(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs


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ow_mummy, thanks so much for coordinating the pg orders, i got a call from them too and they were super nice and helpful even tho i wanna change icing colors, etc

Thanks again!


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edj, how? can cook?

Anyone here got exciting porridge recipes to share? I'm not chinese but i do try and cook soups and porridge for bb too... but running out of tasty ideas


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powerball, gymboree free play is pay by session is it or can u get a membership? Or the membership allows u to call them and go in anytime you want?

I took sunay to baby jumper gym in bukit batok and he loved the gym time there so contemplating the other gyms too...


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eviangal, gymboree trial ah...i think the next few days i wont be able to join for outings lor! Cos car is going into the repair worshop soon!! My car got knocked by another car when it was parked downstairs..sigh, my downstairs neighbour parked on the slope, and either never pull his handbrake up or never pull tight enuff, so after he went upstairs the car rowed backwards and knocked into my parked car!! sigh...then security guard came up to both our units to inform us!!! So so lucky hor!! and has to happen on the day that hubby is travelling...feel so handicapped w/o a car


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eviangal & kidz,
bernice seem having teething also...previous 5 tooths no such prob.
these 2 days, she dun wan milk, dun wan water, dun water any solid food. only when she is very hungry...she will then go for water.
sigh...her wt drop 300g as compared to 1 mth ago.
cos today 9mth checkup at poly clinic.
then last mth measurement is at kkh clinic.
dunno wat to do...tot can settle after cny

sorry no time to go thru the post..can give me punggol plaza helium contact?

sorry...no time to go n collect the cup yet.

i miss the chat we have....


mummies, your bb are drinking lesser cos of teething but my baby is totally opp! he is requesting for more feeds during the nite!....tiring...


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<font color="119911">Re: 15% ecreative cake discount

1. Kris - 27/3
2. Bean (10/4 or 17/4)
3. Powerball - 27/3 or 28/3 or 2/4 (to be confirmed)
4. Ida (28/3)
5. Ida (28/3)
6. Ida (28/3)
7. dodos 10/4
9. juxta (17/4 or 24/4)
9. ipanpan (10/4)
10. HappyLittleWoman (17/4)
11. B512A (15/5)
12. Seabreeze (14/3)
13. moomoo2 (7/3)

You may email to [email protected], attn Florence and quote ur nick.</font>


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it works...i bought the tiger food jar...i tried last nite...put grinded brown rice and boiling water...after 2 hours..they were really soft...but i think i put too much water so very watery...i guess i will try again tomorrow with lesser water...

but it really works...i am very amazed....
go and get it...from taka...bought the 0.9L at $75...
its quite compact also..can bring out..

re: porridge, u can try putting pumpkin and carrot in the slow cooker together with your brown rice to cook for 3 hours..very yummy..i stimes put ikan bilis powder...my bb seems to love it..everytime i cook that..he can finish a lot...i guess coz its really soft and smell yummy....

or u can try saute onion &amp; mushroom then put inside your porridge..quite nice also..


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Ikan bilis powder as in the si sen one from supermarkets is it?I Thot cannot intro mushrooms yet?!? Hmmm, shall try that. Thanks edj!! Will go n get the food jar before we travel in march

as for swim diapers, I buy huggies from ntuc/cold storage. Pack of 10 or 12, can't remember but I prefer to use the konfidence bb swim truncks with plastic lining, hehe, save $$!

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edj: I bought my swim diaper fro Mummy Kian's BP. 1 swim diaper + 1 swimwear + free postage only $25. Worth to buy.

3wkold: My ctc is for Serangoon area lei. I pm you later ya.


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<font color="119911">edj,
reli amazed when u c the rice turned into porridge rite.

kerryn is already takin porridge for lunch n dinner, so bfast is still cereal for her. u can put diff ingredient into cereal so he wun b sick of it.</font>


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ikan bilis, i grind myself...not the ready made one...mushroom can...PD told me in fact its good...so i have been giving bb..just give a bit and must make sure to cook them well...
Where u going in Mar? i am also going away next thurs...


do uhave the contact for Mummy Kian or the thread to her BP?


yes i was really amazed by how the rice turns into porridge...have u been using it?actually tomorrow i want to try and eat the porridge myself first to see whether i have diarrhoe or not..haha...

for the cereal i have changing the fruit puree but still he doesnt seem to really like it anymore...


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Edj, my bb loves bread in any form, maybe u wanna try? Once he refused to eat dinner n I got so desperate tt I put a little bit of bread on the spoon of porridge n wah, finished it!!

March I'm planning short trip to Bali and thinking of gg Hokkaido in June but scared of the long flight with bb... Any mummies been to Hokkaido in summer? Any feedbk? TIA!


