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(2009/10) October 2009 MTBs

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by famela, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. famela

    famela Member

    Tested positive today. EDD should be around 11/10. Cautiously happy for now because of a previous loss. Anxiously waiting for gynae appt next monday.

    anyone else due in October? [​IMG]

  2. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi famela

    mi aso tested positive b4 CNY, EDD shd b ard same as yrs... hehehe.. [​IMG]

    mi gg c gynae tis coming thursday....

    i aso had a miscarriage, was aso a bit worried when pregnant with my first child...dun worried, everything will b fine...tis is my second child...3rd pregnancy...
  3. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    Me me!! 1st pregnancy.. 1st baby!! Definitely excited!!!

    Which gynae are u gals gng? My EDD is 3 Oct..
  4. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi mrs neo

    i'm visitng Yvonne Chan at TMC...hve u gone 4 yr first visit 2 the gyane?
  5. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    Carlyn>> I havent visit the gynae yet. I am thinking of looking for Dr Joycelyn Wong at TMC. My friend says she is GOOD! When is a gd time for 1st visit to gynae?
  6. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    hi mrs neo

    heard her name mentioned here b4...actually u can start making appt 4 yr first visit...i feel there's no strict rules in when is gd 2 visit the gynae...some wan 2 c their bb sooner, so will c gynae sooner n aso 2 make sure all is well...[​IMG]

    tink by yr first visit, u shd b able 2 c yr bb hearbeat, since yr EDD is eariler, then now u shd b in yr 5 wks...cos by wk 6-8 wks one shd b able 2 c the bb heartbeat & if next wk u visit the gynae, u'll b in yr 6 wks ba...

    seems like oni 2 of us, nt a lot of ppl yet hor...
  7. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    SM>> Yeah.. i am in my 5th week le.. How abt u?

    Yeah.. i cant wait to see the gynae now.. Made an appt wif Dr Joyceln Wong on 20 Feb.. but feel like gng to see her earlier.. BUT if i go earlier, and the bb is too small.. a bit no point hor?

    Which gynae are u gng to visit?

    So far, wat symptons do u have? I didnt really feel much movements or symptons yet leh.. wonder if its normal..
  8. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi mrs neo

    if go eariler actually can't c much, but doc can knw whether things r okie at the moment, then at least u knw everything still okie...

    my first pregnancy, my first visit i'm in my 6/7 wks...doc says shd c heartbeat but there wasn't....so consider miscarriage lor...

    no symptons at the moment, even my first pregnancy i dun hve much symptons...but i noe some will b beri nausea...different ppl different...movement can't b felt till when u r in yr 4/5 mths...12 wks onwards...
  9. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    sorrie i'm nt pregnant at the moment but kapo abit...[​IMG]
  10. carlyn

    carlyn Member

  11. smurftie

    smurftie Member

    mrs neo : ya if go eariler can't c much...but doc can let u knw if anything is wrong at the moment...

    as for symptons, my first pregnancy, i hve a bit of nausea but nt tat serious aso i hve a bit of spotting & was given 3 wks MC 2 rest...
  12. famela

    famela Member

    hi carlyn! [​IMG]

    Congrats! Your case sounds like mine. This is oso my 3rd pregnancy, 2nd child. Lost the 2nd one due to an ectopic pregnancy. my boy will turn 2 years 8 months in a couple of days. Yours?

    Mrs Neo, congrats!! 1st pregnancy surely more exciting [​IMG]


    i went for my first gynae appt just now. had to rush for this appt because i had an ectopic last year and higher risk of getting one again. so today went for v-scan but cannot see anything much (as expected) but gynae did say that the thickening of the womb looks promising and then she scanned my tubes and said that she cannot see anything worrying there so that's at least part of my worry gone. still have to wait for next mon's scan to see if the water sac is in the womb or not. fear another ectopic. but so far, so good. the doc said ovaries and everything look healthy and that she saw a tiny black mass that she said might be the beginnings of a water sac.

    hoping for the best. [​IMG]

    <font color="119911">regarding symptoms</font>
    i don have any symptoms so far. sometimes if get hungry then feel a bit nauseous but very little. i think MS has not kicked in yet. still too early bah?

