(2010/04) April 2010 mtb

Hi ladies,

Mooing time again. So envious of ladies who babies r co-operative and can go shopping.

Hi Xiao Lao Hu,

Yes, I stay in Jurong West, tt is why JP is my favourite hangout place until my gal is born.

Alamak.. ask hub to wake me up at 130am to pump and he forgot only till I feel pain and woke up myself and its 430am!! Pumping now.. hopes SS won't drop!


If your wife latch, pumping don't need 1hr so long. Plus, when bsthe bb, bb usually sleeps after that so ask her to hurry take naps. She will get the pattern and can adjust. It's my 1.5 weeks of coping myself and I was like scared cannot handle.. now quite ok liao so if I can ur wife also!

Good Morning!

Considered a good night cos I went to bed around 11, bb woke up to feed at 1.30, finished at 2.40, woke up at 5.05 now feeding. Plus I used lying down sideways latch so manage to catch quite a few zzz.

moo moo time

vic ma,

after my 3am pump, i also went to wake her up to feed her. i realy wonder if its cos she is sleeping on her tummy that's why so shiok to sleep no need milk leh. when i wake her up, she is drinking in her sleep loh.

sigh.. today's the 3rd day i tried to tbf but then the 2nd night already gave baby fm after latching him on and off with 30mins break in between for 36 hours.. my CL even commented that baby seems to have shrink after a day.. i hope baby is having enough, though he still quite a no. of wet diapers but he didn't pass motion that often.. only passed motion once these 2 days..

i dun feel my ss got increased too.. breasts also no time to feel full at all with the latching on and off.. think baby also dun have enough sleep..

morn mummies!!! TGIF..bt it seems now every day is the same :p ...SAHM not ez man...somemore FT taking care of bb...reali peifu the truly SAHM.

ruru cat,

same here..JP my nearest shopping ctr to civilisation :p

My baby does not want to sleep since 3 am last night till 7am. Think yesterday daytime sleep too much. How do you keep the baby awake during daytime?

Gbh: I know. Just that everytime when smell cigarette smoke will always think of how inconsiderate they are. At the expense of our health.

Gbh, I use the bumwear in daytime. Sometimes can just hange nappy liner if got small amt of poo, else take out n change insert also, at least 3hourly. Yes she sometimes will pee or poo when I change so too bad lor. That happens with pampers also ma. My hb hates it when she does that. When he does, sure end up changing clothes also. Her bum is quite big lei. From before 5 kg already use the normal size one n no need fold down the front some more. The thigh fasterner also use the second one. That why I worry my bb fatty bombom. Just finished one box 100 nappy liners. I tell myself I just saved on 100 diapers.

XLH yeah TGIF!! Nowadays I look forward to after work n weekends so have hb company n can go out also. First two weeks I sahm still ok. Now start to feel bored n lonely already.

1sttimepapa, first 2 weeks, housework is bare minimum. Enough to eat n enough clothes for bb to wear can already. Weekends then can do quick cleaning when got 2 ppl around to do n wAtch bb. In any case, tell yr wife to Zzz when bb sleeps. Sometimes I tried to do laundry or prepare meals when she sleep also. Eating n bathing a bit challenging when I alone those 2 weeks cos need to time when she's in deep sleep. Those day she cries for 4/5 hours at a stretch was stressful ESP since must carry. Just try not to go home too late after work lor. Those days my hb come home late, low morale.


My pampers comfort 58 pcs $9.75 orange packaging. Good meh? Find it not secure, diapers very thin. My boy less then an hr, alrdy overflow n wet the floor when he in yao lan. Tot I got a Gd deal to hav pampers for him to use at nite. Now I onli cn use it day time.. Haiz...

not onli eating, bathing, pang sai is also quite challenging, while carrying bb n wan to pang sai very very hard... Eat n bathe still cn wait, sai cannot wait


pampers active, purple one is good. #1 use it for night and can last 11-12 hours. we change him into pampers at 8pm and only change at 7/8am when he wake up.

hi mummies,

So sorry to barge into this thread. I'm looking for a good confinement nanny for dec'10.

Will really appreciate if u can recommend ur CL if u think she's gd. Pls PM me, thks so much!

Morning mummies i stil unable to latch bb successfully for full feed. my br will drop out after a min or so. end up expressing totally and feed by bottle. Since yest i got frustrated feeling, instead of bonding with bb i am bonding with my pump - while maid carry bb. *Angry...

Just got a Bjorn, yest tried it out, bb took to it.. so comfy she slept in it at while i tried it out! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Yeah so happy for the mobility.. we 2 can go out liao! Ergo can oni use when their head is steady, so decided to get a Bjorn to use until abt 5 mths plus.


