(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs


Agree with all the teacher mummies here.. so tiring.. yesterday even do home visit to see the one who don come to sch.. talked so much to her and in the end, today still don come.. don bother liao.. me yesterday after going to her house still have to rush back to my mom place, pick Giselle up and have to rush to fetch my hb too..Rush like mad.. waste my time man...


hi kp, so my stuff is here? kris had agreed to help me take. i didnt ask marie but i can collect from either kris or her. u help me pass to kris la, since i ask her le.

but after my interview i going to taka fair, may reach there ard 3 or 3 plus. u n kris got go? if yes, i cant take from u there. i'm pm u my hp no. u sms me in case later i need find u can.


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<font color="aa00aa">ok let's see.

Rose to pay $34.10 to kidzskidz and pick up mat
Rose to pick up turtle from pumpkin
Rose to pass CD to Audrey and take beanies from Audrey
Rose to collect calendula cream from KP
Rose to pay &amp; collect Desitin from KP
Rose to pay $18 (sizzler) to Jac</font>


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Mummies, bad news. I can't go to the fair during lunch today as I got a meeting at 2pm. Need to rush out presentation too.

BUT hehe I'll be down either tmr or sat!! Any good buys rem to share!!!


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<font color="0000ff">Mousy pig:</font> Mostly baby necessities, beddings, clothes &amp; accessories. Bt also full of edu toys.

<font color="ff0000">Taka Fair:</font> C u all later! Sky quite dark now here in Clementi - worrying...


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hi everyone, kris asked me to post that there's a change in venue. We're now meeting at the cha chan ting beside taka sq! 1230pm


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Hi mummies,

Sorry to interrupt...

I've a Nestle Nan Pro 1 (900g) and a Nestle Nan Pro 2 (400g) to let go.

Nan Pro 1 (900g) expiry's date is Nov 2010
Nan Pro 2 (400g) expiry's date is Jan 2010

Both unopened tins are letting go at $30.
Collection area (AMK MRT, Bishan MRT or Toa Payoh MRT)

Interested please PM me.


hi mommies

have not posted 4 a long time. need some advice here. my baby will be turning 5 months next week. however, his appetite v weird lately.

he didn't want to drink FM last sun but still drink water, late afternoon, we let him take e ridwind &amp; he starts drinking milk again &amp; that was also the case for last 3 days. but this morning, he's not drinking milk again &amp; even don't want to drink water. Have any one come across such situations?

He is drink enfalac now so just now we bought S26 for him to try but he also do not want. Just wondering if it's ok 2 intro semi-solids now cos the nurse actually asked us 2 only start when he's 6 mths???


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Hi all,

I jiz got back from taka bb fair. nothing much there. juz buy the usual stuffs only....

Nice meeting &amp; chit chatting with some mummies there.... Hope all of you manage to get something you need...
Dear mummies,

Been so busy recently, manage to post now.. has any mummy start to feed cereral or Porridge or brown rice?

I am wondering whIch brand of rice should i buy?.. recently i feed my bb watery porridge with our usual rice(those from provision de).. any advise?


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swt2baby: i had started weaning my baby when she turn 16 weeks...so i guess its ok for ur bb to start as its ardy 5 mths old..

always: i gave bb rice cereal...e heinz first rice cereal..


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<font color="cc6600">always: I'm intending to start only at 6mths. I'm also gg to give Heinz First Rice Cereal. For Brown Rice, my god sis buy from the stall shop at JP (outside NTUC). Prob u can check with the assistant there.</font>
<font color="ff0000">ow_mummy</font>,
can share your bb's feeding schedule pls?
cos i'm wondering when to introduce semi-solids, i.e. do i give her 1 feed of semi-solids a day or? and do we give milk first, then eat cereals?

my bb is a very small-eater, so i dunno if after drinking milk, she has any appetite left for the cereals, and vice versa...

taka fair
how was taka fair? any good buys?

