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bacon&eggs - thanks. It really looks very good!!! Is it really as easy to open / close it as they say (60 secs??)? This is because we need it to really portable as we will be bringing it along with us when we travel. We've planned our first trip to be early Jan and I will bring the cot along so that he can sleep in it.

14kilos is not light man. I wonder how heavy is the P3 (stroller) ... maybe even heavier than the stroller!

sasa & storeberry,
yeah. was overjoyed to see the scale reading when she was weighed in. makes all those tiring nites all very worth it!

grace toh,
i checked through the maid's belongings at the maid agency when i collected her and also noted down in a notepad the things she brought along with her. the reason why i did that was to be clear on what she already had with her. such that if i notice/see anything that i didn't see before, i will know if she has got a 'third hand' or not. i've a bad experience with my first maid you see. she stole money from us and when we confronted her abt it, she claimed that she came here with those money already!!! that's why when i had the second maid, i didn't want to take any chances.

if the maid is new, perhaps it won't be such a grand idea to put her with your bb yet. does she have experience handling babies? if you put bb and her in the same room on the first night, you might end up quite stressed.

guess you won't know if she's trustworthy/sincere until a certain period. even then, 'fang ren zhi xin bu ke wu' coz they are helpers after all. my colleague had a very good helper with her but abt two weeks ago, policeman found her at the construction work site, chatting with the workers, with her kid in tow. so the police brought her home and called my colleague who was devastated. and apparently, before that happened, she started showing signs of negligence in her daily housechores and my colleague also suspected she brought men home... my colleague quite poor thing. alone in sg coz her hb is working overseas and there's no one else to help her jaga her boy...

OH, one thing very very impt is to set your rules and regulations for her. and in the initial days, better to be a bit more 'strict'. i may say this but i certainly didn't do that myself. i adjust my 'strictness' based on the maid's personality also. this current maid quite smiley and friendly so i reciprocated the same way.

the pictures are so cute! the pail looks rather small leh. how to shower in that??

forgot i wanted to share with you abt food for maid. if i know that i'm going to a restaurant for lunch, what i do is i will get her to buy her own lunch from foodcourt at our pl here first so that her lunch is settled and when we have lunch later, she can help to feed/jaga kids. if we are out from morning till lunch then will just buy whatever we eat in the restaurant since we don't do it very often. like the times when we go to marche, i'll buy pasta for her as well. once in a while i'm ok. plus my maid is a good helper so all the more i don't mind so much paying for nice food for her.
Maid: Oh, I just briefed her the entire bb's timetable, not hers, but she got the drift that her entire 24 hrs will revolve around my bb's routine. But I did tell her her day starts at 6am (she offered to wake up at 5.30am) and ends around 9.30-10pm. But in the event that I need her help with the bb, she must support me after 10pm.

I bought her a notebook & pen and told her to jot down as I spoke. Nothing much lah, e.g. change my bedsheets 2X/wk, windows 1X/mth, toilet 1X/wk, cooking 5X/wk, kitchen floor to be mopped after per cooking session, outside floors to be vaccumed/mopped as and when I need, machinewash adults' clothes when full-load, handwash bb's clothes/diapers 2X daily, handwash HER own clothes, wash bb milk bottles, breakfast/lunch/dinner to be prepared (CL teaching her now),prepare FM for me, prepare my bb's bath water/setup the changing station every evening for me, wash/sterilise milk bottles/pumps, etc.

I'll let her learn how to bottle-feed, cos I need her to do that in public sometimes.

I dun really fancy having a stranger in my house either. Really dread giving them work to do. There is nothing much to clean in my flat! It's an easy job for her
plus, I bathed Isaac mysel just now, she just standby to pass me this and that...

I also got her those towels/ sanitary pads / shower gel / shampoo / toothpaste & brush. Got her a mattress and pillow first cos the CL is still sleeping on the bed.
wat kind of baby massage class u attending? can share?

I'm keen in the gymboree trial class too!

I hav a graco playard too..mine is the basic one which Charlotte sleeps at nite in my room. The cot is too big to fit beside my bed. Honestly it's too heavy and bulky to bring along on a trip, I tried packing it into the travel bag it came with...boy...like golf set lor... Cos i am planning a short trip with baby in tow..now trying to find a travel cot too. Otherwise, she'll have to sleep on the bed with us. Bassinets will be more ideal for travel but not practical cos they'll outgrow it in no time!


TRAVEL BED(but up to 6.8kg only!)

