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bacon & egg
Im thinking of giving my boy solid food at 4mths too. There's frisocrem being sold, d indication on the tin says for babies 4mths and above.

Wah.. ur baby already starts to gro teeth. My baby also playing with saliva for some time now, and starting to put my fingers n his into his mouth to suck n bite. Hope he's teething too... hehehe.. can't wait....


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missy - when u wash his mouth, you can feel if his gums are hard and got whitish stuff. If have then, he is teething. I see 2 small white patch in his gums and when he latch on, got sharp stuff.

Frisocream for bbs 4 months and above. my PD ever ask me to give my bb when he had reflux, its like a thickerner though. How to drink? or is it by spoon?


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I went to the baby hypermart yesterday and bought a cheap and light stroller for my Mum. She has been complaining about my PP3 stroller which is very heavy for her. I bought a cheapo one at only $38.... Not very fancy one but good for pushing around the neigbourhood loh.
As for shopping for myself... i only bought about 8 peices just to update my wardrobe. I have fit into my pre pregancy clothes leow... I was a chubby person before i pregnant. Now with the breastfeeding and tiring schedule, i am actually thinner than before... Before you envy me hor, i am a quite chubby before and still chubby now
Just slightly thinner...hahah

Gunibabe, i bought a cheapo brandless one for my mum..
My expenses is about the same as before, just that i spend more clothing expense on son than on myself....
As for eating out, Hubby and me still maintain going to restuarant weekly ... so not much diff..

Haiz, tomorrow i will be back to work !


breadmum, D Frisocrem is just another brand of rice based milk cereal. Just add water, then give in spoon.

Jo Jo
Wah.. U can fit ur pre pregnancy clothes already.. *envy envy* I still have few more kgs together, and will b starting work dis 24th.. Dunno whether i cn fit into my uniform... Ahhhhhh!!!!


Hi Mummies

I am new to this thread... i delivered to my baby boy on 29 Sep 09 and he is 10 weeks now...

need some advice here....

I am giving him EBM cos he refused to latch on.. he used to drink 120ml every 3hourly, but last night and today, he is drinking only about 70ml to 90ml per feed and would vomit a bit of milk out.. is this normal?

as first time mum, i am paranoid.... please give me some advice....



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not again..!sale..btw,wheres the place har? :p tampinese..hmm...hope my hb is clearing leave during those stretch..then i can go on my own liao.


wow..maybe next year i can bring my elder gal go for the run as well...since she sooooooooo active.let her burn some energy. hehe..btw,for kids.is it still $60 like the adults?


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Clothes - I got so sick of not having anything to wear that I went ahead and bought some new clothes, esp pants. I still can't get into the pants I used to wear (US 4) and so now have given up and bought 2 pairs of US 6. I squeezed into my jeans though but since bread and butter is having a sale, I might just get another pair!!! :D

Expenses - Woohee...Shazz - good for you. Why are you no longer interested in shoes? I'm still like GIMME THOSE MANOLOS!!!! hahaha....though I find myself buying more flats than heels now. But in general, I agree with you that my credit card bills have gone down by half. I think when I'm not so stressed (by work), I spend less on frivolous shopping. Having said that, I was at Bottega and one of the bags was screaming out my name. I had to walk away very very fast. hahaha...

Exercise - someone mentioned re exercise? I think it is perfectly safe to go back one you r pass the 3 month mark! I've started my gym and pilates coz the 4 kilos that I still have on me isn't going anywhere without me working hard at it. Sigh. But I think exercise gives us all more energy as well so it's a double bonus!


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JTS : Today pass by Isetan Scotts , Baby GAP having sale. 50% discount. additional 20% if u buy more then 5 pcs. so is 50% off + add 20% off. Brought 22 pcs for $250+ , quite cheap , average rougly $11+ per piece.

Mine is BB girl ,But not much rompers , got dress , skirt , sweater , blouses , pants .... and even baby bikini.


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Hi, Twendy

Have Pm-ed u regarding the Hop & Pop..I am not going to Bigtoe gathering.. I am going for a concert..


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<font color="0077aa">Alabone: Didn't see any doddle pro, even the Magna doddle is nowwhere to be seen...

Some items have bigger discount like the Sleeping Baby Winnie the Pooh Light Up Toy with Music from $10 to $5, think some elmo toys also have further discount. Didn't see any potty though.