<font color="ff0000">kp</font>
i come to your house tomorrow ard 12.30pm to collect turtles can?
will sms u b4 i leave office..


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oshgosh, 1 ladybug 2 turtles right? and ur beanie yah? thats all hor? 1230 is ok but i may not be hm, will give maid instructions to pass to u, just tell her ur name ok?


I have introduced Heinz first rice cereal, but my friend recommend bellamy's, they have the 4 months+ type, very is very hard to find as most baby food on the market are 6 months+. It is also organic.


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oshgosh_baby: i started by giving a feed of puree onli... her first feed haf to be milk ( i read somehwr tt first feed of e day haf to b milk feed) den next feed will be puree.. my gal normally drink 1st time milk at 10 am.. so i gave her next feed (puree) at 12.30pm(+-).. e rest of the day will b milk feed... but cuz the schedule i saw by other webs n stuffs..is they give first milk feed at 6am, den 9am( rice cereal), den 12pm milk, den 3pm milk..den 6pm or so give puree ..den last feed milk... but so far i onli give one puree feed e rest of the time i will jus give milk.. but i m trying to start a schedule with 2 puree feed...
anyway jus rmb, start 1st feed with MILK n Last Feed also haf to be Milk feed...=)


marie, wats the diff between brown rice n cereal? does my qn sounds stupid?

doc oso advise me to start on wk 24, give bb intestine more time to develop properly 1st.


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Hi mummies, nice to meet you all today.

Has everyone collected whatever they need from me?
All received your Doidy cups??

Was happy with my buys today. Finally got my stroller arch. More of the Evenflo snack/food bowls and The First Years take n toss spoons too. C&amp;G (cheap &amp; good). Soooo tempted by the Boon squirt spoon that alfafa bought but successfully resisted.


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sh...brown rice cereal is more nutritious than white rice cereal, however for a baby who to start weaning on solids, it's best to give white rice first...start them on the most plain and simple before advancing to brown rice. i also believe brown rice has a much stronger taste than white rice..


heh.. i also saw the Boon spoon.. was very tempted to get, but didn't. Not sure why actually.. think I wasnt in the mood to shop! *gasp*

too tired from work i think... i thought i need retail therapy?!?

Pravina, Yvonne, Chocz, Ida
how do u want to collect your stuff?

can we meet at Vivo on Sunday pm to pass you your sleep sheep?


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like what ow_mummy said, the cereal should not be given on the 1st and last meal of the day. first time, let bb eat during 2nd/3rd feed of the day (say 11am-1pm) i'm giving fm, so for a start, let the bb try one spoon of fm mix with warm water w one spoon of rice cereal. first few times the mix should not be too thick cos bb will not be used to it, so can't swallow. in between feeds, can feed little spoonfuls of water to bb also (cereal might cause constipation and also the water will let bb eat better, cos might be too dry and thick for their throat). after the feed, bb should be still hungry, u can add on a milk feed (maybe 100ml or a little more, depends on how hungry bb is)...

once bb starts to get used to cereal, u can start adding spoonfuls of fm and rice cereal..now andrea's taking rice cereal midday and also evening (sort of like when we have our lunch and dinner)..

how thick the mix is depends on bb's preference, but it should get thicker gradually...if bb's tongue keeps pushing the food out, one way u can do it put the spoon right into her mouth, leave it there a while, she will suck the spoon and will then swallow the feed...

hope it helps..


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ow_mummy, where did u get the sleep sheep?

Pumpkin, which arch u bought? hee I also need to get one of those!!

And yes, the boon spoon looks good!! Is it difficult to get the food into the spoon?

BOO! I missed all the fun ytd!! I can't wait to go to the fair man!


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<font color="0000ff">P.seed (pumpkinseed), you going Paris,
Can help me to buy a few light items pls?

Will you be claiming tax? If yes can get this item for me from LV?

