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<font color="0000ff">Storeberry
hey, u mean Zane smiles while u are talking / playing with him? Max can't be bothered whenever we talk to him. n he tends to look on his right side, not even wanting to turn his head to the left if we are there. oh he likes to roll his eyes too, sighz.. think notti boy wor

Babies head position
i see alot of ur babies are able to put their heads straight while lying down. Mine doesn't and always ends up 'senggeh'. wonder if it's ok..

Sarong / YaoLan
how how how??? My in-laws are starting to pressurize me and brain-washing me into getting a sarong / yao lan for Max to sleep in. they claim he can sleep better n longer and more cooling for him. But i'm hesitant coz dun wan him to be so dependent on being rocked / shaked to sleep....

n my MIL wans to go back to work already. Initially she mentioned she would wanna rest at home for abt 2 mths or so after her op, but now after helping me to look after Max for a week plus, together with the maid, she can't wait to get back to work already. sighz..

i'm in a dilemma now. Maid CANNOT look after Max alone. already these days we are noticing her 'black' face when we return from work, but MIL claims she's not in a bad mood. seems like maid can't handle all the housework n still be able to look after Max alone. how how how??? I definitely wouldn't have a peace of mind if bb is being left alone with her.</font>

<font color="ff6000"> StefSeanShar: hang in there. i can understand. i can't even manage the baby even though me and my wife share the stuffs. i'm sure it's very draining mentally and physically for u. i believe your hubby would also wish to spend more time with the baby if he could. sometimes it's beyond his control especially since he has a psycho boss. </font>
stefseanshar: How was it? Did they massage your scalp when they wash your hair, plus any bonus shoulder massage like Jean Yip provides? I used to patronise TIGI's Heeren outlet and its London outlets but found their cutting skills and shampooing method so-so nia
Quite similar to Vidal Sassoon's SOP.

I am going to the newly opened Salon Esprit at Vivocity to have my hair cut
I was their regular customer in Shanghai and Shenzhen. I 'despatched' my DH to the Singapore one to try on Mon. He said not bad (I think he looks nice too); it only cost him $28 for men's haircut

Anyone's tried Salon Esprit, let me know the ratings for ladies' haircut. tks!

i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

pls do not pm, email: [email protected]
Hi, Quiling

Do keep us informed.. Remember you advised me to appeal for 4th month maternity leave since baby jayden is born prematurely? I wrote in since early sept and until now nothing heard despite numerous follow-ups.. sighz..

My baby also like that.. really need to be carried around and kicking and boxin in the air..
sunrays: Really? Hv u and Mei received your Petunia PickleBottom bags yet???!!! But I've 5 diaper bags already
I wonder if my ah lao will make noise if I purchase one more

Just to digress, U got Shu Uemura false eyelashes (normal ones not the drama series) lobang or not?

bacon&amp;eggs: My CL told me if I dun do stomach crunches (not situps) now, I'll be stuck with the child-bearing hips forever (actually, I was born with wide hips lah)! She told me our bones are still 'mallaeble' now, so need to quickly 'shrink them back' before it's too late. hahah! I think she's right to some extent. Last week, I cldn't fit into my sandals (cos due to the pregnancy water retention, my feet had widened...) but after wearing them a few times out to the malls, it 'bound' my feet and fitted them again!

breadmum: cupcake momma only received queries by email I think. u can google their flickr webby. They took quite a few days to reply to my email cos it was the Eid holidays 2 weeks back.

Qiuling: what r 'ropes courses'?

stefseanshar: But Ya Kun's stools will give us backache after one hour!

You're really wei da! Do u hv a live-in maid to help u? I cannot imagine taking care of 3 kids without one! I try to let my DH rest as much as possible cos he also has a new boss &amp; new subordinates (after being posted back here in Aug). He only does the weekend shift and occasionally the 10pm feeding.

