(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

piyobaby : Happy Birthday!

sperzz : Thanks for the crocs lobang... i got 3 pairs for $93, quite worthwhile.... even tho i queue like mad & perspire fm head to toe... haha... then hor, i made a 2nd trip back to claim back the $40 which they overcharged me... hehe... very tiring, but happy with the purchase! *typical S'porean* =P

Think i gonna start on my shopping spree next week... spoke to hb today... told him there're tons of things to buy (bb's stuffs, daughter's P1 prep, CNY clothes for the kids, Christmas pressies, etc....), but he kept stopping me... then come Dec we'll be very very broke & stressful if we leave everything to last min, by then I'll be heavily pregnant too... he finally understood & promised not to nag at me anymore... hehe... btw, anyone know where to buy those cheap & good plastic chest of drawers? I know of Toyogo @ Toa Payoh, but wondering if there're any other choices to consider?

piyobaby : happy birthday!!!

mercsboy : alot of CK outlet run out of $3.90 nursing bra liao. sob
mercs: thanks 4 making the trip down leh!!!

guess Ill make a trip down to Giant for nursing bra and pyjamas =) thanks for the lobang blessedmum!

samval/cheekygal: yah our GTT is so ex! Our gynae really charges ex now I realize =(

miaiko: thanks for sharing tt u also had the side effects.. I was worried tt it was a sign I had prob with diabetes but since u were clear, should be ok =)

ni: how was ur fried rice? hee
sus: i only found nursing bra.. cant find the pyjamas that mercsboy was saying leh..

still a headache where to get pyjamas leh..

maybe w go pasar malam at jec to see look
blessedmum...the nursing bras @ Giant padded?

gelato...we bought 3 pairs too...the crowd too crazy and the place too messy...perspiring more than running 100m man..haha

we went for another round of buffet this afternoon after the disappointing buffet dinner on fri...went for dimsum high tea @ zhou's kitchen and it's much much beta than our fri dinner...selection is good, food is yummy & fresh, well worth the price...endup both of us walked away wif a super heavy stomach....mine was tight till near bursting....super greedy mum!
oh..im looking at padded nursing bras...tose i saw are selling at crazy prices...gots continue the search...

yup the one in front of anchorpoint...din regret going there...
i can check out the bathstand price for u gals when i go for my appointment in kkh on wed...my hubby think i very boliao, always going in to walk walk touch this n that.. hehe but window shopping mah

anyone need to check prices for anything at First Few Years?
blssedmum : i bought my pyjamas from CK store @ tampines outlet. Think $7.90 if im not wrong.
But din manage to get nursing bras

flo : thanks!! But i still thinking whether worth getting the bathstand or not. Cos think can only use till they reach 3months? once they started moving ard like not safe hor?
Cos i'll be bathing the baby in the room instead of toilet.
piyobaby : i bought my padding with non-wired nursing bra from perfect mum. only $22 per pcs but min. 4pcs inorder to get that price.
quite worth it.
blessedmum / xpink....thanks for sharing, indeed the prices appear very reasonable..wondering if we should buy now cos i rem vaguely hearing mrs wong mention abt buying only after delivery when a mtb ask her abt it...
was wondering nursing bra is to wear now till after giving birth issit? wat bout cup size?

i saw strapless nursing bra in perfect mum but $59.90 lei..
before it slipped my mind...beta share it now...asked mrs wong if it's recommended to use baby detergent for bb clothings and she said yes at least for the 1st 3 mths for fear of normal detergent causing sensitivity on the infant....

she is highly recommending cloth diapers for day use & disposable for night use but mention that she find only pigeon cloth diaper to be the most decent in terms of sizes...
piyobaby : u can start buying nursing bra now but buy 1 size bigger than what you're wearing now.
yup its recommended to use baby detergent , im still using it even though my elder girl alrdy 2.5yrs old.
i used to put on cloth diapers for my girl in day and diapers at night too till she's 9months old.
but for now see the electricity bill, i would rather use diapers more often.
but for nappy rashes wise, its better to use cloth diapers than disposable one.
ladies, if you gals want hor, i will be making a trip to jb during 1st week dec... if anyone wants, i can tom pang buy the maternity bra... is at RM15 for non underwired and RM25 for underwired... both are soft cups... and only in beige... but no promise sure have cos have to search for size...
Good Morning, ladies.

