(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

wow... its been a long time since i've logged in here, trying to wrap things up at work and technically on leave liao but i volunteered to help mark mid year exam papers from home during leave and give 2 weeks of holiday lessons 9-5 everyday. sigh

freedom coming soon!!!

Sunay's molars have popped out so he is generally eating well and sleeping well too... hope it lasts while we are in tokyo too!
evialgirl how was tokyo? did baby enjoy? any tips to share? i'm going on 12 and taking flight to tokyo alone cuz hubby will alr be there for biz meeting...
pravina I use dymo label machine too... and i love it cuz im quite OCD and i label everything i can lay my hands on, u can get iron on and waterproof labels for this machine too..

Only one downside, they dun have pink labels. If u wanna try, i can bring to the movie tom, just sms me in advance
<font color="aa00aa">Pinky:</font> Aiyoh, u stl so busy so no playdate for Sunay &amp; Bastion til aft ur Jpn trip...? Let me noe when. HV lunch is open-dated, hv u tried 3 Monkeys? I hvnt bt itz been reviewed as gd a family plc. Bastion's molars hvnt popped, gums juz veri swollen. I put my finger in agn y'day &amp; cld kinda feel a edge bt visually nt able 2 c anything so mayb soon... Hopefully coz he's getting saliva rash these days fr all e drooling...
<font color="ff6000">Edj:</font> Whc particular Lucky Baby Safety Gate did u buy? We got our 1st gate abt 2yrs back &amp; e 2nd one prob 1.5yrs ago so prices then were $89 &amp; $49. I'm nt sure if prices hv gone up bt Lucky Baby's a local brand so it does sound veri pricey 2 me -- coz I thought US brands were oledi ex @ $89 a gate... Baby fairs always hv special deals bt whether incld safety gates I'm nt sure. However Lucky Baby pdts shd b available then. This round got Pampers @ Motherhood Fair. I'm hoping 2 go on nxt Thu, if nt wl try 2 go on Sat... Btw, Lucky Baby is by Taime Pte Ltd &amp; I rmbr they held a warehouse sale end of last yr. Dint go &amp; nt sure how often they hold it. Kan chk out such leads if u nd another gate &amp; kan wait
<font color="119911">Gymboree's raising prices fr June:</font> Mommies who r keen 2 sign up ur bbs do take note. Anyway, I won't sign Bastion for another term coz out of e 12 + 4 (FOC) sessions we signed up, he's onli attended like 6 &amp; been missing e past 3-4wks coz he kp having runny nose &amp; diz wk it was me who was under e weather. Anyway, I'm exploring PG sessions 4 him nxt bt @ nearby locations. Found a few interesting set-ups so trying 2 schedule x 2 visit &amp; chk out their progs 1st.
<font color="0000ff">Play-yard:</font> I'm wondering if shd get 2nd hand play-yard like this kind http://www.kidzloft.com/index.php?m...=11&amp;products_id=196&amp;manufacturers_id=

Considering using it as a corral 2 fence around e toy pony ride we got 4 B1. Coz 2day Bastion successfully climbed on2 it &amp; "hee-haahh" around w his jie2 clapping supportively. I was in e kitchen &amp; came out 2 c diz happening &amp; qwikly got him off. He repeated diz new achievement a few x &amp; I realised he cld get off 2 bt itz 2 dangerous coz e ride is on spring &amp; kan rock to &amp; back strongly. &amp; B1 luvs riding it everyday. Bastion's reali getting in2 more trouble dan his jie2 did @ e same age. Reali kpg me on my toes &amp; my heart in my mouth everyday. Izzit a boy thing???
<font color="aa00aa">Kidz say e darnest things...</font> Juz now I told B1 I'll call McDelivery 2 order supper. Then she was on phone w her daddy &amp; she told him, "Daddy, mommy's going to order Old McDonald..." I cld hear my hb laughing on e other end of e line -- well, E-I-E-I-O!
Hi mommies, sorry to interrupt, anybody here a parent of K2 or primary 1/2 children? Cos I need to interview ONE parent for my assignment. Just a few questions. Thank you in advance first
Powerball, just recalled you have baby gym on Thur!

Hmm, how about we go Mouth Restaurant the week after next (fri) and this Fri we go United Sq? Then I can join you ladies. But if cannot, then you all go ahead and I will join next next week (if any).

Re: Lunch at Mouth Restaurant
Date: 4 June, Friday

1. Kris
2. Powerball
3. ow_mummy
4. Pei
Pinky pink: YOu going Tokyo? Well.. I personally didnt quite like Tokyo especially Shinjuku. Find it too complicated. Tokyo is abit messy and everything are rather expensive. I was reccommended to go to Akachan for baby's stuff which is cheaper than other parts of Japan. I went there but still find the items more expensive than Singapore.

If you are keen, you can go to Gotemba station then cross the road for the shuttle bus to get there.

Disneyland is quite nice but our babies alittle too young to appreciate. Maybe in my case especially.. Val, didnt quite seem to enjoy the rides. She was attracted to Princess Belle though..

You can try checking out Harajuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Shibuya 109 for more reasonably priced shopping. Came across this 24 hours shop near my hotel that sells lots of stuff in lots of varieties and at a cheaper price than other parts of Japan. Duno its name either cos its in Japanese. It has a penguin logo for a start. Mine is near ikebukuro station. I saw 1 at Shinjuku. Cant tell you where in Shinjuku too.. Cos Shinjuku is sooo... big!!!

Hope you have fun there. I wasnt in Tokyo long enough so cant advise much too..

If you wana get traditional Jap Jinbei for your son, get it from Akachan, cheaper. I bought a Jinbei for Val there at around Yen 1200, approx S$18. Other parts of Japan selling it at around S$30 per set.

