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does ur babies fuss/cry alot after the jab?

Ell had his 6 in 1 jab on Tues. He had no fever. But yest n today he keep crying, wants to be held, carried upright. Put down and cry! It has never happened before. Could it be the jab??!?!

BabyL, 1727,

yah vegetables n fruits got fiber I guess.

I ate apples n pears la, drank abc juice. Not those heaty fruits. She super poo lo. And when she constipation, her milk intake drop.

How come Lac reject teat when drink water? Different teat mah?


do u think it is true if we drink cold milk/drinks then our bm will be "cold" as well. my mum keep repeating this when dyl has tummyache. i am so pissed! she wants me to drink only hot drinks n lukewarm water. gasp.

WF: my PD did say that after the jab, baby can be cranky. U just need to sayang sayang him for a few days lor.

LadyK : no wonder. The last time Nicholas poo, my mom said it smelled like papaya..which i ate earlier. kekeke

wahahahaha... i was looking at the fresh fruit spree thread just now. so convi, deliver to the house. im lazy to buy from outside too. Jelly coconut nice?

Seren: thanks!! I'll try oats. Quaker Oats can?

Dylan really stood out in the mar montage cos he wore a cap!! such a cutie

Dear mummies

I bought too many sessions of abdomen candle wax massage at Gimen and wanted to let go some sessions. Good for those who just gave birth and wanted to remove wind in the womb. Please email me at [email protected] as i seldom go to smh.

Usual price is S$80 / session.

10 sessions = $400

20 sessions = $700

30 sessions = $1000

Quaker oats, nuts are good to improve milk texture but I long time no drink.


I seldom take cold drinks so I don't know but my mum brewed chrysanthemum e past two days n I had abc juice over weekend.... My girl super poo. Last week she only poo alternate days.

Maybe there's certain truth to warm/ cooling bm. Just like we avoid cabbage n broccoli in case got colic.

Oh ya I also had xue ha but added dried longan coz scared too cooling as confinement just over a month nia.

Anyway how many times do babies poo a day huh?

Selene literally accumulates n shit once a day or constipate few days. I had impression that they shit more than once a day , no?


dyl used to poo 8-9 times a day. last week, he poop 4 times a day. 2x in early morning and 2x at night. this week, he hovers around 3-4 times a day.


thanks yar! i managed to get a toothless grin shot today alas too late to be added into the montage. i finally get to see nicholas!

Yeh, oats, cheese, fish..all does wonders to not only milk texture but milk supply. sometimes we r too overwhelmed by quantity. all in all, eat well, rest well to produce quality milk.

i admit i tried to eat less to lose weight for a couple of days and it was disastrous, my milk was no different from milky glucose water and he was like crying out every 2 hours or less for milk.


think eat lesser is ok as long as there's quality intake.

I'm also gonna cut down my food intake in terms of snacking, junk food, carbo stuffs. I'm cutting out low fat milk n replacing it with calcium pills.

I think oats is fine. Healthy snack, easily digestible.


The type of water u drink got no impact on the BM. I've been drinking cold drinks like nobody's business and my BM still ok, no problems.

But I do agree that eating lesser has -ve impact on ss. Sometimes I dun feel hungry and skip meal... Major mistake. The next pump ss was pathetic.

Now if I'm really selected as F1 official, then there'll be times I totally cannot pump. Might hv to cut off pretty soon then. At least I lasted this long...


i am gona sound so suaku but what's an F1 official? well miracle and ladyk tried pumping 8, 9 hrs interval eh? i'm sure u will be ok. at most hand express out in loo? :p


i tried eating just fish and lesser rice..but mum tells me i need carbo. aiyoo..so ma fan. good idea on the calcium intake.from 18.5kg, i still got 7 more stubborn ones to rid!

babyl, i wld say the price is reasonable. my hb said he saw jackfruit a small pack cost $2. now i ordered this jackfruit 1kg $5.50. she also has cut fruits. the golden kiwi is sweet. my kids love it. gg to try the jelly coconut then i tell u ladies. not cheap. the fruits arrived cold. shiok, esp the lychee!!!

Lac finally poo-ed! Though not the mega one but at least her tummy is much better now. Hubby n i saw her poo ma chiam saw gold like that, so excited...haha!

LadyK, yeah...i usually use 2 different bottles for milk n water, always not fixed. Can be Avent for milk and Pigeon for water, or vice versa. Think Lac is used to drinking water before and after milk. Not as and when i want to give. Like in between her feeds when i tried to give her, she will reject. But if during feeding, she accepts...


It's for the Singtel F1 Grand Prix... Not sure if the training sessions will be very long...

Babyl, I also find the coconut jelly ok but my mil love it so much. She ate 2 at 1 go. The fruits price almost the same as outside but got free delivery above $20. Now with bb, hard to go and buy fruits.

Jules, u order from fresh produce? The mango not bad. I tried today.


hey same! I didnt want to eat rice, my body is very inefficient in digesting carbo stuffs... but my mum was nagging i need rice to produce milk? DOHZ!


yeap, i ever kena 8-9hrs but of course dont expect the yield to be super duper la... because there will be a storage capacity from your boobs mah - maximum ML that your boobs can hold.


oh i also use different bottles for milk and water... but both are NUK teats. My HB tricks my girl into drinking water by giving her bottle of water when she wails for milk. She will be too hungry and just suck/swallow.. only after few sips she realise she has been conned!!! wahahaha.