Ur bb no poo? Wow almost near 12 hrs den u change, if I were bb I sure very uncomfortable, although cn last long but still got to change max 5 hrs for pampers brand bah.

Other brands got to change every feed else overflow.

Woofy & Rurucat

I also live in the west, just opposite JP. Can arrange for meet up...


for #1, i don't change him after he sleep through the night and had been using pampers for night since he was born. of course when he is younger got change him in the night when he poo lah. if just urine, also didn't change. cos pampers can hold well. i have never experience leakage at all.

even baby now, also didn't change after every feed. change every 2 feed unless poo poo.


i got pampers comfort for my C1 as day use. Sometimes if I forgot to help him to change into pampers active (for night use), he will sleep with pampers comfort throughout the night.

I actually find it quite alright. Despite the diaper seems thin, it can actually hold the urine for many hours. For your case, less than an hour and it leaks, I think you need to let your bb wear it tighter. The only thing I dun like about it is it is more plastic feels and the bikini type fasten.

For night wear, I prefer to let my boys wear pampers active and mamy poko.

Like celyn, if my C1 dun poo at night after I changed his diaper into pampers active/mamy poko, it can also last about 10hrs-12hrs.

yi fen qian, yi fen huo


didnt knw the difference between the diapers..

like drypers got wee wee dry ... huggies got dry / dry comfort..

confuse me in the end I bought a variety to try.

My boy fart also sometimes got a bit of poo..

if didnt realise poo in their diapers, wil it affect their skin or cause any germs/virus to them?

sometimes my boy didnt signal me to change and I didnt smell it too..

Maddie / BBdust

Cannot lei, I dun like to see him cry.. later no voice. sometimes he only screaming sometimes he really got tears lei.


really loh, like you say yi fen qian yi fen huo loh. i always stock up pampers when they have the box sales. #1 just change to L size recently, so i got lots of M size stock at home now. waiting for #2 to grow into them. my colleagues bought me pampers S size as gifts too. all these will be useful for the nights loh. day time, i don't mind use cheaper brands like petpet and drypers where each pc only cost half or less the price of pampers which we tend to change more regularly.


if baby poo must change immediately if possible cos they are still young, we don't want to subject them to nappy rash too or UTI. my #1 actually UTI at 2 months old loh but not sure if its cause by the poo poo. so when they are younger, i tend to spend more $$ on good diapers that is lasting and can hold well especially for night time when we are all tired and sleepy.

My bb G becomes more alert since last week. Not sleeping after bath like alert for 2 hours after feeding.

So, she will awake and "playing" ard the time of following. Her big eyes will keep staring at me if i talk to her.




Is your bb same? Wonder why bb so awake nowadays. Last time my #1 only awake after 2.5 months ler. Is this normal ah?


UTI is urinary track infection (not sure about spelling). its easier for girl to get it compare to boys but boys can still get it too.

its very poor thing if they do get it at such young age cos they need to go through a series of test. my boy was awarded for 3/4 days, under antibiotic for almost 4 months. go through ultra scan to check his kidney size, check if there is scarring on the kidney, do urine reflux test by inserting colouring into his bladder to check for reflux. the series of test, follow up checks only ended about 6-8 months later. can't really remember liao.


if didn't realise the poo in diapers, will develop into rash. the bum will gets real red and raw. It will be painful for them. So have to check now and then.

UTI - Urinary Trace Infection. Celyn, correct?

oh ok,

really blur as a 1st time mum, donot wish to have things to happen den ask, better asked whenever in doubts...

really glad n learn a lot before n after birth


actually it will be good if you can get some samples of diapers for your bb to try first before getting the retail pack. Some bb are allergic to some brands. My C1 can use Petpet M but not Petpet L. Develop rashes not only in bums area after using 1 piece. Tried several and it is the same. Not sure why like that.

So now, I try to get samples whenever I can.


Hey…. I love the pic of the top cum dress that your gal is wearing leh…so tempted to buy this top when I saw it also… But your gal at full month can wear size 12M already? That’s why I am confused what size I should buy for my gal at 6 weeks now….. Can advise me So that I can order the clothes now? For dress, you would only let her wear when go out or what?Cos I feel that maybe got to be 6 months at least , then let my gal wear dress leh…. Or actually I can let her wear earlier also?


Oh as time goes by, you mean bb will switch their timing of sleep?? They can change to earlier timing to sleep also? Cos now is really very bad leh… it seems like worsen leh… I also realize that if I bring her out during daytime hor, she will be super sleepy when reach home and then will sleep throughout the night except for demand feed… haha… but cannot be everyday also bring her out rite? Before she gets tired, I will be shacked liao….

