(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

hello mummies, I'm back...

Janjan, no problem we should be able to sign up for JG cos I have another interested mummy. Suika informed you already ? I think there is still slots for us.
those on gain, there's some exchange program on today at ntuc extra jp, carrefour suntec and giant tampines... bring empty can (other brand) to exchange for free 400gm can of gain iq. only today 11 am to 7 pm.
dazed, thanks for the update. I gg to exchange tmw. At least can save abit of money. But muz other brand of milk powder rite?
xpink: maybe u can change then give or sell away the milk cheap cheap? - at least u will have empty cans of other milk.. or me, only got gain, dunno if that can be used to exchange or not.
piyo/xpink.. just found out our kiddos maybe be thrown out of museum cos too young. haha.. so, i'll be gg fairprice finest later instead.. go top up gain iq lol
dazed: tiring cos of jetlag, I gave up counting the hours... I helped to baby sit other babies on the plane... US shopping is fantastic but too bad I only have 4 hours...
hello! I just came back from Fairprice Finest and I must say, this is the first time i spent $421 in a supermarket. all thanks to one carton of gain IQ... haha, quite worth it lah, 2x900g for $56.75. On top of that, I have the maybank cr card, which qualifies me for another 5% cash rebate. yahoo!!

yes dazed.. when swimming again. shyan misses your porridge.
ni: thanks...he still coughing la...but better already cos yday he still can dance when he heard wonder girls..shit..
he spent a air tix to taiwan lor..
my pocket is bleeding...LOL

erm...me still ok la...think used to it le..
i think confinement plays a part...so i dont fall sick that easily
laugh: ya he at infantcare today...if i take leave again, i scared my boss tell me might as well dont come to work anymore...LOL
Mercs: I dun do confinement well but I still as strong as a cow... Haha... U planning a trip to tw?? Fun
mercs....good that Kyler is up and jumping again! He is not covered under insurance / hospitalisation plan?

seriously think that confinement is impt cos blame myself for not listening and going hands on in many things during confinement, im all aches and pains now...immunity dipped too!
ni: good good..when yr age catch up like me then u will know...

piyobaby: cos i compare with SIL ma, her son sick she also will sick..never mind, make it up when u have 2nd kid..
insurance one...haiz...dun wanna talk about it le..all i can say is i learnt a lesson.

kyler is up & jumping, but the stupid anti biotic make him lao sai leh...then i worried that the IFC ask me to bring him home...then i die liao..
mercs, good to hear that kyler recovered.

ann / jan, swimming huh, i might be out this sat. sunday morn? next week also might be out whole weekend.

just received letter, young parents fiesta 26 / 27 June at marina sq. jiahe having his finals there.
anyone knows when kidsloft will be having their sale again?

who was it who had the sack n seat? any reviews? i'm thinking of getting...
dazed: if we free, we go MS to jia you for JH k..
i have the sack & seat...
think not quite suitable for JH, cos he is quite big rite? then cloth part that is at the lower part might be too low for him, then will defeat the purpose, cant hold him well.
does he moves alot? if he can guai guai sit there still ok..
that is my views la...maybe other brands will be better? i not too sure then..
mercs, thanks! the competition is on 26 at 6 - 7.30 pm.

oh really? i was thinking of getting cos oct will be going to aussie with my sil's twins, afraid restaurants will not have so many baby chairs. if no tie him up, he will wreck havock... hehe... maybe i borrow from you one weekend to try out can?
ashley: mt A is not cheap...but the nurses all very nice...kyler still give them flying kiss when he discharged leh. irritating boy
we took one bedded la, thats why ex..cos both of us wanna stay over, no one want to go home..

dazed: by then JH will be 20 mths rite? confirm he cant use...sure u can try out if u want, but i can tell u he sure cant use..cos even kyler also almost cant use le.

ni: you are younger than me leh...
mercs, those safety first booster seats ah? similar to those used in sakae sushi? that one no good. jh will bounce and bounce in his seat until the whole seat can fall off... i always have to keep an elbow on the seat to prevent it... cos the suction on the seat no good...
Merc: arrr wow so popular!! What matters most is Kyler get well soon, money, if need to spend need to spend de. Ya i totally understand , that time my hubby and I both wanna keep Darius company also, so also ended up with 1 bedded. Hee Anxious parents ma.
yooozzz, just back from trip.
Crystal 1st time overseas,kinda headache.the last landing,she cried for 15mins,whole
flight looking at us.

i actually lost weight during the whole trip bec crystal needs me to carry her thruout.so
mercs...if u dun mind...can share wat kind of crappy experience u faced wif ur insurance cos it sounds really bad ar?

Mt A has got a kiddie ward and think they have quite a handful of private paeds recommending Mt A. even though it is a private hosp but their charges are very competitive.
babystarlet...should be due to the air pressure which make her uncomfy...luckily u are about to land and disembark! imagine if it is take off and u have to tahan the whole flight, worst rite.
piyobaby: i cant comment too much cos the agent is my cousin...relationship already kindof affected..so its not too nice to say too much ya.

ya the nurses there are very nice and kyler like all of them...but i hope he dont visit them again la...LOL

bbstarlet: she dont take pacifier? i think she uncomfortable ba..where did u go?
mercs: haha,kyler 处处留情ah.. the nurses there must love him alot leh. he can dance to wonderboys means he is well on the road to recovery! yippee! well done kyler!

dazed: nearer to jh big day put a reminder here hor, then we try to go there and support support. but i should be be back from genting by then.
janjan: haiz...he still coughing la..think not so fast recover de...but as long dont camp there can le..hospital food sucks!
piyo > me tahan nevermind,but e whole flight woh.i pity those sitting near me.haha.
The best part is i dropped her hanky at the airport,so she's without her comfort thruout.tht's why she cried more??hee.

mercs > she take pacifier,but no use.cannot comfort her.
I went taiwan,then hk,macau den back to HK.

best is taiwan,my fav place now.