(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

talking abt food, i'm hungry now

mercsboy, yes, this is number 2 and hubby really wish to have a boy so i dun know if i'll be brave enuf to have #3, because as we age, we can really feel the different during preggy time.
if i go for #3, i've to do it b4 i'm 36, it means latest by 35 i've to conceived..... wah, dun even dare to think abt it now.

i'm munching away now...heehee
juz finished the new mushroom chicken puff from old changkee den now eating the O'fish from there oso
can't help feeling sometimes pp no ren qing wei, when they knock down pp w/o looking back.

my first few mths, i was like covering my tummy with my hands out of fear that someone might accidentally bang into me... pp r in such a hurry sometimes. scary...

dun think on it anymore, afterall all passed liao. on the bright side, maybe ur #3 will b twins...
suika : wah! i saw the new flavour. nice anot? i tat time eat the chilli crabs puff, i tot inside got crabs, end up is crabsticks! -_-"
april1: u came to the rite thread, this thread all the mummies r always on the lookout for good food. anytime of the day also talk abt food, like a true blue Singaporean.. ahahaha
suika: good that u are munching some food.
eat more also! is the new flavour nice?
my all time fave from old chang kee is none other than their sardine puff.. yummy
ni : tat time i eat the claypot rice, not tat nice leh. so-so only. but maybe its too late liao, they closing soon so anyhow anyhow.
i like the claypot rice at chai chee road there.
v nice!
ju: that's y lunch time oni eat chicken soup mah...so now tummy ok liao can start my eating again....heehee

ni: it's written there as new flavor...but it's not curry...it's like chicken pie like that....at least it's non spicy for mi la :p
ni, xpink_xuanx: speaking of claypot rice, used to like the one in geylang. But standard seems to have dropped. They cut back on the ingredients. So quite disappointing now.

mercsboy: Still road crab. Today's friday. Sure packed one.
ju >> wah, i found myself another group of makan kakis, hehehe!!!!

we at cna forum also always talk abt food and we really make it for those good food! but ofcose different, there i'm the only preggy mummy

oh, and i'm sure jan/09 mums are all friendlier den others (i mean other mths).
suika: waht happen to you? u vomit blood again? are u ok?

tell u ah, i so forgetful until my hb talk to me he say wanna vomit blood ah. then he said "i gonna be like suika like that, also vomit blood, cos talk to you very jialat". haiz.. bo bian mah, i forgetful mah
mercs: what happen to ur eyes? me craving for crabz long time liao... close eyes also can see the chilli crab, the black pepper crab... wooo... anyway, i gng for crab feast next tues.. cant wait!

ange: i know which stall u talking abt.. always long queue also. we always call to book and order first... its 4.20 and we are always talking abt food. no wonder gain weight so fast! haha
suika: i never peeped at ppl urinating liao...so my eyes ok liao!!! can send electricity to u using my small eyes liao...hehe

ange: the geylang one standard drop liao...used to be so packed..now no liao...
usually still road crab, i will call and order one...then just pick and go...then bring home enjoy...i dont quite like to eat crabs outside...unglam lah...hehe, unless with family.
suika: yr medicine from GP finished already or not? its worrying isnt it....i was thinking is it coz u vomit too hard, and strain the area already so when vomit got blood...
mercs: bring home cold liao still nice to eat meh? i like to eat hot hot food..

samval: wow, ur hubby also know suika vomit blood ah??? suika, u r famous leh!

april1: whats cna forum??
ni: ya, everytime my pilates instructor asks me how's my week, or what are my plans, it's always about high tea here, lunch or dinner there. This pregnancy is all about food! uurrgghh!
samval: ya lor....as usual but now feeling better liao....it's always at nite now that i very xinku n must vomit out the gas
u hv to tell ur hb...u forgetful not something u wan ley....must encourage u mah

mercsboy: send electricity to me?? come come i'll cut off ties with PUB
gelato: bb having hiccups is what feeling one? i think my bb very lazy leh...he not moving as much, but sometimes very itchy if he moves...
ni, is channel news asia forum.
last time we are very on, a lot of people all the time, just like this 01/09 mum's. but now a bit quiet liao (lots of people busy with work and some left for good due to some crazy clones).

talk abt them, we always can find a good reason for gathering..... we'll be out again soon to celebrate a forumer that pass driving test and another that just got a new job.

sometimes we do arrange things in a small group as well..... we got all the celebration as well. xmas, cny, nat.day, bday, anything we can think of, hehehe
ni: ya lo. cos i told him suika so poor thing already in final lap but still feel like that. i think suika had this problem for some time aldy liao. so then he disturb me lor.

suika: ya told him liao. but hor, i keep asking him something i asked him about few minutes ago like that.. haha
ni: u know what my hubby did? he bought those keep warm bag (like those pizza hut style one), specially to pack the crabs, so when go home still hot one...

suika: hehe...not power enough...got fats around blocking the electricity leh...
talking about PUB bills, have anyone here receive the 1st bill since PUB increase the tariff??
mercsboy: ur boi kicks u itch? mi feeling a sudden tuck n sometimes abit pain lor...like he pulling his cord like that
suika: go see again and get the medicine la...dont force yrself to vomit and strain the area. hopefully when baby is out, this problem will go away by itself...
suika: u really geng woman, still can joke when u vomit blood... <hit>

april: u got add us in facebook? we got an upcoming gathering in Nov, but haven't confirmed date yet leh... u wanna come.
Ange: Same.. Im constantly thinking about my next meal eat what already hehe

gelato: I still dunno how bb hiccups are like.. is it like rhymic kick?

mercs: wat happen to ur eye?

suika: good to hear u eating.. eat more cos u always vomit.. need more nutrition..
samval: u told ur hb i vomit blood? oh....next time sees him must compare with him see who's blood more liao :p
that's wad my hb does....keep asking mi the same thing again n again...make mi so mad

mercsboy: mi still waiting for the bill
sure sure, am i welcome?
but if the gathering is on weekend, den is difficult for me because my hubby is anti social (the ops of me) but i can try!!!
should i put my email here or pm u?
mercsboy: my hb says go back buy med lor....he scare i vomit blood again n again

ju: coz i everyday vomit mah....this is the fourth time i vomit blood liao...so kind of used to it....juz whenever that happens i'll b very xinku lor

sus: mi oni keep feeling hungry so keep eating like pig sia
suika: ya lor...sometimes he kicks i find it itchy leh...then i will giggle lor...pain ya sometimes...

ange: huh!! usage went down but bill went up??? i am expecting my bill still leh...this month should be at least $150 already...haiz...expenses getting higher and higher
Friday, 14 Nov dinner
1. Mercsboy
2. Ju (meecat)
3. Sperzz
4. Suika
5. Cjteng
6. Fiona
7. willting

Fri 21 Nov dinner
1. Mercsboy
2. Ju (meecat)
3. Ninilicious
4. Babystarlet
5. Sperzz
6. Suika
7. Chere
8. Pat
9. mo3
10. Fiona
11. willting
12. A-n-g-e

Sunday, 16 or 23 Nov, lunch, tea or dinner?
1. piyobaby
2. ni
3. dazed (no dinner please)
4. Fiona
5. willting
Suika, 21st is also my company d&amp;d and i cannot go because is my hubby grandma 90th bday.
can i pm you or ju my email add??

ange: my usage this mth sure increase one...coz got a few weekends i didnt go out...was at home surfing net and play games...so sure my bill will increase one...haiz...

suika: please go and see the GP again....its worrying lor...