Graveyard shift: My CL is leaving tmr afternoon...it's her last graveyard shift tonite and mine tmr onwards! I need to invest in a good eye gel

THANK YOU CARD for GYNAE: Any of u gave a tk-u card + bb photo to your gynae at your last checkup (pap smear)? Thot of giving my Dr one.
Hi Quiling,
the Gymboree trial class should be free.. cos last time I brought my elder boy there for trial before. we can actually organize a trial class just for babies within this thread.. it will be very nice cos all our babies are the same month (plus/minus).. and mummies here can have fun together with the babes!
<font color="0000ff">Flos
I didn't give LC any when i went to see him ytd for my pap smear wor.
oh, he charged me for consultation for the pap smear leh.. silly me tot it would still be included in the package, haha. so i ended up paying $170+ for ytd's session..</font>
Isabelle ,
ML ends on 14th oct , then went for full day course yesterday , then apply for CL leave 3 days again .. so will go back only next tues //keke . when is your leave ending ?
I just heard from my co civics tutor ( she suppose to take over me since august when i am on ML ) that i have 4 possible retainees in my class nw and the rest of them did not fare well .. later gg back to office to write some comments for them... so sianZ .. should have gone back to scold them .. no point scolding nw already .. been civics tutor for third time already since i join teaching , have 2 graduated classes with me and this is the third class I have .. none retainees in the previous two before .. felt so lousy nw .. haiz .. should not have taken early ML ( hubby fault .. asked me to rest at home cos scared premature bb ) and gone back to monitor them .. might not been so bad ... anyway ... I might not see them thru the next year cos will be taking NoPayLeave after ML next year .. 90% confirm cos MIL will be leaving in Jan for australia to help her daughter out .. spoke to my HOD yesterday already .. wonder would she give me a " D " grage since i am not expecting any performance bonus next year cos leaving already ba .. hmm ..
hi stefseanshar,
i totally understand your anguish and need for help. i face the same problems taking care of three because everyone wants a piece of me. my favourite time of the day is when all three are taking their nap!

the biggest challenge is to stay up in the night to latch cadence, then wake early at 8/9 to take care of the two tods, prepare their meals. it's a big headache while i prepare their meals and cadence wants to feed and i'm the only one able to feed her coz i don't pump out milk at all. so if i don't breastfeed her then she's got nothing to drink! so for a period of time, while cooking/preparing halfway, i've to stop and go bf her then go back and continue. on weekends, i have a bit more help since hb is home. but then on sundays, he will wake up early at 8 and not help with the kids but go and play soccer!! at times i'm really pissed off coz i'm so sleep deprived and there he is, happily going away to play soccer while i'm left with all three. yet i don't tell him not to go coz it's his only way to destress after a tiring long week of work. but now that i think of it, when do i get to destress from taking care of the kids???

so i guess we'll just hang in there and this tough period will eventually go...

sharmaine doesn't look skinny. how heavy is she now?
Flos ,
I am a trained certified MOE ropes instructor .. keke ... kinda .. certified to tied / supervised students up the high elements in adventure centres .. things like rock wall , zipline , abseiling kind of stuff .. the license have to renew annually for safety issues .. keke .. in fact last year cos preg i did not do any adventurous things at all ...
hang in there. tough on you. maybe you can get your parents help? get them to come by maybe twice a week at least to relieve you a lil?

hug hug to you.

im not sure how much CH weighs now. havent weigh her. but when she's on ebm, she drinks 130ml-140mls every 3hourly. so far ive tried ebm a few times, the rest all direct latch, and two hourly loh...according to CL, she is more bakbak, though i dun see much flesh other than her chin...

hahah..so you guys should go for a girl next round huh!!!!bet bigtoes would love to dress the girl up!!!
haha..you should try to learn to fix very quick meals lah. skip those ley chey meals. quick fried mee, beef porridge etc

you know i can now fix a breakfast of pancakes for CY in less than 5min.

cant really get the maid's help in this. you know she took one whole week to learn how to cook Quaker instand oatmeal??!!!!seven mornings. im so sick of oatmeal now..but that's the only thing she can cook now...so i'll just survive on it for the nexgt few weeks..elsei order macs brekkie haiz...

are you already holding the gymboree family pass ? Then i think the trial will be free for you.
Isabelle, which gymboree branch you planning to go ?
qiuling, oh no! u r super fit! I can't climb any ropes at all...esp not in this state
u r a JC teacher?

what are Library Free Books? Can I get them at the NLBs?

sasa: I bumped into LC on Sat at TMC PD clinic. My pap smear is end of this mth. I'll print one photo of Issac and stick it on a tk-u card.