By the way, when you bb cries, will you go and attend to her immediately? Cos I read somewhere that need to attend immediately, cos she will know that once she cry, then we will attend to her immediately… then we will be pampered lor…. Like we will carry her once she cry. My hubby say better not pamper her, and she will be know that once she cry, we will give in to her.


oh.. then better wait for another few months, before I let carry her in the 2 strappy thingy.

But when we burp her, also got to sit upright position mah…. Just that we got to support her back also lor… then tat will be fine mah…. hee


condolences on your loss. of cz you will think abt ur dad, after all, even if not close, he ws still a big part of your life and has a influence on who you are today.


patience w latching bb.

i also felt bad that i ws bonding w pump instead of bb for C1... but with patience and determination (and banishment of all bottles/teats from my sight, and a whole lot of crying on both mummy and bb's part) C1 learnt to latch again.

YAY on the good sleep in bb bjorn! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


attending to bb imm when he cries.

again wat you do depends on the philosophy you subscribe to... whether tis the bbs are manipulative philo, bbs need love and attn to thrive philo

(heh, by my wording, you already know which camp i sit in)

i attend to my bbs when they cry. as they get older, no need to be immediate, and yes even at 5-6 weeks, i can tell from listening to C2's cries whether he is really hungry or is just fussing.

BUT hor, whatever you do, pick up imm anot, HB and you best be on same side - doesnt mean you have to give in to him ok, can slowly brainwash him one de.

if not, can lead to loud disagreements later.

dreamababy, the dress(top) my girl wearing is size 12M. It's elastics chest (or she called it smock chest) with adjustable strip.

Initially, I asked her any recommendation for full month apparel for bb G coz I realised i too kiasu, bought all the big big size, end up wear like sarung. Then she recommended this. I bought it coz she told me can wear the top as dress for full month, coz is adjustable shoulder strip. So, when I get it, i understood why she say so, coz the cutting is considered smaller. I would say your baby should be able to fit now for just the top. Like what my bb is wearing and with pampers at the bottom. I let her wear when we are going out, or when there is visitor, coz want to appear nice and cute mah. If no one coming to visit, then just let her wear the "ko ko" passed on one or romper, seems more comfy to wear at home. But sometime I will still dress her just to make myself happy to be at home with the 4 walls and her. I let her wear this also partially her neck is red as too hard to air her neck.

It can wear till 12M (normal bb size la) coz seems mine is giant size, coz bb will grow taller, then you can adjust the shoulder strip to put to lower to adjust the length of dress, and when grow even taller, convert the dress to top later and put on the pant lo. I believe it will be nice la, especially when they start to stand or can hold at armpit. For 12.50, I think is worth la, wear 12 times, 1 time $1, I feel worth lo. Only thing is need to iron coz I dry them in my drier.

bbdust, hj, i feel relieved to know there're some like me too [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] cos i total bf i thot will never come menses so soon but who knows.


according to mrs wong boi boi of tmc 3 mths after that must remove mittens esp cos - they need their fingers to explore & learn. might hinder their maths skills if cont wear too long

another logical reason is by 3 mths they hv grown too big & mittins & booties too tight liao. so can stop mittens & graduate to socks le.

celynlee (celynlee)

my bb M size now. is it too fast ? he born on 29 mar so tat means he onli appro 1 mth 15 days old.

S size too short, behind leak. alrdy wear it tight but too tight cause rashes.

where to get samples ?

re: coping alone with baby

e first few days when i was left alone with bb, baby blues hit me.. i was just so tired n sleepy n i havent really recovered since it was only 2wks aft del.. luckily i managed to get over it n am doing fine so far.. except for those days when i had bad headaches or that 1 dreadful day when i suffered frm bad constipation!

sometimes i wonder am i making e right decision to be a SAHM?? but i dont really hav a choice since e only ppl i trust to look aft my boy are my mum, mil n hubs and they all hav to work so i'd rather look aft bb myself than hire a maid or nanny.. yes, it's tiring but it puts my mind at ease..

re: carriers

im looking for a carrier too.. what other brands besides bjorn are suitable for babies wit no head control yet?

re: "menses-like" flow

im havin it too since yest.. actually ive been using pantyliners since last wk which is wk 3 cos nt much flow alr.. then yest suddenly like 1st day menses.. even got e "swollen" feel if u knw what i mean..

I wil like to be a SAHM, but my situation forbid.

I need to earn bb living expenses,..

Im stil looking for job..

Anybody any lobang kindly inform me


my boy's also quite alert.. sometimes wont even nap aft taking med for his flu!

mummies with baby boys,

are u planning to get ur boy circumcised for hygiene purpose?