Hb finally sent me to Alexandra Mkt yestd! We da bao sting ray, sotong & kang kong for dinner. I oso tried the Avocado shake u gals mentioned. i m a happy mummy last nite, even tho the dinner wasn't very healthy for a preggie... hehe... BTW, i noticed there're a few stalls selling Avocado drink, but i suppose the orginal 1 is "Mr Avocado"? - cos tis was recommended in "ieatishootipost"... i like it but my tummy can't really take it - think they put alot of coconut in it, my tummy became bloated with wind... hehe

sperzz : i oso tried the satay u mentioned. Very nice! altho i m not a satay lover, i dun mind eating tis.... =)

sperzz : re the crocs sales - even they say "out of stock" at the entrance, there're still some inside, but very limited pairs... i went at 10+ in the morning, already very difficult to find sizes.. heng heng found 1 pair for my hb & 1 for myself... my daugghter's size hv quite alot, but only 1 or 2 colours available... u din go back on Sun? heard there'll be more stock on Sun...

piyobaby : i agree the crowd was crazy! but since i already waited sooooo long, i din want to give up! hahaha... BTW, did u chk the prices? i was careless, i juz pd & went off, only realised i was overcharged by $40 when i reached hm.... ended up making another trip to ask for refund of the difference... hehe...

merscboy : thanks for checking out the CK nursing bras. It's ok then, I'll find other alternatives. =)

ladies : in case you're interested, other alternatives for reasonably priced nursing bras :
http://www.momsinmind.com.sg/dropcupbras.html &
knitted bras fm http://www.mothersenvogue.com/

dazed : thanks for offering ur help. If i still can't find suitable ones by the, then i donbang u. Thank you! =)
Ladies Morning!!

dazed/pat/piyo: thanx alot..feeling much better now....after 4 time dailreal..still got some cramp..

piyo: Happy related birthday...
hw u celebrate your birthday har? HB got suprize you or not??guess u must be enjoy the day la..

Pat: bb is growthing ma..so of cos..violent one...if those item u eat and dialreal meaing is not v gd and stop eating that..maybe bb really dun like it...so just bear with it at the moment..if give birth then eat until u like lor.. anyway guess we also cant wait to see him..the disnay cloth i saw it too..but hb stop me for buying..so end up dun buy..only buy a small ball for him..with colour black,white & red..
Is my first-time so early today...on leave today, going for hair cut...still havent decide how much inches of hair to cut...heehee
gelato: hehe finally got to the Alx market..did u try the last stall Avocado juice?nice rite..hehehe that was my fav one..after drinking feel shiok hor..wow..u still have sting ray, sotong & kang kong for dinner..really enjoy life sia..hhehe..anyway take care when eating..hehe and drink more water..since intake so many chilly..ok..
willting : gonna cut short ur hair? preparing for confinement already ah? hehe...

cjteng : ya, i tried the 1 @ the end - Mr. Avocado... another stall along the way tried to jio me to buy theirs, but i didn't... hehe... it's nice, but alot of coconut milk makes me feel bloated... hehe... the uncle very cute, he told me : "rem Mr. Avocado is the original 1! u pregnant, shld drink more...." Thanks, i enjoy the dinner very much, but will not eat such stuffs too often... not so healthy for a preggie... hehe...
morning ladies.

gelato: I too lazy to go back and squeeze with pple lor. The satay at the mkt is nice hor, I missed it. Now seldom go there liao since Ikea got another outlet in Tampinese unless my HB wan to go Queensway to get his soccer boots.
morning ladies!!

