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(2009) Twins/ Triplets/ Multiples mummies to be

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by eipsy, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Hi hi

    Just confirmed I m expecting a set of identical twins...

    my LMP is 29 May..EDD should be late feb 09 coz twins would be out earlier...

    This is my second pregnancy...my 1st child is a daughter...so I do not know what to expect on my twins pregnancy...

    Hope to share experiences with multiples' mummies to be!

  2. iamayoungmom

    iamayoungmom New Member

    hello eipsy,
    congrats on your twin preg.
    i'm also preg,my edd is on dec 08
    staying in bedok.
    where you stay?
  3. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    I staying in bedok too [​IMG] you expecting twins too?
  4. iamayoungmom

    iamayoungmom New Member

    nope.but i am curious about twins pregnancy..you staying bedok where?do you have msn?how abt we chat over there?
  5. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    I m moving in to the new Bedok Central flats end of this year...now currently staying at bedok south...

    I dun ve msn ;p

    I did not expect to have twins...so, I m also curious about everything...

    what are you curious about?

    The 1st question most pple will ask is "does twins run in my family or my hubby's family?'

    My family dun ve twins history but my hubby's side has...

    2 of his paternal uncles are twins (father's brother)...in fact, besides them, there is another uncle who is also one of a set of twins (the other twin died early)...

    So, there are two sets of twins in his father's family...

    but I read from web, identical twins are random and even if its genetic, it would come from the mother, not the father...
  6. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    btw, which part of bedok you stay? you expecting a boy or a gal? [​IMG]
  7. mumsfairy

    mumsfairy New Member

    Dear Eipsy,

    My sister-in-law also have a set of twin baby girls now 4 months old and currently still breastfeeding. It's a challenge to breastfeed one and not to mention two for you. Perhaps you may be interested in our Breastfeeding workshop on 1 Aug conducted by Sis Kang from Mt Alvernia. More info on http://www.mumsfairy.com/custom/events.php

    Webmaster: sorry for the advertisement. sincerely want to help more mummies with breastfeeding. you may remove it if you wish. thanks
  8. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    Hi, Eipsy!

    I am also, supposed to be due around 26th February 2009 but i am sure it'll be much earlier as i am expecting triplets. Great that you have started this thread so we can spur each other on!

    Which gynae are you seeing and currently how many weeks are you?

    I am about 9weeks and tomorrow i'm going for my doctor's appointment and see my babies again!

    Take care!
  9. kais

    kais New Member

    Hi there mommies of twins & triplets [​IMG]
    i'm just kaypohing here.

    Esp to triplet mommy MIss Hae ...CONGRATS!!!

    This r my 5 month old darlings ,En Xi ,En Le & En Huan [​IMG]

    It's a challenge to carry triplets. If you need any support feel free to PM me or drop in at my blog [​IMG]
  10. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    oh my! your triplets are soo cool and cute lah!

    oh yes, i'll definitely visit ur blog soon. btw, how many weeks did you carry your triplets?

    i just went for a scan just now and all 3 babies are growing nicely. can see their small heads too! very excited. and im so looking forward to the end of my 1st tri so i can gain my weight back!
  11. kais

    kais New Member

    miss hae
    i managed to carry the 3 gals to 34 weeks which is considered good enough. They came out at 1.9kg, 2.1kg & 1.6kg.

    Enjoy your 2nd tri while it lasts [​IMG] 3rd tri will be the most trying as it gets really heavy. I was carrying 28kg extra weight around and for the last 2 months was confined to moving around in a wheelchair.

    ok better not scare you anymore
  12. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    you are scaring me! hahaha!

    i read and surfed the net about 3rd tri too. can't imagine how it will be.

    but were you more on the skinny side or the plump side like me?
  13. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Hi Miss Hae

    Congrats to you too [​IMG] Wow, triplets! Can close 'factory' after that! hahaha [​IMG]

    Is this your first pregnancy?

    I m 8 weeks now...actualli my edd is 6 Mar 09...my gynae is Dr Jocelyn Wong at TMC. You?