    oh BTW, my gynae is dr irene chua from KKH. seeing her at the TPS.
  13. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi famela

    my boy is 17 mths...mine was aso cos of ectopic pregnancy...bb no heartbeat...keeping my fingers cross abt tis pregnancy...gg c gynae tis Thur, aso wanna make sure everything is fine...at least put my mind at ease....

    ask u, yr first pregnancy, do u feel any nausea?
  14. famela

    famela Member


    our cases really similar yah? my baby that time stuck at the left fallopian tube. oso no hb and had to haf surgery to remove.

    yes i did have nausea.. but only started after 5 weeks i rem. i was just reading about it in my blog yest. heheh.. i had pretty bad all day sickness for first 3 months.

    for this time round, the nausea hasn't hit yet. hoping it won't hit me as hard the last time. this round just loose bowel movements. keep going to the toilet. sorry TMI

    why do you ask? do you feel anything yet?
  15. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Hello to all!!!

    My EDD should be on the 3rd Oct too. So excited. this is my first pregnancy and I've been ttc for 6 months.

    May I check with all of you who have package with TMC, can share with me?
  16. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi famela

    ya our cases quite similar...[​IMG]

    oh cos my last pregnancy, i din hve any pregnancy symptoms...&amp; i heard old folks say if yr pregnancy symptoms r different, then the bb gender is different... [​IMG]....cos hoping 4 a gal...

    now seems like no symptoms yet, a bit bit nausea but nt tat serious &amp; even when i nt pregnant, sometimes i'll feel a bit nausea (cos eat too much or stomache nt feeling tat well), probably haven't hit mi or same as my last pregnancy, no symptoms...

    yr next visit 2 gynae is a mth later har...tot for first 3 mths, the visit is like 2 wks interval...
  17. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi diana


    which gynae r u visiting? my gynae is at TMC...
    my last pregnancy was aso at TMC...abt packages, the package i took is at my gynae for the regular check up...then nearer 2 my delivery, i remember telling them wat kind of bed i would wan, they will help mi 2 book, then upon admission i tink we paid a deposit at the TMC admission counter....my gynae will show mi roughly the prices tat will b incurred for different kind of delivery...

    tink TMC offer oni delivery packages but nt the regular check up packages...the check up package will depend on individual gynae...

    mummies do correct mi if i'm wrong cos quite some time back le... [​IMG]
  18. famela

    famela Member

    hi diana! welcome! and congrats!! [​IMG]

    i'm not with tmc so can't comment. sorry


    ic ic.. i guess must wait a bit longer to see if got any symptoms..? i think 4 weeks a bit too early. lucky you to have avoided all the morning sickness!! envy!

    my next visit is next monday actually. doc wants to see me again to scan again to see if the sac's there. we're all a bit cautious because of waht happened previously la. but i may call in and push it to thursday because i wanna also ensure that i give enough time for any developments before the next scan. i think after next week, next one would be two weeks later. that's how it was with my first one so i'm guessing it'd be liddat for this one oso? [​IMG]
  19. ayoon

    ayoon Member


    I am going to see a gynea at KKH next week (6th week) but now they do not have anymore packages, charges per visit and it normally go up to $120/visit is a little bit too expensive (consult + urine test + vits) so I am looking at others now.
  20. famela

    famela Member

    which gynae are you seeing next week? at the TPS?

    agree it's a bit ex now but am too used to TPS now so will just stick to it la. Are you a working mom? If you're a civil servant can use the csc card.. got subsidy
  21. ayoon

    ayoon Member


    I am a stay home wife. Was a working registered nurse but not working with any hospital now.

    I am going to TPS next week to see Dr. Yeap. Dear, it is not a bit ex, it is a lot more expensive than other hosp. including pte for their antenatal visit.

    Eventhough hubby's company is going to pay but only limit to $3k per pregnancy which I think it can't cover all as well.
  22. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    etoilebb (etoilebb) , this is not a BP thread. [​IMG]
  23. famela

    famela Member

    what are the pte hospitals charging these days anyways? i never bothered to go check even. too lazy. hehehe

    2 years ago, i only had to pay about $70-$80 per visit to the tps. now the price has increased apparently esp with the increased gst. yesterday's bill was $156.53 but that was inclusive of the dydrogestorone pills i was prescribed. that alone was $53. if not i guess will be about $100?

    i've heard that pte's antenatal charges can be cheaper but when it comes to delivery, if there are complications, the bill can sky rocket? and the service charge for performing delivery by a private gynae is more ex. dono through or not..?