CO-SLEEPER(up to 10.5kg)
alabone: yes, thanks! I'll ask her to settle her makan first at the kopitiam nearby.

My DH is very concerned that the CL will brainwash her and badmouth us! We had reprimanded the CL a few times and insinuated that she had intention of nicking those diapers. Argghh...they will sleep in one room until Fri.

Checking her bag. The agency has already taken note of her entire list of valuables, the amt she has with her and the mobile phone... I signed an acknowledgement. I've no pesos, so if I find RMB, USD, EUROs, SGD in her bag, it has to be ours.

I'm really hving some blues right now, cos I'm not used to hving TWO strangers with me. I hid in my bedroom just now with Isaac in my arms, away from those two foreigners who were cooking in the kithen.

I'm not really a micro-manager, so it's really hard for me to lay down small lil rules and regulations to 'bind' her.
i totally know wat u mean by hiding in your room. i did tt when mil was staying here... better not let her interact with cl too much coz this brainwashing thing is absolutely possible!!! turn on yur bb monitor and listen to wat they say.

the link i gave has some useful rules/guidelines. maybe you can adopt and change accordingly to suit your needs?
Travel Cots: sorry I'm a bit suaku...the travel cot looks really deep, how to bend down to carry bb? How high is the next level?

lanolin: P3 is 8+kg.

jojo: tks for the gymboree link.
alabone: i've bookmarked the link, tks!!! It's a bit stifling, but I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry later...aiyo..I really hv nothing to clean lah...my PT helper can do it under 3 hrs/mth (without a bb last time).

lanolin: she looks quite duh and surprisingly her English is not as fluent as those Filipinos I've met in the service sector. She probably is better in Tagalog.

Can I release her to nearby supermarket to buy groceries? Is it safe? Will she befriend those foreign workers outside? I asked this cos last week, after I woke up from my afternoon nap, my CL happily told me she didn't throw away the manyue buffet food per my instruction that morning. Instead, she used her discretion to hand them to the Indian landscape gardeners downstairs!! I was sooo pissed off. So key kiang...
alabone: cadence looks so peaceful and cute in her sleep! well done on her weight gain!
all those nights are indeed worth it yah!

bacon&eggs: just saw your message, that you managed to find your optimum expressing time!
jia you! The Graco play pen is a good buy! Was contemplating getting that the other time when I was toying with cot or play pen.

Robinson sale: anyone went already? Hope Avent got no sale and I can get 25% off with the voucher. Am planning to buy bigger Avent bottles for my growing boy. He's currently using the small Avent bottles and he seems to like it much more than the Pigeon ones. So I'm gonna sell my BPA-free Pigeon bottles when I have time to take photos and post details.
Setting up is pretty easy and fast..when you dissemantle, it is in between the size of a golf bag (like what sunray says) and a yoga mat rolled up..it comes with a carrier for you to lug along..Mothercare has new stock coming in this week 15 Oct onwards..it has a new color for Graco and their in-house brand.

I am keen in the gym class too...

The depth of the 1st level travel cot is manageable, the 2nd level which is the playpen level is deeper and harder to reach..but it is meant for slightly older bb/toddler so reaching out to the bb is not so bad...
Lanolin, alabone and flos, thanks for the advises. Will do my homework before bringing the maid home this thursday, hopefully my stress is uncalled of.

My friend taught me this..to do a test to see whether the maid is trustworthy. Put some cash in your jean and throw into the laundry basket. When the maid do the laundry and found the cash, if she did not pass the cash back to you after 2days, most likely we can send her packing liao. :p
wah..this thread is moving damn fast!
lots of good info though.

oh, a Fathers United sounds interesting although FU don't sound too good to me. Haha. How about PU? (Papa United). Haha.

I do agree with dracwy abt the good happy feeling when you are carrying and spending time with bb. the scary part is when bb starts making too much noise and cries. i think as parents our 1st thoughts of baby crying is to pacify the cries.

work has been pretty busy for me so i do cherish every moment spent with bb when i get home from work and before i go to work.

bb is getting really strong now..when she's hungry and while im carrying her to wait for mummy to make the milk..she'll be doing here boxing moves and kicking! just now she made satay gravy while i was carrying her but it's all good and we had a good laugh. haha.

i also think that another reason why she gets cranky sometimes is because its so warm. :p kinda difficult to strike a balance of nice cool temperature for bb without using the aircon or too much fan rite? :p

Here's a recent pic of her that we like.