Just to keep this ongoing!!
April 2009 babies birthday bash/gathering is ONZ!! more details to follow!!

any interest in this? please add your name if keen
suggestions/comments/etc welcomed

<font color="ff6000"><font size="+1">APRIL 2009 BABIES 1ST BIRTHDAY BASH/GATHERING!! </font></font>
Date - 8/9 may 2010 ( flexible)
Venue - Buffet Lunch or Hi-Tea buffet or gathering at someone's place , playgrounds etc

1. Pravina (prefers 8/5/10)
2. edj (prefer a sat..8 May)
3. eviangal (prefer it to be at some children's playland e.g. Peekaboo/ Figets/ etc)
4. Audrey
5. gallop
6. Pei
7. Oshgosh_baby
8. Kidzskidz
9. Joie
13 Lov J
14.Yenz2 (prefer sat)
17.Marie (prefers sat)
18. asp_23 (prefers sat)


hi hi, just found this latest( i think) in the archive and reposting it.
<font color="ff0000"><font size="+1">Pine Garden orders ( Thanx to Ow_mummy!!)</font></font>

1) Ow_mummy 2 tier pooh cake (2.5Kg) 11/4
2) Lifung 10/4 (2 tier own design cake,2.5kg)
3) Koi 10/4 (2 tier pooh cake, 3kg)
4) Coralmarine 25/4 (2.5-3kg,2 tier cake own design)
5) Jamgal 3/4 (2 tier cake)
6) Catherine 26/4 (1 tier 3kg) Mickey Mouse 3rd birthday
7) Baby_May_09 1/5 (2 tier, 2.5 - 3 kg) Mickey/ Pooh if I can get the
8) Ling Lim 24/4 (2 tier, 2-2.5kg)
9) Poohwei 30/5 (1 tier 2-2.5kg) dora
10) Shers 25\4 (2 tier, 2-2.5kg) dora
11) Jacqueline Tan 21/3 (1 tier, 2kg, Mickey mouse)
12) Audrey 1/5 (1 tier, 3kg)
13) Baby_mummy 11/4
14) KP (Likely 2 tier, 2-2.5kg)
15) Coolzy - 27/3
16) Pinkyseed - 24/4 (2 tier, 2-2.5kg)Carebear/Pooh
17) eviangal - 17/4 (either 1, 2kg, own design
18) ratnamishra - 25/4 (crown design 5kg - emailed u all details Thanks much)
19) Eunice (3kg cake - Mickey or Numeral 1 or 2 tier) 27/3
20) Gina Ho 11/4 (pls let me take a look at the catalogue?)
21) Baked_potato 24/4 (2kg cake, Hello Kitty)
22) Yenz2, 01/05 (most likely 2-2.5kg, 2 tier, have PM u to request for catalogue)
23) Michie28 01/05 (2-2.5kg 2-tier, Hello Kitty
24) Andrea1985 (I had email u all the details, Thank you very much!!!)
25) asp_23 17/4 (2kg cake, catalog pls)
26) porkylim, 04/04 (2 tier 2kg)
27) ashleigh22 17/04(2 tier, Mickey Mouse)
28) Pravina (01/05/2010, yet to decide)


can let me know how much i owe for the lollipops?? is it just the 2 of us sharing?? i'm oki with that too or more peeps also can.
please PM me!! Thanx thanx!!

Kidz (OTC, wipes) and Audrey (swensens),
i'll transfer ASAP and email you details. sorry for the delay


my boy escapes from the bumbo now.. he detests the table we use to "lock" him in, and has started throwing mini tantrums during meal times.

my boy also started crying really loud at nite and arching his body and trying to sit up. anyone experience that??? i dunno wat to do.


hi pravina,

my boy oso arches his body when crying at nite....tats when he wants milk. once milk teat is in his mouth, he is ok.....

could it be he wants milk? has he been able to sleep for longer hrs at nite?


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sh, yup. I give bellamy oats/rice and happy bellies multigrain... except my boy doesn't like cereal anymore! hahaha

Heard that healthy times has a history of bugs, so used to give their puffs but stopped...


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<font color="119911">edj,
actuali i onli tested 2 times when i bot it which was 3-4yrs ago, after which it was in the store till recently i went sentosa, my maid cooked the porridge n i brought the porridge for dat day n dats it, keke.

i tink u haf been usin the plain cereal n add in puree rite? i felt u shld try the nestle apple n cranberry, mixed fruits, etc (the gold series) coz the plain cereal is reli very floury but luckily kerryn still loves cereal.

i give heinz n nestle.</font>


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oh u mean u let your bb tried the porridge cooked using the food jar already ah?
i havent lei..i tried cooking again today using the food jar but put too little water so ended up with more of rice then porridge...all dried up...

gotto try again later untill get the correct water level..i guess its better to put more..excess can throw...


i use swim diapers under his thermal wear..i think pools require the extra protection in case poo.. right??
my boy got swim trucks too but prefer to use the thermal wear.. konfidence brand!


he has been sleeping longer hours cos his papa puts him to bed now...but lately he's been waking up abt 1-2am and i latch him on, drinks till fall asleep and then wakes up again, abt 2hr later.
made FM but refuse to drink.. kept crying and then tried to put him in his cot and he totally went berserk!! until, i latch him on again and he fell asleep, with him holding me tight!!
am wandering if some separation anxiety or just very clingy??
will try feeding him more tonight and see how he behaves...


