(2008/07) July 2008


me also thinking of bring bb ernest there budden quite ex hor... so we thinking of buying tub to let him play at home lor... he's been enjoying his bath time since he was 2mth old lor...
are you still putting sophie on a jian3 fei2 plan? yeah pomfret by 6 weeks was still a skinny little thing. maybe growth spurt.

hahahaha i'm very tempted to tell her that!!!

cloth nappies
pb, even when pomfret was on diapers, she was only napping 30mins max in the afternoons, so the wet nappies didn't make such a difference. and most times she will go back to sleep right after. coz not using bumwear, just the clothies. so i let her wear one cloth nappy, then put another diaper cloth below her. maybe not so wet, but more to wash!
yeah my mil is the most unhygienic lady i seen those kids been taking care by her c pd once a mth.... my sil twins been to pd abt 3 to 4 times ever since she took over...........
huh..u cant make it for the gathering ah? didnt have a proper chat w u the other time so thought can chat more at this gathering.

actually the package at hwa xia can be shared by few mommies. my gf and i shared the 9+1 session at $196 and we split the cost.

i am eating alot also. really perpetually hungry sia! i dont have cravings when i was preggie but now suddenly so many cravings..otah, ice cream, donuts, et al :p

is the breastpad still available?
hey mommies, maybe we can get those sticker labels and write our nick & real name n paste on our top? likewise for the babies? my memory is detoriating..i scare cannot remember names :\
actually any comb also can
but safer to use the bb comb with round edge.
as their 'scalp hole' haven really join. i saw pigeon use comb and brush together. i thin konly 4.90.

i finally found bbs same bday as mine.
when is yours born and where?
mine is at kkh at 1816.

same same.
bb rachel also lick the bedsheet.
intially she will hold her head up one but i think tired liao.
so once she land on the bed her mouth open liao.

oh my.
your bb is so cute.
so young know how to dug nose liao
but hor, i agree with the rest of the mummies.
it is better to remove their mittens and let them feel different materials. bb rachel also love to 'explore' her face with her hands.
so to prevent scratching, we mummies must be hardworking loh. i always cut her nail every week.
but hor, it can prevent one other thing bb rachel do.
it is pull her own hair.
there was once, she was crying so loudly.
we don know what happen until i saw her hand grabbing the hairs so tightly. still don wan to let go loh.
i actually laugh at her. so mean hor.
Hey mummies,
I think I shall pop by the gathering for just a little while, maybe about 1h to meet the mummies/babies that are currently there. Cos realised my other gathering is nearby at Tampines. But can't stay for lunch though...
dustee - sophie bunny not on jian fei program anymore
..i just give her standard 120ml per feed..hmm, not sure if i need to up to 130ml? are most mummies feeding 130ml above ??

re MIL : really salute all mummies who can live in same house as MILs..i shudder to think of the day I hv to live under same roof as in laws..can really go crazeeee :D
Hi Phyllis
pls ask for me. thanx

In order to lose weight, Im making use of my lunchtime to exercise. Started swimming with my colleague. As our workplace is near Sengkang and she drives, we went to Sengkang Swimming Complex. Not many ppl, so can enjoy. Best is they gt indoors pool so wont get tan *YEAH!*
BB sleeping time
lately kacey sleeping pattern is like wake up ard 7 plus in the morning than after morning bath she will sleep till 11 plus to 12 noon than wake up for feed, nap 2pm to 5 plus, than after evening bath than nap again till 8 plus ... is my bb sleeping too much ????
My mum too old liao, cant even take care of herself.

I just pm you.

dor dor
yup I totally agree with u that hb wants mil to be back.

Actually I know mil here to look after bb is the best solution but I really cant stand her leh. She’s so bossy, as if the house and the bb are hers! Everything also must comment and do it her way! And now my r/ship with her not gd, when she’s here, we just dun talk to each other or rather she will ask anything abt bb or whatever to my hb in Cantonese (cos I dun know) then poor hb got to translate. Wah, like leave me out of the conversation!

Woodlands a bit inconvenient for us cos like that we got to travel up to the nanny’s pl then down again. But I will chk with hb tonight, if he’s fine then I’ll get the contact from u. Think agency will be more exp.

Wah, ur mil not v hygienic ler.. why save on the hanky?! Think that’s why the maid also lazy and anyhow wash the clothes. Aiyo. If I were u I also wont want my bb to live in such a place! My mil is the direct opposite. She’s actually v hygienic and take extra care of the bb, so much so that I think it’s v extreme lor. She will on the tv and mute it, then close the door so that bb can sleep better. Cos she said bb will wake up with a bit of noise. I said nvm lah, must train him to get used to the noise mah. But she just do it her own way, think if she’s here to take care of bb permanently, my boy will be so “well-trained” by her that even a pin drop he will wake up!

