(2008/07) July 2008

wah monday blues ah..
everyone has somethin to rant???

I also slowly introducin outside food to kayden..
he was like happy with them more.. esp rice.. he is a rice bucket..

Fresh milk
think after 1yr old shld be ok??

kayden bathes 3 times a day, cos he so stinky as he perspire easily...
he even sweat in his sleep! he so love bathtime..

more random thots abt ILs
HB once told me that his life is easier when they are around, he can relak one corner and chill bcz they will take care of his part - C and the hse and going out etc etc. that's how he convinced me to bring them along to perth.
so i thot to myself - then all the things i do leh, who does for me when i m not around? you ah. but i keep quiet to keep the peace. tis straight out of Baby Blues, i tell you, comparing who does more and who has the worse day. but i can always wave my trump card - *I* had the baby. LOL.

i dunno if monday blues or just a lot of things happened over the weekend la. seems like there is always smthing to get off the chest.
ay, curious leh, did the uncle who popped a gummy into Kayden's mouth get away fm you scot free?? i would have scolded him.

oh i missed the part on you nearly lying down on floor to cut barbie's hair... must hv been quite a sight, heehee.
Yes, we will always struggle with ILs. I think it's simply because as mothers, we are more particular.
Re bib - when he succeeded in yanking off the bib, I would use a clip to kiap the back and distract him with something else. So now, he has no issues with the bib.
Re jab - maybe bcos they gave him some numbing patch for the jab so that's why he didn't really feel it. But must pay for the patch also lor.
oh, my PD also told me to go back when J turns 15th month. i did ask him about this autism issue and he said this study was done by a doctor (he told me the name but i cant remember). he said it was a study done many years ago and it was not proven and there were rumors that this doc was paid by some pple to write this fallacious. can we just delay the jab without MOH approval or must get approval from them first? what letter were you all talking about?

hugs..you must be feeling very sian there. dont take it to heart ok? just rant here. smile pretty!

glad to hear that Ethan is recovering well! the skin peeling off sound v scary!

the uncle was so daring leh..anyhow popped food into someone else kid!
maybe u can try those plastic top to wear over the neck one? it looks exactly like a shirt so maybe he will not know.
Jacelyn! See you this saturday! :D bbG are you going too?

Wai Wai, watever you do, just make sure the sai dun touch his bird. dun let him stay soiled in his diaper for too long. Wuffy got UTI because the sai got into contact with his bird and soak too long in the sai.
If possible, wash his bum bum (and the front part) after pooing.
haha ya.. or must trick him by drawing a bib onto his top

oh ya..another smart idea for aprons for bb (other than my ugly way of using a nappy) .. let bb wear one of our old shirts (the kinds that are buttoned down) backwards haha
can u know there is a curb at the door there.
so it is really a very challenging task to do.
i think i burn quite a lot of calories while trimming her fringe.

ya, and her daddy instead of helping to distract her daughter and get her to look up.
he just stand behind, doing nothing but watch...

KKH doctor say take at 18mths better.
so we are doing that together with chickenpox.
separate jabs thou.

oh... and last sat we went for our monthly eye checkup/
guess what. barbie is going to be put on general anesthesia and be on a operating theatre
hoping that the duct can just open within this 2 weeks before we go back for another checkup which the doc will decide when to do it.
argh... she is going to cry like crazy before the anesthesia take effect boz mummy is not there with her in the OT.
really scared.

barbie also never like it when i placed the bib on her.
rem she always had that little swollen thingy on her left eye. apparently, it didn't get well. i have read article online that this is most likely to go away before the baby turn one. but now she is already 13months plus liao.. still the same lehz. getting worried and doc also say its a bit too long liao. it is almost time to fix this problem. previous she was still too young that why doc refused to operate on her.

it is really very heart breaking when i see her cry every night when i try to massage her eye. sometime she even reject me loh. don let me carry boz she knows mummy is going to massage her eye again.
welcome jacqueline!
the delay of vaccines will be agst most doctors' ingrained training. rem they are trained to give medicine, intervene etc etc. most WILL tell you to vaccinate as soon as yinqi comes of age.

so not vaccinating is a alternative choice, away from the establishment's path. pls keep that in mind when talking to PD.

our babies are very precious to us. i certainly dun want C to be the 1-in-2-million statistic, or watever the probability is. it may be 1-in-2-million statistically, but if he suay suay kenna vaccine side effects, then tis 100% for me! make informed choices either way, jab or dun jab.

i know my PD is the medicate only when nec sort, so when she says jab, i will jab.
Hi Jac ,

Poor barbie.. You must be feeling awful as well when she reject you..

Open house
next Thursday ???
PM-ed you already. Thanks for organising the BP, your first!

