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summert, perhaps you should actively start looking out for nanny, start "interviewing".. after finding one which u think not too bad, then discuss the option of nanny with hubby again.. cos now paper talk, he will of course tend to not trust this option loh...

milk intake estimate
Wai wai, my PD told me to compute 150x baby weight (kg)leh... that caused me to worry when my baby dun drink enough loh..
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Added CS, Qing, bbp, jsp and cheryl! Wow your face book has so many bb pictures... i shy...to lazy to upload.. i think i better do something...

some babies put on too much wt initially and hence they will regulate their milk intake now. Rianne also went thru this cry-and-shake-head phase during feed for 1 week. Now she is drinking 130ML within 15-20mins w/o fuss. So I guess it is only temporary ...

anyway, as long bb is contented and putting on wt, I guess the milk intake is just a guideline.


my SIL also use EBM to rub it on my niece's head and now my niece has v thick hair. Better than using Martell right ? But poppy dont have a lot of hair to start with, still need to shave ah ?

I very scared of putting the shaver on such a fragile scalp. gulp !

I can hardly read the forum during the day cos I am always so busy at work ! and some more my boss quitted ... hai ... got more "meat" on my table now.

i only let my maid call home after working with me for 4 weeks. I buy her the pre-paid card. I seldom chit chat with her too so I keep a distance away from her.

PB, u r right, must let them know they are here to work not on holiday ok !
Wah my bb still refuse to drink milk. her last feed was at 5.30 pm. In between we manage to get her to drink about 30 ml only. just now she was awake and on the pacifier. I talked to her, she spit the pacifier. I put a small amount of milk on the spoon and feed her. she tasted the milk and then cried!!! Wah lau... may be she doesn't like the taste anymore? I'm one stressed mummy.
I have transferred $28 to your account. Txn ref 1932783695. Thanks for organising, Smiggle and Serene!

Cayden's eyes are very big and round!

Is it very hot for bb in the Maclaren Techno? The material looks pretty thick.

Could you PM me the contact for your nanny agency please? Thanks!

VitaKids: Forum, United Square, Paragon.

LOL on lying on the floor in shopping centre!

Eh, it's easy for hb to ask you to give the helper more time, since he is not the one who has to spend the entire day with her. I say go with your motherly instincts, they're probably spot-on. I was very pissed off with my CL when she would say, "bb is hungry, bb wants milk" every single time he cried, without checking for anything else. I thought I was being hormonal and bitchy about her then, but hey, my hb and #1 did not like her either! So if you are feeling it, you're probably right. Women's vibes can be very accurate sometimes.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before: you are not considering being a SAHM? Seems like that would solve everything, right?

Dor Dor
Hmm, I thought Kodomo, being soap-free etc would be okay. Thanks for the tip, I'll monitor and see. It's only been a few days so everything is fine so far. What would you switch your #1 to?

My boobs also not usually hard with milk. Then again, my boy is on them so often, there's probably no time for them to get fully hard anyway.

Re: hands appreciation
My boy discovered his other hand today. It's so funny, he'll admire one hand, then the next

Tummy time
He's not flipping yet so he'll just stay there, look at me quizzically, and drool on the bedsheet.

Post-bb brain drain
Yup yup yup, me too... now I just blame everything on that. Oh and breastfeeding too. All the cerebral matter sucked out, no more left.

Dropping hair
I'm losing a lot too!

Bb going out
We've been out quite a bit, and I am surprised that so many people still stare at the sling. What I can't stand are the rude people who stare and point. One rude mother actually grabbed her kids and shouted at them (very loudly) to "look at the baby! look at the baby!" while pointing at my bb in the sling. Wu liao. I wanted to turn and retort, "Never seen a baby before ah?"
Same here, Ethan's last feed was 630pm, drank 70ml. 730pm when he sleepy, forced him to drink another 80ml... just now woke him up, he drank another 60ml... now doze off to dreamland liao.. i think he wont wake up again till 3am in the morning..

my boy very wierd one, regardless last feed at 7pm or 11pm, he will always wake up at 3am to drink like 70-80ml... sometimes less... sigh.. dunno why like that...
me live in punggol, you? onz.. when is our north east gathering?

As what wai wai mentioned NE included hougang/sengkang/punggol.

Bishan can consider north but also near to north east mah.. got straight bus to junction 8 from sengkang.

Added all of you who provides email on their facebook. Do approve me ya..
Just went to check on Dani, again, got left-over milk. Couldnt see how much left cos she's already sleeping in the room with hb so lights off for them liao.

I guess later she surely will wake up at 3 to 4+am cos she didnt finish her feed.

Sian ~~~
I don't have syringe at home. maybe i'll buy tomorrow. Will try again tonite. This time putting dentinox. I've stopped dentinox gradually. Can baby be addicted to dentinox? According to PD, no. Can give everyday, even every feed to get rid of wind, cuz my bb has tendency to have reflux.