today very sad lor...coz hubby went for 2 weeks reservist and only wed he will leave the car for me....so i took the train to work today!! and oh my god, i am like sardines lor...the moment i step in, majiam everyone fall asleep...even standing at priority seat also no use...i cant imagine those everyday got to take mrt to work one...tough rite?? Make me feel like taking leave tomorrow and stay at home leh...
gelato: ya, preparing for confinement...somemore have splitend at the end and body temperature increase, cannot tahan anymore...is time to cut hair too...haha
sperzz : Ya, the satay is nice, I normally dun eat satay, but my hb ask me to try 1, & i like it! wow, ur hb play soccer? he muz be very fit lor? My hb only watch soccer, no execise... that's y he's permanently 'pregnant'....haha...
Yesterday attened the class and see the labour video..overall still ok..hb also say..ok and fast labour lor..just "POP" and bb come out liao..i just feel a bit wired is the bb out and straight away put on your body..
i sure will shock want leh..and bb is abit white white colour..eer..now i really hope can faster labour out my boy..

by the way, the nurse told us, after 1 day of our labour can take shower liao..but cant wash hair yet..need to wait until 2 day later then can wash..cos she say scare wait we have headach...Y pp alway say cant take shower and need to wait until 12days then can take..she told us not sure thing..as last time pp use those water is from the outside and scare the water not clean so they cant take bath straight away..but now out water is clean..so after labour 1 day , can shower..if not our hb dun dare to sleep with us wor..aioy..heng ah..if not i sure cant tan han..dame smelly leh..
piyo: yday i went annaku at JB, wanted to buy the nappy for u...but my mum said the quality not so good although its cheap (its 10pcs at RM$21.90 only)...she stopped me from buying so i didnt buy also..

maybe should buy pigeon one...my hubby yday suddenly asked me whether anymore pigeon stuff need to buy or not...dunno want to trouble his that friend again or not leh
merscboy : if it's too tiring, juz take leave & stay at home... i take train everyday, but only 15-20mins per trip, so it's not too bad, for ur case, it's long journey - that's y so tiring. Tonite oso taking train back?

willting : but dun cut too short, better to keep at the length where u can still tie up ur hair. =) I regretted chopping off my hair! =)
miaiko: oh ya, wanted to tell u no offence on the playpen la...i not so petty one...coz different ppl have different tastes ma, i think good doesnt mean u think good...
well, here is just recommend and share nia...

oh, later at about bishan station then a school girl then let me have her seat lor...by then my legs so aching liao...then i feel so poor thing...wahahaha, like a big baby like tat...too spoilt liao.
gelato: ya,uncle is nice..and have a gd service.
now i alway feel of want to go and drink...heheh

mercs: ya, today I also..then i step in,all sleeping leh..and got one lady keep looking at me..but she also dun give up her sit to me..so when she got down..another man when to sit..and saw me..also dun want to give up his sit..just enjoy reading his newpaper leh..haiz.. wei.. 2 wks v fast past wan...i m sure your hb also dun wish to leave u alone..and he will try to come back if he can..maybe this wkend u can see him lioa..cheer up ok..
mercsboy: I used to buy the Annaku nappy for my son, my MIL said its gd. Mayb as wat u said bec pple got diff taste. I think the Pigeon nappy in JB also still cheaper than S'pore.
gelato: ya lor...nowadays stand too long also buay tahan leh...to work is more tough lor, always packed like sardines...back home still ok, coz raffles is interchange usually will have seats if u stand RIGHT at the door...i told him die die thursday must let me have the car, these 3 days coz he need to go for his exam so he got to use the car...

no problem on helping u see the bra, i went round and round the racks confirm dont have, me also so sad leh...
sperzz : good for us then... if hb fat, then we no need to feel too pressurised to slim down... haha...

cjteng : fm ur place to the mkt quite convenient oso right? i m juz thinking is it alright to drink so much coconut leh? uncle say good for preggies... =)