Only four more weeks, only four more weeks, only four more weeks... try not to be too upset, it'll seem more like four years then! Poppy looks like a pro-swimmer in the cap. She didn't try to yank it off?

L goes bib-less. He'll pull it off no each time I put it on. Anyway, clothes can be easily washed so it doesn't really matter to me.

Open house on. But I must bring #1 also. Can?

#1 had MMR at 12 months. He had no fever, or maybe a slight one, can't recall now. But I've delayed the jab for L 'cos he does not eat proper food and I have not done the egg allergy test on him yet.

Single jabs for MMR: yes, you can ask for that, but not all PDs do it.
thanks mummies for advice on cleaning of boys keke..

went to see gynae today, think #2 is happily swimming inside my tummy, it is time for him to come out liao. i'm going to be admitted into TMC tomorrow for induced labour, gynae told me to go earlier to "chop seat" so can give birth on 090909
i guess i am kinda ready to start doing my own thing again instead of looking after pomfret 24/7. i went for little shaws open house over the weekend (it's near my home) and i pretty much liked what i saw for their pre-nursery class (18mths-3yrs). so i have informally put pomfret on the waiting list.
oh yeah, but i'm just signing her up for the half-day programme. so maybe mornings i could do some part time or free lance. and afternoons still bring her out by myself.
Have a safe delivery! Do keep us updated ya!

Poppy is super cute with the swimming cap.

Awww poor barbie. Where is she going to have the procedure done?
Cellow: Who and where is your PD?

WaiWai: Have a safe delivery!

Qing:Hope Barbie will be better soon... pad, pad on the back!
lol on jacelyn's the list goes on and on

poor barbie. hope she gets well soon. big hugs from here! why mummy cannot go in with her!!!

waiwai: good luck!!!!!!!!!! jia you!!!!!!!!!

poppy did try to pull off her ni gu cap (got it from the swim complex) but after a while she got so engrossed with splashing in the pool that she forgot. heated pool so nice

k talk later. going for beer festival now! and MIL poppysits!

yes she is nice. but i am worried of course. if she will remember to feed poppy etc. sigh. relax and om and enjoy my date with hubby!!!
ya, i told him firmly no sweets, he cant eat..
but the ah pek insist its soft, can eat, 1 yr already..

E square
open house when???

it will be better for her in the long run..
so u also have to wait outside the OT? kkh??

when kayden was in hospital, only 3 mths old and had to go for his hernia surgery...
i carry him into the OT only, but cant stay with him..
i waited outside like almost 2hrs.. luckily he was an angel, never cry..
now such a naughty boy.. so late stil don wanna sleep...
lots to catch up!

have a smooth delivery!

poppy looks so cute! 12 teeth? wow..

re food
i m one fussy mother abt food. i also think that they have a whole life to eat junk so when they are young, i better control them. sometimes my hb will try to feed jx outside stuff and i will scold him....they learn very fast one. now when we are at mac jx will ask for the hotcakes and reject other food that i bring for her.

jh was mainly on homecooked food till at least 2 years old when he went to sch. once in sch, very hard to control.

re openhouse
how many outings are there? a bit lost....

heard little shaws is not bad... i m still thinking whether to put jx in childcare....
dustee - i was at open house too
..i liked what i saw too..will prob put sophie on waiting list as well but maybe when she turns 2 cos by then, i wld hv hopefully moved nearer to shaws

meanwhile, am lost as to where to enroll her in jan when she turns 18 mths..i want st james at dempsey but heard the wait list is like super duper long..blah.

PB = enjoy date!

wai wai - jia you!
wah.. halfway thru the vaccine thread and all the links and I'm so troubled now!

how to fall asleep later? hehe

PB have a good day ahead.. and for the rest of the mummies..sweet dreams!
hello mummies, it's been a while since I last posted.. was on course for a week. After I'm back from course, office com kept having error loading motherhood website..

waiwai.. jia you.. congrats you first as I don't have so many chances to log in since I can't surf motherhood forum in office

PB.. think positively and enjoy your time there

Qing.. oh dear.. hope barbie recovers soon. I cannot imagine her going through operation..

hao ran is schedule for his jab when he's 15 months old. Is it better to delay as far as possible? How to delay it? Just need to tell the polyclinic or need MOH letter?

Jacqueline.. welcome

I'm a bit troubled with hao ran's behaviours lately.. his infantcare teachers have been complaining that he will pull other children's clothes and pat them hard.. he bites too... also he's been throwing his toys.. take everything and throw all over the floor.. I really don't know how to handle.. what should I do?
oh my.. my little barbie. hope she will be fine soon.