(after many hours)
Wow, u have started on sahm? Hmm east too far, I stay in semb leh. Haiyah.. wasted.

Wow, u must be super busy… train helper and getting ready for work. Btw did u pay ur aunt for helping u? how much? Cos if mil really comes back, I need to re-think the amt to give her.

Hee.. luckily nothing happens to frank’s scalp after using cookg olive oil. Phew!

Oh I didn’t know got standby bbsitter! Thanks so much for this info. Though exp, I dun mind using my own money to pay, as long as not mil here.


Yes, that’s wat I intend to do, come up with a list of pros and cons. Thanks for ur advise. Oh bukit panjang is too far, I stay in sembawang leh.

Yes, I can fully emphatise with you. One of my colleagues also has similar case as u, difficult preg so in the end she also got a D grade. So unfair lor. Anyway this mth I m on npl and I m extending it to nov. my P not v happy cos got sch retreat in nov. but I dun care lor, if next year PB I got a D then so be it lor, that’s how “pro-family” our education is lor.

Wai wai
Thanks, don’t think I can go out to buy comb anytime now. Sigh.

ya lor.. I also don’t know why it never occur to me that cooking olive oil is for cooking nia hehehe..

my mil is a msian. So if come over here, she will be staying with us 24/7!!!! No other relatives leh. My mum too old cant even look after herself. Sob sob.

Yah hb passed me his olive oil from ginvera. I just used it this morning but without the comb.

Ur mil staying with you for long?? That’s what I am afraid lor, once they stay they will NEVER move out! That’s why I am hesitant whether to let her take care of bb frank. And yes, mil will forever put the blame on us. For my case when bb frank was few weeks old, he always v kan jeong when drinking milk, mil said hb not like this when young, so what does that mean?? Frank takes after me lor, kan-jeong spider!

Thanks for the info on the comb.

Wah biang, think staying at home whole day doesn’t make me free leh. I’ve been replying the posts since morning around 9plus, then break to look after bb, then reply a few posts then break again… now then can finally finish replying to all. And it’s 10pm now, 12 hours!
Hmm.. then this is though. Have a good word with hb and weigh the pros and cons of having MIL with you all. Me too just move out of my MIL house and move in to my mum's place when denise is born. Lesser conflict with my in laws...
More freedom.. now waiting for new flat to be ready next year..

I let denise go mitten-less during the day. instead of rubbing her face, she will loves to lick her fists with sound somemore .. oh my god..
You ar.. aiyo, now i cant resist liao.. thought of discuss with hubby whether to let denise to go for her swimming therapy. somemore so near my mum place.

Pink bunny,
wow.. cool place.. envy sia. poppy so young travelling to canada.

let me know if you wanna to share.. now after CS post the link, they are having promotion for the month of oct08. :} we can go together.. me too working M-F, only sat is available.
hb will definitely want his mum over no matter what. but i will chk out on nanny first. so who will help u looked aft bb when u move to ur new hse?
Hi Mummies, cant check ibanking as i left my ib token at home..

SY, u will have to go up my condo for BF, same for all other mummies.

Wah, u gonna be SAHM??? SO envious... do let me know if u interestedin becomin Kayden's nanny, heheheh...

HEadache ah.. today ran all the agencies in KAtong and cannot find one suitable... NOw no indon only philip... somemore i goin back work next mth...

My in-laws has a indon maid for 7yrs, very good..
but they not willin to let go.. even i offer to exchange new maid for them cos i worry abt new maid with Kayden.. Haiz, they only think abt them cannot survive without the indon maid never think for Kayden... I feel that they quite selfish leh...What u all think?? Even for a few mths til Kayden is bigger and not so fragile...
on the other hand, ur in laws will think they so old already still want to them adapt to new maid and they may think why u like that lor. so there's no right or wrong lor
My hb only start work in the afternoon so he will still be at home till 3pm then my mum will be back around 4pm to take over on jagaring the maid.
will see how it goes, maybe when denise is bigger, then my mum dont have to pop by.
hi hi,
posts moving so fast again..pengs..

i've just transferred $ to u this noon..smsed u too..
hope u've received payment..

had d same idea too.. cos i also short term memory.. tot it would be good for mummies n our darlings to wear tags so ezier to remember each other by...

saw some earlier posts regarding sale of fenugreek.. is it still available?

hair growth
erms.. does mattel really work to boost hair growth? cayden has very thin hair n almost non-existent eyebrows.. not sure if i wanna keep his hair tt way or try to make it grow more... any tips? will applying martel hurt his scalp??