My MIL is also working and isn't the sort who likes to stay at home. I am trying to persuade her to quit her job to look after my Isaac. I've already compromised by hiring a live-in maid, much as I hate having a stranger at home and even tho I hv nothing much for her to clean reguarly (my stuffs are mostly in boxes).
WAh..so many posts to catch up on. My little one kept me up almost whole nite. The nite passed by in a blur. HOnestly canot rber what time and how many times i woke upto feed. seems like he is intent on NOT sleeping much these days. Aiyo!

Sasa: Your MIL not going to stay and help look after Max w maid? Huh? Then wat abt asking her to let u have MORE ML??? I think she wld appreciate the difficulties of being stay home mum. What more it is her grandson we're talking about.

Qiuling: You are SUPERMom! Barely 2 mths of ML and u are back at work?!!! Is your hubby in town?

Flos: Gone for your Salon Esprit cut yet? HOw is it? Called them up for wash and blow and found them ex. BUt believe they shd e not bad. I really need a haircut...which i hope can get today.

Shazz: Interested in selling away your PUpsik? Me thinking of buying one...and if the size fits, why not. U know the MIM Sling allows you to use snuggle hold where b's head is upright. I use that all the time to calm my Elisha and he falls asleep in that position. Want to try that? Must get battery operated fan too cos mine hates the heat. WHere did u get yours?

L'l CY: CH is sooo dainty looking. So pretty!

StefShanShar: Ya Kun is HOT lei....i dun think i can tahan the hot!

ELECTRICITY BILLS: WAh ...i just saw my electricity bills for the omnth...can faint. abt 200 bucks! all that air con. sigh... i am going to sleep w soon as confinemet is over.

INFANT MASSAGE: My infant massage instructor says she can give special discount for us if we want to do group. Her regular charges are $70 per half hour session. BUt if we have a group of keen mums and infants, she can do $20. I think can negotiate some more. She is really q good. Trained midwife of 40 yrs exp, trained bb infant masseuse and even counsellor. Anyone keen? I think someone here used her antenatal massage services before too.

Godlfish: NO stress ok? Mine turned tomato-ish many times already. I think i am a bit immuned already. Anw today my bb massuese/midwife said it is ok to let bbs cry...even healthy cos let them ventilate frustrations/ emotions. And such intense crying does not equate to colic.

JO jo" WHat do you use to massage baby? I bought a bottle of organic baby massage oil today. Instructor said lotion not so good for bb.

Immunisation jabs: When you say boosters incld in thepackage, what boosters are these? How and what kind of boosters does bb need?

Infant massage:
l'l cy: think i need to get a feeding cup from you. Yday, elisha wasted 6my EBM..refused the Avent bottle. HELP!!!! and u are so amazing...share tip for 5 min pancakes lei! i need those!
<font color="0077aa">Alabone: I use the MIM sling &amp; also must carry Zane as well!! Feel that I didn't put him in properly.. Haiz.. need lotas practice!

l'lcy^^l'lch: Qihui looks so sweet with the white dress!! Nice!

Sasa: Yah, usually when I put him on the net bouncer, I will talk or play with him &amp; he was smiling &amp; I caught the big laugh! Haha.. Your Max so notti!

Yao lan: I am strongly against this. My nephew who is at my house now depend heavily on his Yao Lan. He is 11mth old &amp; my MIL have to sit beside the yao lan like a "statue" everyday to "jaga" him cos he will sit up when he wakes up &amp; its every dangerous.

Really pei fu those who have tods around like alabone &amp; stefsean&amp;sharmine... My nephew is a terror, he screams &amp; cries very loucdly when he wakes up from his nap. Don't know why he must cry when he wake up?? Sometimes he can go on &amp; on &amp; on.. untill I also cannot tahan! And I am always afraid he will wake baby up.

