cause scare i pump too long will have sore nipples.

so sometimes im wondering if i m on the right track... -__-"


Hi all mummies,

I came accross a thread for the goat milk delivery to home before... but i can't find it anymore. Can anyone advise me the link again? Thanks