(2008/10) Oct 2008

i also starts to tink of ways to induce labour leh... heehee... my stupid hubby say wanna use the clothes peg to giap my nipple help me induce bb out
. Later gg see gynae and do ctg hopefully will get some good news... my bb at 38 weeks still not engaged and cervix still close

morning mummies,
i am 2 days overdue..sigh... wonder why baby like to stay inside so long.. someone ask me to try Raspberry Leaf Tea. I tried for 1wk, but still not sign of labour. i even go long walking (shopping) but not successful. I am trying to think of other safe ways to induce naturally. Any ideas from experience moms beside nipples stimulation and intercourse?
Mi gog into 39 weeks this sat, oso no signs of labour. But my pelvis pain is getting worst..yest nite when i changed my sleeping position, its really painful..weird thing is..my pain onli comes frm my left side.
I also experiencing the same as u leh!! The pain only on my left side and its very painful but i also dunno if its contraction or not.. tot contraction shld be the whole tummy pain??
Those colls of mine who go into labour early ard 37 weeks walk alot... and they have an easy labour too.

Going off for my gynae appt le! Hopefully my gynae will have good news for me today!

Have a nice day mummies!
hello mummies,

finally wash my hair after 1 week..Very Shiok!! gg to c Dr Adrain later, thus CL say better faster let me bath..=)

hope that all mummies & mummies-to-be are getting on well =)

me slowly getting the hang of lil Ashton's routine, will latch him every 2 hours plus..on good days 3 hours..will try to catch some sleep when he snooze off..

not sure if it helps, but my CL has been adding Quaker Oats into my Milo (she say can increase bm)..been drinking for about 2 days, and jus yest, i was oni pumping out 60ml..and this morning..i was shocked that i managed to pump out 120ml =) perhaps, can try =)

nite feed : bb is drinking ebm (60ml) + about 1oz+ of fm (frisco) to last the nite before i latch him on at about 6am
<font color="aa00aa">jollyhappy
Glad to know that you and bb are doing well!


Mummies who are in the waiting games
Hope to hear good news from you gals soon! Jiayou! Wonder who will be the next one to pop! </font>
im sure my gynae knows when to tell me to induce... no worries cos he's not post-term yet.. only after 42wks is post-term...

i went to bed lor... :p

my gynae didnt say how long.. kkekeke.. guess, he doesnt set a deadline unless either mother or baby is in distress.. but i'll def be asking him when is my deadline this sat during my appt, cos like u.. the weight is soo heavy.. and my legs n back cant take it le.. :s
why do u choose for c-section on sat? cannot induce meh?

honestly, i wonder whats keeping our babies hor? so many mummies pop before EDD.. but ours like dont wanna make appearance yet!! duhz!

dont worry... i guess, for us its a constant worry.. but u see, so many diff worries for diff mummies/babies... am sure everything will work out!! stay positive!!

Lynnzee, Trace, elchwong, Jeregiam,
seems we are all in the waiting game... but now, both Jeregiam and me are overdue! im 3 days overdue now... counting down to when i can finally see my boy!!! *sob*

wow.. great to hear that you're now doing so well with ur CL and lil Ashton!!
Hi Mummies,

Long time no post liao. Hope all are well. Congrats to all mummies who have delivered. Your BBs are so adorable
I am waiting to 'pop' anytime...now at 39wks3d...the weight is getting unbearable....waddling like a duck nowadays..sianz!

Hey Trace, Lynzee,
experiencing the same as u ladies, jus tat mine is on the right..nt sure if it's bb fidgeting abt or contraction tho..
I was so warm last night that I went for a swim. So shiok. Woke up two hours ago, and I'm once again very sleepy. Sigh. This kind of life very boring. Or perhaps I should just keep quiet. Who knows if I would wish for more such days when bb is out. I have a feeling my baby won't come out so fast.
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

pls do not pm, email: [email protected]
TraCe, forest
My massage lady charge me $300 for 5 days session, 1 n 1/2 hour per session, so work out to be $60 per day, $40 per hour. Sorry to be so detailed. Haha... She will collect the amount at the last session. She sell me her binder for $10 only. I know that binder is more expensive than $10 if I am to buy myself. She worried I cant slim down so she gave me a bottle of slimming lotion to apply at home. Cause I small pain cant tahan. She asked me to apply myself to soften the cellulite. I am really grateful for her help. Feel like giving her ang pao after 5 session.