hi shazz,
yes. makes all those nights really worth it! i'd really like to show a pic of her awake but that hardly happens so 98% of the pics i have of her are those of her sleeping. i think she'll be more wakeful in time to come.

you're welcome. yea, when i read it, it kinda sounded rigid too. but i think you can change according. at least it's something for reference. i didn't really set my maid these rules. just told her the things that are to be done everyday. like morning after her breakfast and bath, she must sterilise the kids' bottles, sweep and mop floor, wash clothes, hang clothes. by the time she's done, my kids would have woken then she'll have to jaga them until lunch time. then she'll help to feed nat, have her lunch, shower nat, wash dishes, read to nat, put her to bed for her nap. while nat is napping, she'll iron clothes, after which help my mum prepare for dinner time like cut/wash vege etc. after nat wakes from nap, she jaga kids while my mum cooks. then feed nat her dinner, bathe nat, have her dinner, wash up. that's her routine.

tts a v good way of bathing him..nv thot of tt..so cute..is he standing up?


ya..bf makes one get hungry easily..i ate lunch at 12pm+..by 4/5pm i am hubgry liao...but hor..watch ur diet..during my FB, i oso lost all my pregnancy weight n even minus..but it was during the 2years+ of taking care of her tt i put on back 10kg..now,i am back to my pre-pregnancy weight liao..minus 2kg even..these few days got craving for ice cream man...maybe i am too tired taking care of 2kids n my body was telling me to eat some sweet stuff to get back my strength n feel happy..haha


can PM me your acct number? tks


hope shes ok for u...sian..my bb crying again...arggh..most of the nites been like this..finally doze off at 2am+...
alabone (alabone): treasure the times when she's sleeping more now! haha ... when my boy is awake, it means I have to carry him or walk around the house! my arms are breaking liao!
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

email: [email protected]
Very sad... milk ss seems to be dropping.. only managed to get 20ml at 9pm yesterday, and tried expressing again at 11pm, and could only at 30ml! Baby does not seems to get enough.. and hubby refused to supplement with FM. Yesterday, brought baby to PD for 1 month check up, he only gained 600g in 1 month! Is this too little? I've hoped that he gained at least 1 kg! Mommies, how much did your baby gain during the 1st month?

Is anyone taking the injections at polyclinic? Cos some of the jabs are actually free in polyclinics. My baby has not taken the Hep B first jab yet, and during the check up yesterday, PD said she would jab on 2nd, 4th and 6th month if I take the 6 in 1. Each jab is $120.

Jo jo, how much did you pay for the baby massage?
Thanks Angeline! I hope it'll work out too.

Shazz - did u try putting him in the stroller and rolling it around the house? Declan was happy for like 10 mins in it and then promptly fell asleep!! A relief for me and my arms.

Fussy babies - I tried this yesterday and it worked to calm him down. The baby books that u get may come with some sort of plastic-sound covers (a la rubbing of plastic bags). I think it is one of those white noises that babies like. He calmed down very soon after hearing it so you may want to try. The effect didn't last very long though and it was then we realised he was probably hungry.

Failed experiment - Tried tanking him up last night (after 9plus feed, gave him another 80ml of FM) but he woke up at 150am and 5am. ARGH.....we try again tonight and maybe tank him up at 11pm instead.
bacon & eggs - thanks for the info. I'll go down to Mothercare and see if they have a display set. which MC did u go to? The one at Parkway doesn't have stock the last time I went.
shazz: treasure the times when bb's sleeping...not always! my boy is sleeping now, and I miss him so much!!! Wanna wake him up and carry him around...he must hate it sleeping with two strangers in his room last nite. poor isaac!
Rachel - I have heard that the more stressed u r, the less milk u'll get. How long in btw 2 pumps? 2 hourly seems quite frequent... do u rest enough? I think some of us here realise that we get more milk after a nap vs if we spent the same time awake and doing things.

