(2009/05) May 2009 MTBs

if u worry strong taste, start wif yellow, then red. green is strongest smell. i cook it wif her porridge & pasta, so far ok. but the capsicum skin will come out in the poo.
cauliflower no good ah? okok, cos dat day go yoshinoya, she like the vegs. plain & cooked until soft.

celery & eggplant can, not yucky? how to cook?
my gal only like abalone & button mushroom. wat mushrooms do u give?

Ju: u can gif shitake. Quite strong flavor so mayb u wanna get a quarter or half a mushroom to try first?

Ling: u can gif some baby corn too. I used to puree with carrot for hailey but now I jus chop it. Its sweet tasting. =) peas also can. Bt mus remove the husks la.. Abit ley chey.. Oh ya u can gif tomato too!

Feb mum: hailey babbles a lot too. She can only say ball-ball, mum-mum and make the sound *bam!!!* recently she started to say dada, mama, por por (very seldom she will say these 3 words). I noticed she learns signing better and has shown that she actually understands us very well. Jus that she jus doesn't seem to learn to say much words..
mummies, tks for advise ! cos i was thinking to bring my boy to GP instead of PD..my PD v hard to make appt and i prefer not to tk leave for his jabs..left limited leaves only and still so many months to next year ! so if dev assessment is not necessary then go to GP will be fine

btw my boy is very talkative at 15mths...but walk still not stable..will swing side to side and fall sometimes..so i dunno shd go PD there for check or not. any toddlers here can walk stable alrdy ?

re : vegetable
at ifc, they feed him several types of vege..but at home i only cook simple ones like purple cabbage, carrot, potatos, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin..celery, capsicum, beetroot, spinach, mushroom, tomatoes i nv try before..
Normally if the veg is the hard kind, I will just steam and blend until the texture she is able to eat.

Capsicum makes food more tasty, like kebabs. Sometimes I add Italian herbs to my daughter's food. They are healthy with nutritional benefits and yet makes the food more tasty and fragrant.

I train my daughter to be exposed to a variety of food at a young age so that she won't be fussy.

As for skin coming out in the poo, it all depends on the baby's digestive system whether it's able to fully break down and digest. So must see lor but it's not a big problem if some skin come out. But if the veg is totally undigestible then wait awhile.

Last time when I gave Arielle spinach, all of it came out in her poo undigested.

Porky: My daughter only walks with assistance. Without assistance she shuffles on her butt but very fast. This week she learnt how to climb down from my bed using my comforter as the cover is very smooth, she holds onto it and slide down.

So far I only bring Arielle to polyclinic for appointments and jabs and not PD. If sick also either see gp or go kkh A&E. Only this once went to PD to check on growth, dentition and thalassaemia blood test.
maybe my older gal is really very talkative and interactive so the younger one 'pales in comparison'. guess it is always a case of you want them to talk, but the moment they start talking, you can't make them stop!
agree with feb mum....when they haven walk, we want them walk..now they are all over the place..and refuse to be carried...

same for talking...i think it will come a point when they are much older.u need a break from their talking n questioning..
Today when I was at the polyclinic, the nurse doing the 15th month assessment looked kindna surprised that my gal cannot call mama, papa or anybody else. She does say 'baba', 'mama' but is not calling us specifically.

But I have heard her say 'Bye Bye' and occasionally repeats 'cat'.. or at least it sounds like it. Sometimes not very clear so dunno if it was my imagination. Haha..

My gal can walk before she her 1st birthday. Now once she is on her own , she walks so fast and keep touching things. Then worry she spoils things. Haha. Do u have the play yard at home? I somehow feel tat it helps in her walking as she used to hold on the edges and work around the playayrd.

My gal can call "ah ma" first b4 calling me & hubby. Lately she talks a lot but we dun understand what she is talking. haha
Some people says that if u start to walk early, u will be slower in talking. Wonder if its true.

Does the number of teeth plays a part ? mine only got 8 teeths. 4 top & 4 bottom.