Rebecca, nickypower, mousebb,
Thanks for your compliments. Me n my hubby dun look good so we actually quite grateful that Clarissa din have our ugly features.

According to my doctor, Dr Tham from KKH, baby decided the time to come out. That is when their lungs (the last organ to be developed) are matured enough. So induction may not be good for the baby. I induce my baby cause I got unstoppable bleeding (fresh red). She ends up a bit breathless when she is borned. I am guilty, worried that it is my fault to have her induced. So if you can tahan, just let your baby choose her own birthday. If she is overdue and there is cause for concern, I am sure your doctor will suggest to you induction.
Hiya Karen,

Understand what you mean...it's the waiting part now..am surfing the net, reading books, falling asleep, etc...waiting, waiting. Mayb we should just enjoy the slow pace now.
Wonder when i will be able to do this again after bb is out.
Morning Mummies,

Pildough, no la.. i see more handsome boys than my boy. My boy sure not heartbreaker.. although he breaks mummy heart by bo chup me at time. Hahahaahha!!

Carole, ur hubby so funny.. GA for dressing and remove stitches! Hahahah!
Hi Mummies,

Is it true that we should not start on herbal tonics during the first 10 days of confinement? Any comments?
Dr Tham really very good right. If without him, I don't think I can deliver Clarissa successfully.
I got fibroid and polyp during my pregnancy hence constant bleeding. My HB n I also very kan cheong spider so we kept bothering him. He never display frustration at all.
Once, I broke down and cried at his room cause BB only gain less than 100g over 2 weeks in my week 36, he console me and explain to me the weight gain of BB patiently.
Dunno why, after having Clarissa, I become more humble &amp; grateful for all things. Last time, I'm quite the complain queen type. Only in term of work, I never complain. Weird right? How motherhood change me.

tried calling but calls not allowed...so i left her an sms..hope she is able to help mi with my post natal massage

She probably at another mother place. She left my place at 10.30am to go to another mother place. She never answer phone when she's with me. I heard of cases whereby many so-called good massage ladies was too busy answering phone calls as they got many business. I think it is a good sign she never picked up your calls during her other massage session. That shows her professionalism. Dun worry, she will reply sms. I keep contact with her through sms. If she never reply u, let me know. I will tell her tmr. U going for natural or C-cut? C-cut cant massage too early.
Carole, remove stitches and bandage not pain one lah. At most like ant bite. U sure can handle it one lah.

Diane, i dunnoe leh. Other Mummies, any latest news on the baby bonus and CDA for 1st babies?

BB Poo:
Marcus poo as soon as he got out of me. Haha... doctors and nurses were laughing while cleaning him up. Saying it's a good sign, shows that bb have ass. I was like WTF, of coz have lah. Haha...
I heard that if BB poo wile still inside tummy, it will be emergency. May coz breathing problems for bb.
My MIL also say no tonics for 1st week. She say body not ready to take tonic yet. She only started tonics for me at week 2. Now Week 3, she making Dom Chicken etc for me. Even more bu!!
Jollyhoppy, wow u can really express alot leh...but hor i dont like oats leh! Today i managed to express 100-120ml. Hopefully can increase as time goes by. Your supershield is useful?? Mine leak! So i stopped using liao
For CDA and baby bonus, I had already opened a CDA account for baby with OCBC while I'm still in TMC. And OCBC will help us make all applications to MCYS. I heard we are inly entitled to the old baby bonus now, the rest of the $ will be given to us only after legislation is passed end this month. Anyway, for baby bonus, it will be given in parts, not lump sum.

Oats to increase BM:
Yes I read that oatmeal can increase BM. Had been having it once every 2-3 days and I can pump out 180ml now... so probably it's useful? Also eat lots of protein (fish especially), it helps too.

My CL quite good at cooking leh. Yesterday I had chicken rice for lunch and char kway teow for dinner. Today I had fried fish bee hoon for lunch!!! Yummy...
Today I plan to pump for 5 sessions instead of my usual 4. Heard babies will have growth spurt in week 3 (that's next week) and I want to stimulate my supply to meet baby's demand, coz he's now in TBM... hope can pump out more more
not freezing any currently, will only do so in the 6th month, so that I can stop my BM supply after that and baby will still get frozen BM for the next 1 month or so...
Whitepaper... u mean now can go OCBC to open the CDA acc liao?

