(2010/02) February 2010 mtb


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hi happiness,

MMR will cause fever.....just like my JY.....the fever go up & down.....he dont have appitite to eat & refuse bottle FM.....just wan to latch....been latching him for a long time at night for a few days liao....till my left nipple got sore....shag man

Hi whoofy,

U really do your homework abt the CC.... but fyi....no matter how "strong" the kids are., they will still fall sick when they r new to the cc.... jsut the matter how sick are they only.



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Kath : thank you very much for your insights on MMR. I KNW MMR will caused fever cos that was what i posted earlier in the forum if you scroll up. Cherish got fever too when she had the MMR last month.



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Happiness.....i saw yr posting....... but the fever went up & down lor.....Lucky....my JY is recovered from the fever liao.....back to normal liao.... so happy.....



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Morning ladies... TGIF !!

Kath :

Yup, I totally understand tat no matter how strong kids are, there's always a tendency for them to fall sick once they go CC as they will be mixing around wif more kids and adults.

Tat is why I am not comfy to send Jolie to full day CC once she turns 18mths. By delaying her to attend full day CC, it will give her some time to build a stronger immunity and hopefully, even when she falls sick, it will not be serious one.

With regards to fever after MMR jab, it's not definite tat they will develope fever. Jolie took hers 2wks ago and so far **touch wood** she's not have any fever. Believe different children reacts differently =)



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I am a kiasu mum too. Alr decided on a pri sch for my kids liao. Since both are girls,i plan to send them to a CHIJ sch near my place. I do want a 3rd kid and if it's a boy,then I will have to crack my head thinking of another sch. Haha.

Anyway,HELLO mummies!



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Yew yew...

Hellooo.... Great to hear frm u !!! Who knoe by the time ur 3rd bb boy starts school. CHIJ will become mix school alrdy ?!! Heeheeeeeee..



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hi mommies! i'm looking for a preowned Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. If you've one to sell, pls do let me know by PM the price, condition and location. many thanks!



Its been long since i last came in.

Now our Feb kids are soon 16/17mos [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Kath, I want 4 kids but my hubby wants only 2. So we made a compromise - 3 kids. Haha. But my 3rd kid will not come so soon. It's tiring taking care of 2 young kids now.

Anyway mummies,i am so glad I can still breastfeed my 2nd gal this time. It has been 3 months! Though it is not total breastfeeding,at least it is much much better than last year.



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wow.....i salute to you....congrate that you can BF your no. 2...... If you trying to increase yr supply...you can try this malunggay capsule...this might help ....as i m taking it ..... can see the supply went up better.



Hi mummies, any1 used before the 'Jeep' brand stroller? Saw it at Toys R Us. Already have another stroller, but too heavy for overseas travel. This one is light, but not sure if functions gd enuff. Anyone?



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whoofy / freesia

hi! havent come in for so long liao.

still remember me?

Very fast, the bbies are all going preschool already. :p

Mine still can't talk much. Sad. His first words were biscuit and apple.... Really a greedy boy.

I will be starting him in his siblings'CC soon coming Dec.

U gers also looking into CC now?



hi, good discussion here over cc/pres/nur/pri... i recently running out of ideas where to bring ds to for playing... any recommendations?



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Hi, I am selling away the Haenim play yard to clear space

1) 6 panels Haenim Normal Play Yards (Blue and Red design) to let go at $65*

Consist of the following :

• 1 Activity (Normal) panel

• 2 Doors

• 3 Plain panels

Condition is 6.5/10

* Buyer may want to buy replacement parts+:

• Suction pads (A few have dropped off due to wear and tear )

• Bear stickers (Decorative purposes only, buyer can leave out if there is a budget) Optional

• Mirror sticker (Not reflective, buyer can leave out if there is a budget) Optional

Self collect. Interested buyers may email to kch1510@hotmail.com for viewing.

