(2010/01) January 2010 mtb


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Btw, mums & babes hv warehouse sale @ secom centre fr 19-21 Mar.

Secom Outlet

No.81 Toh Guan Rd East


Secom Centre

Operating Date & Time of warehouse sale:

Friday 19th March '10 to Sunday 21st March '10


Tel: 6569 0329


Celia Loe also having sales....;p



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the mothercare rompers is S or NB right??


thank you, thank you.....its the effect of make up...usually i juz look ah soh lor...hahaha....last night i juz finish pumping...went wif hubby to casino...my first time there....hiakz...tot its quite orderly..


shiok hor 30%....i know early wun buy from another mummy pp bottles....coz she sell me..$15 per pp bottle....wah if buy from isetan sale...will be like $13.23 lor....



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fat babe : u can exchange for BPA free pigeon bttles at Taka. 160ml at $7.95 & 240ml at $9.45 only. Isetan think can also exchange pigeon bttles but dun think is BPA bttles as orginal price is $9.90 (big).

Oh the mothercare rompers, thought can choose like 3-6mths or 6-9mths etc ?



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mstan, yuki...

sorry micommunicated...i mean the huggies to use for exchange can be either nb or s size diapers....hehe...



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Hello all...

what a rainy saturday..

This morning, hubby said OK to driving all the way to the west for the toys warehouse sale!!

Gosh... it was crowded but OK lah..still manageable. Thank goodness managed to find a shorter Q at the cashier, got wind some more as nearer the entrance.

As usual, came home with frivolous toys hahha...

Bought a jumperoo at $150! At Taka baby fair, it was $259 on offer. There was another set of jumperoos selling at $200 (hubby overheard it was due to the packaging - the $200 one has packaging which was more presentable). I've not checked the contents, sure hope all's in working order.

My boy bought some loop hot wheels toys... and 2 sets of hotwheels cars (5 cars in a pack for $10 each). Haiyo... so many small cars, now got 10 more to add to his collection.

Got many many baby toys, baby bouncers (super cheap, some at $30!) but since I have 2 already, what's the point of buying right.

I didn't buy the other Fisher price toys too...coz I used my head this time, not my heart...hahha..kept reminding myself babies don't need such sophisticated toys, and that I have many from #1 time waiting to be taken out of storage and washed to be re-used!

Total damage $215. Sighs...my last week's Robinsons' purchase bill still not due and I've added on.....thank goodness I'm not an Isetan member..hahha...

Anyway this afternoon was quite a nightmare. My #1 got some ulcer in his mouth and he was whiny and crying... and he woke #2 up! Then #1 puked from too much crying....haiz... after washing him up, #1 slept within 10 mins, then I settled #2 to sleep.... just finished cooking for tonight's gathering at hubby's side (simple fried kway teow)...now gotta wash the bedsheet..haiz...never ending



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Why is a raven like a writing desk? heheeh....


Good lah if you know how to use make up to yr advantage. Anyway you're so humble lah...you're attractive to begin with! I'm so not a make-up person. I think if i can find time to comb my hair, good enough liao. hahha...



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ecookie, your boy is so chubby and cheerful looking! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

re : zoo. my elder ger has been visiting the zoo once every half a yr since she was 8 mths old coz her daddy can get coporate pass ;p didnt know that young kids cannot go zoo? is it coz worried that they will get nitemares after seeing the animals?

smalldreams, then i guess i wouldnt pump at taka liao since not used to pumping in front of strangers kekeke

wow! u came all the way from east ah! saw from another thread tat the f&p grand piano only selling at $15! so tempted.. did u see tat toy?

u better check your jumperoo. coz i ever bought from the loy yang sale before and some parts were missing but of coz can exchange when u bring back

wow, sounds like a very busy afternoon for u. hope tat tonite's gathering will be better for u [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Thanks for the wish. I hope my 2 kids co-operate when we go over to my hubby's aunt's place. There will be many many people squeezed into a 5-room flat!!

I heard some pple searching for the grand piano but I didn't see. I only saw many baby sorting toys, some kicking piano (put on cot for baby to kick), baby playgyms, ride-ons and plenty of FP Little people playsets. My boy wanted a FP trainset but I refused to get it for him as he has tonnes of Thomas train playsets, and just bought a chuggington playset last week!

The prices go by colour coded. Some small baby toys (teethers, rattles) were at $2, $3 but the bigger ones were $10 to $50. But then again I'm sure you know since you've been there [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Thanks for the advice! I'll open to check.

Re :Zoo

My boy also went to zoo when he was abt 7 mths coz I had a one-day off work event there. Oklor, though I was quite afraid he'd sneeze from all those animal furs...hahaha...