    I worry more about the actual delivery charges so stuck with KKH. [​IMG] at least that was the case previously la.. now dono if the case still stands..?
  24. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    famela, I have yet to check out the charges at PTE Hospital.

    Oh, you're given medicine. Yeah, look at it this way, see gynea at PTE CLINIC is cheaper - because got package but delivery in KKH maybe cheaper because it anything happened, can downgrade but then did you see other thread where there was this mummy's bill at KKH Premier A = $6k , with normal delivery, I seriously have no idea why are they charging so high!

    You're right about the pte delivery story but then again, in KKH, also high now.
  25. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    and the best part - non of the KKH staff (admission office, appt unit, even bussiness office) are unable to give the actual price for consultation fee. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!
  26. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    hi famela

    dunno tis time rd, the symptoms izzit the same... [​IMG]
    tink till more or less yr situation is stable, yr appt is 2 wks interval...tat time cos i hve spotting so for the first 2 mths was like visiting my gynae every wk....

    can't wait 2 c my gynae tis thur, 2 make sure all is well.. [​IMG]

    hi diana &amp; famela

    nt bad if u r civil servant, can hve discount...even 3K aso nt bad....4 mi oni can use medisave...hehehe..

    i remember one of my x colleague was a staff at KKH &amp; her hb is a civil servant, i tink she was telling she was paying beri minimum money for her pregnancy (tis was like 10 over yrs ago)....

    actually my current gynae was a doc at KKH, later set up a clinic herself...tat was how my x colleague knw her &amp; intro 2 mi...

    diana : my gynae oni allows u 2 sign package when u reaches yr 16/20 wks pregnancy...actually when i calculate my actual visit i save like 1/2 visit fees...
  27. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Sigh.if only I am working now,then everything is FOC.

    Nevermind, I'll just go to see doc at KKH and claim the first 3k at least I know no matter how much is the total(antenatal visit + delivery), just deduct $4,800 = pay balance in cash by hubby.
  28. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    i remember my every visit 2 my gynae was abt $100 plus, then with package, i paid a lum sum of $600/$800 for the remaining visit(whereby the visit was a mth once)....

    comes 2 delivery, after medisave , w the deposit, in total my hb says he paid $900 to hosital, then paid another sum 2 the gynae for delivery...mine was normal delivery w assistance (w equipment)

    actually is the antenatal visit that cost more 4 mi...however in total, we can claim $450 for all the checkup tat we went...

    so seems like KKH might still b cheaper if u hve subsidy
  29. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    caryln, what kind of subsidy?

    Check up claim $450 then the medisave for inpt only $1350, that's why the $1,800 is inclusive of MMP (medisave maternity package)
  30. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    oh saw famela mentioned abt tis csc card if one is civil servant, then remembered my x colleague mention she din pay much 4 her pregnancy...

    actually the medisave maternity package i dunno how it really works, i let hospital &amp; gynae settle...however the nurses at the clinic kept reminding us 2 keep all receipts, at the end submit 2 hospital, they will help us do the claim but oni can claim $450... [​IMG]
  31. baked_bean

    baked_bean New Member

    Hi all

    My EDD is 1 Oct and this is my 2nd pregnancy. Quite excited. [​IMG]
  32. cocomaro

    cocomaro Member

    Hi all,

    had my blood test done at the GP and confirmed my pregnancy to be about 4 to 6 weeks...checked online my EDD should be around 8th Oct...

    now reading up and trying to choose a gynae.....headache =p
  33. staff

    staff New Member

    hi cocomaro!