Can i go?


little ni gu is so so cute lo. bosco will never let us put anything on his head.

jiayou n update us wor!

i thinking of putting bosco in CC for morning as well. got class n i will b free to do hsework n anything at least for the morning. still searching for a better CC..

Bosco's teething had cause him alot of mucus.. he was kinda choked by his mucus just now coz it flow back when he was sleeping. woke up crying nonstop. our poor little babies.. hope they all get well soon.
Dun angry K, jus tell ur hubby "Yah lor I will always say that becos ur mum always do THAT!"....hehe
N if bbxun wants the yaolan hor then ask ur hubby to settle himself lor...keke

Wah u soo soo soo poor thing allergic to cat hair n they have the cat free roaming still??

Next Thurs I got VERY IMPT place to go!!!.....hehehe

Wah....big decision huh....hehe
waiwai, all the best in yr delivery
abt cleaning poo, got to clean his bottom first, best is wash it instead of wipe if wash room available. then wipe the penis from bottom to top bah? cos bottom is the tip n if infected with poo then got UTI liao...

Jacqueline, PD sure say it ok. had to judge yrself. tat time doc told me ok to take MMR n pneuno jab together, i took n bingo son got high fever
keep balming myself. this time I will take them sep...

qing, hope barbie eye is ok v soon. my boy like to rub eye n sometime he say eye pain n cry .... sometimes i also worry wonder if his eye really prob or he rub until the lid pain...

aiyo boss back... bye...
gd for u ,so fast found the cc u wan,me still looking even though my house nearby got many cc.

poor barbie,u must be very worry.me too everytime bring tess for eye check up.
hope the massaging will works.

tomorrow is the big day,jia you....

don get too stress up with the vaccine ,still got 1-2mths time before the jab, right?

poor Bosco n holly as well.take care n get well soon

poppy sure look pro n also a big gal.

T also doing those thing u mention at home,but of coz she is biting mummy instead of kids.

for other children's clothes and pat them hard,i think will have to consistently remind him to be gently as they still don know how to gauge their strength

thur or fri,no problem
dustee, congrats on deciding a childcare for pomfret! half day is a great start... then you can slowly look for something you enjoy doing during the half day... I wish I could do part time too....

GUG trial
yay, bbG and E-Boy and Thaddie also signed up for the 4pm sat one!! and I basically have to tolong tolong the lady to squeeze us in! hahaha.... see wuffy and bbX there then! There is no way I can do JG trial so the next best thing is GUG liao... after E-Boy finish his gym session, then will let him go play at GUG, but the suntec one cos closer to home, and hor, more shopping.. hee hee...

Aiyo, E-boy recovered so quickly right? and now it is my turn to fall sick. Very very bad flu and cough and sore throat and I am on 2 days MC. Ytday I was on the bed the whole day, could barely walk... I am still feeling bad today, think will go see dr again and get more MC... Will see how later....

Lucky me, I dun get ppl feeding E-boy with anything funny... but when we were "investigating" on who could have passed E-boy the cough bug, my MIL 'own-up' to say dunno if its caused by a small little piece of garlic bread which she fed him at Jack's place... haha...

WaiWai, enjoy your favourite food before you go in to induce! all the best in your pushing! gong xi gong xi.. we will be waiting for your news...
wah garfield.. u r in the office rather early too huh.. and your boss as well!

poor barbie.. thought her tear duct problem was gone liao. qing.. dun worry too much.. if it's really for the better and she won't have tear duct problems after that, then good lor.. keep us posted ok? HUGZ

so have you been working hard for your little tiger liao?

haven't heard of little shaws.. thought of st james previously but doesn't make sense when it's so far away from my place huh?

babies being naughty: wonder if they realise.. sometimes bbG shouts at the top of his lungs or throws whatever he's holding hard onto the floor.. or if he's biting something he shouldn't and I reprimand him, he tosses it away and quickly comes and hugs me.. haha

holly: so you see swollen gums or emerging new teeth? is dat why bosco is biting? hehe

not sure if I can take leave next week or not..but sounds like lots r happening then..
me me (or rather C C) for the HT oatmeal cereal! I buy from you la, unopened wat.
you hv a big decision coming up eh.

tis distressing but they dun know how to talk and communicate yet, so... biting, pulling others' clothes is their way of communicating lor. the CC teacher said anything to you?