Isabelle: The bakery set really no more liao!</font>


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Hi mummies ,
i could not hold anymore and drive down to the mattel sale with zac .. regreted bringing him cos i cannot select the toys esp with him running around .. drizzling .. so the floor is a bit dirty when i am there.. so i just stayed for 30 mins and bought
trike to bike ,
barney musical foot
few teether for 3 for 10 bucks only
one dinosaur
one little people with a few dinosaurs inside ..

and have to rush home cos zac crying for milk .. keke .. i took 35 mins t odrive down and back and only 30 mins to shop .. very worth buy compared to outside prices but please bring wet wipes for your hands ...

ruffles and xinying ,
musical potty.and choo choo train . i saw it today ... a few new sets


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hi shazz

tks for bringing down my cream again n the delayed trf..just trf $2.61 to your acct.pls check.i refer back to my email n saw tt i wrote i owe u $2.61.is the amt correct?

To Account DBS Savings Plus
001-0-062525 Shazz
Amount S$2.61
Transaction Reference 2012499820


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hi springz

just trf $9 to your acct.thanks for having us that day.
pls check.

To Account POSB Savings
151-08152-5 Min
Amount S$9.00
Transaction Reference 2012514375


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I can't believe I went to buy more board books today!

Springz: I got inspired by u and Lilboymom, so I went to Bras Basah today but the Children's Bookstore is closed for the 30% disocunt bazaar at level 1. I didn't buy any cos I didn't see any I like. Instead, I went to ARTFRIEND to buy lots of poster and acrylic paints!!! YESHHH!! I'm going to paint flashcards as soon as I find spare time and get disciplined!!! hehehe!!

Also went to the HARRIS 20% sale to buy more 2 more Eric Carle and 6 Dr Seuss books! Didn't like Shel Silverstein's drawings so didn't get them...

LC: The pneumococcal jab is painful? My boy didn't scream very loudly. He was just fussing and stirring the whole afternoon
TMC charges $150+ I think... Where are u taking him to take this jabon Thurs?

chewyring: what is the subsequent jabs? What else do they need to take after the BCG, 6-in-1 and pneumococcal?

Gunibabe: I didn't go to BB Hyperstore in the end! Oh dear, I better learn from u...times are so bad, better tighten our belts! I find that I still need to spend &amp; spend after giving birth. E.g. new clothes &amp; shoes for myself, clothes/books &amp; toys for Isaac, maid expenses, increased utilities bills, milk powder/diapers, skincare products to make myself feel/look better. And now, Christmas pressies for family members!

PAMPERS SALE @ CARREFOUR: yep yep, again!!...this time 4 packs of 38pc Active bb (M/L/XL) going for $59.90. I grabbed 2 packs of L and 2 packs of XL!!

Mandy: There is no Rainforest toy on the high chair?!! It's so strange...I went to Toy R Us to check out the chair this afternoon. Anyway, I think I'll get another brand if there is no toy on the tray.

cupcakes: Your girl likes the Jumperoo? My gf's boy hated it and sat on it for only 5 times. That was the reason why I didn't buy it in the end...

storeberry: how much was the Doodle Pro? Actually, I saw many more interesting magna doodle pads at Toy R Us. No need to specifically get FP ones...

lanolin: I AM STILL keen on shoes! Almost bought a pair of mary janes from Pedder RED the other day but the heels are too high. Somehow I can no longer strut in those 4-inch heels as gracefully as before. Perhaps it's due to my very heavy weight now
Bottega???!! One of the Chanel tote bags is also screaming at me!!! Should I? Should I?!!!!! URGGHHHHH...no no no!

Jojobar: I went to buy more clothes from MNG &amp; Promod today...All in all, I got 3 new skirts, 3 new pants, 6 new tops.

xuanting: why aren't u buying new clothes? I really dun feel like wearing those pre-preggers clothes even though I can fit into some now. I deserve a new wardrobe after 12 months!

Tasting own BM? Yes, tried before. It's quite tasty.

BRAZILIAN WAX: I just trimmed. Can only fix an appt after I start work cos can't possibly drag Isaac to STRIP right?

Cloud: I'm sure u will lose your weight very quickly cos u teach PE rite?

VelleVelle: 22 pacs of GAP???!!!!! WOWOWOW! I already got my BB GAP for this season. Didn't see anything else I like after combing the collection. KIDS 21 also hving sale, but then again all winter stuffs...no point


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CLEANING BB's EARS: Hey my son's been scratching/rubbing his ears! Is it cos it's got dirt inside his ear holes? If so, how to dig the ear-wax out? I'm scared...

BB SUCKING FINGERS: Oh dear...my bb's found a new soother---his own fingers! I've already removed his mittens cos his hands are getting too big for them. Also, he is starting to touch and feel objects, so thought better remove the mitten to let him practice holding his rattle and blanket.