Hmm.. I went Hakone too. Nice place for sightseeing. Was at Tokyo for only 4 days.. Think you have more time to cover that place.

Btw, lots of stairs at subway. Though they have lifts at certain areas now. Also get the 1 day pass if you are travelling with JR line only. Only Yen 730 for 1 full day of unlimited travel. Babies travel and eat for free throughout the trip. And almost every shopping centre has a nursing room with hot water, changing facilities and play area.
Pei, yep got gym on Thurs. Thought fris are usually ok for u.

Re: Cereals
Any recommendations for those off the shelf cereals for our toddlers? Think my bb is tired of Bellamy's oats porridge.
same here. Val is getting tired of Bellamy too. I need to keep thinking of new ways to attract her to it. E.g. Dip bisuits in it to feed her. Or adding fruits to feed her, etc.

I think I wana try Nestle next. Agree that Nestle is sweet but should be ok for breakfast. In fact, I have started giving her bread or even adult cereal at times too..

Anyone who is interested in Bellamy's Porridge pls pm me. I still have about 2 to 3 boxes to clear..
looking forward to the holiday programme later, hopefully the babies enjoy it and the mummies too!!

joie, u coming too right? nice chatting with u at the movie event
KP, I did not sign up cos I can't take time off work + baby F now has a baboon ass (red!!)...

I am sure she would be delighted to see the other little kids.. but do let me know how it goes..
powerball, eviangal,

i'm using Nestle Gold Oats and Prune, mixed with organic baby oats. So far so good. My aim is to move her to solely organic baby oats when she's able to take more coarse textures. But u can also grind the oats if u have time.
Tingting: good idea to mix. THanks. I think I will try to get some of these from the motherhood fair this weekend and try mixing it for Val. Think she will prob be better to adapt this way. Help me clear my Bellamy stock easier too.

See ya at lunch later. Call or sms me when ready.

the organic baby oats is those instant one? so u just add milk in it?

i am just wondering if any mummies here give their bb oats which needs cooking..and if so, how do u add milk in it ah? coz i thot formula milk shd not be cooked?
Hi edj
I give my baby instant oats add water and formula milk and of course, with lots of mashed prune or apple. He doesnt like the coarse texture of oats so i have to make the oats really porridge like so that he will eat it.

I dont cook the formula milk though..

gallop and edj > i've been using fresh milk to cook the oats and other things tt i give sunay (like soups, gravies etc)

I realise meiji is the tastiest and sunay loves it.
kidz > have not tried 3 monkeys... but very sick of eating at swensens! i also like thai express and al dente! hehe.

Have u tried galbiati's food? The one at rail mall... its totally to die for! amazing!!!!!!

Playdate, you must come over babe, my slide n swing set is up and ready to be played! Sunay adores the slide and is ok with the swing...
eviangirl > thanks a lot!!! Yeah, going tokyo from 12-17. Staying at disneyland hotel, so hope can get it early and take the fast pass before they are all taken.

Not being very ambitious on this trip, just hoping to let sunay see the disney characters, maybe sit on a ride or two for babies with him and just stroll around and soak in the feeling. hehee

And of course, spend a day or two shopping!!!
Hi All mommies

Sorry to disrupt,im 2009 mummy, have a few brandnew items to let go
Interested mummies pls do contact me at [email protected] or hp 82884133

<font color="ff0000">Item1:</font>
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Contains 2 feeding bottles (260ml/9oz) with newborn teats(No2) ; 2 feeding bottles (125ml/4oz) with newborn teats(No1); 2 newborn teats(No1); 1 Newborn soother and 1 Bottle brush (altogether 8 pcs)

<font color="ff0000">Item2:</font>
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<font color="ff0000">Item3:</font>
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<font color="ff0000">Item5:</font>
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<font color="ff0000">Item 6:</font>
Chateau De Sable Gift Set
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<font color="ff0000">Item7:</font>
Disney 100% Original Gift Set_100% Cotton

Kidz, I am also interested in the customised backpack. Let me know if u are going to order.

Dexter has gone on a food strike. He is now surviving on 1 meal per day. Big headache!

wah what happened? is Dexter now busy with walking? why is he not eating?

ohbtw, when r we meeting? want to pass u sthing..

thanks for the advice...maybe i shd try cooking oats with freshmilk..but how long do u usually cook? coz i am using slow cooker..is it okay to cook the fresh milk for so long ah? or shd i start cooking over a stove?
Edj, also don't know why. He only surviving on bread now for breakfast. Reject noodles, porridge, oats. Table food also not interested. Fruit also very picky. Bottle also don't want. Only want to latch.

Gallop was saying meet next week for peekaboo as this week u all have JG program. How is it by the way? Lots of fun?
How about lunch at United Square instead??

Re: Lunch at United Sq??
Date: 4 June, Friday

1. Kris
2. Powerball
3. ow_mummy
4. Pei
any SAHM interested to do part time work from home job? Need pple to mark english papers! Good $$$ for SAHM! Pre-requisites: Min A2 for GP "A level"

PM me!
powerball, yes, its very fun and the chinese programme is really good! Wish dexter had joined us:p
powerball, there's week 2 and 3 for holiday programme still:p haha

eh, considering but chinese programme under 18 mths is 3 times min per week, if gallop and edj wanna do, i dont mind cos there's company and its good to expose them to chinese! Else, i'll wait till 18mths to start the chinese programme, that waitlisted liao

its okay..just join us for the actual course lah...when Dexter turns 18 mths...we go for playclub...there is one near our house lei actually big splash..but confirm gallop and KP wont want to come one lah....they very anti east one lei...hehe..


has any of u contacted Audrey re tomorrow?