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i also decide to shave my ger hair at 2 month, one thing becos her dad want to make use her hair to do brush, second i also find her hair dropping, so decide to shave, cos if wait for 4th, it will be very near to CNY.
now her hair start growing, but i find her hair start growing on the top faster, but not the side and behind.


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I am interested to go to the mattel sales and J&J sales. Can somebody share with me the details for these sales?

Thanks a lot.


Sunrays - really? Haha must be how I remember stuff.. hee Tell me about our FOX loot that have to be worn quickly! The clothes just dried and they are like just nice lor!!! Thank God got you guys tell me to buy 6-12m bottoms. See the brown pants? 6-12m lei! I thot the clothes sizes would factor in bigger bums coz of diapers.. apparently not!

Mattel sale - I've got my boss' farewell lunch to rush for.. sorry won't be able to join you guys.. enjoy!

Xuanting.. the last sale I went to, the sale was in a tiny makeshift marquee. Cars were parked prob 1-2 min walk away along all the factories. But considering that FP stuff are bulky PLUS dusty boxes, it can be a fair distance to lug..



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you aren't the only one not flashing flashcards. i didn't do it for jared and natalie too. however, i read a lot to them and jared is now able to read a whole book by himself and recognise and read many words in papers, magazines, books, on tv and such. but i must stress that i didn't purposely teach him to recognise words or even did phonics. all i wanted to do was to instill a love for reading. so i just read and read. but i only started to do that when he was 6 mth old. now, he can sit around in the house and read eric carle's books to cadence. quite cute!


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<font color="0000ff">Milk Family
email u le

Jasmine Yeo (jasyeo80)
Now i'm afraid Max's hair wont grow by CNY.. sighz.. still in 2 minds whether to bring him for shave later or not

gosh.. the pants are nice.. haha.. i've come to realise those sizes they put for bb's clothings very inaccurate one... Can never buy clothes for them based on size
see... now ur little one already wearing 6-12mths and they fit juz nice lor</font>


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<font color="0077aa">xuanting: have to park along the factory &amp; gotta walk inside the makeshift place. I think Friday really alot of mummies going! I think Iw ill only reached about 1130am cos need to make Zane sleep 1st...

Springz: Shauna really look cute!! You like to dress her in separates hor?

Alabone: I bought quite a few 2nd hand ladybird book to read to Zane but I don't like that its always happliy ever after ending.. Eric Carle @ Popular is selling quite ex, I am thinking whether there is other alternatives or any warehpuse sale that is coming. Beside Eric Carle, any other recommendations? Do you read Chinese books?</font>


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Mattel (@ Lim's Manufacturing)
I remembered there are some parking lots there but depends on whether the guard will let us in or not. If not, gotta park outside the compound which has limited lots (parallel public parking - so prepare your parking coupons)


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haha..i like your newage techniques..it's like what one mummy posted about her conversation with her ILs "last time no lift, use stairs, now got lift you use or not??"

pedagogy is constantly evolving, guess we all have to do our research to see what we are most comfortable about..

there is a bookshop at bras basah 4th floor which sells cheap books. you have to go constantly coz they replenish stocks every 2 weeks...it's called hte children bookshop

books vs flashcards
actually there is no comparison here. we really have to see what our children are more opened to.

most bbs will take to flashcards quite well coz of their short attention span. it is like introducing them to learning new concepts in the way they can manage.

dun worry about it if you do not do flashcards. some very advanced readers i know do not do flashcards and some slow learners i know do. just as long as the children are happy learning and do not associate learning with boredom or fatigue. i wanna start my kids on learning early coz i dun wan them to go to school and realise learning is 'boring' and that 'playing' is better. to me tehre is no difference in the two.


I am also too lazy to use flashcards nowadays so I bought Baby Brain Workout Flashcard DVD and makes bb sits in his bouncer to watch the DVD. He can sits there, talking to himself and watch for half an hr before dozing off. (I am actually against bb watching TV too
but its really tiring to entertain him the whole day)Other than this, I ask my maid to read to bb everything from Children lullaby, bible story, Our Daily Bread, flashcards etc... until he Zzz.
I havent buy any toys for him yet coz I dun know wat to buy. Hope to find some gd toys at Mattel sales this Friday.

