(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs


the other set i bought..hehe.cant wait to c bb in them leh

Pat: I saw these in Tom & Steffany in Westmall! I was attracted to the first set! Very cute, but quite warm for singapore climate, unless in aircon places though its good! I really like e hat!
ni: thanks for the tip on the maybank card, me and hubby gg to apply too. then can offset our stroller alr, yeh! no other conditions right? like min spending that mth must be how much etc.

sperzz: can refer pple and earn treats? then u refer me lor, wat do u need? my email is [email protected]
autumn: haha looks like only u and me are nite owls. ya the vest and all is quite warm, unless wear go church when air con v cold etc. i was tinking can just put over his romper no need wear the long sleeve t shirt. then hubby also say, oh v good if go genting can wear. haha, think so far wor.

tom and steff is a kids shop? are they also selling at $23 a set? got pants also i lazy to post
Pat: Yes, I am always up till 3 or 4am!! So scared bb will follow me and be night owl, but at the same time cant help staying up so late!

Tom & Steff is like Kiddy Palace, but much bigger! They also sell house hold things like bedsheets, and also adults clothes! There are not as many outlets around singapore though. I think the price is around what you stated, also selling the set. 2 different colour combinations, but I like the colour you chose!

Can go there look look, coz they have more variety of kids and baby clothes then kiddy palace, also alot cheaper!
autumn: wow bigger than kiddy palace? okie then i must check it out. i suppose the one in west mall is their biggest outlet? yup, they have orange and blue color also if i am not wrong

oh u r gg france, then u can get the thicker clothing for bb. i was there for hol during 16 weeks tat time. was great. hubby n me drove around, absolutely love the mountainous landscape there
hi autumnleaf and Pat, if u guys are the nite owls...i am prob the occasional morning pigeon???

Baby kicking me since 4am, rumbling tummy. Tahan very long already and couldn't coax him with just a glass of water...he just wont stay still in tummy.
Heavy rain now, and suddenly I had image of baby crying inside tummy, cold&hungry...ok ok i get the 'sad picture' - so here I am on the laptop eating Polar's chicken pie. And I suppose he is all appeased now, quiet inside....zzz I have a hungry terror for a son....and he must be thinking he has a stingy mom who just won't feed him enough!

Pat, love the second set! Very cool for a boy - look out for matching hip shoes and I'm sure he'll win the hearts of many gals!
Ladies Morning!!!

Dun really sleep well today...was awake by hb around 3am as he back from work.. after that tummy feel some cramp...around 3+am..i dialreal until now...cum also v hungry...but dare not want to wake hb up to ask him to bring me to eat...haiz..dun know izzit yesterday buffet eat too much..or not clean..make me dialreal..later will go and see doctor..
here i go again...
Pat: wowo ...think u choose the 1 bedder want..so gd..i choose 4 bedded,so if dun have,they will upgarde me to 2 bedder for free..
..for the cloth, i also like the 2nd set..so cool lor..heheh thanx for the info.. will go and look for it.
morn gals... been awake since 5+ too, but managed to fall back to sleep around 6... then dream of someone kicking my tummy.... haha... bb in real life of course...

yah, dr gave a concerned look but din say more... hehe... cos so far is 1kg per month then this month jump 2kg mah... and i barely scrapped thru my gtt mah... but he more concerned over the swelling and protein in urine...

so much post to read... so busy leh, no time come in and also not convenient... then last night had department dinner too... came back was so tired liao...

cjteng, hope you are better... me too this morn also tummy ache... last night had too much food... hehe...
morning ladies....

looks like so many did not have a good sleep last nite....mine was exactly the opposite, slept very well only to be awoken by the howling storm but glad can still go back to sleep...all the way untill now, if not bcos of the cramp in the calf would have slept in longer...lazy bum mi..

dazed...we went for buffet dinner yest nite too but nothing to shout about and ended wif a super full stomach, we are glad we did not have to pay full price for the dinner....=)
cjteng...hope u are feeling beta after ur visit to the doc....mayb taken some food which dun agree wif ur stomach...take care ya..
Hi, anyone bought the bathtub stand (not changing unit) which is easier to bathe baby at standing level rather than having to bend down to bathe baby atn floor level?
Thinking of getting for my mum since she will be bathing baby during confinement. Any comments on this? Where to get?
bluen: my u r one early bird ya..usually b4 i sleep i will take a glass of HL milk. nowadays stay up too late will also be hungry then very tempted to binge one, but i try to control abit. actually i saw a matching looking bb cap but din buy lah, it is those knitted beanie type from Fox baby but hubby say later too hot. so far i haven even buy any socks yet, only have those booties.