OOh finally she's drinking. I made 90ml and she's drinking, but she's sleeping now. it's going to be really slow!!! But at least she drank something. what a relief!!
Got ur sms , i went to the agency that day too. They goin phillipines to handpick for me.

My hub plab for all of us include the new maid to sleep at Simei. Total 9pax plus a dog in condo!!!!
I don wan.. but need the maid to train new maid..

just had flash fever so cant talk for long...
Re. facebook,
JSP, Qing, CS, bbp, Cheryl, cin_bunny, SY, have sent invites!

Doggiebb, domperidone did not have any obvious side effects on me (maybe coz I didnt take them continuously). I usually take 1 a day or maybe sometimes 2 a day (recommended is 3 times daily) then will skip a few days one ... Hee. Anyway it is more exp than metoclopramide and I managed to get it today over the counter pharmacy. Cost me 11+ for 1 week supply. Hmm next time maybe can try metoclopramide instead. But this looks like what it is used for in motion sickness pills that makes me drownsy?

Re milk intake, so bb Li Xun is suppose to take 120 * 6+ = 720+ ml per day ... But she is taking 160 * 6 = 960ml a day now ... ... Anyway good that she has a good appetite. Think it is better than not wanting to drink and throwing away milk (hope she will not have that problem too.. I will be lost!!!) I suspect she is still not satisfied with 160ml coz each time we pull out the bottle, she will cry even if finish until the last drop but I am not keen to increase the amt coz scared she will explode! Merlion then sianz lioaz ... will continue to monitor see how ba...

Re. menses, I am seriously not looking forward to that ... haven't had mine yet, just had spotting on off ... hope it does not visit me so soon. I hate menses! =(
Ur bumper mat so colorful I like....hehe
Last time my #1 eyebrows very light cannot see at all. So was told by another mummy to apply BM cos it works for her bb BUT....dun seem to work for my son lah...hehe
But anyway BM foc ma jus squeeze abit to apply see hw lor

Alamak we stupid lah. U should have reminded me earlier that u need to return 1 tub to bluey ma then I help u pass it to her lor. Alamak ur calendula cream make 1 big round come back to Bishan....wahahhaa
When u there buying stroller hor can get last yr's model cos I got mine at 30% less jus becos it was last yr's model.
Added u in friendster n realise u are connected to my friend's friend.....hahaha

No offence huh but guess u better lay all the cards n tan pai. Cos ur hubby seems quite insistent in prefering his mum. So better to talk it out properly 1st else later got xing bing. Maybe ask him to put himself in ur shoes dun like the person but gotta face them 24/7 n cannot talk back for life he can tahan anot right.

I will use Gerber for him cos I used it before I changed to CB products. He smells very nice after his baths too....hehe
Aiyoh I totally agree with u. The sling is so comment nowadays dunno why they still so suaku. I always try my best to ignore them for the sake of my #1. Even the aunties downstairs keep asking me how I put my bb inside.....sigh

Bringing bb out - I used to bring my #1 out VERY often n he's very used to ppl n very outgoing PR also very good always smile at pretty girls....hahaha
But then when I can't bring him out that often after my spotting during preg he gets a bit cranky lor like a bit bu zhi shuo chuo n now slightly shy so need to warmup abit when go out.
#2 now gets to go out at least 2 times a week. But we go marketing everyday count anot aah??....hehehe

Got a combi 1 can recline totally when #1 was born. THEN we didn't really use it at all n it was quite heavy(6kg). Luckily managed to sell it away when I got preg n got a lighter Maclaren techno recline 3/4 which my #1 loves. Cos I know I will fully sling #2 when she is smaller(did the same for #1) so dun really need a fully recline pram n if I need to put bb for awhile when I eat still okie.

Replying posts - Taught by another mummy. Open ur notepad n type all ur replies there then once finis reading all posts jus copy n paste ur reply to post lor.....hehehe
Works well for me else I will take forever to reply...haha
Flipping bb
Ember was always licking her hands or the bedsheet when on tummy but this morn her head was way up high. So this mummy so optimistic let her be on tummy till korkor bath liao but still no flipping.
Jus now put her on the bed tummy time again n turned to drink water. Jus nice hubby came out from the toilet saw Ember n asked me "She FLIP aah?"
I turn around n there she was on her back n looking at me.
Felt so sad n happy at the same time I told hubby "I was waiting for her to flip the whole morn leh then now I jus turn my back n she flipped??#@!@#^"
Jus nice for her Papa to see somemore.....argghhhhh
wow you really brought the essence of it all out! on "it's easy for hubby to ask me to give her more time cos he's not the one spending all the time in the house with her".actually
i was just thinking. if i really let her take care of the house and i take care of poppy, then could that work out? i think i would still not feel comfortable leaving her in my home alone. so i asked myself. is it cos it's HER or is it cos she's an outsider. i think i could feel comfortable leaving my parents helper in our house and my good friend's helper. so i guess i have made up my mind huh. but still, to be fair, let's see how it is till the end of the month. best is, if we ask her to leave, it could be just before our trip, then we get a new helper when we come back. that way, we don't need to crack our brains about where to leave her for the 3 weeks that we're away

my mum told me today that the helper was very slow in responding to poppy while at her place. diaper also put on very loosely. my dad said she was out on the balcony reading magazine. and my dad is not one to snitch. i personally don't mind the reading but don't be so engrossed till you forget about poppy leh.