COMFORT TOY: It appears to me Isaac has picked his mini beanpillow as his 'Linus' blankie'!!! I must wean him off his pillow and find a 'more presentable' comfort toy soon!!

chewyring: bring wet wipes to the sale? Wait a sec, when is the mattel sale ending? I thought today's the last day? Eh...how come all the mommies seem to be buying the same toys, e.g. Jumperoo, Choo Choo, musical potty, Aquarium bouncer, magna doodle, trike 2 bike, hop n pop, etc? Is it cos they only display this fixed range of FP toys at the warehouse?

Isabelle: Bakery set? I'm also a mega-sucker for 'Let's pretend' (aka role play) toys!!! When Isaac is 3+, I'll go grab all the 'Let's pretend' toys from ELC and The Better Toystore!!! From doctors set to supermarket sets!

LC: Mt E is more ex I guess?

Jeraldin: CARREFOUR PAMPERS SALE? I've no idea! I just stumbled upon the sale today...since my son only wears this brand, I didn't hesitate to grab 4 packs! Each pc is $0.39.


Flos.. me too.. my boy only wears this brand .. from birth till now... tt's why i get "excited" when i see pampers sale.. haha okok... shall get hubby to go down to carrefour asap...


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Hi All,

The Kid 21 sales does have some nice peices from kissy kissy going at 30%. I also got some nice burberry and armani clothing at 30% +10% off during the taka sales.... Usually this time, i spend a lot on the sales like Miu Miu, Prada and such,,, This time round, i try to resist temptation... So far only splurge on waistlet on Celine and a pair of flat from Ferragamo.

Lanolin, agree with you,... I am still so hook to bag and shoes... But looking at more flats now...

CARREFOUR having sales on pampers ??? I will chiong down tomorrow since i work around a carrefour....


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does your boy appears to be sick? any diarrhea? if he doesn't seem sick, then occassionally drinking less milk is ok. sometimes they are just self-adjusting. no cause for worry unless he is losing a lot of weight or sick. u monitor for a few days first.


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since u are a fan of pretend-toys, if u happen to go to the mattel sale, u should grab the Little People series of playsets. they are really good and fun!


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tugging ears usually means it's a sign of infection or teething. dont need to dig their ear. it's self cleaning and the ear wax will drop out itself.

thanks for info. i thought i saw it in kym's pic of loots that's why i asked.


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I also heard bb's ear is self cleaning and will drop out by itself. But my bb's ear machiam cannot self cleanse like tat... i keep digging her ear n cleaning it but i also v scared will hurt her cos she jerks alot... Her ears seems to be covered with WAX all the time... its really an Eye Sore


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mrs yap,
i totally know what you mean. i can like see the ear wax some more and am sooooooooo dying to dig!!! but i dare not coz she really jerks a lot. will self cleanse. my first 2 kids' ear wax dropped out several times liao. damn big pieces!!


Flos - u feeling better already? It was closed? You mean the makeshift bazaar at lvl 1? Strange, thought it indicated till 8 dec.. anyway just to share, the mummy whom i bought the GD cards from gave me the name of her supplier for blank cards. based in GD method, best is 11" x 11" on 350g paper. She din laminate but found plastic sleeves of the same size from another supplier... i can' remember the names offhand but if u're interested let me know ya...

sales n sprees - u know i think i spent more than 1k just on toys, clothes n books! feel really bad coz hubby n i trying to tighten expenditure to brace ourselves for downturn n also for overall prudence.. Just collected my old navy spree clothes for baby n realised to my horror that both this lot n the FOX lot (altogether prob 20 over clothes), somehow I have insufficient tops for CNY!!!!
The FOX ones are too small so gotta wear NOW then the ON ones are too big!
So seems like have to spend again for tops!!
Prob the warehse sale storeberry info on or gap sale velle velle mentioned...

velle velle - possible to show us what u bought? also any idea when the sale will end? got nice gal's tops? tks tks deciding whether to head to town...

lilboymum - dunno y ms so good these days. maybe coz i've been telling myself must stock up? shrugs. have been eating fatty fish n fenugeek too.. oh just discovered this trick, i squeeze the sides while PIS is doing its suction thing. Quite alot comes out rather than the trickle...


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alabone: it doesn't seem to be an infection, therefore I deduce it's teething cos he is sucking his fingers all day long.

Mrs Yap: u actually dug his ear holes? How?! it's really unnerving...I can't bring myself to dig the holes. I only clean the grooves (whatever u call that). It's perpetually covered with wax cos of her drooling/vomitting/tearing?