Any mummies going who need a ride from Tampines can PM me.

Dropping hair
My bb drops hairs too. He is now 2 and a half mths. Is it becoz of his cradle cap? I used organic camomile oil to apply on his scalp and comb away all the dead cells. Does this causes hairs to drop?


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thanks, springz/storeberry. a marquee? hope the weather will be good if they do the same thing this year.

springz, are those your bb fox loot xiao s is wearing? i hope to find some pants for my bb at the fox sale tom also.


Hi storeberry... yup in separates! Actually come to think of it, have not seen Scarlett, Janelle and Charlotte in rompers either!

Xuanting - yup xiao s is modeling all Fox loot.
Pl buy bigger size ya.. she is wearing 6-12 M bottoms and it is just nice lor.. btw xiao s is I think on the slightly petite side..


I'm also going to the Mattel sale this Friday, hubby took leave to run errands for the day. The whole family will be going, hope my boy doesn't scream in the heat! Anyway, my hubby works in Tuas &amp; he went to 'spy' today, they've set up the tentage &amp; started putting in some toys already. So see you mummies there!

My boy did the same thing to my mum, screamed his head off when she tried to feed him with a bottle.


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<font color="0077aa">l'l CY^^l'l CH (lilboymum): You can read my mind!! I was about to sms you to ask u about that bookstore cos going Bras Basah next fri. Keke.. Thanks!

I able to go Mattel sale! At 1st couldn'to cos something crop up but I should be able to sneak out for a few hours on fri...

Mei: So fustrating right, like nothing we can do.. I just walk here walk there while he cries &amp; scream. But in the afternoon when we just prepare 60ml &amp; I hide inside the room, he finish all! Top up another 40ml &amp; he push out again!</font>


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Im quite privileged to know a few teacher mummies who have fantastic resources and knowledge of preschool stuff. they have been recommending books to me ...other than those usual how much i love you and eric carle type books...

1. Jez Alborough

2. Julia donaldson

3. Walker bear books...

Many many more, but htese are the fw im eyeing this christmas...

1. Brand New Readers (im quite surprise how much toddlers love this series!!)
2. Oxford Reading Tree (Expensive!!)
3. Rigby Readers (can easily get second hand ones mine all second hand)
4. Sunshine Readers (wait for edventure sales, but still be prepared to burn some cash)
5. Nat Geog Windows to literacy (Science and Math series)...the price is only going up up up)

too many in the market...but these are some nice ones...

Im a big fan of Jolly Phonics. Some parents swear by zoophonics...There are of course others..sunshine phonics, etc..too many

btw, when our kids go to school next time, phonics will be in the syllabus. many of schools' phonics programme are taken from Jolly (from the new curriculum) which is a very sound programme from pedagogy point of view.


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Have done the tsf. there are two of the below tsf coz forgot there were two of us tehre...it's itnerbank from ocbc so will take couple of working days...thanks!!!

Transfer Information
Reference No. 20081203442860
Date 03/12/2008 21:25
From Account Savings Account 528-1-060649
To Account min lu 151081525

Amount SGD 9.00
Transfer Type Immediate


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wow CY mum ... I really must salute to you ... peifu ni .. so much effort to research into the products .. cos usually we mummies are quite "blind" to all these .. keke ..ThanX so much for sharing .. also have to ask u har .. last time the readers series u shown me should be the brand new readers or teh rigby reader series ? where can i purchase them .. must keep a lookout to buy if there are discounts ..

Besides , GUG used zoophonics .. i went for a trial class before and zac has to stand at the door waiting to go out .. haha ...waste my money


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Misleading sizes: Yah, I just dug out my Zaras and H&amp;Ms two-piece apparels. They seem smaller than what they claim to fit (wondering why European bb are so small-sized), and I'm scheduling occasions to dress Isaac up in them. I also like to dress kids in separates
Can't wait to ditch those rompers!

lilboymom: hehe, thanks for your great tips, 老师
haizzz, I'm very worried that my PILs will not be so 用心良苦 like me next time

How long does amazon take to ship your books to you? I'm not a virtual shopper; I've never bought anything from amazon / ebay before.