Re : pumping

Personally I think you can give pumping at taka a pass coz I bet the place would be super crowded on weekends. now sch hols some more..no chance to have a private session in the room. But if you really must, then bring a nursing shawl lor... am sure you know what to do...experienced liao [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Mstan n fatbabe,

Oh we can redemn the rompers with only NB wrappers? Hmm, I thot gota mix 1NB + 1S or 2S to exchange for rompers. Blur me ..... :D



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pupsik pouch

hi mummies..

I already have about 10odd orders..

Once hit 20 by tonite will like place orders n can receive by this weekend..

So please PM me fast so that we can close orders asap..


I'm not following this thread so pls PM me..[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



mstan> did you manage to order the fitti premium diapers? becos i read somewhere they change the deadline to 11 Mar instead of 15 Mar but I want to order on my own.



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fat_babe, lsntyl, luvbabe, mindy> din realize so many mummies heading back to work so soon. i'll be heading back on 22nd. Really wonder how I will cope. Last night LO eyes big big after his 345am feed and din go back to sleep until 530am.

re: Baby fair at expo

crossing my fingers that I can join on Friday.

re: FB

is there a group for Jan2010 mommies? How do I add mommies here to my FB?

smalldreams> i'm doing ok except for the lack of sleep. have you used huggies dry or the normal huggies before? I am considering getting them for use during the day.

wow.. you managed to achieve so many things with 2 LOs. really admire you. all i did today was sleep and sleep. and only managed to bring my dog and LO to the park in the evening.



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Yuki : Collect a total of 3 barcodes of either Huggies Newborn 24s OR Huggies Small 44s, plus 1 barcode of Huggies Ultra Medium will do.

melissa : thks for reminding me but I hv not order yet. Not by 15 Mar ?

I will email them tomm or 15 Mar to c if they take in my order ?

To double-check :

ecookie : 1 ctn XL (6 packs)

luvbabe : 2 packs M

pixmommy : 2 packs M

myself : 2 packs M

Anyone who wat to tap on my order ? $11/pack.

Collection at Redhill.

Let me know asap ?



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e fisher price sales sounds tempting... but tink i cant convince my hb to go all e way thr... :p...

today 1st time go out on my own... n somethg funny happened on e train... someone actualli gave mi a seat!!! oh no, tink i still look v preg... sob sob... can i live in denial n tink tt he gave up e seat coz i was holding on to 2 packets of macs?

cocomama> here's e fb gruop http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=113576623295



Hi mummies, i have a friend who is looking for newborns ard 1.5 to 2mths old for a Huggies photoshoot. If you are keen, please email Hazel at [email protected] with the following:

1) Most recent snap-shots of your baby: - Full length shot - Close-up shot your baby's face

2) Name of your baby

3) Age

4) Length of your baby in cm

Tentatively, the shoot dates are looking 22 (Monday) & 23 (Tuesday) March 2010. Further details of the shoot will be provided if your baby is selected for the shoot.

Selection of the babies will take place early this week, hence, would need you to forward all the above information by latest tomorrow 14 March 2010 (Sunday).

If your baby is selected and commit through the photo-shoot, Kimberly Clark will offer 1 year supply of Huggies diapers as a token of appreciation.

Good luck!!



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Hi mummies,

Sorry to interrupt, have 3 packs of Mamy Poko size M (6-11kg) diapers for sale at $60. Son has outgrown them. Self-collection at Serangoon North.




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smalldreams: thanks! hehe.

and yr's head is also very flat! i never really bothered to turn him from side to side. :p

luvbabe: im fine most weekdays when im home alone w the lil' terror hehe.

sweet: i also dont know whats the pantang abt zoo. and mum still keep stressing dun let him see any monkeys! LOL. but the monkeys/chimps/orang utan are [email protected]! cannot escape LOL.

but can see that the boy really enjoy himself v much. he KO at 8+just now. been a happy tiring day for him!



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smalldreams, hehehhehe!I enjoyed the show in 3D, story wise is ok to me but after being deprived for mths, its gd!

fatbabe, agree with smalldreams,u look great lo really,somemore ald gave birth to 3!

I joined a bp organised by a dec mummy, said sent item by last thurs, till nw I nvr receive anything yet!angry!



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Hi ladies..

Re: Expo Baby festival on Fri 19/3..Pls count me in ladies..Would love to meet u all..and the babes.

Gak..Im doing well..

How u coping with 2? R u goin back to work? I remember u resign when u were preggy with no.2.

Bryest..My gal has some cradle cap too..there's a shampoo by Mustela, treats cradle cap.



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bryest, i just remove it with my hands.. scrape it off.. some mentione apply olive oil/baby oil..

but i just scrape it off.. hehe n my hubby use a comb to scrape it off for those on his head n sideburn..



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bryest, I apply baby oil cos I got 1 big bottle nvr use must, so after that i comb n they came off, eyebrow one I dun dare do anything, when bathe jus brush with the wet towel

mindy, yah lo fatbabe got 3, her nick bluff ppl de hahahha, that nick suits me more!