Don't know what happen to Zane, had last feed at 630pm &amp; 8plus he was crying gave him the breast &amp; he only suckle for 2-3mins &amp; cries again. Decided to take out 70ml EBM &amp; feed him. While he was crying ask my MIL to give him the new Farlin silicon pacifier &amp; he like it so much that he was suckling loudly &amp; decided to fall asleep!! No matter how I rouse him, he refused to get up, took only 10ml. Decide to let him sleep &amp; wake him up &amp; 10pm to eat but he refuse to get up. 1130pm try again but no avail. Untill 2plus then he make noise. But end of the day only fed on one breast. Aiyooo.. I am really worried he is not feeding enough, if not taking the 8plus feed, then he didn't drink much for 8hours!!! And even counting the 8pm as one feed, it is still 6hours no food!! Tsk tsk!</font>
<font color="ff6000"> l'l cy: haha. i'd hope to have a girl next round, one boy one girl = 好. i can rough it out with kieran while bigtoes can dress up the girl (i think she's longing for it!). but of cos it depends largely on how kieran turns out. if he is tough to handle, we'll announce factory shutdown. so in a way, kieran himself will determine whether he'll get a brother/sister.</font>
My gals are onnly 3.8 and 3.95 now at 6-7 weeks. Is that very light? Not sure what girls should be weighing...and too lazy to check the growth chart in the book..hehe! considering they were roughly on par with a few of the babies on this thread at same stage of gestation, they seem to be gaining weight rather slowly...
Adan hated slings too. Try the bjorn. It allows baby to kick and look around! Adan loved it as does his cousin Ryan. Maybe it's a boy thing

Even if Kieran is a handful, you can always consider trying for no 2 a few years later lah (after the tiredness becomes second nature LOL)...we waited 4 years for the second pregnancy for that very reason...adan was a real active baby!! and still is megaactive!! he's scared off some of my friends from having kids (so they say)
sarahmay: not yet. only sent my DH to try the salon on Mon and feedback was quite positive
As with all their outlets in HK and China, they hv a cafe at the salon for patrons to sip coffee or tea.

My hair is in a sorry state...not sure if I wanna buy the L'Oreal colour from Guardian and DIY at home like what my mom and dad usually do for their white hair!

BB crying: it is true. If your bb doesn't cry and only whimpers, it's quite odd too...so pent up! Let them cry out and 'exercise' their lungs, as the CL told me.

ELECTRIC BILLS (WEF 9 SEP 08): $379! I left the water heater on 24/7 during my confinement. It's my mistake. Now I told maid to turn it on 10min before preparing the bath water.

INFANT MASSAGE: does she do housecalls? I'm interested too though my CL briefly taught me HER method. She says use lotion. What oil r u all using?

lilboymom: u used panjacks mixtures?
dracwy (dracwy): Want smalltoes with 'pedicure'? Eat more veggies, less seafood/red meat!!! Needless to say, do the deed 2 days before her O
last year, NLB gave out this free baby journal. it's like a diary to record baby's first year of growth.. and at the backpages, there were some discount vouchers/coupons. There was a free trial session at Gymboree as one of the vouchers. But that expires in Dec 2007. For this year, I am not sure if NLB is printing new baby journals and even if yes, whether there is any Gymboree voucher or not.

Also, if u decide to sign up a gymboree membership, they will also give u a free class. I did sign up a membership (i paid $50 i think).. so all in I had 2 free classes (one from the voucher).

i m not sure if my Gymbo membership has expired cos i signed for 1yr.. n I dun think i have family membership.. oh well..must go find out again.
ok, i;ll bring the cup during the gathering..

like flos said, i use pancake mix lah. do it often enough, it becomes robotic.

you collecting slings ah!?!?! kekekeke...but pupsik convenient?

bingo!dun tell me that's from china hor...

yalor..tts y sometimes i always angry with hb whever he did this..there i was bz like mad,doing work non-stop eversince i woke up while he was watching tv,using comp to surf both work n personal stuff,or will doze off asleep on the sofa,or at night will go out have coffee session with his friends/ex boss although he will help to put the elder to bed 1st mostly b4 going out...really feel like doing everything myself..he always say i now sahm so have to do everything...HOUSEWIFE!..really wish i can go back to work soon....

but u r really doing great with 3! doubt i can handle that man..Jia You!
Seems like everyone is in the same plight as me! Definitely makes me feel better. I really salute mamas who have to handle their toddlers such as Stef and Alabone ! It is beyond my ‘imagination’ leh :S

My HB is still on leave now so he does help me out once a while. But I feel that once he is back to work, he will be a lump of meat and nua at home instead of helping out lo. DIE

Guess this is the only place for us to let go our grievances and get empathized….
SarahMay: no, won't be selling my slings or pouch, will still want to try puttiing Eamon in it and let him get used to it. Yes, I use the snuggle hold too and vary whatever position that is comfortable for him to sleep in. The thing about him is that he don't mind being in it if he's sleepy, if he's awake, he wants to be in upright position and the flexibility to swing his head all around.