+Replacement parts can be purchased from SMH Bulk purchase spree:




Hi mummies, I'm expecting again. May I ask if you've good confinement lady to recommend? I haven't used one before... Really appreciate....




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Pardon me but are u the one whom i met at Citylink mall before to xchange formula?

Sorry for the bad memory and mistake(if am wrong =p)

Anyway, congrats!!!

It will be a lil dragon and ur house gonna have 龙虎门! Hiak Hiak!



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Sad Sad..

My poor lil boy's down wif running nose, flu, cough and fever(gasp!). Wonder wat's wrong wif virus nowadays. Refuse to leave him no matter wat i do. Argh..



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Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, what a noisy zoo tickets.


May I know if any Mummy has 4 tickets on 23 Oct, Sunday, 11am that you are willing to exchange with me? I'll be most grateful for that. Or else I will just have to sell these 4 tickets and my kids won't get to watch the play. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

I'm willing to meet you anywhere to do the exchange. THANK YOU!

Please PM me for my hp.



Hi Mummies,

I'm planning to sign my 2 girls up for Julia Gabriel holiday programmes.

There is a 20% group discount if 4 or more children register at the same time. It can be a different programme and venue.

If anyone is interested too, please PM me so that we can all enjoy the group discount.

Information for the holiday programmes. http://www.juliagabriel.com/pdfviewermm1ab.html



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Good Morning, Lovely Mummies!

Happy Friday!

Am going to bring Kiefer to my mum's hse..

Am gonna shake my legs while my poor mother run ard the hse wif Kiefer. Hahahhaha..



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halo... so long nvr post liao.. forgot hw to type msg in colour liao... lol!

yeah, ghost town here...


so u shake leg n watch ur mum 'slog' for u ah....??



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Every Friday is my "official" off day that i gave myself after a long week at hm wif Kiefer.

Bring him go Grandma hse and foster r/s wif her and oso let my mum play wif him to pass time. Hahaha..

Eventually, it turn out to be a full working day coz i last min change venue to Nex!! ;)


Juz go to the bottom and click on "Help" will get wat u want. Hehe..

Seriously, i enjoy seeing my mum run after Kiefer coz I Can Rest! Hahahahah..

If possible, i dun mind bringing him over daily but.. Too bad..

How's working life?

- Thinking of bringing Kiefer for a swim later on. Hope it doesnt rain! Pray!!!



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gd morning!

[not bad, didn refer to 'help' n can manage to type in colour! my memory nvr fail me afterall! lol...]


oso gd la... ur mum geto 'exercise' by playing catching wif kiefer... lol!



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Luckily ur memory didnt desert u! Hahaha..

I try to bring Kiefer over to mum's at least once a week coz if not Kiefer doesnt much time to see my mum. Worry that he will forget my mum and dun wan her.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]


U oso hav a gd life wat.

U've got a helper looking after JY! Hahahah

So Angry! The stupid helper clean my room & accidentally break my perfume sample which is in a small bottle kind. And u know wat's the worse part of it? She didnt clean my room properly and i found a small debris on my bed!!! Argh!!! It's not that im feeling heart breaking over my things but that she dun clean up properly. I cant imagine if Kiefer chance upon it! Really fed up!



Dear mummies, pls help to like this page if you wish to sell/buy 2nd hand baby items here. We need more likers in order for this platform to work. I believe most of you sell used items in forum before. This is just an another platform to serve buyers and sellers for this purpose. Please LIKE the page and read more http://www.facebook.com/2ndhandmarketplace




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I have Quinny Senzz to let go at $450(negotiable).

It is brand new and frame is only used since Sept to put infant car seat.

Bought the set in June 2011.

Interested pm me.




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Hi Mummies,

Happy New Year! My little Lizanne went to full day CCC yesterday! Its amazing how fast our little tots grow and that she is turning 2yo next month! Here's wishing all mummies a happy 2012!

BTW, any mummies keen to lose weight... please email me at mummiesherb@gmail.com or PM me! I found a great way to lose weight and very happy to share!