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Hi mummies ,

Got lobang for you all [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

my mummy frenz wanna sell her baby bjorn active black/red color. Condition 9.5/10. Best price $120.

Pls pm me!! ;)



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Mindy and firipy,

I applied baby oil last 2 days and my baby's eye brows become very red. Not sure whether he's sensitive. Didn't dare apply again. Will it be painful to him if we just scrape them off from the eye brows?



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got my mom & maid to help so still ok ;>

me looking for ground job now...dun intend to go back to my old job

u SAHM now?

my gal has cradle cap too..used olive oil to remove it

but seems like not as effective as when i used it on my #1

so in the end i use my nails to scrape it off like mindy but i think it's painful for bb as she'll cry..



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byrest, i dont think so leh.. Isaiah was happily looking here n there while mummy n daddy busy scraping off those flaky stuff on his eyebrow, sideburn n head..

but not too hard lar... do it gently..



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byrest : try put a few drops of baby oil on cotton pad & swap against bb eyebrow ?

I did it twice a day & after a few days ok liao.



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Old folks pantang about zoo coz they say see animals will later look like animals. Some of the pantang things really have no link n logic at all. So don't worry too much and just enjoy zoo.



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bryest,I let the oil soak awhile then use a brush for baby's hair,so I brush the scalp then flakes came off n I comb out the flakes. I did once in 2 days then ok le,sometimes got a big here n there., jus repeat.



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Yeh, for cradle cap seems like oil and the baby brush kinda of comb does the job.

I also wanna apply for ISetan card, cos I go do hair at SHunji Matsuo and discount is applicable even for the normal days. But haven got down to do so yet!



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Liverpool, ecookie, Sweet

No wonder lah my #1 so naughty like a little monkey. He went to the zoo when he was abt 7 mths. *LOL*


Hope the wedding preps and event itself go smoothly!


haha..nothing to admire lah. Later if you have 2 kids you also have to do what mums of 2 do... it's not by choice..by necessity...meanwhile, enjoy yr sleep as your boy sleeps!

The basic huggies should be ok for day use. Ultra would be worth it for night use.

Have you found a babysitter yet?


FP sale till 28 March.


You mean those infant swings for our babies is it? I thought I saw some swings there. There was one more for toddlers going at $80 but that took up a lot of space.

I have a mamalove nature swing myself...now my girl seems contented enough in her rocker so am thinking of giving it up. If you don't mind I could sell it off cheap to you. If not, no worries! Hope you find a swing of your choice soon [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I had a long night yesterday night. #1 got some allergic reaction and had some red spots on the body which came and went. He kept saying "Scratch scratch" to me almost whole night. Some more with #2 waking up for feeds. But thank goodnesss after waking up at 5 am, both slept till 8.30 am. First time since Aifah was born I woke up after 7 am!

melody, i cut during feeding session... HB feed bb & i do the cutting of nails... Some old folks say that try not to do anything to bb when they r aslp... Cant rem why... But i prefer to cut during feeding time when my LO only concern abt her milk & dun mind me holding her hands... Heehee...



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Baby Estovan playing on his own in his baby cot




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i applied baby oil twice for my baby on his eyebrows. n they came off after he keep rubbing his face...

bryrest> ur son looks very boy leh...

my cousin gg overseas and letting us use the car for 3 mths... hee hee... so mayb fri can join u all... now muz find infant car seat...




I might go down to the fp sales tmr. I go & see see look look first, then let u know. Thanks for e offer.



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dear mummies, finally settled all things ... sat was my grandpa tou qi ...

tdy bring tristan for his 1st 6-in-1 jab + rotavirus ...

he struggle with it, doc slowly put bit by bit into his mouth .. he drink till his face like cramp ... i was tinkin to myself "wow lucky din puke" & the next moment he puked some out [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

followed by 2nd hep B jab .. he got a shock when e needle poke in, i was carrying him tight to me, hubby catch his leg, once e doc push e med in, he scream very loud & cry.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] but lasted like only 10 secs ...i heard him scream i also cry [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

after came out, he puked milk out, quite alot .. doc said nvm ... th's y need rotavirus 2 ... hmmm



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re : cradle crap.. keke i love to scrap them with my nails haha sadist mummy. i usually do it when he's sleeping in my arms so it doesnt bother him too much. my elder ger also used to have it. after applying bb oil and combing them out, it will come back again de until the prob resolve itself when she was 7-8 mths old

gak, hi-5! have u started looking for job yet? were u an air stewardress previously?

smalldreams, hope that adam's red spots are gone by now! wow, u never slept past 7am?? but u always sounded so energetic in your posts keke

ecookie, think all kids enjoy the zoo!



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my baby has cradle cap on his eye brows. We tried applying baby oil but become worse. Don't know whether should bring him to see the PD.