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thanks..so what swim diapers u use? i saw huggies swimming dipaers at coldstorage just now..good?or buy those disposable one...i think mummy kian BP have the so called tankini swimwear,,u know what's that? she said it bottom and top..hows the top looks like ah? u gave the link earlier rite? u got sthing from her?


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My bm supply also dropped drastically. Now only enough for one feed. Luckily, he can still take porridge and cereal.


i use huggies now.. i bought them when he was one mth old and now left one!! i bought the neck float, and waverider from her..need to buy more diapers
tankini .. i think is the tee-shirt looking top..so covers your tummy. so still a 2-pc but more coverage.


my boy oso getting clingy these days. but for him out of sight means out of mind. when i'm not ard, hb says he is actually less cranky. MIL oso says bb alwiz bully their mummies one..

i can't put him to bed w/o nursing him these days. he will simply refuse the pacifier or any kind of coaxing. but when hb does it, pacifier works. it's like he KNOWS i can nurse him. smart boy!

how much ebm do u give Esan these days?


i alwiz let my boy swim with only the swim diaper on. i've seen others wear swim trunk over the disposable swim diaper. i guess either way works so long as bb's poo poo don't enter the pool. ;)



guess he juz wanna smell u....my boy never wans daddy to put him to bed.....even mid nite wakes up oso need me to pat him to sleep.....his eyes are not open but he knows....whine and whine till i take over....even daddy carry and i talk telling him sleep sleep he oso knows i'm not the one carrying him....

any mummies know if i can give quakers brand oats? saw the packing its 100% oats....

jean, my boy oso super clingy to me only! everywhere he bullys me...when daddy drives him to grandma hse, he will keep quiet and wait till the destination (i'm hiding behind the back seat)....but if he knows i'm ard. he'll cry for my attention....

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Reposting this.

Any mummies keen in getting bag organisers? I bought 2 previously under lugamax collection. Due to daily usage, its wearing out now. Wana get another piece. There is a pretty attractive bulk purchase discount now. The more we buy, the more we save.

Please add in your name if keen.

Quantity Discount given
1 to 5 pcs 10%
6 to 10 pcs 15%
11 to 20 pcs 20%
21 to 30 pcs 30%
31 to 40 pcs 35%
41 to 70 pcs 40%
71 to 100 pcs 50%



Bulk Purchase Thread: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/3661658.html?1267023394

1. Eviangal - 2 pcs
2. Jacqueline Tan - 1pc BO Khaki Magenta (M) &amp; 1pc 3in1 Checked Black
3. Gallop - 2 pcs


Pravina and Ow_mummy,

Thanks for sending me the catalogue, I will send email to PG cake directly.

Been busy since we come back from Jakarta, my boy is having fever, throat infection and congested nose since Monday. Luckily it was the day we back to singapore, rushed to PD from airport at 9 PM, luckily the PD willing to wait.

On friday, the phlegm had gone to the lung, so he was diagnosed with bronchitis, now having red rashes on his back and chest,very worried hope everything is fine, going to bring him back to PD again tmr for review.

For those going overseas, my advise is to be careful not to let ur baby touch everywhere before we clean it. My mistake I let my baby played around at the restaurant while I was eating and since he's teething he always like to put his finger to his mouth

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Edj: Sorry to reply so late. Was very busy at the Natas fair these few days hence no reply. Looks like Pravina has replied you.

Got a very good deal for my Japan trip. Instead of F&amp;E, I decided to settle for a package Hokkaido tour and self extend for a few days in Tokyo which is still good as the tour itinerary included 3 to 4 nights of onsen hotels and had 3 nights of Japanese style room.

Paid $2038 (thanks to DBS discount) + $242 taxes + $100 deviation fees. Infant fares only cost me $130. Flying by ANA.

In addition to the above, we had the following free.

1. 28Inch DBS Luggage and 20 Inch DBS luggage
2. 2 Mastercard Trolley Bag
3. Vivocity shopping voucher
4. Mastercard sling bag
5. $2400 tour voucher to be used for the next trip
6. $150 per person cash discount on top of the above price
7. a little souveneir from Japan Tourisim.

Not bad of a deal i must say. Now I am relieved of all planning duties for Japan.. keke.. Just go there and relax. Prob check a little on Tokyo for our extension trip. Will leave the adventurous F&amp;E trip for the next tour ba.. when Val is older.


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Hi eviangirl, you planning to go to hokkaido in summer is it?

I was planning to do the same but i cannot book yet as my free dates for june are not confirmed yet, sigh, missing out on the good deals here. :p

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Yenz: Thats a very impt note. Thanks. Val was just playing around with the restaurant chairs earlier and was abt to put to her mouth. I got so paranoid, I quickly use those hand disinfectant to clean her hand before she even put her fingers in her mouth.

Pinkypink: Be going there in mid May. Hopefully can catch Cherry Blossom in time.


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its 8 hours to tokyo then another flight to hokkaido right? I think im most hesitant about the travelling, if bb gets cranky i might go mad! hhehe.

dec i took to perth 5 hour flight, Sunay refuse to sleep, so carry and walk walk up and down the aisles