At 4 weeks, how heavy is ur baby?
Hi ladies, hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I've currently an oversupply of breast milk and I think it's a waste to throw it away. I have about 25 bags of 180ml milk expressed in July 2008 to give away. The milk has been well stored in my deep freezer and can last for another 3 months in a deep freezer or can be used immediately when stored in a normal freezer compartment of a fridge. The reason that I'm giving away my milk is that my deep freezer is running out of space and my baby is not drinking as fast as I can pump and store. I used to pump 2 litres per day (now I'm pumping 1.7 to 1.8 litres per day) but my baby is drinking between 1.1 to 1.3 litres per day. I already have close to 300 bags frozen and stored in my deep freezer and I have no choice but to give away or throw the earliest milk. Milk stored in deep freezer can last 6 months so the milk I'm giving away can last till January if you have a deep freezer or else, it should be used soon. Please sms me at 97475251 if you are interested or if you have any queries.
Flos - I think it is poor mummy Flos more than poor Isaac. U r traumatised with having to live with 2 strangers whereas he's probably like "fa la la ... hungry ... fa la la ....tired...fa la la ...sleep"
lanolin: sound of plastic bags? urgh, thats what isaac hates most! he gets very irritated!!!

travelcot: I'm getting my sis' hand me down...she chucked the bassinet though.
Lanolin, yes, had to pump every 2 hours. Usually I latch on, but baby refused to latch yesterday (and I wondered if it's cos there's no milk), therefore, I tried to express. He wants his feed every 1.5-2 hours and I find it really difficult to keep up with his schedule.

At 4 weeks, he's 4.02 kg. He was 3.395kg at birth.. so only gained 600g.

Latching: mommies, do your babies always drink from both breast? Mine always drink from 1 breast only, and when I try to burp him after 15-20mins, and offer the other breast, he rejects and fall asleep.
So really not sure if he's having enough, and he wakes up like 1-1.5hours asking for milk again. Seems like I couldnt get him to drink more (from both breast) so that he can sleep for at least 3 hours..
lanolin: sound of plastic bags? urgh, thats what isaac hates most! he gets very irritated!!!

Yesh, it's me hating the idea of isaac sleeping with two strangers...I dunno what tasks to give to my maid, cos the CL has done most of it before she arrived. I'm over-staffed here! Constantly needing to give her work assignments.

How much did u all give as angpow to your CL?

travelcot: I'm getting my sis' hand me down...she chucked the bassinet though.

but u know, that blogger is asking the maid to do something illegal:

- When we go to our parents’ houses, you must also help to do the housework there, like sweeping and moping the floor, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and others.

- When we go to our friends’ houses, you must also help with the cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and others, if we are having our meal there.

<font color="0000ff">Storeberry
hehe, thanks

Chantelle Sun
Max will be 2 mths come 19th Oct
but somehow i keep thinking he doesn't look like a less than 2 mth bb lor

haha, he does?? hhmm... both hb n i got baby face leh. we dun look our age..

haha, it was juz a one-off thing lah. coz we stayed over my mum's place for the nite. she doesnt have a bath tub for him to bathe in so have to make do with a pail lor.

Angeline Goh
haha.. looks like he's standing. I wasn't in the toilet when my sis snapped this pic, haha. but he's really strong. will use his legs to support himself when i carry him up (of coz still supporting his head

Rachel Lim
hhmm... how come u pumping at such short intervals? Mayb let ur breasts rest awhile and replenish b4 pumping again??

Awake bbs
My MIL is starting to complain and maid is starting to show 'black' face each day i go home coz Max doesn't wanna sleep in the day, so they end up having to carry him or attend to him. So now MIL is requesting that we drill and yaolan for him, coz she deems tat babies will sleep longer / be able to sleep better in a yaolan. But i'm dead against rocking / shaking my little one to slp. coz once u start, u can't stop. I dun wan him to be so reliant on it, else we'll end up having to bring the yaolan everywhere we go!!!!! aarrrgghhh

Fussy babies
oh i heard tat we can turn on the TV and let babies listen to the 'zar zar' sound. u noe the sound when no channel is being found. Apparently this would help soothe them. Have not tried it tho..</font>
oh dear, really different strokes for different folks. ok ok, maybe not all babies like plastic-ky sounds. HAHAHA...

Flos - just tahan for 1 more day. When CL leaves, maid will have enough on her hands.

Angbao - I heard the range from SGD 48 to SGD 388 depending on whether u are happy or not with her service and how long she was with you. For urs, I think maybe even SGD 38 is enough?

What brand is the travel cot u r getting?

Rachel - did the PD say his development is ok? Maybe he hasn't gone through his growth spurt yet (btw 3 - 6 weeks) ...

