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I also started coconut from 35ks +, about 2 a week. My bb still not engaged at 37wks...need to do more walking. BB about 3kg now.

people say drink coconut juice so that the bb skin is white lor.I think so la. But my boy turns up also quite tan maybe i eat too much chocolate liao.
Candice : U mean drink coconut bb skin will be white?? My mum said is like bb come out will be "cleaner", not so dirty..
candice - then my boy will be tan oso.. mi oso ate a lot of chocolates.. haha!!

ainsley - tks.. mi will go and read... =)
My mum also say coconut cool babies down (less rashes) and clean them (less vernix on them when born). Wah, if it also makes bb fair, then is a bonus

Candice, really uh. Then I better stop eating chocolates! Just had chocolate over the weekend..
hi mummies, i just watched videos on youtube for natural birth. when the baby comes out, there'll be alot of blood.. o no.. scary..

btw, there's this kind of powder for our hair if we decide not to wash our hair during confinement right? do you all know where to buy that?
Happymummy, think if bb engaged, then at least baby is preparing to come. Doc will do VE check dilation to estimate when bb coming. Had VE at my last appt, doc say my bb not engaged so sure no dilation but just do to show me wat VE is. Was alright, not pain at all.
happymummy - nope.. some bbs engaged at week 35 liao.. so does not mean engaged then bb will be out beli soon..
Vivi...huh a lot of blood? Thot by right should not be alot leh. TMC class they show video on 6 types of birth...I find the C section w epi more scary to watch..the thot of being awake while they cut..but natural is more messy la..and seeing the part stretch untill so big..
GG lee, really? c-sect is more scary? i'm not sure leh, cos the videos on youtube are all westerners one. i watched 2 and 2 were so bloody, can hear the blood spurt out sound.. maybe Asians will not be that bad? luckily we cannot see the process. wonder how the gynae can take it..

waiting for the mummies to share their birth stories and tell us whether its really like that.
Hi mummies

If anyone would like to get red rice wine (Hong Zhao) for cooking your confinement food, please PM me. The next batch will be ready in mid-Dec.

It's $10 per bottle, each bottle is sufficient to cook 3 whole chickens. The cooking instructions will also be provided for you.
My BB has not engaged too at my last week chkup at wk36+.
Mostly likely will have to carry till full term and Dr Wong may not be arnd to deliver for me by then.
BB on the small size as cmp to you gals. 2.45kg only. So if carry till full term shld be abt 3kg juz nice

Dr Wong commented that tho BB engage, cervix has soften already. And she also check that my pelvic bone should be broad enuff for natural during the VE check.
coconut drink
heard that baby will be cleaner when out and drink those big ones with green husk not those small thai ones wor.

congrat to those mummies who have popped....
Dear Mummies,
Am also delivering baby in mid dec. Was wondering if anyone gone thru the CTG scan for bb at 35 weeks. Am going for the scan this thursday. BB is small also at 2.4kg and now resting at home liao.

Can anyone enlighten me on why we need to do CTG scan? Kind of worried.
pluf: my no.1 was fed breast milk fully till she turned 12 months. She was a fussy eater as well and it was quite daunting when I transited her from BM to FM. I tried almost all formula brands before she decides she likes Similac/Gain IQ (1 year onwards). Maybe you can request for a sample to try. To me, all formula milk are the same lah, its just whether they like the taste or not.
L_L > hi there, I'm from Jan MTB thread. I bought a bottle of confinement powder for hair from Little Dreamers.

U may want to check out if there is any BP going on for it.

coconut drink,

would like to chk with mommies who are taking coconut water drink.. any specific type of coconut to take?
Happymummy, Me use the tablet at the end of the day only, soak the bottles till the next morning.

For the coconut drink i only just started drinking on wednesday and yesterday, think one week drink twice should be enough. i have eaten up all the flesh of the coconut too.

going for my check up tonight, hope baby gt increase weight.
hi mama yen, i also went for the CTG scan at 35weeks. actually its just to monitor the baby's heartbeats for 20mins. my gynae told me it's to check if baby is suffering to starvation inside the tummy, which i find the explanation quite weird.

the CTG scan can also pick up contraction if any. should not be any prob one, dun worry..
CTG scan - monitor bb's heartbeat and see if there is any contractions. dun need to worry... me gg to do the CTG scan on this coming wed too. jus relax and lie on the bed can liao...

yiqi, why u miss ur work? haha... try to rest more and nap lor.. once bb come out no time to nap liao leh

coconut - think we are suppose to take those bigger coconuts rite? not those small thai coconuts.

formula milk - will be getting a tin of enfalac to stand by. my #1 also drinks enfa series. his PD says similac is the sweetest leh.
Hi L_L and Siri
Thanks for the advice. Feel more relieved now..

