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<font color="aa00aa">hi cactus,
i c... i m a light sleeper naturally, so not a prob for me unless i ve one drink too many due to socialising...</font>

Lee May,
Yup, I am in HR too. My company is located in Tuas..

Nov is gg to be here soon. We should see you more often then.
Lil zuEn was in NICU for 2 weeks bcos she's prematured. But she's ok now.

Lol! 12 - 18mths! Actually I oso very tempted when I see nice clothes too, always have to resist the temptation. Hehe.

I was so tempted when I see the BP but it is pretty exp and my bb dun spend much time at home. My SIL has the LG one. Pretty useful, but huge and troublesome to take out/ keep. Otherwise, not too bad. Bb can learn to flip, crawl &amp; sit on the mat. Pretty thin though. If really fall, I dun think it will provide alot of cushion.
tinyfeet, you want to buy huh? can get for you from a neighbour, but collection in redhill can? coz you staying in east, far for me leh. You interested, sms me lar, 9797 3063
i oso got e bumper playmat.. but rarely use so far, think will be more useful when bb start to crawl 'p but e material actually quite good
thanks for all ur reply.

i m still thinking whether to buy or not...some more so expensive.

cos my place very small.... so tot to get the smallest piece than can put in living room and let bb lie there cos now he learns to flip, then cant put him on the bed in case he fall.

but wonder if it is really worthwhile?
Morning ladies...
Yest my ger super cranky lor, kept on crying, dun wan milk, dun wan to sleep until my mil carry her then she sleep..when I carry or pat her, she still crying, at that moment I felt so sad cos can't pacific her and can't calm her down though I am her mummy =(.

Yup, i got the bumper mat...bery useful lor..my ger has been sleeping, palying on it since a mth ago...I bot the hello kitty one...its a good investment =).Esp now when our bbs are flipping here and there, its safer to put them on the mat..

ya lor, me too..tempted to get esp dresses for my ger..hee..U working in tuas? me too wor..

U can get frm mini toons also but limited designs lor...

hi ya..
Good morning felicia &amp; feifei!

Ya, I understand. Sometimes I oso feel sad when I cant pacific my boy.
By the way, the bumper mat is thick or thin mat huh?

how is your mum-in-law? then who take care of your kids?

Tuas so far. Me working at braddell. How long hav u been working in HR line?
ok but dunno worth to buy or not. After bb's flipping/crawling phase, the mat will be useless huh? where u buy the mat from? Maybe will go n take a look.
Lee May,
Not really leh...bb will know dats their play area lor... i bot frm 1 of the BP last yr leh...Tink BP thread there hv Bulk Purchase for Bumper mat frm SSW..u might wan go hv a look =)...Alternatively, Mini toons also hv some bumper mats but not much design wor..
morning ladies...

my gal had her 2nd DTP jab...slight fever yesterday nite...her weight still remains..weird hor...seems like she not growing for the past mth...lol.
<font color="ff0000">morning all

my gal had that also last week, had slight fever and lil bit cranky....then gave her paracetamol...gain weight from 6kg to 6.25kg.</font>
Lee May, sorry, i dun have pictures of the high chair. But it is Britax, called Hi-Lo chair. It's really plush. normally selling at $299 from Robinsons but I got it at $199. I agree it's really expensive but for the features, I think it's worth it. also, cos my boy is VERY fussy!! He only goes for expensive stuff. dun know why also. Hb and I are simple people... sigh.

Bizznow, the PD told me my baby supposed to double his birth weight only at 5 to 6 months but he already exceeded that at 15 weeks. His birth weight was 3.05kg but at 15 weeks, was 7.27kg. But I think he looks okay. just chubby. Not fat.