Latching - my boy behaves like urs when he is going through his growth spurt. If not, he usually drinks every 2.5 to 3 hours (more like 2.5) and I give him about 25 mins on one breast and 10 - 15 mins on the next. I think ur baby might still have small tummy so can't eat much at one time....
I went to MC at Centrepoint. Last piece in stock for the Graco travel cot. They still have the display set to demo though. The sale staff said they still have stock at Harbourfront but running low. In any case, new stocks are coming in this week. Good to call before you go down.
Maid s***
Now maid telling me she wants to go back to agency.

so am bringing her back.

am i suay or am i suay...

yesterday let her carry the bb, the moment she touch CH, she started bawling...

when she tried to help my fb change his diapers, he refused, climbed up and held on to the window bars!!!!!!!so they ended up in stalemate, staring at each other in that state for the longest time...

yeah, now best time man...so fed up!!!
Rachel: Did your PD mention anything about his weigt gain? If not, don't worry about a thing. PDs will highlight problems if ther are. Diff babies have diff needs. AS dfor feeding every 1.5-2 hours, it is still q common cos ur bb is only 4 wks old. I'm still latching my 3+w old bb every 2-2.5hours.

Jessi &amp; aloysius: your princess is so cute. I'm sure she's got tons of great photos! how big is she now? I hope our bbs' schedules will settle soon. I keep forgetting to log down her eating/sleeping patterns. was so conscintious in the first two weeks. yikes.

shazz: do you use any bb carrier? maybe that wld help ease ur strain?

alabone: Hip hip hooray! Good job mummy! Cadence looks sooooo good! Doing so well!

sasa: your max is soooo chubby chubby!!! your nan ha and BM must be super power.

6in1 and Hep b 2nd jab: I'm doing mine exactly on his 6th wk. Also throwing in Prevanar and Rotarix. I think these two additionals are impt esp Rotarix...cos the aunties in Macau love to touch bb's cheeks n i dunno if their hands are washed after they go to the toilets. eeks.

PAIL for bathing: Hey! That is really cool, sasa. I wanted to buy a bath pail like that that costs almost 80 bucks. Apparently it helps settle fussy babies and ease colic pains too.

WHITE NOISE: yup! read abt it too...and tried it. Not guaranteed effective all the time but does work. I do the "SHHHHH" sound q often when he's is bawling. seems to help. Meanwhile, i'm babywearing him as often as possible during the day. the MIM sling is proving handy but my efforts at using it are not often successful.

What size are your BPA-free Pigeon bottles --- 160ml or 240ml? I need to upgrade J's bottles soon.


I tanked up J at 12 mn with 170ml FM last nite. He finished it all but still wakes up at 3am for another feed..


What did your PD say?
U seem to have the same problem that I had earlier. It's either that bb is undergoing the 6th week growth spurt or there's inadequate milk ss/bb not latching properly.

In J's case, he was putting on weight but only a mere 250g when he's abt 3 weeks old and on TBF (latch-on, sometimes up to 50mins). We did not suspect anything was amiss as he still wakes up 3 hrs for feeds plus wees/poos normally. The only thing is he's SUPER jaundiced. He underwent all sorts of tests. At the end of the day, PD's conclusion was that I have been starving him (I think he doesn't latch very well) plus the BM is inhibiting the breakdown of bilirubin. So he has to go on total FM to address the problem (his jaundice level was extremely high by then). Now, I don't latch him anymore (only EBM and FM).
Lok: wow, your Jonas can drink 170ml now? Mine only 150ml now.

sasa: "Fussy babies
oh i heard tat we can turn on the TV and let babies listen to the 'zar zar' sound. u noe the sound when no channel is being found. Apparently this would help soothe them. Have not tried it tho.." Is it true? Sounds like Poltergeist!

I hv changed to the 260ml Avent bottles.

Sarahmay: u r right! I also make the CH CH and SHSHHHHHHH sound when he bawls. It seems to work. And there are certain 'fengshui spots' in my house that can make him stop crying! I'll walk there and make the CH CH CHhhh and SHhhhhhhh sounds to soothe him. Sometimes, I cluck my tongue and make all kinds of weird noises. Auto shut up!

lilboymom: your maid is volunteering to go back? Looks like u hv to find a replacement.
Flos: Perhaps it because you have helpers around so you enjoy carrying him. I have to do the rest of the stuff like laundry, washing and sterilising bottles etc.
So I appreciate whatever time I have on hand when he's sleeping. Last night, the little one decided not to sleep after his feed at 345am! His eyes were wide open and busy looking around the dim room and he wants to be carried upright and refused to finish the last 20ml of his milk. Arghhh ... he kept us up for 2 hours! Then hubby gave him a small feed at 6am to make him sleepy and it worked!