Also, besides these new children authors that have sprung up in recent years, r u letting CY read those great lit works (abridged), e.g Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland, Aesop's tales, etc.?

storeberry: u can start with abridged versions of those 四大名著. I've the full version at home. keke. China has recently incorporated Beijing Opera into their primary school syllabus. Funny, so now they learn which mask belongs to 曹操、张飞、关羽...*chiang chiang chiang!*

KISSING BB'S LIPS AND CHEEKS: hv u been doing that? is it hygienic? we cannot resist kissing our son's lips!!! he likes it too!! hahaha!!


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chewy ring: u can most likely find those 右脑books/DVD in the links lilboymom shared above at 新华书店 in china.


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okay Flos ,
shall ask hubby to recee the bookshop in china . and if can find the flashcards and DVD.. will ask him to buy back and see teh quality first ... china goods have to check quality .. keke


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Flos ,
I liek to dress zac in jumpers .. bought 4 pieces of jumpers then , osh kosh jumpers and he rused to be in them .. personally find kids adorable in jumpers .. so nw these jumpers will be Zenneth to wear since zac nly wore once .. keke


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yes those are BNR...i got mine from acmamall. they have 26% discount now!

hey the products from china will be hot leh!!! china stuff cheap cheap hor..tell you hor. you can even get logico set at SGD less than $80 from china. singaproe selling $130

im sure if you prepare those products, your ILs will be more than happy to do it with isaac..they also have his cousin to work on mah...

amazon usually quite fast. a week or so?

i dun like abridged versions leh..hahah..i'll keep to the children's books for now. as for literary works, ill wait until he/she can read idependently first...

btw, amazon theres UK and US. for UK printed books, best to get from amazon UK coz cheaper even with stirling conversion


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hi storeberry,
i buy my eric carle books from amazon when they had a sale previously. the box set cost me only 8.59USD. even with shipping to singapore, it was still cheaper than buying it off the shelves here. i did not read chinese books to jared because when kids are young, we do not want to confuse the (written) language to them. only recently has my mum started reading chinese books to jared. he is not able to read the words but at least it's not so foreign to him anymore.

i'm basically just a lazy person that's why i do not do the flashcards. i just buy tons and tons of books to read to the kids.


Springz, transfer $9.00 to your account. Ref is 2006491500. Thanks again for the welcome to ur lovely home~!

KISSING BB'S LIPS AND CHEEKS: Flos, we are also doing it!! my hubby and i both like to kiss baby sooooo much!! its really unhygenic. unless u kiss immediately after washing ur face n mouth? but cant be washing all day long rite? i kiss from hair to ears to forehead to nose to lips to cheeks, basically everywhere! she loves it too and always give a BIG smile if by chance she's in a good mood too!


Lilboymum - thanks lots for the recommendation!

Actually some of the authors were mentioned in the thread I posted earlier (it was an 2007 discussion on books).. here is the link again if anyone is interested in others mummies' suggestions. http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/353635/657552.html?1217817411

They also suggested some online stores.. esp online from China. I called one of the local stores that was mentioned and sounded quite friendly.. www.alittlecaterpillar.com apparently a group of mummies gathered together to source for quality books. Includes chinese books. One of the authors lilboymum recommended is listed and costs $10 for the boardbook (The Gruffalo by Julia donaldson), slightly cheaper than amazon.


sunrays - u TT me, never say!

Kies doing it BP style (sigh I bought more stuff
)! also ppl may be too busy to read previous posts.. so other mummies bear with me
anyway acknowledging Jaymickey, Cloud, Storeberry, Sunrays received.. ty! ")

Here goes:
1. KymKym + Hb - $18
2. Lok + Helper - $18
3. Breadmum + Hb - $18
4. Mandy + Hb - $18
5. Jaymickey + Hb - $18 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font>
6. Sunrays + Helper - $18 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font>
7. Lilboymum + hb - $18 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font> but IB not reflected yet
8. Angeline - $9
9. Crayon - $9
10. Preggie + Hb - $18
11. LC(Faintz) - $9
12. Cloud - $9 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font>
13. Storeberry - $9 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font>
14. Alabone + Hb + Helper - $27
15. Yan - $9 <font color="aa00aa">TT</font> but IB Not reflected yet