Hi Mummies!

Happy new year to all of you!

Jaspire, my boy has also started playgroup at a full day CC this month. But he only went for the first week cos he fell ill after that [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] We're letting him go back only after CNY since he's still having cough and runny nose. Could you share with me how a typical day at your girl's CC is like? I'm a bit concerned with what I observed the first week.. especially after their nap. The playgroup kids were just roaming around, playing on their own from 3pm till after 5pm.. The principal told me the afternoon is for them to play with their friends and learn social skills.

I know there should be a session for them to play toys with their friends, build their motor and social skills. But it seems to me it's quite a long session of no proper class activity.. So I was wondering if that's how it is at other CCs? I have a friend whose son is in a different CC, and that CC has afternoon activities like craftwork or lessons in the afternoon. So I'm thinking now if I should look for another CC.

Any other mummies here who can share as well the daily activities your little ones do at the full day CC?




I was in this thread. Now carrying second one. May I ask if you have babysitter or nanny to recommend? Location: bukit panjang. Thanks.



Any mummies has set up playgroup and bring kids to Fidget, those indoor playground? I'd like to join. I have my own transportation as well. PM me. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Anyone still active here?

I am now only thinking about next war nursary. Not sure for full day child care or those kindergarten type half day programme. What is the differences in terms of programmed? How I goose a good one?

Dear all


Currently we have sponsors for only 2 children for this outing and 1 volunteer for the trip.  We hope more of you could help to make this outing possible for the children, any small contributions will be very helpful.  We will also need volunteers to join us to help take care of the children for this trip as well.


Many of these low income family parents are lowly educated and they are unable to afford to bring their children out for such outings.  We hope to bring some joy to the children for a one day outing during the school holiday with all your help. 


These children may not have the luxury of their many classmates where parents take them on a flight to an overseas vacations during the school holiday, but at least we hope we can still afford to bring them out on a day trip for them to enjoy themselves.


Do refer to the email below if you are able to help to contribute or volunteer for this outing, we will need to confirm by 5 May 2012 so we will have sufficient time to send the consent form to the beneficiaries.


Thank you




Charles Tan

Volunteer Resource Network







Dear all


This June school holiday, we would like to bring the needy children from Reach Family Service Centre for an outing and will need all your support for this activity. Below are the details :


Event    : Hippo Tours + Mint Museum of Toys

Date      :  9 June 2012

Time      : 10am to 3pm (Tentative)


Meeting Point : Reach Family Service Centre

                                Blk 187 Bishan St 13 #01-475

                                Singapore 570187


Meeting Time : 9.15am


Number of Children : 55 Children


Number of Volunteers required : 30


Cost per pax : $45.00 (including lunch and transport)


For those who are able to help, we hope you can help to sponsor one child for this outing or any amount will also be greatly appreciated, no matter how small the amount is.  We will also require volunteers to come along to help to look after the children for this outing.


For those who are sponsoring, you may issue a cheque payable to “Maple Lifestyle LLP” and mail to :


50 Tagore Lane

Entrepreneur Business Centre

#03-10 (Suite : N)

Singapore 787494


Do indicate your name, contact number and “Reach FSC” behind the cheque.  If you require a Tax Exempt Receipt (TER), do provide us your Full Name (Per NRIC), NRIC number, Residential Address as well as the amount for each sponsor if there are more than one.  The TER will be process and send to you after the event date.


Do contact me separately if you would like to do a funds transfer instead of sending a cheque.


We hope we can get enough sponsors for this outing by 8 May 2012.


For those who would like to Volunteer, please provide the following particulars :


1)      Name

2)      Email Address

3)      Contact No.


Volunteers will need to pay for the cost of the programmes and they can issue a cheque payable to “Maple Lifestyle LLP” and mail to the abovementioned address.


For those who are new to our volunteer group, we usually do organise outings for the children from the low income family once or twice a year during the School holidays.  We appreciate all the support from the many individual sponsors in our group to make this outing possible and spending time to put a smile on the children for every outings over the last 8 years.