    Hi Kais, your triplets are are so adorable!!! 3 gals, rite? Glad that we now have a 'multiples advisor' to look to... [​IMG] will drop by your blog!
  14. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    congrats to you too!

    oh, this is not really my 1st pregnancy. i was pregnant last year but had a miscarriage around week 8 as there was no heartbeat. it was a missed miscarriage. so this would actually be my 2nd cum 1st one! haha!

    oh, we're quite near lah, our EDD but i am very sure i cannot stay on till 40weeks. i hope to prolong the pregnancy as long as i can so my babies don't have to spend time in the NICU. my 'period' would be around mid jan to mid feb.

    my gynae is pc wong, from nuh. verrrrrrrrrry far from my home in punggol but i feel at ease with him so sticking to him.

    saw my babies growing nicely yesterday and even saw their tiny heads! so happy. too bad my husband was not with me.
  15. kais

    kais New Member

    hehhehe... after being pregnant with triplets i TOTALLY empathise with all multiple preg mommy2b

    u need any support in whatever area, dont feel shy. just PM me. [​IMG]
  16. chanchan

    chanchan New Member

    hi ladies,

    hope i'm welcome.

    i'm 6 weeks with twins. edd should be in mid march. gynae is dr nair from mt e. this is my 2nd pregnancy. my son is 7mths old.
  17. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    you will be needed! as and when, do post ur cuties photos to spur me on! haha!

    hi there! welcome to the thread! congrats on ur twins!
  18. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Hi Chanchan

    Welcome! Your son is even younger than my daughter [​IMG] I feel a bit worried for my health when I realised I got pregnant the second time..

    coz I did not give my body a year's rest before conceiving..I read from somewhere, its better to rest our bodies for a year before conceiving the second one...

    Now that we are expecting not one, but two! We have to really 'nourish' ourselves during our pregnancy and during confinement!

    Hae - my gynae is pretty far from my hse too ;) not only that, my daughter's paediatrician is at sengkang! also very far from my hse at bedok!

    Kais- I read your blog..was very touched and inspired by you..you are a very strong woman [​IMG]

    And oh my, I saw your 'big' tummy...can't imagine carrying more than one inside my tummy...

    I was in tears when I read about Matilda's possible hole in her heart...did the hole seal up on its own?

    PS: Pardon me, ladies for my long msg coz I do not log onto internet often...very low tech...
  19. chanchan

    chanchan New Member

    thanks hae!

    hi episy,

    i'm not too concerned about my health. i can eat well to nourish my body. i'm more bothered by the fact that i cannot carry my son so much now cuz i'm spotting. plus i'm easily tired so i may missed out alot of play time with my son.

    hi kais,

    thanks for your support. you still working? i'm very worried that my helper cannot cope although she's really good and hardworking. i do not know if i should quit my job or what.
  20. kais

    kais New Member

    Wah thank you very much.. now my head big already.. hehehe. When your time comes you'll be strong too [​IMG]
    Thank God for Matilda. Her hole closed by itself. Now on the contrary she is the heaviest among the 3 sisters. birth wt - 1.6kg n now at 23 weeks 4 days she is 7kg [​IMG]

    i advise u to get a second maid. Don't quit your job unless u know u r the SAHM material. [​IMG]
  21. happysunflower

    happysunflower New Member

    eipsy, yvonne,
    Congratulations on your twins!
    My twins are 4 months old now [​IMG] They are born at 36+ weeks at 2.9kg and 2.3kg. Very heavy. At 6 months, people thought I am going to give birth anytime. hahaha... I went for a course, even met a kind soul who told me she worked for the ambulance service before, and if I am giving birth during the course, she can help. wahahaha... I was like 5 months pregnant then...

    Same as you.. My twins are #2 and #3. But I got a #1 boy.

    Miss Hae,
    Congratulations on your triplets!

    I am breastfeeding my twins 100% since day 5 [​IMG] Not that difficult afterall. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy now [​IMG]

    chanchan, eipsy,
    Wow! Your boy and gal are younger than 7 months! My boy was 22 months at the birth of my twins gals. It was a handful. Towards the end of pregnancy, I was very tired always and lost my temper a few times.

    It's indeed a handful. I am SAHM. With one toddler and two baby gals, I have a maid. I foresee, I need another maid soon. hahaha... So 3 pple look after 3.
  22. kellie

    kellie Member

    hi mummies,

    looking at all of you really put me to shame. I have one gal that is 6 mths, i already felt so much difficulty to be a mom but i really salute to all of u...
  23. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    i just read your blog yesterday. your GEMS are really so cute and adorable!

    i'm hoping to gain my weight back slowly in the 2nd trimester now that i've lost about 3kg due to poor appetite. and the stretchmark cream! i must apply it now, upon my gynae's advice. though i am excited to see my tummy getting bigger, i am also aware of the 'extras' that come along with it.

    wow! your twins are heavy but that's good! i am hoping to carry as long as i can. hopefully once i know the babies are around 2kg onwards then go for c-sect! i hope!
  24. bearymum

    bearymum New Member

    Hi Hi, Just pop by to find out or learn tips from the mummies. Currently have a 3.5yr old pre-schooler and a pair of 6 months old twins.