Oats... i'm going to ask hubby to get me some later. My giant need alot alot of BM!!

Yah can!!! As long as you have baby's birth cert ready. I registered his birth at TMC on the 2nd day he's born mah, so hubby went ahead to open the account with OCBC (they have a booth at TMC). OCBC will do all the admin procedures required by MCYS for you, then they will send you the details when it's done

Do you wanna try fenugreek as well? I haven't tried so dunno if it works, but heard it's good
i agree with Trace leh.... makes ur confinement sooo enjoyable!! ur good supply of BM is enviable!! kekeke..


i pre-booked the same massage lady..

My BM where got considered good flow? Ok only lah, sufficient for baby now. Some mums get litres and litres everyday!

But I'm manging the supply too. I dun wan too much (over supply) coz I dun wan to freeze any at this stage, and over supply also means I have to wake up more times at night to pump due to engorgement if I dun pump. So gotta manage lor... if supply too much, then will delay pumping sessions abit by abit... after awhile everything fits in liao. Supply = demand

So now must pump more times to stimulate more supply to cater for next week's growth spurt

Manage, manage, manage... hmmmmmmmm.....

u sound like having an easy confinement..stressful mummy! n oso enjoying yr motherhood.. good for u...

and again..when is my turn? wahahahhahhaa

My BM not good supply, really. Normal only. But of course if I pump more sessions, I'll have more lah. But I choose not to, coz I dun need so much BM anyway, if not I'll become panda by waking up at night to pump. Now I only wake up once at night.

Actually I hate confinement leh... the most I hate is CL says can't wash hair till next week... but today she allows me to wash le... coz massage got use oil on hair mah! kekeke... and I'm abit sian of sesame oil in my food le... everyday smell also sian...

CL says during the last week of confinement, she will train and supervise me on all aspects of babycare, so I'll take over baby from her and learn, so that I can handle when she leaves. And baby will sleep with us at night instead of with her. She will help only if we can't handle in the middle of the night.
forest, Trace

HANG ON LAH! your turn will be here soon! Then we can talk about pumping and BM supply... hahaha... very very soon!!! hang on!
Mommies who had delivered,

Your linea nigra still visible? Mine still here leh? Will it go away? Cannot wear my bikinis anymore even if I manage to slim down to pre-wedding weight issit? hmmmmmmmmm......
mousebb &amp; purebliss: lol... hb n me talking abt it said same thing... lol

my right side still pain
its the damn nerves is just killing me
Hmm... maybe i'll go OCBC to open the CDA acc. Fenugreek works? Maybe i should try.

Enya... u still have stock for fenugreek??Or where can buy? how does it taste??

yr CL oso hv gd management skills..n noes wad to cook for u ..good leh..

my CL lady called mi dat dae..n asked mi hv i pop..hahahaha..i told her i m still waiting..
<font color="0000ff">Whitepaper, your CL sounds really gd leh, can pass me her contact juz in case ^_^''</font>
I read that it will go off in a few....... MONTHS!!! OMG... months... 100 months also months hor! Alamak...

Yah she can cook well but I'm abit sick of sesame oil and cod fish liao... hahaha... and I miss plain water... sometimes will steal some to drink from the tap... bad bad girl

hahahahahahaha... that time when I was overdue, my CL also called me to ask "haven't pop ar?"
<font color="0000ff">Huh?! linea nigra &amp; belly button will get even darker after delivery...siao liao loh *faint*

Eeee...what abt armpits? Sigh...sad, think my DH will b sad to know too...hahahaha</font>

Yah she's quite good. Of course got flaws too lah, like she likes to bring baby in to sleep with her when she naps... so worried she will crush him! hahaha... so I go in often to see if baby's ok...

But overall, she's good

But for you who's due in Nov, she's not available already (I did check with her coz was intending to pass her contacts to you). She's going Australia to serve a family for 6 months (she just came back after 10 months there before I delivered), and then to UK with another family for a month... all these are Malaysian families abroad. See lah, CL also got overseas posting!!!

Don't panic... mine didn't get darker lah. But armpits I dunno coz I didn't get any pigmentation there.

Haha hubbys very funny hor?! Mine is now amazed with my boobs... how can they be so big??? hahaha... somemore now no big belly so they look bigger! All milk milk lah...