(2008/10) Oct 2008


yea i'm really glad and blessed
not sure if it's a slow increase though, sure feels pretty damn fast. need to check with pd tm on stomach capacity.

how are you doing, forest?


enyaaaaaaaaaa~ ya, i think i'ld spoil her rotten too but then of course i'ld have limits esp when it comes to manners. i hear my relatives clicking their tongues and shaking their heads. you're right, they'ld come to a certain age whereby we'ld no longer be hip and cool to hang out with anymore, so i'ld say co-sleep, carry and suckle away!

and you know what, i guess i am happy. i am really really glad to have her. it sounds so much like a cliche right but then maybe the euphoria will slip away after the CL leaves but i doubt it, the kid brings me alot of joy.

are u still hungry, enya? I finished a whole bar of lindt dark chocolate, i think the caffeine is keeping me up. I think i'ld go get some milk..

and biscuits. kekeke..

where's nickypower now?..

hi gwen!

welcome to the owl's club.

i'm finishing up my tin of enmum (coz damn wasted lah) and i'm having khong guan biscuits :D

im hv oat milk plus biscuits..always hungry..while doing some work

nickypower must be snacking away too before logging in..ehehe

hi gwen..!!!
lol..you too are hungri..ehheeh
there u r reporting!! kekek..

im fine.. other than the fact that im past my EDD.. is overdue.. and is still waiting for when i'll pop.. but have to say, the weight is getting heavier everyday... :p

wow wow... ur joy in motherhood is showing!! good for u!!

wow.. u're up too??

u mummies make me wonder now.. does the appetite grows too even after delivery??
yeah..no choice, here to do some work. my drugstore items juz arrived..ehehe..

i had very good appetite after i gave birth..lol
prolly cuz i was put on a non-sugar/carbo diet for too long during pregnancy, became Yaogui!. after delivery, i ate alot of confinement food.
just wondering if anyone has any tip to share...

Im finding it preety diff to get Marissa to drink her milk. She is currently on FM and i only make 60ml for every feed and yet its either she does not finish it or the newest trick she has learn is to let the milk spill by the side...
oh ya tell me about it... last nite she cried and cried.. gave her milk she finished it and still cried... but when i brought her to the hall and put the TV on she smiled and shut her eyes...
Ms Pi
your situation is quite similar to mine, however, i couldnt even chose to induce, as bb's head still quite high up. According to my gynae, inducing my bb out will be quite fruitless... end up after waiting for 12 hours, i might stil have to c-sect...

Enya, forest,
haha.. i'm not going to chase after this championship.. By the time i finish work and can spare some time to glance thru the forum, its this kinda owl liao... i will rest earlier tonite as i nid to march into office earlier tmr to clear my loads...

nite owl champion will soon be back to urs soon... :D
I had my apptm with Dr Koh today. My baby is getting too big... 3.8kg at 38th weeks! she had grow 300g over 1 week! Doc suggested c-secting soon, which my hb agrees... it has just been scheduled today for c-sect with epi for this coming sat... its so fast, i'm so scare and was a bit emotionally unstable after walking out of the clinic... its only 3 more days to go!! i'm not well-prepared at all! and time is just running out! I had been very stressed and busy at work,i still have so much things to clear, leaving no much time, my stomach is going to be cut up this coming weekend and ALAS! a new stress "ball" coming along... Oh my... i dunno what to expect for the ops and for my upcoming future...
must be busy working then!!
wahhh... better appetite? with my weight gain already now, i better not have a better appetite.. else, it would be disastrous!! :S

wahh.. agree with Enya.. Marissa is mischievious!! :p
wow.. so u'll be delivering this sat! dont worry so much ya... maternal instincts will kick in.. as many ppl tells me... look fwd to ur birth story ya!!! Jia you!
Tummy filled now so I guess im gonna try to get some sleep before she gets up for her next feed at 3am...

Not sure if im expecting any drama from her tonight... i hope not !!!

Dont worry to much about the C-sec...im sure u will be ok... i can understand that it may hit you emotionally but when your bb arrives... its all worth it....
Pray hard and im sure everything will turn out fine...
wah lau gwen,

vegemite is so aussie! hahaha


no leh, i eat alot regardless before, during or after pregnancy (except 1st trimester). hehehe.. but i dunno leh, i think breastfeeding definitely makes me thirstier (i dunno about hungrier, i think it's just me being greedy)

take care forest, going to be your turn liao!


the milkbands look really nice
are u working in Pacific time? How does oat milk taste like? Like oats with milk except no oats?