    I saw that Eipsy and Yvonne are staying in Bedok?? Me too! At the North side, maybe should catch up one day. haha.
  25. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Hi Lyn, Bearymum, Kellie, welcome!

    Hi gals,

    Gonna see my gynae tomolo...the last I saw her at my 7weeks, B1 measured 8.0mm, B2 measured 6.4mm (I named them Baby1, Baby2)...hope that B2 catch up with B1...

    Is it true that after you conceive twins/ triplets, there is a high chance you will conceive another set of multiples in the next pregnancy?

    SYL, I m moving in to the new flats at Bedok Central end of this year...now staying my mum's place at chai chee...
  26. seval

    seval New Member

    hi mummies to be... i'm expecting a pair of twins next January too. It's so exciting. [​IMG]

    Eipsy - Yes, I read that if you have fraternal twins, your chances of having another pair is 4 times more than the average women. I'm having fraternal, so have to be careful if I intend to have a 3rd child!
  27. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    how's your scan? must be exciting to see your babies right?

    i had some mild pulling pain that persisted from morning till evening on tuesday. no bleeding but just the pain. i was so worried, i went to see a gynae near my place straightaway. i'm having constipation! aiyoh! but the best part about the visit was i get to see my 3 babies again. they have grown much more since i last saw them last week.

    can't wait to see them again this monday. i have this crazy feeling of wanting to just go for scans every week so i know my babies are fine. haha!
  28. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Just came bk from my visit...my babies are growing well according to my gynae, but they looked so small to me!! they are 2.0cm and 2.2cm respectively...

    They are still in their yolk sacs...Next visit should be able to see their placentas forming...Doc says if they have two placentas, the chances of them having TTS is lower...my twins are identical ones (they share one water sac)

    Welcome Selva! how about identical twins? will i have a higher 'risk' in conceiving another set of multiples next time?

    Ladies, are you gals getting confinement lady?

    I did not have one when I had my daughter...but with twins, I have to get one...

    when do we need to confirm the confinement lady? how many mths before we give birth?

    Do we need to get confinement lady who is experienced in taking care of multiples?
  29. kais

    kais New Member

    so exciting to see your babies growing [​IMG]

    my CL after working for me now has experience with taking care of multiples... hehehhe.. she looked after 3 and i must say she is very "zai"(cool & calm)

    if u want her contact u can PM me
  30. kais

    kais New Member


    i have fraternal triplets... oh my!! i caNNOT try for another one... heehehee
  31. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    you had your Gems thru C-section right? how long does it take to heal?
  32. eipsy

    eipsy New Member


    I had the same question in my mind as Miss Hae coz my 1st child was via natural birth...

    Can we breastfeed right after c-section? Will the anaesthetic be in the blood stream and in our breastmilk? Sorry, I sound very ignorant here...

    I try to avoid c-section, coz I have keloid skin problem (meaning any cut on my skin will result in very ugly scars)

    But doc wans me to be prepared to go thru c-section coz it's more dangerous for identical twins to go via natural...
  33. kais

    kais New Member

    C section

    To me the C sect did not hurt too badly. After 3 days i could get out of bed. Was too weak to get up as i lost quite a lot of blood so needed two bags of blood. About a week later i could more or less walk slowly around but my c section never really hurt. I believe my gynae did a fantastic job with the C sect. it healed within 2 weeks i think. after the first month i went to jog. :p

    Please start BF immediately. all the medication you take does not affect your BM. [​IMG]
  34. chuaeh

    chuaeh New Member

    hi all. am new here...also a pregnant mom with twins due in early jan 09. am hoping bb can last till full term and have natural delivery!
  35. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Hi Jas, Welcome [​IMG]

    your first pregnancy?
  36. foxgal

    foxgal New Member

    any mommies out there BF their twin babies FT?..
  37. foxgal

    foxgal New Member

    hi kais

    they r such strawberry..must b pretty handful with 3..
  38. miss_hae

    miss_hae New Member

    thanks dear. now i sort of know what to expect.

    i'm turning 12wks this week. just went for a scan and everything is fine with my babies. hoping to pick up my appetite soon. it'd be only next month before i can see my gynae and my babies again.
  39. jessica_shi

    jessica_shi New Member


    So glad to chance upon this forum as i was looking for info about identicall (MCDA) twins. Anyone in the same situtation?

    im also having identical twins and am in my 22nd wk now. Have to go for a scan every 3 wks to make sure the growth of my babes are fine.
  40. bearymum

    bearymum New Member

    Hi hi Jessica,

    Congratz! Hang in there and enjoy your pregnancy! [​IMG]

    Wow just seen the rally last night, so many of you ladies probably get to enjoy the 16 weeks maternity? Hehe.