    Oh, GP took your blood and check? Then later on you go to your gynea, he/she will take your blood again. how long did you wait for the blood result?
  34. cocomaro

    cocomaro Member

    hi staff,

    i requested for a blood test to actually know how how many weeks i am in...but it turns out that they just give me a rough range of number of weeks.....take more blood test? well, maybe too KS actually i tested HPT 3 times but decided to take a blood test to double confirm. I took the test on sat, got the results on mon...so i tink they just need one day to run the test ba
  35. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Hi cocomaro, I will see the doc on next friday then some told me doc will take blood of me and my hubby.
    There is something called Antenatal Panel to check on every preg lady, include Blood group, Hepatitis, HIV, Iron level,Syphilis.-->only for pregnant woman
    Follow by a scan to determine how big is the bb inside.
    I just calculate, next friday should be wk 6 day 6. Hopefully can see heartbeat. [​IMG]
  36. moongirl80sg

    moongirl80sg Member

    Hi mummies/ Mummies to be,
    I am in my 5 week as said by my doc.
    With reference to costs that u r talking about, may i check do all covil servants hav ethe maternity claim? or only certain personnel at certain scheme?
    My gynea offeres a very lower rate of $550 for unlimited antenatal visits inclusinve of scans and vitamins. so I think it is a fantastic deal. He is well commented in websites and blogs too.
  37. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    Diana>> Our EDD date is the same.. 3 Oct.. Cheers!!! So happy to see so many of u here! [​IMG]

    Serene>> I guess it depends on which kind of medical scheme you are in, if u are a civil servant. For me, i am under MSO scheme.. Not much benefits leh..

    I had actually booked an appt wif Dr Joyceln Wong at TMC.. heard she is pretty good.. I booked the appt under the "E-appt" in the TMC website.. Had a missed call from them yesterday.. When i called back, the gal said will ask her colleague to call back.. She didnt and I called again today.. same thing.. Sighzz.. Seems like 1st encounter wif TMC wasnt tat good le.. But still have faith that Dr Joyceln is good!!!
  38. sadz

    sadz New Member

    Hi Famela and Carlyn,
    Sorry to dig up your past... as know that you gals had encounter bad and sad experience like me now so hope to look for some advise from both of you...really not easy to been thru this... ;-(
    Very upset today... had cry for many times.. I can't see my bb at all... doctor says he is already very worry when in the beginning of my bt, can't see my hcg level double. This already show some hints that this pregnancy won't go well. End up... he says by this time should at least see sac but nothing... except the lining is very thick... just now had did a blood test... he will see the level whether it is dropping as he hopes that my menses will come naturally... else if hcg level still very high, i may need to do D&amp;C... I asks him is there any chance... he says for a pregnancy at 7wk still can't see anything, even if it is slow development may not be good for the baby already... so he asks me to stop take daspaston..After waiting for 6years (my boy 6yrs now), thought I can give him a sibling soon... soooo upset that is all empty happiness... ;'-(
    Really envious u gals... do take good care on your pregnancy... i will pray hard for all of you...
    may i check with you that after d&amp;C, am I suppose to do confinement? Or no need do anything at all? Can I try naturally on the same month or must rest for few months?? Will it be higher chance to get pregnant soon since all is consider start over again?

    How many months did you wait before you get pregnant with your 3rd bb again? Is it very fast?

    as one of my friend also d&amp;c on 3rd month of pregnancy due to no heartbeat, but she conceive so fast after 3 months again...I really can't wait to get pregnant again... ;'-( Just now go see movie, drink coke, eat ice-cream but also no use... still very sad, luckily dh is standing by me to support me, so sad to disappoint him too....... hope my menses can come naturally w/o any D&amp;C... all depend on my bt result tomorrow... kindly help me by answer my above questions... a million thanks...sob...
  39. sadz

    sadz New Member

    hi gals,
    Any idea is there any thread on d&amp;c or miscarriage? I think i need to go there 4 some support. Can advise me the link? Oso can help to advise me the questions i ask yesterday? Pls... Thk u a million..sign..
  40. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Joanne , so sad for you... sayang... Sorry, I have no idea if there is any thread on this topic.

    Girls, this morning my tummy churning then I got cold sweat... when toilet and of course, bowel opened. My DH said must be the tomyum I had yesterday. I have quite sensitive intestine la, take chilli will LS. [​IMG]
  41. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    I have started drinking milk for pregnant women.. Think i am Lacto Intolerant leh.. cos everytime i drink.. my stomach start churning.. and I will start LS.. but i think LS better than constipation, right?

    Diana>> U mean they are able to tell u how many weeks u are in by doing blood test? My appt wif gynae is 23 Feb.. but too anxious leh.. 1 2 just go to any gynae to do a scan... but i think at 5 weeks, bb is too small to be seen..
  42. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Hmm...Mrs Neo, I don't drink milk at all so I have no idea. From what you tell me, sounds like you're LI but then again, maybe you try for few more days, if keep LS must stop drinking because if LS , your body will be dehydrated and it is not good for BB.