cjteng: poor gal are u better yet? maybe is ur buffet yesterday. hope is not food poisoning. rest and drink more water. btw nowadays abit strange when i take yakult, the next day i will diarrhoea leh. last time i not like that one. maybe bb dun like yakult, but i love the grape flavor. sulk

Baby been kicking me very hard too. and i think i can feel his feet cos will have something hard bulge out around my ribs for awhile then move away then come back. i guess should b feet not hands since gynae say he head turned liao. can b quite uncomfy leh, y he so violent one!
bluen: i wanted to get a bath tub stand initially too but my auntie, who will be helping me look after bb said that no need. cos she has been helping my bro bb bathe last time, she just put the tub on top of the toilet bowl with the cover down and she put a chair and sit next to it. the height is just nice she says. so she no need to stand also
Pat...tis few days bb's head near my chest thus having discomfort...feel like bb head pushing against the rib cage....

just went to crocs warehouse sales b4 lunch and the crowd + queue is super crazy...the shoes are like thrown all along the corridor, place is packed & stuffy wif very poor ventilation...but glad we managed to buy a few pairs...din manage to buy for our boi though...
PAT: Thanks for asking mi to refer u for the MAYBANK credit card. I can pass u the form. At the moment I only got 1pc of the Application form, I will go get 1 more for ur husband. The main criteria is that u must b a new applicant, not holding any MAYBANK card. Can u PM me ur HP no., so that I can call u once I get the forms.
piyo: I went to the crocs at arnd 2pm but fully sold out, asked mi to go tomorrow. Dun think I wan to go. Was it a very gd buy, alot of design available?
hi ladies,
just finished catching up with all the posts. din sleep well last nite. woke up dunno how early due to my backache. i think bb was pressing against my rib cage area then i feel numb and my back starts to ache. couldnt find a comfortable position to sleep also. then as i was abt to fall asleep, my younger gal came to my bed and make soooo much noise, end up i woke up and got things going. spent the whole day outside sending them for enrichment classes. too tired now but dare not sleep, cos scared at nite later cant sleep.

Pat: what time mass do you usually attend at St. Anne's? we try to go for the 9am mass or sat sunset mass. no fixed timing. hope to go for the 7.30am mass cos the kids attend cathechism too. maybe we can meet someday ya.
i oso thinking whether to get the bath tub stand or not.
cos i'll be doing my own confinement, just anyhow anyhow la.
so i will need to bathe the baby myself, all have to be done myself lor.
but how much does the stand cost?
hi ladies...
sigh... went tested on the SEAHORSE mattress ... i like the diamond but hb find it hard... aiyer... so now scratching head again... think due to my backache now, i find it more comfy to lie down on firmer mattresses. but my hb was thinking tat maybe the backache will go away once the bb is born, thus better buy a medium firm mattress... how ner??
mo3: if me, i will persuade my hubby to get the firmer one...coz i will tell him, we are getting old, our bones and spines...need support!! hehe. i have been sleeping on firmer bed so far (mine is simmons), and i love it lor...supports my back.

xpink: i also not having confinement lady leh...but i think my mum will help abit...but guess i will definitely touch water lor...its impossible not to touch water hor
hi xpink, bluen: I think its around $100 at The First Few Years (http://www.firstfewyears.com.sg/warehouse/detail.htm?ProductID=BC%2D7)
Im also quite interested in it.

mo3: Firm mattresses are good for the back right?

Went for my GTT this morning.. made to swallow one bottle of yucky super sweet drink, then after that I felt nauseous and had stomachache.. apparently its one of the side effects? Did anyone get that? Dont know my results yet but keeping fingers crossed.. but I hope the side effects is not related to my tolerance of sugar =p

Cheekygal: The GTT is quite ex wor.. paid $90 for it!!