    BTW Kais you still breastfeeding your triplets? (Always admire how you manage, my 3 is a handful, an elder 3 yr old and a pair of twins).

    Lastly anyone tried fenugreek? My milk supply dipping like crazy. Sigh.

    Mother's love grows by giving. ~Charles Lamb
  41. peacy

    peacy Member

    Hi mummies
    I have a set of 2 months old breast pump to let go. The set consists of
    1. 1 set amenda lactaline personal breastpump ($388)
    2. 1 pair of supershields
    3. 1 set of orginal handfree strip
    (item 2 and 3 total $70)
    4. A pair of additional valve for the pump ($16)
    5. 1 breastfeeding pillow ($69)
    6. first few year milk storage bag
    I am selling this whole bundle at a price of $390
    Interested party, please pm me.....Thanks!
  42. kais

    kais New Member


    I BF my girls up till 6 months [​IMG] i'm so glad i can tahan till 6 months.. *pat on back* hee hee It's not easy for me. i struggled constantly with BF. I hope it will easier for the rest of you.

    i use Fenugreek & Goats Rue to improve my ss. I ordered my Goats Rue from drugstore.com. a lot cheaper than bought in spore as we do spree
  43. bearymum

    bearymum New Member

    Hi Kais,

    Wow! And you have 3!! Fully BF? I am still BF-ing my twins, but substituted by formular. I was just wonderingi f this Fernugreek really works wonders? Never heard of Goats Rue though, which of the two works better? Costly?

    Hehe, cos part of the reason for BF is also to cut costs, as well as to give the kids some extra antibody boost. I kinda have this mindset, if have to pay for milk boost, won't it defeat the cost cutting purpose? But if it really is not costly, plus can really boost the milk supply, then no harm to try la.

    Any advise?

    PS: Gosh! You have 3!! I really marvel how u manage! Haha.

    Mother's love grows by giving. ~Charles Lamb
  44. kais

    kais New Member


    No la. i dont have that kind of determination to fully BF. EBM enough till night time only.

    Fenugreek is less expensive than goats rue.

    if you wanna find out more u can PM me [​IMG]
  45. huiching

    huiching New Member

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to say hi to all u mums of multiples! I'm in my 24th week and expecting identical twins...likely to be end Nov 08 [​IMG]

    To Kais, just seen ur blog and ur 3 beautiful girls!

  46. krisjon

    krisjon New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here and I am already in my 32nd wk of pregnancy and expecting fracternal twins. My gynae, doc joycelyn wong already schedule me for csection on 30 Sept ( 36 weeks ).

    Kais, you have 3 beautiful gals!!

    Kudos to all mummies!
  47. sunnysideup

    sunnysideup Member

    Hi All,

    I am new here too. I am now approaching 20 weeks into my pregnancy. Am also expecting fracternal twins.

    Need some advice from twin/triplet moms. What type of cots do you buy? Any twin cots? Is it advisable to place twins together in the same cot? How about breast feeding? How do you manage? Which twin to feed first?
  48. eipsy

    eipsy New Member


    Welcome Huiching, Krisjon and Mabel [​IMG]

    Hui Ching - you having gals or boys?

    Krisjon - My gynae is Dr Wong too!

    Mabel - I think we may have to get two cots..especially when they start flipping, its going to be dangerous...

    I m only in my 13th week,identical twins, still far behind compared to you gals...

    I just did my oscar scan yesterday...everything normal and my doc managed to ascertain my babies' gender...

    They are....girls!!! :D I already have a one year old daughter, so now I will have 3 Charlie angels ;)

    But I m a bit worried about their growth though...one is bigger than the other...(about 8mm difference) one little consolation is that the smaller one looks more active than the bigger one...
  49. krisjon

    krisjon New Member

    Episy, woah! Ur gynae also Dr Joycelyn wong! This yr she told me she has a lot of twins and triplets cases... hahahah!! She is a nice doctor! She tends to be more careful with multiples pregnancy, so I guess u are seeing her twice a mth during the first trim???

    Mabel, Congrates to you too!! I am having one cot and one playpen. Those kind of L shape crib, seems not available in Singapore. Tried hunting for it very long. Initially the twins can sleep together, but according to my friends, the babies tend to wake each other up when they startled or cries... so in the end they seperate the both of them. [​IMG] Hope this help!
  50. eipsy

    eipsy New Member

    Krisjon - yah, I m seeing her about twice a month..agree with you she's a nice doc, a pretty one too [​IMG]

    I love my gynae visits except for the stupid parking...hate to valet park coz it will take ages for your car to arrive..

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