ok according to my friend's helper, who i like very much, get helpers from northern luzon cos apparently they are better and more hardworking. those from mindanao are a bit 'weird'. we know of one who used coconut husk to iron another friend's clothes. not meant to offend anyone, just sharing hor.

ah domperidone can get over the counter? maybe i will try the next time i am at a pharmacy.

re sling
aiyoh youpi, some are worse. they'll directly say 'can breath inside there meh?'. anyway i don't use the sling anymore. 6.2kg is alot of weight to bear on one shoulder! i prefer bjorn. can see her face more clearly
but mummies who use bjorn, do you get backache after?

what is dentinox for? wind? maybe can try gripe?

dor dor
congrats on ember flipping!!!!! aiyah don't worry. she let papa see the first time is sneak preview. she will give you many more

anyway the main reason for me to come on at 4am plus is cos i am too excited to sleep. came to report that at my last pump session, i had about 15ml more than usual! i think it's cos of the mothers milk tea!!! cos nothing else in my intake has changed. given that the last time i fed poppy was at 7pm and then i pumped at 330am, but still, even with these circumstances last time, no change in the output. so look out for more updates in the next few days after i've consumed more tea!
so exciting. with a bit more increase, and with poppy's intake being quite stable now, i may be able to meet her demand soon! so exciting!!!!!!!!!!! happy bunny

and if those of you who try it like it, maybe we can join forces and buy from here: http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c=1&pid=6800&at=0
Sy, cin bunny, Cheryl, bbp, cs, qing, jsp,
I have added u gals in FB. Do approve me ya.

Ur message always make me laugh leh…so funny on the part that u said u and poppy laying on the floor at taka shopping centre for latch-on. I always tell my hub about ur jokes and he also laughed.

Serene, smiggleprincess,
I haven’t transferred the $. Paiseh. Will do it soon and msg you okay?
dor dor
On the way back home I was peeking into the carrier bag and I was wondering what are those in the red plastic bag. Went home then realised they're the cream ! And I was thinking 'wah, so fast ah?!!' ... thats why lo.. LOL

Ember turned le ah ! So cute !

Dont think I'll be able to witness Dani's 1st turn. Most prob nanny will be the 1st to see.

Im using Bjorn Active. So far still doing okay. The synergy is supposed to have very good back support but its very exp.
dentinox is for wind. Ya hor, I actually have a bottle of gripe water, haven't opened yet. How do you give to bb? mix with milk or just feed that from spoon?
SD, I normally mix 1 teaspoon of gripe to 1 teaspoon of water.

Now Im trying to get Dani used to drinking to water so I added 1 teaspoon to 1oz of water.
I think I am using the active. Is it white and red and grey, mid range one? Ya lor, back pain
if anyone is keen there is a mummy in another thread who is sharing her mothercare membership. Just quote her name and number and got I think it’s either 10 or 15% off.

Gripe I give to poppy mixed with water. Like one teaspoon with 50-60ml water. She may or may not finish. But these days I quite lax cos she’s quite a good burper liao :D

re mothers milk tea
ok quite confirm that supply increase cos 1) poppy fell asleep after latching on this morning. it's not happened in a long time. usually not enough then she still stay awake to eh eh. 2) when she drank FM after, it was 20ml less than what she usually does. so thatsmean she got 20ml more from her mama!


you looking for nanny to help? you considering going back to work?

re helper
honestly, i think poppy is quite an easy baby. .she's a good girl la. compared to the first 2 months when i was very panicky and kanchiong and stressed, now i'm more familiar with her routine and i really think i can manage alone liao leh. how ah? gulp. i think agency won't give refund one.

got such thing as transfer to someone else/another employer or not ah?
PB, think we are using the same range plus same color too ! Mine's red, grey and white too. LOVE my Bjorn cos Im very bad with the sling.

As for maid transfer, I believe this can be done.
I agree with you. Initially we all klang-kabok cos still very new to bb's routine. But now that we've got the hang of it, not so stressful anymore.
I was looking thru FB and Im having difficulties linking the names of mummies to the nick used in thread. Jialiat. LOL !!

youpi, whats your addy? I think I can invite you to join...
CS pinkbunny = A Tan

ok mummies, a bit of a random question but does anyone have a good plumber to recommend? my shower and bathroom tap leaking

i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

pls do not pm, email: [email protected]