My in-laws are only 52 and 48!!!!
They just cant live with the inconvenience of their experience maid leavin la... Made me so upset that they cant put Kayden's well bein first..
My fil is self employed and is at home all day.. they practically will be handicapped if the maid is gone i think.. Anyway she has to go back sooner or later..
Any maid can do housework, but not any maid can handle newborn. Plates broken by maid can buy again, baby kenna mistreated by maid how?? No recourse wat..
aiyo, Cayden so adorable. Look at his eyes.

hehehe... you mean the Punggol outlet? Now Hwa Xia got promo? What promo is that? How come they didnt tell me when Im there??...

Not a problem. Just let me know if you need it.

Rachel drinks 6 to 7oz ah? Wondering if Dani is drinking too little. Ive already kept her nails short but somehow she always managed to scratch herself. Pek chek.
Actually taka also 20% now leh....hehehe
But far leh n I wanna get combi stuff which Taka dun have so heng...keke

U wanna try BM??....hehehe
Some 1 told me it works but urrrr dun really work for my #1 last time.
My helper came in last evening, quite ok (but only first evening, still need to monitor). New to SG, so easier to train. I sms you the maid agency I went to when I wake up in the morning... the boss quite farnie one, can tell stories, 'educate' you abt family situation and how to choose maids etc. For example I went w my aunt (bcz helper gonna be at aunt's place mah)... then the boss asked eh is this your MIL, mdm? I said no, this is my aunt and bb will be at her place during weekdays. He said AH then u have a choice, if MIL is here w u, it is her choice first, u got no say Mdm. Spot on!

ya lor, now super bz. Good thing is that HB says my new colour and haircut looks good! at least he took his eyes off precious bb for a while to look at me. Do i sound jealous yet? heh.
I pay my aunt $200 currently bcz I smtimes go there for dinner during wkdays as well. Need to inc when I park helper + bb there.

Onz! one day playdate for Ethan and Cedric. and sama sama u can leave Ethan w me/helper if u need to go smwhere to jalan jalan okie.
Mummies of the world unite! ;)

re: helper treatment
I allowed my helper one 5-min phone call home on her 1st evening. Rationale being that I want her to have peace of mind working for me, and let her family know she is safe in SG. She quite zi dong, hang up after 3min. ... Oh before that, when I told her that she can make the phone call, she touched until she cry. Real tears, bcz she turn to the wall when I told her, and I was like eh, wat happened, did i say smthing wrong. Then she told me, no Mdm, i m very touched in a choked up voice. The employment agency of cz din allow her any call or contact w home for the week she has been here in SG. Hmmz.
Anyway, but for the grace of God, the one going away to work in foreign country while HB takes care of Cedric could have been me. So one phone call is ok bah. Now I tinkg whether I have been too kind.....

Bwahahaha... ST JAMES kindy la, not ST JAMES power station the clubbing place.... and no, I havent registered Cedric in kindy anywhere yet. Stick him in PCF kindy, I say (for now la)
keep going on the bfeeding! jiayou jiayou... b-milk is still best for bbs.. even if u serve as snack instead of main course!
I remember asking this but these day brain abit retarded, cannot remember things liao so mummies can I check again, which brand of stroller did you guys get?

Im gonna get one soon. My frend got a Peg Perego, P3 model.. 700 bucks ah !! I dont think its worth to spend so much on a stroller.

Which stroller did you girls get?
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

email: [email protected]
morning all..

peppermintt/sept bride - both of u in JW eh.. hee.. me in BB.. u gals working already or still on ml or SAHM? sorry, i've not really been keeping up w e thread...

summert - y are our Ps so strange? wat's so impt abt a school retreat rite? e yr i got married, she also din wanna approve my marriage leave (for my HM) n made me come back one day earlier just becoz of school retreat.. in e end, also nothing much gained from it lor..it's just an excuse for a loong mtg.. they always make education line sound so family friendly.. fake one.. if u look at e hrs we put in and all, i think we spend more time on other ppl kids than our own..
hi mummies...

first day at work yesterday was crazy...
suffered major separation anxiety..
super duper tired wiv the nite feeds and pumping and work..
poor little baby seemed tired last evening and slept very soon after I got back..

hope things will get better as the days pass...
yeah nw i'm at SAHM for kacey till she 2 yrs old as times goes by than c how ...maybe want #2.
I can be ur standby nanny in case the infant care is close ....

i got no choice to be SAHM coz nobody to take care of kacey if i go to work, my mum stay too far away fm me furthermore she working(she stay clementi).N of course a "NO NO" for my mil to take care of kacey ....