Springz: yes, feeling better today &amp; thank u
Luckily I didn't pass the virus to my son. He was on paracetemol on the day I was sick (to relieve pain after his jab), so he was 'protected'...

The bookstore itself was closed for the bazaar at L1, which ended today as u said. 11"X11" ~ a perfect square that is? Can it be rectangular? I think 250g is thick enuff, no? 300g is already very hard u noe! I got some spare blank cards that came with my Baby Einstein flashcard packs.

Autum: Little People? The series chewyring was talking abt? I am not too familiar with FP products. I suppose all 'pretend' playsets are for 'FUTURE USE' cos they contain 'choking hazards' for 3mth-olds?? It's for this reason why I didn't get any playsets as yet...I'm waiting...cos I wanna play with him too :) Those were my fav toys during my childhood.


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haha... it kind of smells bad too!! I avoid kissing her near her ears... keke

I cant control myself... i use those thin metal ear digger my hubby bought from pasar malam to dig her ears... Because the Wax is sooooo near to entrance already!! its too tempting.. jus couldnt resist.


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flos, cos i don't like my new shape!!! the p/t maid came to help unpack my boxes of pre-preg clothes today. really can't bear the thought of not being able to wear some of them again. and some haven't even been worn yet!

mrs yap/alabone, me too. am so tempted to dig them out but don't dare to. same for the nose; tried removing the gunk with those tiny cotton buds but it's so difficult and dangerous cos bb keeps moving.

springz, how long are your pumping sessions? i'm trying to increase my ss also; been difficult lately cos one of my nipples is bleeding and i only dare pump it every other session lest i make it worse. been over a week already and it's still the same – not getting worse but not getting better either.


Hi hi, finished pumping so quick replies:

Flos - There is no hard and fast rule. It all depends on your personal preference. The premise of heavier papers is durability. GD also has non square cards.. can check out the forum lilboymum posted before: http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/content/flash-cards-part-2-making-your-own

Xuantina - usually 10-15min for the whole session (and now I pump one side at a time coz tube got snapped??) If 4 hr interval or more usually about half an hour till hardness is gone. Do you put nipple moisturizers after each pump? When mine is pinkish and tender, I'll lather on a layer of moisturizer!
Jia YOu!
Can i still go to the gathering ? I'm not able to attend D &amp; D liao as my hubby's aunt has something on, so i tot i might as well join the gathering.


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Mrs Yap: It's too challenging a task for me. I'll ask the PD to do it for me next time!

Springz: I hv seen the link b4, Erm, actually hor, I'm not a fan of GD, Kumon or Shichida
I've no intention to mass-manufacture flashcards on a full-time basis!

cloud: i'm sure we all will, if we hv the will.

xuanting: me neither


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haha..dun worry, in such downturns, yours and hb's job should be quite secure lah...but im waiting a bit coz usually post christmas have sales for ON and GAP..but dunno if can reach Sg in time or not...


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<font color="0000ff">Kym
wah.. that's a whole mountain of toys!!!

Oh, able to take a closeup pic of the Royal Potty u got? How much was it? wanna see if it's more suitable for a boy, as compared to the one i got

Storeberry / Bacon &amp; Egg
u going for the sale again??

I'm not going to the sale le.. haha.. at least I think. Spending too much already.. shucks!!</font>


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apart from putting moisturiser, remember to air your nipples too!

Right now, I still pump for 25-30 mins every 4-5 hours. Max i have stretched it is 7 hours...but very rare, or at nights if i oversleep...


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<font color="0077aa">Flos: Painting? Must show us your masterpiece!! Then can sell to us, we mummies love all these kind of stuffs!

My maid failed her entry test &amp; have to be send back!! GOSH!!! Her english must be dam* bad lo! Now have to wait at least another mth for the new maid to come or get a transfer maid. So irritating leh!!</font>


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<font color="0077aa">I saw in another forum that when you stretched your pumping session intervals, the foremilk will be alot more. I realised this when I stretch my interval to 6hours I can see that the initial big bulk is rice color so my interval must be around 5hours...

Cloud: Yes, my maid from Indon</font>


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I have a 7kg baby at 3mths old. I am also interested in the Jumperoo, however it stated in the box that the maximum weight is 11.3kg.
I need to check with those mummies who bought the jumperoo, how heavy is your baby?
Any babies out there that are more than 11.3kg try the jumperoo before. Kindly advise. Thanks


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nope not gg anymore...overspent

Btw, are you gg to bigtoes's house this sat? can pass the rainforest mobile to me then?