Pl transfer to my POSB savings acct 151 08152 5



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I'm too lazy a mummy to teach cheeky girl anything! I dun even read to her consistently. She was in GUG for a term earlier this yr and they did zoophonics. Only last week did I try to make an attempt to teach her zoophonics again...
But I find it quite interesting.
I am so lazy that i only teach her when the opportunity arises. E.g. last week when we went chidren's garden and she almost ran into the boys toilet, i got her to spell out the sign "b o y" and so we can't enter and we can only enter "g i r l". Yest morn i wrote out the two words and asked her which was which she identified correctly. But she can't spell lah, she told me "b for boy" that's how she differentiates. Oh well, better than nothing! Very haphazard. That's how lazy I am!

sometimes they take time to warm up. There's this little boy in cheeky girl's music class. For first 3 lessons he cried half the time (non-stop). Now he's so cheerful! But GUG is kinda too structured and I find it boring too...

PIL and kid's learning
I really "ren" when FIL and MIL speak in broken EL to cheeky girl when they can speak proper Mandarin. And I am really pissed sometimes when I hear the rubbish they say. At those times, I jump in to correct (as diplomatically as possible)or I speak in Mandarin to her so they get the hint.
Hubby is an idiot who refuses to tell his parents to speak to her in Mandarin properly.
To tahan all this, I try to tell myself that we can't expect too much of PIL as they dun have to take care of my kids. It is like a favour cos they cld be footloose and fancy free and do their own thing. If I want them to help take care whatever, then we really have to 'ren". Can't expect them to do this and that as I wld if I were the one taking care of my kids. And then I think of the times when I went out shopping etc while cheeky girl was with them. And then I hope that these thots defuses my feelings of resentment for the moment... Sigh...


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Hi Springz:
I've transfer le. Thanks for having us once again to your house.

To Account POSB Savings
151-08152-5 SPRINGZ
Amount S$18.00
Transaction Reference 2006750007


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Hi, Bigtoes

No worries, you are not the only one. I am also not showing my boy flash cards.. according to my colleague,some flash card must be shown ideally every one hour.. where got such time?? hahaha.. My boy dun really enjoy seeing flash card so like you, I also read and sing to him though it is always thsoe few songs..

Hi, Sasa and Cordelia

My boy also dropping hair.. just found out last sunday when I took a good look at his pillow and diaper cloth (used to place on his bouncer). Me thinking of shaving him early but my MIL want it to be after CNY so that she can show off her grandson again.. I tot the hair condition is more concerning than showing off. Haiz.. whatever..

Cradle cap, I dun think hair dropping is bec of that.. My boy has cradle cap too but the hair loss is not at that area. I am using J&amp;J baby lotion and leave it over night and then shampoo the next day.. The condition din improve bec my MIL dun shampoo him properly (bec she gan cheong, worry he might cry) when she takes care of him so only weekends and my offday then my boy got a well deserved bath and shampoo..

Hi, Cupcakes

Agreed with you that we have to ren and sometime to close both eyes when FIL/ MIL take care of baby. I practically shut off my ears too! So long when come back, baby is ok then its fine liao.. I guess no matter what grandparents will take good care but it is the bad habits that I cannot tahan. Until now, my MIL still bath my baby like washing clothes (hard rubbing) even though hubby got tell her not to.. I gather it is her habit so no matter what I said, a leopard will neverr its spots..

Hi, Springz

Sorry for the delay. I will try to do the transfer this afternoon. Already save your accout no. in my hp..


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Springz - transfered $18. transaction ref:Transaction Reference 2006768990

Flos - i kiss mine on is chest cause am afraid of rash on his lips and cheeks.
Already, he has rash on his cheeks as he now plays with his saliva, used his mittens to wipe and rub all over his face.
And if i remove his mittens, he will put the salvia on his hands and rub his eyes. Am fretting how to stop him from rubbing his eyes.

Flashcards - am also lazy so i put him in front of the tv. My brother passed me the baby can read series, so he has been wtaching daily. I do more signing with him so that its more interactive.