I seriously wonder how BF'ing help us to lose weight if we need to keep eating to maintain milk supply? Now i probably know why i got so much milk, coz i had been eating alot.... JUNKS! wahahahahhaa.

Morning mummies,

Mal emerge with new "pattern" almost weekly. Just last week I discovered that if he poop during his feed or when u r carrying him, he will give u the super 'sweet' look with bug eyes & pouty mouth, trying to act innocent. Seems like scared that I scold him cos few times he pooped during his feed and it leaked from diaper so he got a good scolding from me. Now he try to pretend lor.

Then yesterday, I realised that if he is passing alot of gas, he will do a super stretch, lift up his legs and then pass gas. I tot this is a one off thing but it happen again today... I see already also dunno want to laugh or cry. The only thing is that he stretch too much n tend to wake himself up


ya my intake upped for bfing too. but i find that when i eat good carbo - wholemeal bread, brown rice, oats - my SS goes up so my weight goes down. i hit 250ml this morning after 7 hrs. YIPPPY!


babies does that on the bed when they wana poop or pass gas. nothing much you can do about it until they start to poop once or twice a day.

Help, any mummies here can recommend a use friendly baby carrier? I need one soon because i need to take the bus with my son. He refused to stay in the sling, will wail and thrash about!! He is now 3 months old, nearing 7kg i believe.


yes, there're 3 Lucas. We've 2 Emmas too!!

jonjosh, serendipity, SK mummies,

sorry won't be able to join lunch today... something came up. Hope there'll be another gathering in SK soon. Will definitely join! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

airport gathering,

silly question... what can we do there? Is there a baby friendly area where we can hang around and eat/chat? Pls add me in as tentative. 26 May is out for me though. Thanks! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


hey, do post that pic of Dylan with a toothless grin! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] I'm sure Dylan has changed a lot since that studio pic taken as newborn?


haha, i know that 'super sweet look'!! Lucas will also look sweet and smiley. When we see him so happy, we know it's poop time!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Then once the deed is done, he'll grimace in discomfort and the eh-eh-eh starts...


Thanks mummies for adding me! I've accepted all, but not sure who some of you are! haha... trying to figure out.

Hv also sent out some fb invites to some of you. Pls be my friend. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I haven't been using fb for some time actually. Only restarting now. Hv just posted some of Lucas' photos, together with his jie-jie Trinity. Do check them out. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

thanks, ryne for the montage =)

ladyk, which brand calcium pills u taking? i need to get calcium supplements too... i feel my knees are very weak nowadays... hmm... maybe shd get glucosamine too

Seren, when will the frequency decrease? Cos he tend to wake himself up by the stretching and curling. Sometimes he will fall back to sleep, other times no, and so he get a bit cranky lor.

Ryne, same lor, act cute when try to poop, then after is ehh ehh already, that's why dunno wan to laugh or cry.


Dylan really looks so diff now. What a sweet smile. Taking smiley pics is definitely a two-person job!

Ryne, thanks for the montage. Pretty. =)

envy mummies with gd supply. I'm trying to build up my ss now and started storing BM 2 days back. But its vy little, every 3 hrs onli 90ml and last night hit 100ml. Will try 2 be more hardworking in pumping and hopefully ss will increase. Going to store whatever I have now. But mummies, I do have a question. Do u store the BM according to baby needs per pack? I dun hv enough. Lucas drinking 100-120ml and I probably get abt 80-90ml each time. So what I do is to open another packet to top up. Is that ok?

hi mummies,

So sorry to barge into this thread. I'm looking for a gd confinement lady for dec'10. Will really appreciate recommendations if u think ur CL was gd. Pls PM me, thks so much!

yday... my mum told me that Selene starts to show her preference to BM n not keen in drinking FM for night feeds.

There she goes asking that "stressful" question.... - "then like that you got enough milk???? when you go back to work, you must deliver milk every alternate days hor"



Yes can open another pkt to top up or you accumulate 120ml from subsequent feed then combined freeze but date according to the first batch.

eg, 90ml from 3pm n 30ml from 6pm = 120ml, date put 3pm.


oh ya seren n I were talking abt quality BM.

so remember your balanced diet everyday n must eat to produce good BM.... else very watery n not filling for BB.

re: Medela Personalfit Breastshield

Good le!!! better than Softfit!

Lesser milk stuck att funnel edge... lesser chances of distortion cause its hard plastic.

Not as uncomfortable as i imagine.... i gonna place order with TLL once she starts a new Medela spree!


Ya, gonna count milk bags later too.

But anyway i told my mum.... "aiya continue FM for night feeds la, she sure eat if she damn hungry, shes not dumb... LOL."

I'm thinking of having oats drinks, soups, fish, vegetables/ fruits as my new diet plan.

Need to cut out bread as breakfast too.

Hope doesn't affect milk SS that much.


oats huh? think so.

muahaha i haven try eating oats as main carbo yet... will try from today! Hope it works. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

no matter how resolved i try to be in my diet plans, i nvr end up seeing thru it. so terrible! My eating habits still the same. hope my baby gets enuf nutrients.


vivo is my fav place, harbour front got breeks very spacious too


would love to join if got kakis to share cab if not very siong


me also working hard to up ss but still little like 60-70 haiz



tell me about temptations!! HB n I are goodies...

I told HB, once 100 days is up, i wanna chiong seafood buffet... so much abt dieting to lose fats! LOL.