(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

mummies with tods still using pacifier, does your tod bite thru the pacifier very quickly now? i'm like changing almost every other week leh...
emq, i'm not sure, but usually insect bites heal within a few days and is isolated spots. jh's almost a month liao, and the patches becoming bigger too...
dazed: my pacificer can last leh. but i will really love to wean him off soon, but he quite dependent on the tutu, esp during sleeping time
ni: same here.. got one period of time she dowan tutu, now she is back at it again.. esp these few days, she's teething again, so every one or two hours she will wail for tutu and i have to find for her and stuff into her mouth. result: mummy walks like a zombie and has eye bags that can contain watermelon
dazed: kyler weaned off tutu for a month already. but before that, he dont bite it leh...when he teething also didnt chew on it la..
jan, i want to wean him off, but recently he very dependent on it leh, cos he sick, then i look at the legs i also xing tong, can't bare to remove his source of comfort... he actually dun really take tutu to sleep, he will suck suck, then remove before falling sleeping and hold in his hand. is during day time that he will chew on it... he's still on stage 2 pigeon tutu, want to change to stage 3 but he reject. stage 2 can bite thru very easily cos is thin.
Dazed: JH bite tutu. My #1 used to bite the milk bottle teat & we had to replace them every week! We eventually gave her the Avent training sprout to drink her milk instead. They are double the price, but she can't bite through them... kekeke...
oh, so JH is not the only one that dun like pigeon stage 3! hehe... i think so too. you try put in his mouth, he will spit it out, far far! haha
emq, so far only tutu, teats ok leh... maybe because after he finish, he's been taught to bring the bottle to either me or my mom for washing, so no chance to bite... hehe...
dazed: No, she bites while drinking her milk! & once she bit through the teat while drinking & the milk gashed out, so gagged! So funny lol.. of course she was scolded by her dad... good thing my younger 2 do bite, but not as bad as #1.
Dazed, Z is super addicted to his tutu and he love to grind tutu which produce the rubbing sound but perhaps avent is thicker so have not bite thru before

Medela service centre
J & E Baby & Mothercare Pte Ltd
No. 81 Toh Guan Road East
#03-01 Secom Centre
Singapore 608606
Tel: 6562 3008
Technical enquiries: 6562 6298
willting: mi still continues coz no.2 coming so might s well continue but detergent oni soaking of bots....wash w water oni
willting: i stop sterilizing many months back...think when he was 10th mth old or so.
but i am still using the baby washing detergent...i tot mama lemon too soapy...anyway now used slower le
wilting, i think my maid still sterilizing bottles and tutus, however do it every night only. i still using baby washing detergent also, can change le ah?
mercs..thanks for the contact. The technical enquiries super lousy....not very helpful totally...can only say the techinical staff all out for lunch, she's not sure of the price range...then why waste people's time explaining when u cant answer queries! fainted....
piyobaby: no prob...i did write it down previously ma. i went there before, and i remember they have a standard rate for repairing, like motor how much, parts how much etc.
the girl should be able to answer ma...
your pump spoilt ah?
suika, mercs and ni: thanks for your answers, I still sterilizing and using baby washing detergent...was thinking should i continue to use the baby washing detergent or mama lemon...
willting : I'm still using sterilizer and bottle wash also. Even my #1 4yrs old, i still sterilise her bottle once a day when i sterilise bravier's bottle together. Since #3 coming, so i don intend to stop it yet.
looking at the situation now, we are likely to postpone our trip to BKK. so that means i van go JG! anyone keen to join me to get aditional 20% disc?? i'm eyeing on the beach series, morning session...
Wilting: I'm still sterilizing both #2 & #3's bottles... more out of habit than anything. & the bottles are sterilised after every use. My MIL still insist on rinsing everything with boiled water for the kids! I scold my maid every time I see her do that (cos it's such a waste of water!)... but I know my MIL will tell her to do that... then I'd ask MIL if the restaurants rinses everything with boiled water too, & if not should we not bring the kids out lol?
Jan: I was thinking of you this morning when I read the news. I think safer to just keep away la. But how huh? Can claim travel insurance? Or airline refund?
thanks xpink and emq...I have bought the baby wash detergent at carrefour just now, thought of stop using that but see so many of u still using so decide to continue...hehe...

janjan: where is JG?
emq: cannot refund. but tiger offer 3 ways: 1. reschedule, 2. change destination and 3. change to credit and then travel on a later date.

i haven't bought insurance and booked hotel yet... :D

we are most likely going to pick option one... and then maybe rent a car and drive into Genting :D who wanna join us?