J&amp;J sale - i just packed my loot in my storeroom and realised i over bought Carefree Pantyliners: i thought it was 2 dozen but i actually bought 4 dozen. Gosh, it can last me a lifetime. Its the Dry(Super long) ones.Anyone interested, i can bring down to Matel sale. Its a bundle pack of 2(of 2 x 20s) @$4 (J&amp;J sale price)
OMG LC, ur ILs are washing ur boy like washing clothes?? OUCH.. their skin is quite delicate now.

And as all of u know, my little michelin has many folds and I had been (or so I tot) cleaning his folds on his neck, armpits and thighs.. However, to my horrors one day, I saw whitish stuff well hidden in one of the folds in his neck and armpits. And the skin around those folds were reddish.
I took wet cotton wool and slowly dabbed away the whitish stuff and i dono why but I tried to smell it and PWAH!! it was sourish!.. haaa...
So now I'm conscientiously cleaning those hard to reach folds..

Springz, I will transfer to u later tonite ok?

I aint flashing any cards to my boy oso.. only flashing his cloth books passed down by my sis.. And I just bot one baby einstein vcd to try and he seems to be captivated.

My hb seems to be more hardworking than me. I told him abt baby signing and he went to googled it. He's been trying it out with little michelin. Hmmm.. so I shall tell him abt the right brain and the left brain development. He'll def google for sure.. heee..

Actually I don mind opening up my house for baking cum tea session(we can eat our own baking.. heee). Thats if u girls dont mind coming all the way to pasir ris lar. The only thing is, mine oven is just a convection oven. Anyone?


cranyonshinchan, Janelle also has many folds especially the thigh area.. I always must clean many many times whenever she poos to make sure it is really clean.. so i can end up using like 10pcs of wipes just to clean her up..


morning mummies - not hurrying you all pl on TT!! hee feel like some loanshark! Anyway, will update at the end of each day to acknowledge receipts

flashcards - little s loves them, kinda of the only way to shut her!!! and it doesn't take alot of time. Both my helper and I do it.. esp coz I'll be starting work in Jan

Hair accessories - whoa alot on sale! Isabelle, there is another one with 10% discount: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/450761/1940557.html?1228211775

Jaymickey also recommended another one recently, price is cheaper
and she says quality quite good can check http://ashleysbowtique.blogspot.com/2008/05/clip-types.html

for other mummies interested, isabelle shared on this link.. designs are nicer but pricier too http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/1936865.html?1228353553


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wah...so many posts to catch up... again...i'm losing myself. my dad went back yday...so it's all on my own. let's see how i survive. hahah

wow! flos - u can paint! btw, why do u prefer I to be more left-brained?

springz: the you tube link of the kid idnetifying the quantity of random number dots is v impressive. i want to do now!!! have u bot anything from flashcards factory? (can't rber if i've aksed u before. sorry if i did...)

l'l cy: u bought the whole set of jolly phonics? it's a good series. if they are using that in sch...aiyo..hope all the teachers can SING! hahah.

jaymickey: wat brand of wipes do u use? i recently tried J&amp;J softcare cos got sale here. thick and nice. I tear each piece into half. cos i also find that one big piece tends to be quite wasteful cos it is so hard to handle. i end up using one big piece to clean a bit of poo cos it's hard to fold the pc while cleaning my active boy. now i just tear half before using.

crayon: mine not tt many folds.. but i also discovered those whitish folds a few wks back and since then i try to be MORE conscientious in spreading open his folds and wiping...but sometims v hard, esp the neck and armpits, cos he squirms and i am concerned abt him catching a chill!

chewyring: waht is GUG?

lc: flash once every hour!!!!! i rather potty train my kid with that kind of time! my SIL's pastor's wife does that...bring her grandson to potty every 15 or so mins and do the 'shh...shhh...sound'.
RANDOM DOTS FLASHCARDS HOME IDEA: rather than using marker or paint, why don't just buy those coloured dots from popular and stick away! i shall be doing that.

BKS: Has anyone here read sandra bounton to ur kids? i find her quite amusing for kids.

ok...time's up... gotta go...off i go to be a domesticated wife and mummy!


Sarahmay, I used both Pigeon's and J&amp;J's.. yah.. J&amp;J's are so much better the Pigeon. But must wait for sales then prices are cheaper.. be it J&amp;J or Pigeon, i used equally much.. cos i am really scare of all the folds being infected..