Diet :

Porky, how they prepare or cook celery, beetroot, Capsicium with ? I tried red cabbage cook with porridge then poo poo also turns out very dark colour. lol
firefly, i hv playyard but my boy dont like to hold the edge to walk..he will climb out so now i dont put him in playyard anymore

yes when i cook purple cabbage porridge, his poo poo also darker colour..when is carrot porridge, his poo poo will hv lots of carrot bits....hahaha
morning mummies,

rachel also not very steady yet ...

now Rachel eat very little like no appetite .... can give her eat wat to increase her appetite Mummies? my hubby let her try everything we eat as long as she want to eat still no used she try once then no more.
morning all mummies !

lily, u got try gv her eat bread ? sometimes my boy no appetite for anything but he loves bread. so we just gv him bread until his appetite is better
Mummies whose toddlers have already taken the MMR.

Charlene did not develop fever so can I assume that it is fine?
just monitor for 1 week ... Rachel ok after that jab.

giv her liao ... she bite 3x after that dont want. try giv her potato later w ham cheese (laughing cow one)
SK, Nurse told me fever might develop after 5 days. Told me to watch out for a week. Winston did not develop fever. He took last month. He went back per normal after his afternoon nap. Dun worry, Charlene will be fine!
lily, oh..so her appetite is affected might b due to her molar..once molar pop, i think she shd hv better appetite now. jia you !

jaeden had 2 huge molars now !
i hope so ... very tired to feed her now. I even try feed her when she take barney ride, give chopstick , fork n cool drink all no use

only cheese she still open her mouth.
Thx mummies for the input!

I will wait for Charlotte to turn 1.5yrs then let both gals have the chix pox jab.

Charlene is gg for her booster jab for pneumococal in couple of weeks time. Better dun mix both jabs together too.

My boy had 2 big bum on his gum at both side. It's like going 2weeks it's still there. He is like in pain and cry alot. I say wanna bring him to doc but Hubby say dun need. Any of u have experience this?
piggypig, i intend to seperate the jabs for mmr & chix pox now..will let him tk chix pox first..then mmr at 16mths

bjy, wat is the bum on his gum ? if causing him pain and cry then better go dentist to check
porky: oh can take chix pox first ah?? thot mmr first
i havent taken both and pneumococcal booster also! the after effects puts me off
cant bear to let the little one suffer...i bad mamam hor :p

btw any mummies introudce toothbrush to their babes already? any brand to recommend?
piggypig, actually mmr can wait till 2yrs old also can..so i tk chix pox jab first since my boy attend ifc..is better for him to tk first

i use kodomo toothbrush for my boy now
Hi Mummies!

I am from the MTB Nov thread. Just wondering if anyone of you had photoshoot for you baby's first birthday and if you did, if you have any photographer or studio to recommend.
<font color="119911">dear mummies, sorry to interrude, im lookin for ergo/manduca carrier for my sil, pls PM me if u are sellin one. tks! </font>
Hi mummies,

Any baby develop some rashes after the mmr vacination.
quite worried as my girl gor some rashes after the vacination.
BJY - i brought my boy to his PD last fri. after checking that my boy doesn't have a hearing problem, his pd told me that he is slow in speech development but no need to be too worried yet. she said to review when he is 18 mths again.
my gal also got some rashes after mmr .... after 1 week it gone itself.

how any mummies join us for Wednesday 1st September ....
any suggestion wanna go where? United Square .... or ?
Hi all,

I'm also may2009 mum, but rarely in this thread. May I know whether the developmental test is by request or ur PD will auto do for u during ur visits?

I intend to let my boy hv his mmr jab at the latest possible date, which is 2 yrs old right?

My boy can say daddy, popo, ball, walk, sit, take, where, neh neh (milk), du du (pacifier) but can't say "mama". Or he simply refuse to becos everytime I ask him to say mummy, he'll just smile n walk away.

He only has 4 front teeth... V slow hor... Thought his molars shld b out by now.

I bring home cooked porridge everytime we r out bcos I'm v kiasi, outside food too much MSG. But I'll feed him some of wat I'm eating after I've fed hi. His porridge. Although he has only 4 teeth, somehow he's v good at chewing n eating. He love rice, bread n meat...
porky - yes, hearing test was done at birth. difficult not to worry

btw, can't join you on 1 sep. my colleague is taking leave on that day to look after his kid, so i have to cover.
Re : Mini Gathering cum Lunch at United Square
Date : 1st Sept, Wed
Venue : Swensens (TBC)
Time : 12.30 ~ 1.00pm

1. Porky_jean
2. Lily
3. Jamie
4. Audrey
Thanks Lily and pigmohippo for replying. Cos quite afraid as mmr suspected to cause autism and worried to have bad effect on her. Felt more at ease after hearing from both of you, appreciate it...