Willting: JG has a few outlets, the Beach theme is to be held at sentosa... and many mummies are going :D http://www.juliagabriel.com/images/downloads/HolProgJune2010_X_web2.pdf
mercs....the girl is terrible lor..initially she say she dun noe the cost then say for motor repair cost about 300-400 which is crazy..might as well buy a new pump! then she say labour charge (50-100)for sure when they touch and dismantle the pump for check cos cant diagnose w/o doing that...
willting: I stopped sterilizing since seven mths ever since we moved to US. Here they dun usually sterilize or sell baby detergent too.. the common practice is to soak warm water with normal detergent.. seems ok for us, rinse thoroughly =)
janjan: join us at JG lar, sure gonna be fun! think the 3pm class is mostly or ALL jan09 mummies!

i think LNT still around lar, just the director run away only
Jan dun think classes affected, din noe they are kinda related to shicida method
yes so far JG beach theme 3pm has got 10 jan bbs! Coolz!
piyo: thanks for the news link. didn't know that. hope it doesn't affect my class at hougang. anyway, going to stop after this term finishes. my boy is losing interest in the class. Is JG fun?
I'm still using the steriliser too. I also heard that we can stop using by now, but it becomes a habit to do so once every night. feel a little insecured not sterilising. but hopefully it doesn't do more harm than good...
ni: i wanna go, but must get 4 other mummies to sign up.. i need the extra 20% discount :D

i still sterilise bottles at least one everyday. ya, like kamy, its now a habit. a few times i wanted to keep, but then i think hor, buy the steriliser not cheap wor, keep in the cupboard like very wasted, then end up continue to use it. haha... just now i was toying with the thought of stopping sterilising also.. but cannot leh...
I seldom sterilise my bottles too. Thought I try to sterlise like once a week. I actually stopped doing it regularly after 1 year old.I become quite relax about most stuff after baby turns 1, but still continuing the baby detergent.

Piyo, thanks for sharing the link. Was thinking of signing up LNT, but ruling it out now
Phew !

janjan, lucky you didn't book anything for you BKK trip yet, just re-schedule for a later date ba! Hope the suituation gets better. For JG, try tagging along with the others' registration for 20% discount? Since we have so many joining the same class, maybe try to call and ask them?
precious: haha, actually i booked in oct last year. but tiger airways is ok, they allow us to change to travel credit or rechedule or even change destination without incurring $50 admin charge. so hor, we are now hoping that they will come out with another notice to extend these options to us, for those who travel in june :D

oh, ok, i will call. thanks.
Jan/Precious/Kamy/Wilting: On sterilising, my nephew's PD says it's ok to continue sterilising, there's no harm & he still does it for his kids till 8 years & beyond!

I suppose if you dun find it a chore, doesn't mind, then continue lol... one day when I want to free up my kitchen space, I shall remove the sterilizer.. kekeke, maybe after my trip, since we won't be able to sterilise during the trip...
Jan: Cool! Congrats! So your course is about a year? Should have more time with Shyan when you are on course... nice!
Getting worried. Yest Delia hit on her forehead on the glass table and back of her head on the floor. She vomitted once b4 she slp and once this morning but before she vomit she was coughing so not sure it bec of cough she vomit or the fall. She is still very active and playful so wondering shld I bring her to KKH???
Mummies, ask u all ah, when the molar is sprouting out, will the gum get swollen?? I find kyan's gums swollen, dunno is it the molar coming out...

mgteo, I juz called KKH, was advised to bring her to A&E. Now waiting for HB to go home n fetch her.

ni, she vomited all her dinner out. And morning after finish her milk she vomitted out too.