Lanolin: Eamon bawls when we put him down so the stroller didn't work for him. But we do use his stroller as a portable cot in the living room though when he's taking naps and want him to know our presence.

l'l CY^^l'l CH (lilboymum): aiyo, take is as good riddance! am sure you'll have a better maid than this CMI one! ;) all the best for new maid!
hi mummies

this thread is too fast for me! I'm in confinement now. Delivered a bb gal on 25/9. third child.

she sleeps a lot and drinks very little...abt 100ml every 4-5hrs. i pump every 5-6 hrs and get abt 180-200ml...she is 3 wks old now.

RE: shaving
i shaved both my boys when they were 4 mths old. But can't bear to shave this ah girl's hair. Is it true that without shaving, the hair will drop bit by bit and result in uneven patches? and aft shaving the hair will become thicker and more? Both my boys still hv very fine hair leh..
flos, shazz
hmmm..waiting forthe agency to open...am angry coz CL is leaving this sunday, and if she wants to go, she chose a very good time indeed. damn pissed. she feels very insecure without the CL around, coz she cant cook, cant take care of bb, cant take care of todd..hardly does housework..but can learn mah!!! i dun mind until now..damn damn pissed....
Yesterday night Devon tortured us! We finally managed to make him sleep at 12mn, then he woke up at 130am for a feed. He woke up again at 330am for another feed &amp; I put him to bed at 4am. He woke up again at 5am!! He is 6 weeks now, could this be the growth spurt? He used to be on 3 hour intervals.

Everyone's baby seems to be drinking a lot. For Devon he only drinks 80ml per feed when we feed him EBM twice a day. I latch him on during all the other feeds which is around 2 hour intervals. When I try to tank him up, he refuses, 80ml means 80ml. I'm wondering if he's drinking too little?

J doesn't take 170ml FM all the time (150ml + FM poweder will make ~170ml). Last nite was the 1st time I tried. If it's EBM, it's between 30-70ml. If it's EBM mixed with FM, ~70ml-100ml. If it's pure FM, 130ml is no problem. So my conclusion is he doesn't like my EBM. I'm not latching him on as it is clear from what happened in his 1st month that he doesn't suckle much when on my breast. Cannot latch = hard to stimulate supply. Give EBM = he doesn't drink much and needs frequent feed. U see my dilemma now??

Btw, he's quite different from my FB who was stuck with 120ml for the longest time and only takes abt 170ml after like 15 mths..
<font color="0077aa">Grace: I am also planning to get a maid &amp; also don't like having a stranger in my house but what to do? I think have alot of things need to train her wor...

Alabone: I went to the webby before, very informative!

Aloysius Lim (aloysiuslim): Your gal eyes look like limay's son!

Rachel Lim (rac_lim): I went to PD when baby is 3weeks &amp; he gain about 1.5kg but PD say its abit too fast. Last week at 6weeks I weigh him, he is about 4.8kg, so about 2.3kg up so his weight actually slow down abit.

Rachel, my baby is like yours too! Drink from one breast per time only &amp; for 5mins then stop. Force him to the other breast he just shut his mouth! And 2hrs later he is crying for milk again! I am thinking whether to give him EBM so that can monitor but it also means more work for me cos I gotta feed him then pump out.. And my small freezer compartment is full soon.. I called the 24hr TMC hotline &amp; the breastfeeding group to ask for advice, but I don't really get a good answer. The 24hr hotline gal seems so blur!

Injections: Most likely taking at GP, 6in1 is $108 per jab. There is a package plan at the clinic beside my gynae 6in1 plus MMR plus one 5in1 is $374. (But anyone knows what is MMR?)

lanolin (lanolin): You baby woke up after 5hours still failed attempt? I think thats very good!</font>
<font color="0077aa">Mei: Not to worry about Devon not drinking enough.. If he is pooing regularly &amp; urine is pale yellow then should be ok. My Zane can only drink 90ml when I gave him EBM once in a while but sometimes when he suckles my breast &amp; get fustrated, gave him EBM but he always waste it! In the end I use it to wash my face! Haha!

l'l CY^^l'l CH (lilboymum): The scene is so farnie! I can imagine your maid &amp; your FB staring at each other!! Kekek But glad that you can change to another good maid!</font>

Yes, he poos &amp; pees regularly. Guess Zane &amp; Devon's the same.. like you, sometimes I also worry he doesn't have enough so I heat up my EBM for him too after latching, then he also wastes it! Hehe. I just find it weird that he can be full after sucking on my breast for 10 minutes mah. Haha.