Whats a entry test?


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<font color="0077aa">Bacon: You didn't go yday? Was thinking of catching you there... Today 1st day at work? How is it?

Sasa: Tempting us again!!!

Entry test for maid:
The entry test was introduced in 2005 as part of a package of measures by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to raise the quality of first-time foreign domestic workers (FDW) working in Singapore. It serves to ascertain the ability of the FDWs to understand basic numeracy and simple safety instructions to perform household tasks, and adapt to life in Singapore. </font>


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Xinying ,
no prob .

Flos ,
The injection after 6 in 1 and the prevnar 1-4 ( puenomoccocal ) will be the 1 year old booster jab for hep B and the 1.5 years old MMR jab cum chicken pox jab .. other than that dun think there are any extra in the market to be jab into our little one.
Ya , bring wet wipes to clean both hands .. in fact i used up 10 pieces of wet wipes for both my hands and zac hands .. all blackish ..

Storeberry ,
first time i heard maid fail test and send back.. they should have let them take the test there ... ai yoh .. so poor thing .. fly here and kenna send back with loan .. cannot retest meh? will take a few days to retest right ... exam also need to study ma .. like our driving test ..hmm ..

Anyway about maid issues ..
Hmm .. my maid is so far quite diligent and clean.. but she is slow in her housework and with kids to attend to the whole day .. dun think she can finish her work ... and MIL is leaving soon.. sigZ ..haev to train her to cook some simple dish too .. wonder how is she gg to cope .. cos nw 3 people running after 2 kids is tiring .. next time will be 2 people after 2 kids ..and Zenneth will be more active .. nowadays i keep on presurrizing her to be fast but she is still slow to me .. maybe i too kan chiong .. keke .. but she is those people will slowly do until nice nice .. which i cannot stand .. maybe I am not that neat like MIL .. keke


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Any mummies knoe where to order for ameda pump spare parts .. my pump the plastic part broke just nw . should be due to the constant wahing and tear .. hmm maybe kept for too long before bringing out for zac to use .. somewhere in tagore lane is it ? any mummies knoe where to buy ..
if not i have to pump only one side or using my manual pump ... signZ ..


Alamak! Alabone... i didn't get your msg.. but like storeberry said, no more doodle pro left, except the small travel magna doodle only.. I saw the winnie the pooh and some pottys, they also brought some older pottys out (eg. Royal Potty Vs Royal Step Potty which is newer), but luckily we bought the step potty, can last longer

By the way, my girl has also been tugging at her left ear a lot, does it mean she might be teething/ her ear might have an infection? I clean her ears every 3 days.. seems ok to me X_X.. any other signs to tell if she is teething?


Storeberry, Bacon

Ya! i was planning to catch you there too Bacon,

Heheee we are just shopping queens, yesterday i dragged baby and hubby there and we ended up buying the scrabble deluxe.. bugged him to play with me till 1am last night hahahaa...

Oh dear, your maid failed the entry test .. heard about it a couple of times and it seems quite common, but then! since she cannot speak english.. maybe a blessing in disguise.. my current maid (hopefully she stays like this) can read flash cards and stories to my girl.. so thank goodness..



I'll pass the royal potty to you at bigtoes's house ok~~~ kekeke... sorry ah... my mountain toppled over liao..otherwise i would be very willing to keep it for you 1st :p..



Hmm, i think the side bars of the jumperoo can only hold up to 11.5kg.. otherwise it might bend inwards, since it is really not very sturdy


Pneumoccocal + Rotavirus Vac:

Mummies, Mummies.. when should this be done ideally? 3/4 months? My girl did her 5+1 at 1.5 mths..


Isabelle, Momoko..

Can email me the bill amount and bank details for me to TT to for the toys?~ Thanks~~~~so~~~much~~


So you got some blank flashcards at bras basah? Are they expensive~? Do they sell dots? haha.. i think i am gonna make my own glenn doman dotty cards... kekeke..


YEA!!!! Today, i went for our first appt....!! Going to move in 2 mths exact!!~~~ Its 2 Months 0 Days.. Countdown~~~


Can't wait to see all our christmas babies at the gathering~~ Yipee!!~~


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Didnt go cos was raining. Wanted to exchange hop n pop for jumperoo..but decided not to cos hubby says he prefers hop n pop and it comes in quite handy when we start feeding next time.

First day...ok lah...not as bad as i thot..but my caregiver dont know how to operate some of the electrical items i have at home...now i abit worried my stuff will be burnt or destroyed!