We hope we can get all your help to make this outing possible, more details will be given to you nearer to the date of the outing.


Thank you




Charles Tan

Volunteer Resource Network





P/S: Please contact the organiser directly if youare interested to partake in thisgood cause.



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Hi mummies,

Sorry for interruption.

Anyone kids attending Sunflower child care?

I have 2 sets of uniform and 2sets of pe attire to sell...

Pls pm me for more info.

All brand new.

Thank you.



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Hi mummies,

Anyone can teach me how to stop my girl beening too hyper active?

she have unfinish energy. sometime to make her tired i will need to bring her to playground.

anyone can advise me?




hi mummies

i need help about food/nutrition of a 36 months toddler.

He is choosy, active. He looks pale and "greeny face". The mouth looks so pale too. He is choosy eater, seldom eating enough and doesn't like anything sours - including plums, prune, grape....

fruit wise only eat one type of apple and one type of banana, and like watermelon. food wise, like noodle.

He stop drinking milk for a year already as he hates formula milk. I switched to chocholate milk.... per day drink about 400ml, is it enough?

i would like to consult mummy here, what do you feed your kids? how to encourage vegetables and fruits? what is the intake of various food per day to have him get enough nutritions?


Very worry mummy



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hi anewmummy,

i have a 34 mo toddler who rejected FM since 1yo+.

So i gave him cereal + milk powder which he likes.

Now he enjoys drinking fresh milk (meiji) and strawberry milk . he don't like marigold full cream though.

These past few months, he like rich flavoured food like minced meat stir fried with onion + teriyaki sauce.

Meat has to be soft and he likes rice that is more soft.

Think you have to try many types of cooking to find his liking... my son is growingly interested in adult type of food flavours.

As for vege, i steamed rice with pumpkin + chopped vege. I add on the minced meat with gravy and he can take alot.

If he likes sweet stuff, prob u can try pumpkin.

Have you tried noodles? or spagghetti in tomato paste?



Thanks titaniaria. He likes noodles very very much. So sometimesI will just give him spagghetti in tomato paste or fried hokkian noodle.




WTS: NEW 书法水写布 Magic Cloth for Practicing Chinese Calligraphy or Kanji


* Ink-free water-writing paper for practicing your strokes of Chinese calligraphy or brush painting

* Simply write on the surface with water and your strokes will come to life in dark.

* Then, as the water evaporates, they will magically disappears leaving you with a clean surface - ready to be used again.

* An environmentally friendly product. No worry of mess or ink stains while you do your drills and exercises.

* Dimension 70cmx43cm Grid size: 62cmx37cm

特点: 清水显墨 万次书写

I like this as I let my kids learn Chinese writing or drawing with water/brush, and it never mess around.

Selling at $9.60 including one free brush (毛笔), self collection. For delivery, please add about 3-4 dollars (I'll check with Singpost).

PM me if you're interested. Attached the picture at http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/449183/7891776.html?1355455655



Hi Joyce Seah (mumlissa)

I think your girl probably liked my boy. My boy very happy when mix with his cousin and play. He is liked very xian if no one plays with him. When musics starts, he can dance and he likes to move.

I think you can let her dance with musical DVD/CD? I play on TV and he follows the movements. Evening time he play in playground....



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For diapers,the CK department stores sometimes have v good promo,better than ntuc etc.bght mamypoko at $20.95,and will stock up,cos their promo once in a while.they have other promo for huggies n drypers n others.

Anyone tried greatlink employment agency?

Have u all get insurance?I bght AIA starshield plan,it's quite good, as it covers medical reimbursement for hfmd,dengue,and also accident such as when bb fall etc all can claim as long as due to accident and the plan is really cheap starting from 9 plus a month.
Please don't ever go to Greatlink Employment Agency. Not only did we get conned big time, we also had to go through much emotional distress.