LV:- Men's Wallet
Portefeuille Multiple (Damier Range)
Taille (Size) : 11,5cm x 9cm x 11,5cm
Price: 225 Euro

From: Monoprix Supermarket (There 1 in Champ Elyeese)
Or let me nod where you staying, see if I can figure out a store near yr hotel.

Suchard Rocher Dark chocolate hazelnut praline
(Comes in a pkt of 5 pcs)

Pls get 2 pkt for me. Tks

Pics: http://www.amazon.com/Suchard-Rocher-chocolate-hazelnut-praline/dp/B000LU6QEI/ref=wl_itt_dp_o?ie=UTF8&amp;coliid=I17M4ZWHXOVR1H&amp;colid=18SABT8ZG29MU

(there is another brand similar wrapping as this Suchard brand)

Claiming of Tax:

Purchase 175 Euro and above to get tax claim.

You can get instance tax claim from Galleries Lafayatte tax counter. But Purchase must be done at Other LV boutiques and nt in Galleries Lafaytte.

Alternative, in Aiport, b4 clear customs, you can go to Tax counter to get the chop. (At this time of the year, Less pp queue)


After clear custom, Near Satalite 3, there is a Auto Tax stamp machine &amp; letter box. Can get it done there.


Late nite shopping every Thur till abt 9PM

Beware of yr bags. Lots of motorcyclists snatch and go.</font>


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Hi ladies, good morning

Just wondering, when they say start bb on solids at 6 mths, do they mean beginning of 6 mths or end of 6 mths?


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Pampers comfort sizing is so small loe! I just bought a pack of L size from shop and save cos got offer and its smaller than pampers active M lei, looks like gotta buy XL for isaac instead!
<font color="ff0000">KP</font>
yup, 2 turtles and 1 ladybug and 1 headband... will collect from your maid if u not home..

<font color="ff0000">ow_mummy and jamgirl</font>
thanks for your tips on feeding baby...
i can't wait to let her try cereal and puree... i work very near tanglin mall, so i'm always checking out the baby food selection at marketplace and this other organic shop called brown rice paradise, the bottled purees look yummy, but quite exp and i dunno if its good to give baby bottled food?
of cos fresh is better i supposed?

currently my baby's schedule is:

7am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 11pm (dream feed) - (+/- 30mins)

so i shld probably consider replacing the 10am and 6pm feed with some cereals right?


But think bb will not be eating purees for that many months. If u notice some purees are for 4 to 6 mths. Fr what i remember, seems like as bb goes into 7 or 8 mths, the texture don't need to be so fine. This means ur Boon spoon cannot use for long. Plus soon, u will start to give porridge etc.

Mummies, check out this link. http://www.thechinesesouplady.com/


No cheap at taka fair. For the brightstars around we go $299 is no discount at all. I can get it cheaper. I always tell my hubby it's baby fair not sales ley....so no cheap.

powerball, i agree with your CL. The boon spoon can use for awhile only. They will take semi solid soon. Actually by 7mths they are already interested to take biscuit and porridge.


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oshgosh_baby, start with 1 feed first, give at 10am

one-two weeks later, if bb is ok with cereal, then you proceed with 2 feeds a day and increasing the amount also


hello mummies!!!

so where is good to go for shopping??
TAKA's BABY FAIR not worth going ah?? hmmm

Tangs is having a member's sale starts next week; dun think have baby stuff..

isetan also haveing sale, NOT for babies...



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pravina (pravina), add in:
Robinson having sales, but nt for bb too.

<u>Feeding at 4-6mths:</u>

I started feeding my 1st boy when he was abt 7mths. I make sure he can sit up arite with support and head is steady first b4 intro solid food. (Dont want him to get choke)

Usually when they 1st start eating, they only take less then 1 mouth. Sometimes they might even throw out.

It takes a few time to try intro the 1st solid food b4 he really eat.

If you happen to start Nestle cereal, dont start with Organic later. Cos Organic food no taste. Eitherwise do the other way round: Organic then normal cereals.

Friso cereals is the sweetest of all. I use it as the last resort when they are more choosy abt cerals then.