my PD is at Mt E. Dr Belinda Murugasu - Belinda's Clinic for Children. She is forever packed with appmts, so dun expect to just walk in. Waiting times for walk ins (w/o calling them 1st) can be up to 2 hours. And she is v gentle with the kids, but not so gentle with the parents. Dry and acerbic wit.
and hor, if you are in and out of consultation room within 3 mins, that means your child's illness is not serious.... that was wat happened to C when he got roseola. the ILs who accompanied us were astonished at the speed she dispatched us outta the room!
why do i still go to her then? C likes her, and she likes C, and she respects the bb body's ability to heal itself, so she doesnt suka suka medicate or jab.
$50-80 for consultation
qing, last time we saw barbie, the swollen thing gone oredi leh.. why come back again? anyway, hope its a small operation and will be over soon... take care... keep us posted....
I m on leave 18-25 Sep. Can bring C out to play... 15 Sep not onz for me la.

get well soon, michelle.

garfield, do1nk,
early birds in the office!
LOL on bbG reminding Qing Mei Mei IT IS SEPTEMBER LIAO! hee hee hee....

oh ya, E-boy has been practicing walking more often liao... will take a few steps on his own a few times a day.. but those times I wasn;t there to see lah... MIL say one... hmmmph.
i think i will just walk further away from that weird uncle loh. and this is worse than our mil or fil giving food to our baby.
don know the thing he give can wat one or not.

i think i will be very rude if someone tries to feed barbie. if it is already in her mouth i will just dig it out.
anyway they are being rude first by feeding our precious without our consent.

Hi jacqueline
welcome to the thread.

i envy you.
how i wish i can also sent barbie to childcare.
my problem now is not my god mil who look after her but rather the boy whom she look after too.

i think it will be done at gleneagles

i don know lehz but she will be put on GA when she is in there. so i go in also no use.
later i cry inside.

and the complex even provide cap too?
is it a indoor heated pool?

yes i guess i will wait outside.
being super worried although it is a small operation
doc say hor if this wont work have to go for the big one.
so really worried...

what wrong with your boy eyes?
maybe can check with PD when you go for next visit

why do u need to bring tess for eye check?

it will only go away after i massage and press the pus out.
but got to do it all the time.

havent start yet...
naughty auntie came and visit.
i am going to work hard soon...
Morning mummies,

Hi Jac,

Poor Barbie, hope the massage will help to reduce the swollentake care.

Wei Sheng & Wei Qing also pull it off itself no each time, so I think they find it very irritating for them ba

Have a safe delivery!!!!!!!!

Little Ni Gu very cute

E square
Which date u planning, think I can join

U has any plan, where to go?

you wanna check out marymount kindergarten? Talia goes there. i think the premises are even better compared to st james and there is a waiting list too though not as long as st james' one. that one is crazy. the only way you could have gotten sophie in was that you took her BC and register her one month after she is born!


let's take comfort that all the crawling is going to come in handy next time ok ok? muahaha!

<font color="ff0000">THIS FRIDAY 11 Sep

Any mummy wanna take the PM off to bring little babies for free play at gymboree? can just troop into gymboree for free play right? how muchie again huh?</font>


Don't worry about MOH or the letter. What will happen is after 18mths, MOH will realise that your bb isn't jabbed and will send a gentle REMINDER letter asking you to jab. So you can slowly shake your bumbum and get your bb jabbed by 24 mths lor! That's what i did anyway!
sending get well vibes to u! get well soon!

do upload pic of your lil prince when u have the time! have a smooth, fast and painless delivery! jia you!

hope this small operation will remove the bugger on barbie's eye! hugs!

thanks for all the tips and advice!
btw, any PDs in west coast/clementi to recommend? i think bluey is staying there now but havent heard from her for quite sometime.

GUG trial, wow lots of people gg. but who is gg to the suntec one and who is gg to the united sq one??

U sq
1) Batgirl
2) Jacelyn
3) bbG


Cellow, hi ^5 me also on leave during that week of sep.. but will be in taipei and be back on 23rd...

ok so we can meet up on 24th?? But seriously I dun think i can cope bringing bb out myself. got to go with hubby because xun girl is
1) super active - non stop
2) refuse to sit on her pram unless the 2 of us press her down
3) a dare devil - roams around herself and dun even care if me or dad is around! she will just walk and walk and walk by herself!!! Its scary!!! Non-stop! Not looking back!
Its super tiring bringing her out leh... haiz

Dustee, i missed that post on the cc. Good that u found one for promfret. For me, i think got to just settle for one near my mum's place... not much choice leh.

Dor yah lo i always say that to hubby.. haha :p but he also know what i am particular abt after a while and he will know what i gg to say la.

Jac, Welcome!! Sounds like my name's short form leh. hee hee

Qing, sayang barbie! But good that now can just get rid of the problem once and for all after the op?
My 5YO niece got this red thing on her eye too ... went to the eye specialist and took anti biotics also no use ... still there leh.. maybe the same as barbie ah. It has been there for quite some time le...