Ava: I'm not gonna buy the Bjorn, cos they can at most fit up to 12kg for the more expensive models yah? I shall be thick skin and ask to borrow from my SIL since my niece outgrew it.

Hubby is away in Batam for a company retreat, so I'm on my own tonight! Pray that Eamon dun get cranky in the middle of the night like the previous night. Even though I'm doing graveyard shift on my own, sometimes it helps that hubby is snoring away, to give moral support, that I'm not all alone.
my ML ends tmr. But I'm taking the 3 days childcare and after that another 3 days extended ML so I'll go back 29 oct.
err... i dun even want to think abt the performance grade. SIGH...
Hey, i know what u mean. But dun feel too bad. Ur baby comes first. And look at it this way, they r JC kids after all and r old enough to take responsibility for their own studies. Just too bad they're not sensible enough. In fact getting retained might do them good. Otherwise they think so easy to get promoted.
I hope i get my form class back next yr. First time i have such a nice class. I like them lots! Went back yesterday to give them cupcakes! But suspect i won't follow them up to sec 4 since i'll be on ML in Jan and Feb. Sob...

thx for info!

i wanna bring my #1 to the tanglin mall branch to try the music class. Then will decide if i sign her up for kindermusik or gymboree, or neither!
Hmm... Seems that I'm real lucky. My hubby is a super family man. He plays with #1 after work, showers her and tells her bedtime stories too!
DRUGSTORE SPREE: Ok, shall open the spree now! Sorry, spree is <font color="ff0000">only for mummies in this thread</font> as I'm not doing spree for profit but to share cost with my friends here.

* via Vpost - items will be charged according to weight and volume, in terms of units

1. Via mail - Normal / Registered Postage (I will not be liable for damage/ lost due to postage)
$0.30 for envelope &amp; handling charges on top of normal or registered postage charges.
2. My place at Toa Payoh

CHARGES: will be charged based on actual charges on credit card, but will collect a fixed amount for the items first and collect/refund excess/top-up amount later on. current exchange rate about US$1.48 or there about

Transfer to my DBS Savings Plus: 0010062525 and PM me your contact details if it's your first time participating in my spree.

Spree Cap: US$180

Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment 4 oz (113 g) Collect $9/tube first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment, Creamy, Fresh Scent 4 oz (113 g) Collect S$9/tube first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 25 ea - Collect S$10 first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Philips Avent 9 ounce BPA Free Bottle, Dual Pack 2 ea - Collect S$30 first
1. Shazz - 1 - Toa Payoh
<font color="0000ff">SarahMay
no lor.. apparently not. last nite i tried to hint.

Me: I heard you can't wait to go back to work
MIL: Ya, I hope to go back to work soon. <<she>>
Hb: Mummy, tell u wat lah. We shall give birth to another one den u retire and stay at home to help us look after them
FIL: 'laughing away'
MIL: 'gave us tat HUH look'

She has been complaining daily to me tat Max doesn't wanna sleep in the day and he's so heavy tat she carry till her arms n back aching. And she wouldn't fail to tell me about fixing the Yao Lan AGAIN!!!!

So cute. Max doesn't seem to wanna respond to us when we talk to him tho at times he would look at us. Other times, he's more concerned about looking elsewhere. hhhmm....

oh btw, mayb Zane felt really tired ytd.. so KO!!!

Yao Lan
How can I insist to my ILs about not getting the yao lan...

Electricity Bills
haha.. mine was $270 during my confinement month. gosh!!

Don't worry k. Eamon will be a good boy tonite n not bully mummy!!!</font>
<font color="119911">Goldfish (goldfish1395) – hang in there, babies are suppose to be crying more during week 6-8….so can console ourselves that this will pass in abit!