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<font color="0077aa">Ava: I ams till trying to squeeze Zane on size S nepia, its finishing soon! I try to put as loose as possible! Your gals are growing well!!

Flascards: So far Zane is still interested in flashcards for the 2nd day.. Keke..

Crayon: I love to bake in my mind!! Haha.. never get down to doing it!</font>


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<font color="0000ff">B&amp;E
email u le

Hair Dropping
Couldn't take it so brot Max for a haircut ytd... now he looks like an army boy. haha... everyone couldn't stop laughing when they first saw him with that almost botak head


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<font color="119911">Kissing baby – hehe – I do that too, but not on the lips, just on the cheek several times a day (as long as my mouth is not oily from food).

crayonshinchan (crayonshinchan) – K is also a smelly michelin baby!
He has 'nou nai' in all his folds – the neck, armpits and recently, the folds on his thighs. The neck one is especially smelly and abit red cos I think some milk/saliva gets trapped as well…yucks. I always used to think that babies smelt nice (sweet milk, powdery smell), till we had grubby! We have been washing more thoroughly, then wiping dry and applying some anti-bacteria powder (the one PD gave for his belly button) into the folds – has been helping and the neck is almost normal smelling again!

ava (avalyn) – K outgrew his S sized Nepia very quickly as well (like a month ago cos of his fat thighs) and I was actually happy whenever he pooed, cos it meant that we could exhaust his diapers faster! Anyway, I think if you are still ordering Nepia, you can ask them to swap the S for a larger size if the packets are unopened?

SarahMay (sarahmay) - bring her grandson to potty every 15 or so mins? Why so frequent? My sis does that for her son (2+ years) every 2 hours…he is off the diapers already, but accidents still happen!</font>


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FLASHCARDS: just to clarify, I am flashing boardbook pages, not those cards which I've not made yet! keke! And, I won't be so free to flash once every hour! So boring!!

WHITISH STUFFS IN BTW SKIN FOLDS: hey, mine also has those awful whitish curd inside the skin folds...i thot it's cos of my MUSTELA barrier cream? How abt California baby cream? I find Drapolene and J&amp;J barrier cream don't give me this kinda problem...maybe I shd ditch my Mustela!

chewyring: yah, what is GUG? When r u going over to SH? Do go to my favourite Popular Bookstore (大众)at 美罗城 at 徐家汇. I bought a lot of Chinese books from there, now my hubby is nagging at me to sell those 'ding de' books away...

sarahmay: Left-brainers are good in maths &amp; science. They tend to be:
1) analytical,
2) logical,
3) sequential.


Right-brainers do very well in Eastern languages cos they can register the graphemes like a photocopier by merely glancing at them! I am a right-brainer, so I rem Chinese characters very well, incl those with the most complicated strokes. Of course, my lessons in Chinese calligraphy helped too lah

lilboymom: hehe, I will definitely let my kids read abridged versions. If they enjoy the tale, they will go look for the full version in the library when they are able to read indeptly next time
I prefer breadth over depth in this case
I don't expect them to appreciate literature like they are majoring in the subject at tertiary level; just be exposed to those great literary works in general, so that they won't be so 'suaku' when people mention Heidi, and they go 'Hei-who, huh?'

Jolly Phonics...hmm, this is new to me...It makes Eng language acquisition so complicated wor...I dun rem having to break up consonants and vowels, and use actions to rem the phonetics. If one is not dyslexic, he shdn't hv the problem pronouncing and blending phonemes rite? Many yrs back, I had a tuition kid in P2 who had that problem, e.g. he'd read 'Jump' by looking at the word 'Fly'. He seriously needed therapy.

RANDOM DOTS: I believe the use of random dots to help kids rem numbers better (than the numerals themselves). Sarahmay's method of sticking round stickers is ingenius!! Er, but better stick properly, wait the end-product ends up looking like BRAILLE cards. *BISH BISH*!!!

breadmom: I also kiss his hands, belly, forehead...I dun clean my lips before kissing...ooops!

cheweyring: I love jumpers too

cupcakes: how old is your girl? She can decipher B-o-y and g-i-r-l already? So intelligent!! what is zoophonics? only teaches u how to pronounce names of animals?