I dun mind be kayden nanny haha ... if u r going back to work next mth who will train n stay with kayden n the maid ?????
Ur pil really terrible man if the present maid go back suddenly than surely the whole house would be in a chao .....

i can give it to u during the gathering coz i have stop BF liao ....

i bought my capella stroller think ard $150 plus it light n double fold easy for me when i go out along with kacey....dun need to buy such ex stroller coz as they grow we might need to upsize .....
u can go mothercare at harbourfront to take a look on the stroller they have a wide range of models on display than call the chinatown shop lady to compare the price.
ya lor... got some other family event lor... next time lor...

heehee... no prob... maybe next time can organise some potluck thingy at my place...

Cayden is so cute leh... staring at the camera so intently lor... big & bright eyes... handsome boi leh...

re swimming
me & HB decide to save the money for the swimming lessons n buy a tub next mth for Baby Ernest to swim whenever he wants at home... Yeh!!!
Hi everyone
Not been posting for loooong time. This thread really moves so fast and I'm lost liao! But will try to catch up!

Back to work
Was back to work on Mon but boss quite kind, didn't pile me with work. So transition was rather easy. But tired thou and miss both my boys.

*sayang* don't worry, it'll get better once you get used to the routine. I remembered I cried when I left my #1 with my PILs on my first day back to work. This time round didn't cry but was teary last week whenever I thought about not being with #2 24/7.

I'm using a Maclaren Techno. This model can be reclined so that bb can lie flat in it. I like it and find it easy to maneuver... even when my #1 sits in it (he's abt 16kg), the wheels still move smoothly. For Peg Perego, if I'm not wrong, they are usually very stable but could be heavy.

tks.. ya, cayden got very big eyes, always like to stare at things.. very funny, especially when we go out shopping, then he'll open his eyes even bigger to look around.. pengs

btw, cayden's lying on bumper playmat.. always put him there for his playtime during d day..

dor dor
u mean try bm for hair growth??? never hear b4 leh.. keke

i'll pay 4 d fenugreek when we meet up..

when should we start using toothpaste on bb ar? when they start teething or now can start to protect their gums le? any good n affordable brands to recommend?

bb 1st food
can start feeding them at 4mths le ma? or best to wait till 6th? what type of food to start 1st? i'm thinkin if try cereal or mashed apple will b better... blur*
Hi ladies, hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I've currently an oversupply of breast milk and I think it's a waste to throw it away. I have about 25 bags of 180ml milk expressed in July 2008 to give away. The milk has been well stored in my deep freezer and can last for another 3 months in a deep freezer or can be used immediately when stored in a normal freezer compartment of a fridge. The reason that I'm giving away my milk is that my deep freezer is running out of space and my baby is not drinking as fast as I can pump and store. I used to pump 2 litres per day (now I'm pumping 1.7 to 1.8 litres per day) but my baby is drinking between 1.1 to 1.3 litres per day. I already have close to 300 bags frozen and stored in my deep freezer and I have no choice but to give away or throw the earliest milk. Milk stored in deep freezer can last 6 months so the milk I'm giving away can last till January if you have a deep freezer or else, it should be used soon. Please sms me at 97475251 if you are interested or if you have any queries.
i think mine is the 800 series one... heavy but quite solid lor... big wheels n hang things behind also quite zai lor... had not topple on us yet lor... i think usually price was 400+ but got it at a special isetan sales at a discount of 20+20%... quite a good deal lor...

me when preggie tat time also looking at the Peg Perego budden we tink its abit too ex lor... somemore dunno how long bb wanna sit in the pram... i've tested it at the bb hyperstore n found it quite easy to maneuver lor... i tink it all depends on ur budget...
i can give it to u la dun need pay anyway i'm not eating it be a waste to throw away....

i start using first teeth on kacey gum when she was like abt 3mth twice a day in the morning after bath n nite befoe she sleep. I think SY might have stock for it probably u got PM her n check with her coz i getting another fm her with brush for kacey. Kiddy palace sell v ex leh first teeth with brush abt $21 plus

bb ist food
i going to give kacey rice cereal next wk when she turn 4mth .....
Wah biang. So many posts.

Happy 15 weeks to sophie bunny and rianne!!!

Earlier today poppy was squirming and kicking in her cot for half an hour and I knew she was sleepy but she didn’t like sucking her thumb so in went the chup chup and within SECONDS she knocked out haha

How to massage a baby:

re jab
yesterday poppy took her second jab. She screamed so loud! She was so angry with me I think. I think she thought I was betraying her, bringing her to the doc and being so nice to her. Sheesh. But gave her milk almost immediately after and she friend back me liao hehe

wah your girl is a good photographer in the making sia!!!!