Baby is 1.1 kg at 28 weeks.. gynae says its average again.. hmm.. but really glad to see bb again.. from now on my appt will change to 2 weeks so I get to see bb in 2 weeks time! =) yay!

piyo: Happee bdae to u!! =) how r u celebrating??
mmm,persuade myself easier than to persuade my hb loh... anyway,will go back to try again...btw,does any1 have other pro pts on SEAHORSE brand mattresses huh? i heard from somewhere tat lying on foam mat r feels more hot, is it true for SH brand?

actually we also like slumberland royal princess... but i dun wan to step into those cat... which will surely be $2k+,comparing simmons,sealy,serta. cos i feel that those are higher priced as in they have to pay adverts,sales stuff,retail shops... i mean, the money we pay on a mattress has factored a portion on those...
xpink/flo: yah a lot of the items in TFFY shop is actually cheaper than the online price due to promotions, so flo probably has the more updated price on the stand =)
hi blessedmum.. u too? I havent been sleeping well too.. last night toss and turn till 3 am.. mebbe a bit nervous about the GTT today. My gynae see me first thing say I look like a zombie haha.. how r u?
sus...thanks...=) we went for an early simple celebration yest...buffet dinner @ Holiday Inn Atrium's Melting Pot Cafe but food is disappointing and nothing to shout abt...
hi ladies...
GOOD MORNING to every1...normally i will not wake up soo early on a sunday... not today funny.... maybe bb want to eat Again...
wake up,feeling hungry again... preparing half-boil egg and milo... argh... i am sure will go hungry before lunch time again...kekeke....what program today huh?...
mo3, i'm stuck at home today... hehe... but maybe i will make a trip to the king's ice cream warehouse sale... wanna buy ice cream to make milkshake...
sus, wow it is quite exp.
i was hoping it would be less than $50. coz' some mummies paid $20 someting for GTT.

piyobaby, happy birthday to u!
may all yr wishes come true and u deliver a healthy precious in blue.
morning gals!

piyo: happy birthday! nice meeting u yesterday! ha!

sus: i have not been sleeping well. last night woke up in middle of night again.. its the n-th time this week... sigh.. nowadays cant wake up in the mornings... i get up later than hubby now.. ha! it used to be the other way round..

btw: i saw nursing bra at giant.. costs $9.90 each.. so if u gals cant get it at CK.. maybe u can try giant?
Hi ladies, thanks for advice on the bath tub stand. My toilet bowl too small to accommodate bath tub and most of my tables are wooden so will spoil furniture if contact with water like that.

Was chatting with hubby and thinking once baby gets bigger and can sit up in tub splash water, probably dangerous to bathe him at such a height. And what are we to do with the stand then? A bit wasted keep till next baby...

Decided maybe we'll buy a small metal table instead with similar stand - at least with a table top can place bathtub / can use for other purpose in the house/fold in storeroom when not in use.

Very practical hor - but for $90-100....must find something more multipurpose
piyo: happy bday to u!!!=)

blessedmum: nursing bra is only $9.90??? i bought triumph one at $40! wauu.. and the design is so ugly man!!!!

sus: i check with gynae, i need not do the GTT test, cos no have relatives who have diabetes.. lucky me. my baby is slightly heavier than yours.. 1.3kg at 28 weeks. hope dun grow too big, me is praying for natural delivery...

dazed: where's the king's icecream warehouse sale???

i want to try to cook fried rice later! wish me luck! hope can be as successful as cheekygal's!!! =)
bluen: yes i think the bath tub stand not v useful leh .. i dun think i want to put the tub on my toilet bowl cover too as its not totally flat surface.. was thinking can bathe baby in the room too ... jus bring the tub in..

ni: yes.. u can go check it out.. i also checked out spring's nursing bra.. cheapest (decent design) was 23.90 (plus the pads).. if u got membership card, can deduct 10% .
sus: I felt the side effects u mentions, after drinking the yucky sweet drink during the GTT. felt horrible.

bluen16: eh... I bought the bathtub and stand. coz got back problem. But agree that table mor practical for future use. I got the stand coz of the comfortable height for me. Maybe I got no chance to find a table with suitable material, height and portability..
piyo: happy birthday to u babe!

sperzz: i will pm u in awhile my contacts

sarnval: wow u go to church so early ah, i always cannot wake up one, cant even make it for 11am mass! haha...so i usually go for 6pm service, sat or sun depends
happy birthday piyo!

sus: me no have this side effects when drinking the drink. maybe that time i was fuming mad so just gulp and gulp! hey, your test is ex leh.