I'm waiting for the little girl to wake up for her next feed now. Warming a 80 ml bottle of ebm to see how much her new intake is, i got this warmer as a present, u can feed halfway, cap the bottle and toss it back into the warmer for a few hours, it keeps the milk hot. Only thing is milk gets too hot, have to let it stand for a while after warming.

Then i'ld relieve my rock hard boobies and express out bm for the unearthly hour feeds between 3-5 a.m. (administered by the CL :D) before i see the kid at 7 ish in the morning again.

some of the other mommies had to go for a c-section because of the positioning or size as well. don't stress yourself out so much, the important thing is bb and yourself are healthy and safe ultimately. don't worry so much about work either, work is work, work will never be done but work will also sort itself out the same way the future will. you're going to have a baby and it'ld be quite the experience

night gwen!
i see... hehehe... i hope i dont get hungrier.. cos i need to shed those kilos.. :p

thanks.. i m truly waiting for my turn...

alright.. Enya, pildough, im heading for bed too.. good night!!

and for nickypower, our champion.. didnt catch u today... chat with u again!!
Hi Littlebuey,
Can update my details too mah...

NAME: Soudez
CHILD: 1st
EDD: 28th Oct


i'm running online store...i work before my gal wakes up and after she goes to bed. :)

oat milk...no taste..it's non sugar..yucks. i absolutely hate it.

i'm going to bed too, mummies.
need to get up later to check my gal's temp every few hours...going to be a long nite for me.

take care...

Thanks pildough.

I'm intending to tell my boss in the morning that i'm now having oni 2 days left.. what he wants mi to complete... :p
heaheheah ok soudez,

the bottle of milk is sitting in the warmer and the lil girl is not waking up yet. it's going to be a long night. going to pump out some milk, gee.. that almost sounds like a hobby. like going to the gym to pump some iron.

-grunts and flexes her boob muscles-

-sees milk squirt out-

hahah.. night forest, enya, soudez
Hi mommies out there who are overdue. i truely understand the emotions u are getting thru as i am overdue myself. everyday is a pain as we have to carry the heavy stomach and hoping the baby will be pop out asap. as my 1st son is thru c-section, gynae cannot induce labour for me as she scared the medicine will cause my previous c-sec wound to rupture, so i have to go totally on natural or thru caesarian again.. now is a waiting game.. if baby still refuse to come out by this weekend, gynae will have to do c-section for me already.. she said scared baby will poo inside so ask me to prepare myself.. so i really hope baby will be good and come out naturally before sat
keep my finger cross!!
<font face="tahoma"> hi mousebb,
how are you coping with 2 kids now? currently my mum helping me with the older one... so am quite worried how to handle both together when times come. </font>
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

email: [email protected]
<font color="aa00aa">Mint, Forest
Forest, you have very good memory leh! Yes, I used the kiddopotamus swaddle me blankets for wenxuan and now wenmin is using them. We swaddled wenmin in those receving blankets and she doesnt like it. But when we swaddled her in the kiddopotamus ones, she likes it very much. I guess the material is the one which make the difference bah.

Welcome back! Glad to hear that your bb is doing well!

My gal also lost some weight during my last checkup and Dr Adrian assured me that it is ok. You can ask him for an estimation of your bb birth weight. So far, the est. birth weight which he gave everafter and my bb is quite zun lor! </font>
<font color="aa00aa">Mspiggy
I got frustrated at times and would lost temper with the kids!!! But bo bian bcos I dont have anyone to help me and although my hubby has taken 1 month leave to help me, he still need to go back to office as and when to attend meetings. This morning, he has gone back to office again! I guess it is just a matter of time. I still have to learn how to handle 2 kids by myself. I guess for me, the age gap of my 2 kids is too close and that's why I dont blame my boy when he was threw tantrums when he saw I attending to my gal.
How are you? Am sure you can handles the kids well! Dont worry!
<font face="tahoma"> mousebb,
my boy is now adjusting better with his sis ard. initially quite nightmare... he's very jealous when i carry her. he even teared!

but much better... he wants to sayang his sis now but doesnt know how to control his strength... so gotta watch very closely when he's near her. </font>
morn all!

Had fever last evening and during middle of night, feeling cold. Now better after taking panadol. I must have caught into cold. But could be due to engorge.

So, alot of bb will be full mth this wkends. I am doing early for my bb too, on sun. Just simple lunch w both families. Sat, trim bb hair and change bedsheet. And, was told by CL that i will be bathing w 'you zi ye' for good luck. Then made some red eggs.
<font color="aa00aa">Mspiggy
Same here lor! Wenxuan also cried when he saw I carried his sister. Really break my heart. My gynae also said my boy is still a baby and I must be very tactful when I handle him. My nightmare not over yet wor! When one cries, the other also followed! At times, I would just leave one of them to cry while I settle the other one. Sigh!!!</font>
<font color="aa00aa">lili
Take care.