Actually i agree with some mummies that i also missed my wrk.. siao rite.. cos realli too bored and sianz at home.. kekeke..
yiqi, genesis and mama yen - haha!! intially i feel this way too.. but after a week at hm.. mi feel damn shiok...
like wat iris say - enjoy while u can.. once bb is out, no more time liao..
hello mummies..

chantal, congrats to you!! so sweet.. mummy and bb same badae..

im back from my scan today at 37.3wk.. did CTG and bb was zzz initially.. then nurse faster ask gynae come and wake bb up. then can see from the graph bb is active after that.. hahaha.. saw mild contractions too..

i put on 600g in one week and 500g goes to baby!!! last week scan bb is 2.9+kg, but gynae say is more then 3 kg. today scan bb is 38.4wk development!! gynae abit shocked. the scan says bb is 3.4+kg. he estimate by the time i give birth, bb shld be 3.4kg. if now give birth, bb at least 3.2kg.. then say lucky im experiencing contractions liao if not bb is too big le.. did VE, cervix still close. ask me to walk more.. and dun eat so much. -.-"
Hi mummies,
At the topic of coconuts. I love coconuts but my mil said i took 4 coconuts in the span of last mth le. So she asked me not to eat anymore
But now i sore throat, wonder if i can take coconuts again though i'm delivering on this Friday?
Thanks Jeanie. Btw anyone feeling dizzy lately? I fainted for short while on Sat but regained conscious pretty fast coz heard voices.

Btw Pauline, i understand that u r currently on cough syrup. I remembered my boss had early birth due to cough. u must be careful wor.
einnoc, i only feel dizzy if im in front of computer for long hours.. but will be ok after a while. is it your blood pressure abit low? rest more and dun try to be alone liao.. get someone to acc you at all times..
einnoc - scary leh.. suddenly dizzy??? u must be careful!! did u tell Dr Chang?? WOW!! so fast!! this fri c-sect liao!! mi next tue!! fast oso.. so cant c u liao in TMC!! sigh.. update us okie??

Jeanie - ur bb is big man.. WOW!!
jeanietan, wow ur bb gain so much in a week!! when is ur EDD?

last thurs, when 34w6d bb is est to be 3kg. i will be popping at 38w+ cos csect so doc est bb to be ard 3.5kg. this coming wed gg for check up, dun know how much bb will gain.

einnoc, u csect this fri? wow! so fast!!!

so many waiting for that day liao!

me got another 2-3 more weeks!
Wah, so many of you your bb gain a few hundred grams in juz a few weeks....how i wish i'm like you all.

Coz i think my bb a bit small leh...though i know healthy is most impt la!
siri, my EDD is 11/12.. your bb also big wor..

einnoc, going for csect this friday.. so fast!! excited for you..

arisz, i think bb gain so much is cuz im eating abit more carbo this week. cuz appetite turn for the better.. so eat full full. now cannot liao. must cut cut cut..
iris - actually itz beli fast one lor.. ha!! our Dec MTBs like lotz of c-sect!!

einnoc - dun go out alone oki?? must hav someone by ur side.. u excited??
Hi jeanie, my blood pressure is always on the fence but i just had lunch a hr hour b4 i fainted wor. So i dun think is sugar level. Yup, now confined at home liao.

miumiu, i din tell TC Chang yet. Coz other than tat bb is still moving as per normal mar.

Siri, yar this fri will be my day. i getting frightened as the day approaches. Btw if i having sorethroat or cough, can still bf mar?

arisz, actually my bb gained more wt oni after i started my leave.
einnoc, you got take iron pills? i think you should let your gynae know. prolly need to increase iron pills intake.

friday is the day!!! so looking forward.. dun be afraid!! jia you!!
einnoc - hey.. mi oso leh.. my bb gain more weight for the past week when mi start my leave... tink cuz less stressful due to no work...

alamak.. u shd tell Dr Chang ma.. juz in case.. dun play play oki??

oh no... so many mummies taking coconut.. tink mi must drink at least one coconut before delivery..
Jeanie, i told my gynae i gaining too much too fast but the wt didn't go to bb, so she asked me to cut down on carbo leh...now i confused, heh

einnoc, you take care leh! yah, dun go out alone anymore...dangerous! so excited hor, c-sect on fri already! i'm going to start my leave next wk...so hopefully bb will gain more after tat!
miumiu, yup i think a lot of csect here!

einnoc, actually if u are having sore throat and cough, ur doc will postpone ur csect cos when u cough, u will feel pain one leh. that day when i went for check up, my doc told me he jus postpone 1 csect cos that mummy is coughing very badly. u should let ur gynae know, maybe he will postpone ur csect.

Jeanie, i do take iron &amp; calcium pills.

miumiu, agree, less stressful n better appetite. Will let tc chang know on fri then

arisz, yup i dun even dare to go out buy lunch le. But home delivery is always heaty food. Now sore throat le.