    About the Blood test thingy? Frankly speaking, I have no idea if can be detected. Maybe by the level of HCG, they probably have a range, just likke looking at the dog's teeth, the vet can tell the age.

    You're right, at 5 weeks most probably doc can't see much, maybe only can see thickness of uterus lining then we mtb will be kancheong because unsure loh. at 6weeks above, can see sac, heartbeat and at least the doc can assure us that the BB is growing and it is in the uterus.

    Actually I am still very kancheong, my DH also. Haha... my tcu is on 13th feb, I'll be in 6th weeks and 6 days, coming to Week 7 right? Hopefully can see more thing..ahhhaa

    don't know if you know this website
    found it yesterday and when i was reading, my DH came to peep. ahaha
  43. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    Hi baked_bean &amp; cocomaro


    Hi sadz

    Sorrie 2 hear abt yr lost..tat time I did a mini confinement for a wk or so, still bath but eat a bit of those confinement food…then after 6 mths then I try again cos aso tat period I changed job so hve 2 wait a while b4 getting pregnant..so when I was pregnant again, was quite worried but thank god, pull through my pregnancy, now my son is gd &amp; well...tis time rd, keeping my fingers cross everything is fine...

    I saw a thread on miscarriage support..link below

    hi mrs neo

    I agree with Diana, if after a few more days drink u still LS, then dun take milk
    I noe some ppl cannot tahan milk, some dun like it..

    Wat ppl says is tat drink milk bb will b more chubby…hehehe…I took it almost everyday during my first pregnancy, initially my son was chubby, then later become slimmer liao..
  44. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    hhaha Carlyn, chubby baby drink breast milk? I don't take milk but I think most people wanna consume more calsium right? I am going to take cheese on daily basis. enough right? or more than enough?
  45. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    diana, u're rite, drink milk actually is 2 take in more calcium but tat time on top of my daily milk intake, i still hve 2 take calcium pills....as instructed by my gynae....

    cheese har..hehe, nt beri sure ley...but i noe the milk nt oni hve calcium but other kinds of ingredients gd 4 pregnant lady...
  46. mrs_neo

    mrs_neo Member

    Carlyn>> I hope ur bb will be like urs.. chubby chubby when young.. intending to breastfeed.. cos i heard bb will be more healthy and chubby.. i think if possible.. i wld want to breastfeed as long as possible..
  47. joynbaby

    joynbaby New Member

    Hihi ladies,
    I have tested positive last Friday **Yi....Pee** I have an miscarriage last July, hope this time round is fine. This will be my 3rd pregnancy. I have an appt with Dr Woo Bit Wah this coming Friday... And should be delivered in TMC as well. Based on my calculation, my EDD date should in the 1st week of Oct too....
  48. ayoon

    ayoon Member

    Hi Joyce!!!
    Welcome to the thread... roughly how many weeks now?
  49. pinkiemie

    pinkiemie New Member

    MieMie falling in! just tested a BFP last night, should be in my 4 weeks now.. made an appt for tmr morning, but wondering if im too early to schedule an appt with gynae.. my first pregnancy and very gan chiong! i checked the webbie, my EDD should be 12 Oct, a libra baby!
  50. carlyn

    carlyn Member

    mrs neo, actually my son wasn't tat chubby after 2/3 mths le...some ppl say bb feed on formula more chubby, i was breastfeeding my son till abt 9 mths, but oni on day time, nite time he'll b on formula...he nt tat chubby...tat time when he wasn't tat chubby, i ask ard izzit breastfeed bb, bb won't b chubby while my nephew was beri chubby on formula? tis proves mi wrong cos my hb's cousin's son was beri beri chubby &amp; he was on full breastfeed...so my conclusion, chubby or nt depends on individual bb.... [​IMG]

    breastfeeding is gd cos it builts up the bb immune system...&amp; aso gd 4 mummy, slim down faster...hehehe

    hi joyce &amp; miemie


    joyce, tis is yr 3rd pregnancy, 2rd child?

    miemie, nt really early, can knw whether everything is okie...my appt is aso tmr but in the afternoon, keeping my finger cross... [​IMG]

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