Any ideas where can I buy milkbags? Realised my milkbags are running out soon. Wanted to order from the overseas spree but scared cannot wait for too long (takes at least 3 weeks wor!. Thanks!</font>
I laughed out loud when I read about your gynae's comments. Heee. He was in a good mood huh? So wait lor. At least baby's already engaged!

I was enquiring about you the past few days. You've been gone for too long! Glad that you're loving motherhood.

I'm also all for attached parenting so I say let your baby co-sleep. I have wanted that but too many people are not doing that (talk about peer pressure). You're right in that your girl will eventually not want to sleep with you. They will outgrow it so enjoy while you can!

I have been asking about Pildough and how can you not update me?! :p So our drugstore items are here? That's so fast.

Yesterday I went to Long Beach and had a yummy time with the crabs. It's been so long since I have had them! The other tables (company function or something) had lots of leftover crab. Too bad I can't ask to taopao them home. I would gladly eat them for lunch &amp; dinner today. What a waste of good food. Sigh. Don't know when I'll get to eat them again, since I intend to revert back to vegetarian after I stop bfeeding.

Seems like I am always out of the loop when it comes to chatting here. When I used to work, the most posts are during office hours. Now when I'm free almost every waking hour, most postings are done during when I'm heading to zz.
<font color="aa00aa">Karen
Better eat whatever you want to eat now! Otherwise when come to doing your confinement, you would fine the confinement food rather sian! Seems like I have lost my appetite during this confinement. Those which I want to eat I cannot eat cos no seafood for me. Sigh
mousebb: did u still have the binder on? maybe in jan, i gng to the gym to do some light work out to slim down.. very fat manz.. when u gng buzz me? we go together? 93878141
Hi ladies, hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I've currently an oversupply of breast milk and I think it's a waste to throw it away. I have about 25 bags of 180ml milk expressed in July 2008 to give away. The milk has been well stored in my deep freezer and can last for another 3 months in a deep freezer or can be used immediately when stored in a normal freezer compartment of a fridge. The reason that I'm giving away my milk is that my deep freezer is running out of space and my baby is not drinking as fast as I can pump and store. I used to pump 2 litres per day (now I'm pumping 1.7 to 1.8 litres per day) but my baby is drinking between 1.1 to 1.3 litres per day. I already have close to 300 bags frozen and stored in my deep freezer and I have no choice but to give away or throw the earliest milk. Milk stored in deep freezer can last 6 months so the milk I'm giving away can last till January if you have a deep freezer or else, it should be used soon. Please sms me at 97475251 if you are interested or if you have any queries.
Hi mummies,

For those whose have c-sect,how long did u take to recover? How many day do we have to stay in hospital?

Does the gynea broke the waterbag 1st before cutting us? Thanks.
<font color="aa00aa">Carole
Yes. I still have my binder on. You leh? My gynae still want to check on my wound on next Sat. Hehe...like to join you to the gym but dont know whether have this chance anot cos have 2 kids mah. You can always come to visit me when you go to the club. I sms you my hp#.</font>
Hi Jeregiam,

My case is same as your, wanted to try VBAC this time but I am already 39 weeks and baby still dun want to come out, so gynea advice to have c-sect tomorrow.
<font color="aa00aa">Jess
For c-sect, the hospital package is 4D3N. For me, my gynae removed the stitches for me 1 week after the op. Feel no pain but was told no exercise, no massage or carry any heavy stuff. The nurse would usually check if you need any painkillers and I always take to prevent the pain from coming. Only took it while still in hospital. Believe the gynae must have broke the waterbag before he deliver the bb otherwise how bb come out. </font>

hi mummies

i've some blue egg milkbags at $6.50 ea excluding postage. let me know if you want any. also hv breastmilk freezin tray $14.00 for 2. www.freshbaby.com , if you want to save some money cuz they can be reused and later for freezing baby food during weaning period.

the drugstore items that juz arrived are my previous order which i told you i've ordered ie, vitamins, nursing tea, fenugreek, toothpaste for my 3 babies.:) i do hv excess for fenugreek 200caps if you want.it's at $20.00 per bttl exclg postage

regarding pildough
sorry, i didn't notice you've been asking about her.and i'm not sure if she wanted me to announce in the the forum about her breaking down at 1am in the morning (sort of personal)

yeah, can, milkband.

wah...seafood..i miss eating them. cant take them now cuz i'm not vaccinated against hep a and b. so gotta stay clear of seafood. can only SEEFOOD