Re mothers milk tea
I bought yesterday from vitakids, $9.90 for 16 tea bags. Let’s see if it works! Hannah I also saw a tablet that has fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel and nettle. The brand is called motherslove, about $40+ I think. If you are interested

re my helper
hub said it’s up to me because ultimately I will spend the most time with her, giving her directions, so I must feel comfortable with her. Although I think that being natural with a baby cannot be learnt, we have decided to be fair and let her try it out for another 2-3 more weeks before deciding. I told him she asked to make 2 calls in 10 days on top of the one we let her make to bao ping an to her family.

He said I’m being a typical Singaporean employer who make the maid carry the bags and stand at hawker centre while the family eats. I so insulted. So that’s why even though I know I want her to go like 90%, because motherly instinct/6th sense/gut feel tells me I cannot trust her, but I also don’t want my hubby to think I’m being unreasonable. I think that she got quite good life, wake up later than me (cos poppy wakes me up about 615am) and sleep earlier than me (about 9pm).

Thanks michelle for the tips, I will do that next time! Wow good idea on the deodorant thing!!

Labbit I cannot do the marketing thing cos I don’t allow her to go market by herself! Oh speaking of which, the things she say make me get the feeling that she very gian to go out. Like ‘marm we go market today?’ (even before checking if we have food in fridge). Or ‘marm, I bring recycling down later?’ when it is usually my hubby’s job to do so

Sayang … that’s why I chose to stay home la. Cannot trust anyone. Can trust my parents helper but that’s out of the question. Sigh. Re nanny – look around in your neighbourhood?

SY and cellow
Good luck in getting your (SY:2nd) maids!!

I got a combi. Also in a brain dead moment. Bought at taka fair

then mum said ‘got any freebies?’
I was like ‘no…’.
‘got any discount?’
‘err… no…’.

Wow you managed to hand squeeze 150ml? Pei fu leh!!!! I know, very xin tong, but better to be safe than sorry. You never drink it like me? LOL. But yes, hubbies can be very blunt and stupid when they just say ‘throw la!’ without a second thought. The other day I squeezed my hubby’s nnp to show him how uncomfortable it can be.

Hey maybe you put baby on his tummy slowly? Don’t rush him la. Like some babies walk without crawling. Don’t worry, poppy also haven’t flip like prata yet. But she’s using her head as a pivot point and digging her heels in the bed so she can move like an inverted worm LOL. Not bad leh can move 2 feet in less than 5 min!!

Why don’t you tell your MIL “maybe her rash is cos she’s allergic to YOU”?!!! LOL. Hey why not try calendula cream? It’s like miracle cream right? Works for everything?

Re swimming
I think I will bring poppy this weekend :D harbourfront. Must make appointment one ah?

I was also thinking about the stickers at the gathering! High five!!!

Good on you to start exercise prog! But don’t forget to eat ok? You still need your energy to take care of your baby!

Poppy also went through that sleepalot phase. PD says it’s normal. They are regulating their bodies
kacey sleep, you also sleep la! Hehe

Wow Cheryl
Cayden looks so alert! So nice his eyes!

Re drooling
Poppy is now drooling like a waterfall leh. Every day go through 2 bibs and many little towelettes!

Re latching on
These days I’m at home right? So when poppy fusses at my nnp I will lie down with her and feed and she usually likes it. So I’m thinking… when need to go out how ah? I must lie down on the floor in shopping centre to feed her??

Re mittens
Girls, maybe you remove the mittens 1 day after you cut nails. So that the nails are short but not sharp then decrease risk of them scratching themselves. I don’t put on mittens for her in the day liao, only at night cos cold.

transferred $28 to you liao
Just share a bit on pram ...

I been using this Peg Perego (i think model P3) since 4 years ago. Very durable but a bit more bulky.
Since my #1 birth till now, she is still sleeping in it when #2 doesn't want to sleep.
A bit expensive but very sturdy. We very "rough" one but still the pram is going strong.
Hope that it will last another 3-4 years


i use a peg perego too and it's perfect for me. we were deciding between a lightwt model like aprica or peg and we decided we wanted something sturdy. the main reason we bought the peg is because i work so when we use the peg, it would be with the husband around, so the weight is not going to be an issue. but i think for sahms, a light wt model which can be closed with one hand would be more suitable.

there was once the lift door closed whilst we were pushing the pram out and thank goodness because the stroller is so sturdy it didn't collapse into a heap. and now that #1 is 22 months old and 12 kg. she can still sit and sleep comfortably in it!


where is this vitakids? I think i need to up my supply too! haizzz!