Kieran is like that now as well, and I usually end up resorting to BFing to keep him happy if its about time for his next feed. Earlier, he pooped when BFing, so I had to change him and continue, and he pooped again – I am changing so much diapers nowadays and washing my hands so much, the skin is peeling! Anyway, I am quite immune to his crying by now – so as long as I know he is fed and clean, sometimes I will just let him be. He cries, whimpers abit then falls asleep.

Even then, I am glad we don’t have the CL anymore, and that we aren’t getting a maid. I cant stand having a total stranger live in with us and all the problems that come with it. Rather sacrifice some sleep to take care of him alone and clean up the house. am thankful that hubby does the night shift so I can get some rest, though I still end up waking up when Kieran cries, and waking up at other times to express milk somemore.

alabone (alabone) – u are surviving on 3 hours of sleep a night? Doesn’t your hubby help out?
Desitin – I think I finished 1 tube already. This is sticker than the one used by TMC (think it was Johnson &amp; Johnson), and the smell lingers on your hand. So far so good though, no nappy rash.

dmbb (dmbb) – 6 in 1 jab. We are bringing Kieran to Kidslink – they have a couple of clinics in the North/East areas. Cost is $440 for 3 sessions of 6 in 1, inclusive of consultation and general check up on baby's development. The optional jabs are separate (rotavirus and pneumococcal) and total cost from 2nd to 19 months work out to about $1400-1900 or so for 6 in 1 and the optionals, depending on which you opt in for (Chicken Pox, etc etc).

bacon&amp;egg (baconegg) – I haven’t been shopping for 2-3 months now! Didn’t bother the last month of pregnancy cos no point buying preggy clothes then. And haven’t been out alone since delivery. We are going Hari Raya visiting this Sat and hubby and Kieran are going home after that, so I can get some shopping done!! Feel like i have nothing to wear, though i have cupboards full of clothes!!

StefSeanSharbabes (limyg) – bad timing that your hubby has a new boss….hope it gets better over the months as Shar gets older.

I think all the mommies here are doing a great job so far - with out without the hubbies' help
Kudos to all of us!!!</font>
no massage, etc. just wash and cut. the haircut is great!! i love it so much. but it took a long tme like more than 2 hrs cos during the cut, she had to show her sup each step and sup had to comment/ correct her mistakes.
I came home and colored my hair myself. cos i like short hair that is colored.
my hair length was like below my armpit, then they cut a short bob for me, to chin level!!

my SIL goes to the espirit salon at vivo. ishe says their cutting skils is good.. think can give it a try..

yup. i was thiking abt Yakun stools causing hurt to our butts
okie then. maybe go Dome or coffee bean

5 diaper bags?? i hv 2 (skip hop dash deluxe and jujube be all) and thinking of selling one away liao..anyone keen??

alabone, angeg,
my fav time is when all 3 are zzz too. i will suddenly hv this surge of energy when all 3 are zzz. like last few nights after sharmaine's 11pm feed, and she fell asleep, i was suddenly so awake.

yup. i get v pissed with hubby too when he watches tv or play computer games or does his work at home. cos i'm already rushing for time and so sleep deprived yet he has the energy/time to do those bo liao stuff!
i hv to pump out the excess milk and stimulate milk supply cos sharmaine does not drink much and am afraid my supply will disappear if i just latch her. btw, she does not know how to rink from bottle yet, so the milk that i pump, goes to my 2 older todds.

Sharmaine at 4 weeks was 3.4kg. not sure abt now.

not sure how much shar drinks cos she drinks direct all the time. tried the teat a few times on her but she pushed it out. my mum helps me alot already. whenever my hubby has to work late, which is 4 days per week, my mum picks my 2 todds from childcare and will feed, bathe them, read books to them. btw, my mum is a pri school teacher.. many teachers here huh.

i think ur gal's weight are ok. shar is abt there too i think and she's not even a twin.
<font color="aa00aa">shazz
yay!! thank u for organising...can stock up liao!!!</font>

Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment 4 oz (113 g) Collect $9/tube first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment, Creamy, Fresh Scent 4 oz (113 g) Collect S$9/tube first
1. sunrays - 6 - Toa Payoh

