(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

<font color="119911">Corine's mum aka applepie,
good to noe dat u will b coming. do trf n inform me k. We will b meeting thr at 430pm to chit chat. cya.

haha, 2 men r born to b ur slave. dats wat men r for rite? LOL.

yeah, its so hassle free n easi. cya on sunday.</font>

<font color="0000ff">Kris:</font> I'm just updating e list w e RSVPs fr FB. Also adding in Angela's name. She'll tt $ to u today.

Mother's Day Gathering
Date: 15 May 2011 (Sunday)
Venue: McDonald's @ AMK Ave 4 Blk 163
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Price: $12/child

1. Kris - 2 children
2. Audrey - 2 children
3. eviangal - 1 child, 1 baby
4. pinkypink - 1 child, 1 baby
5. Kidz_skidz -- 2 children
6. Rose - 1 child
7. Pei - Er, no child, 1 baby in tummy
8. Catherine -- 2 sons plus 1 hubby? total?
9. jean503 - 1 child (bb and hb shld be coming too)
10. Applepie (aka Corine's Mum) - 1 child, 1 bb
11. Karen Pan - 1 child
12. Yvonne - 1 child
13. Angela - 1 child
<font color="119911">It's great to see so many mummies n kids after such a long time. We shld find a mac wif a playgrd so dat the kids can entertain themselves n leave us to chat =)</font>
Hi Kris,

Thanks for the effort in organizing the McD gathering. Yeah I agree that the next outing should be at a more spacious and child-proof place.

Next outing should be MAF or Xmas ya? ;)
Hi mummies..

see so mnay of our kiddos startg school

my ger also starting childcare this June! her first school..pray all goes well..Daddy will be sending her to her first day cos mummy will be on business trip ( ..kind of glad ..cos I think I will feel sad to see her cry..haha)
<font color="ff6000">Woofie:</font> Lol. Yeah, agree it's heartpain to be there seeing them cry. Dunno why today Bastion cried when I sent him to school. In taxi he was clinging to me so still I thought he was asleep.... But he's usually ok w/i 5-10mins of reaching school. Later I hope to bring him &amp; his jie2 to playgym to cheer him up
<font color="ff0000">Oriental Trading Spree:</font> I can help do. For June there's 10% off for min. of US65 purchased. Bt ground shipping of US11.99 applies. It wld b better to just wait for a FOC ground shipping code. If u r not in need of things urgently, email me ur orders and I'll consolidate and wait for the code to come by

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I'll b using vPost to ship to Sgp. I'm gonna take up Jean's suggestion to shop for sibling looks. Size-wise, I find size 2T tops ok B2 bt 2T pants or shorts definitely have room to grow.

Pls tt ur total x 1.3 to my POSB Savings acc 129-06329-7. Excess goes towards shipping and I'll ask for any top-up once I get my CC bill.
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<font size="+1">Calling April mummies!!!
Planning for a October Gathering for our lil ones!!
Will be a weekend; Our kids can come dressed in their ethnic wear or halloween costumes! Please Let me know via PM or SMS if you are keen!!
need to confirm venue ( rose is taking care of that) and discuss catering if required.

Below please add ur name which date you prefer; i have only stated sat for now.
1st - Pravina
8th -
15th -
22nd -
29th -
Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, what a noisy zoo tickets.

May I know if any Mummy has 4 tickets on 23 Oct, Sunday, 11am that you are willing to exchange with me? I'll be most grateful for that. Or else I will just have to sell these 4 tickets and my kids won't get to watch the play.

I'm willing to meet you anywhere to do the exchange. THANK YOU!

Please PM me for my hp.
Hi Mummies,

I'm planning to sign my 2 girls up for Julia Gabriel holiday programmes.
There is a 20% group discount if 4 or more children register at the same time. It can be a different programme and venue.

If anyone is interested too, please PM me so that we can all enjoy the group discount.

Information for the holiday programmes. http://www.juliagabriel.com/pdfviewermm1ab.html
<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">I just want to take the oppotunity to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas - may your holiday abound with precious moments with your loved ones.


And may 2012 see us create even more magical memories for our children!
JTS this info I rec'd B1 &amp; B2's kindy.

<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">March School Holiday! Children Books &amp; Toys Warehouse SALE - 40% to 80% Discount!


Date : 9 March 2012 to 24 March 2012
Opening Hours : Mon to Sat, 8.30am to 5.30pm. (Closed on Sun)
Address : 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #05-02 Citilink Warehouse Complex
Payment : Cash, Nets &amp; Visa/Master
Bus No.: 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176 &amp; 188
Nearest MRT Station : Pasir Panjang MRT Station (Circle Line)

For more information, call 6275 5722 or email [email protected]
Over 5,000 Children Books &amp; Toys
Hi, i'm looking for a swimming class/instructor for my 3yo boy on sunday mornings.

If you know of a class available in the east, please let me know.

Hi mummies,

Sorry for interruption.

Any kids going to Sunflower childcare? I have 2 sets of uniform and 2 sets of PE attire for sale. All BRAND NEW. Size is M. Letting go at reasonable price.
My child is not attending the childcare but I have bought it during the trial period.

PLS PM if Keen! Thank you!
<font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Sentosa's Kidz Flea - Saturday, 23 March, 2-7pm</font></font>

B1 and her two besties are setting up shop tomorrow at Sentosa's Kidz Flea! Drop by their stall, Charlie's Angels, and grab some great bargains. On sale are brand new bags, soft toys, stickers, stationery, craft kits, handcrafted lanyards &amp; hairclips as well as ladies' clothing, etc. Purchase $10 and get one Lucky Dip. 50% of proceeds will go to Hospice Care Association. Come shop for charity + help these 6-year-olds learn how to be little bosses ;-)

<font color="ff0000">Do PM me if you see something you would like to purchase</font>

Date: 23 March (Saturday)
Time: 2-7pm
Venue: Sentosa (next to Beach Station/iFly)


*Kidz Flea is on till Sunday, 24 March.