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 25 ea - Collect S$10 first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Philips Avent 9 ounce BPA Free Bottle, Dual Pack 2 ea - Collect S$30 first
1. Shazz - 1 - Toa Payoh
i also strongly feel that baby should not be on yaolan. Cos next time, if u want to travel with baby, u can't bring a yaolan along right? then even in Singapore.. say u go shopping or go to friend's or relative's house.. then your baby is tired n needs to sleep.. there is no yaolan in other people's house.. so the best is to train your baby be able to sleep on any flat surface. Maybe you can use this as a reason for your ILs.. say next time u bring your baby over to ILs place, then baby needs to sleep.. then how? Unless they also install a yaolan in their house? oops.. or your ILs stay with u??
i understand that my hubby does not want to work late too. Just that his crazy boss is really mad.

shar does not hv deep set eyes le. think she is frowning.. haha. she's always frowning le.
Hi Limay, do u know if the vaccination package inclds the MMR &amp; 5 in 1 booster? if i take up the package wif kinderclinic, i can get further discount on the optional vaccines, wh is like $85 per dose for rotavirus &amp; $153 per dose for pneumo. Think overall like still more expensive than kidslink. I'll go check on their locations.. thnks!

Not sure if anyone else here experienced the same problem as my bb, alw cries during her feeds, those painful kind of cries &amp; arches her back. She also hiccups often. So PD says it's either allergy to cow's milk or she has reflux. Have juz switched to Soy milk to test for 2 weeks &amp; bb is oso on medication. Heart pain to see small bb having to tk medicine.. haiz.. anyway vaccination for her 6 in 1 was supposed to be last tues but has been postponed till 8 wk due to her condition. Hope things will improve ...
Anyone drinking SIMILAC MUM?
Suitable for breastfeeding mums too.
I have 1 brand new tin and i dun drink it.
If interested, I'll give it to you. Otherwise it's wasted in my house!
Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment 4 oz (113 g) Collect $9/tube first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment, Creamy, Fresh Scent 4 oz (113 g) Collect S$9/tube first
1. sunrays - 6 - Toa Payoh
2. isa_belle - 1 - toa payoh

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 25 ea - Collect S$10 first
1. Yr Nick - Qty - Yr Collection

Philips Avent 9 ounce BPA Free Bottle, Dual Pack 2 ea - Collect S$30 first
1. Shazz - 1 - Toa Payoh
sorry for flooding with posts.

i'll bring to lok's place this mon if anyone is interested.
Otherwise gotta collect fr my place and look at all of us, so tired now, i dun think anyone wants to come to my place just to collect a free tin of similac rite? Hee hee
wah lau...i just carried my son for 1 hour...now right armand shoulder aching...I need a reliable masseuse to come to my place. Any one got lobang?

stefseanshar: U cut away your beautiful tresses for the Victoria Beckham bob?!!! I can't wait to see your new bob
I can never take a bob. I think if it's bluish-black colour, it'll be nice too.

I'll try Salon Esprit then.

How did u dye your hair? U hv the poncho, brush, clips &amp; mixing bowl at home?

sasa: your dialogue with your PILs is really farnie! Actually, I can understand where they're coming from...

My mom just grumbled to me that she had to jaga my bro's 2 todds from morning till evening when they return from work. She really cannot take it anymore. C'mon, if we young people can't take the 2-3hrly feeds, poop, crying, etc. How can they?!

WEDDING DINNER: those who attended weddin dinners, where did u leave your toddler when u were there? I've a banquet this Sat, but my DH refuses to let me go!
<font color="0000ff">Autumn
Exactly lah. i dun wanna be rocking my bb to sleep all the time lor. been trying to train him to sleep on his own by patting his butt, but during the day when he's at ILs house, think they always pick him up each time he makes noise. gets on my nerves, coz i dun wan my boy to noe he gets to be carried juz by making a little noise. aarrgghh...

we stay on our own, but think MIL has intention to nail the yaolan in her house. gosh!!!!!</font>

MMR vaccine is given free to all kids (they must be SG citizens) at the Polyclinic. Booster jab for 5-1 is included in the package price.. no need to pay further.

Pn and Rota not available at Polyclinic.. must get from outside. Most GP clinics charge around $90 for Rota and $150 to $170 for Pn. And there is no need to pay for consultation charges to GP (usually most won't charge). For PD, usually they will still charge consultation charge each time u bring for jab.