Ioio, ZuEn, my delivery was quite difficult. It was unexpectedly difficult. Forget whether I shared it on this thread, but if I didn't, here's a summary of what happened. I went into labour naturally but doctor decided to speed things by breaking waterbag cos detected some heartbeat irregularities with baby. After waterbag broken, everything was okay so I laboured naturally. I went from 5cm to 10cm in 4 hours (when I admitted, I was already 5cm.) I pushed for another 4 hours... without progress. Then baby's heart rate showed problems again. Emergency c-section under GA. Baby was taken out in 8 minutes from the time I was pushed into OT. After that, I had post-operation infection and fever. Baby had jaundice for 3 weeks. All this affected my ability to latch on so I was only able to breast feed through expressing milk purely. Then I had no supply.. so had to express every 2 hours every 24 hour period for 8 weeks to stimulate supply.... so it was very tiring. My baby had colic too.. very fussy and I had a maid who stole from my family. Very very difficult time but now things are better. My boy is still fussy... cry and cry non stop. play with the bottle. love to suck his thumb. have probs going to sleep. but I've been through worse and I'm taking one day at a time now.
oh yah... I forget to add.. I laboured naturally without epidural. so it was really painful and mine was considered induced labour too... cos waterbag was broken. but the strange thing is after delivery, I forgot all the pain. really. I was told last time if we don't take epidural, we will naturally forget the pain better cos that's how nature helps labouring mothers cope with the pain. I don't know if it's true for me or if it's all in the mind.. but one thing is for sure, I'm very keen to have #2 soon. And I'll be trying for natural delivery without epidural again although I know I'll be a VBAC situation.
feifei, I know how you feel. there are times I can't pacify my boy also... but try not to take it personally. My boy is ultra fussy. sometimes, our babies just want a change of hands. Hang in there!
oh.. how many pcs in size L?
is the L big? cos i tried few brands M cos my boy currently using GOON S.. ended up same size as goon S lor! haiz..
is L big?

mine oso doubled the weight liao lor.. at 15wks.. birth weight 3.17kg.. 15wks is 7.5kg..
pd said he bery chubby.. kekeke.. but i dun find it leh.. lol.. chubby meh?

BabyCupid, your bb really cute leh!! My bb is about the same proportion as yours! As your bb totally breastfed? My MIL tld me totally breast fed babies tend to be more muscular and have rosy cheeks.
<font color="aa00aa">shycloud,
maybe she grew lengthwise in terms of ht? mine when brought for her 5th mth jab last wk, her ht oni increase by slightly over 1cm compared to previous mth, also not much growth but PD said more then enf liao. haiz</font>
<font color="03b6ea"><font face="Comic Sans MS">morning mummies..

cactus.. dun noe that u went through so much.. but u are so brave and now all bad things are over.. it's good that things are getting better..
did you try to give baby some gripe water which helps to break air bubbles thus reduce colic?

do agree that the pain is also a brain game, luv can overtake it... ;p

one way to monitor baby growth is weight at birth x 2 at forth month.. that wat i read and told by my PD..

playmat, mummies, it can be use as a yoga mat.. or use to do sit up..etc.. the material quite good and non-toxic thus safer for babies who also tends to lick when having tummy time..
BabyCupid, then my MIL is wrong! But your bb is really cute!!!

Ioio, I gave everything back then!! Gripe water, Ruyi oil, Eculyptus oil, anti-colic drops (western remedy)... from buying a baby swing, infant carrier, I tried EVERYTHING!!! But nothing worked. He just cried and cried and cried. These days he refuses to sleep unless he is in a quiet and dark place with AIRCON. He is very cranky when he doesn't sleep enough. When he doesn't sleep, he doesn't want to drink. then he sucks his fingers as if they will give him milk.. it's not easy to look after him but I'm hanging in there loh. what to do? Luckily I'm going back to work only in November. Thank God for that!
<font color="03b6ea"><font face="Comic Sans MS">babycupid, i oso keep asking whether my bb is underweight.. ha ha, he is 62cm, 7kg at 4th month...

think the mamapoko pamper is a good deal.. gg to buy some to stock up..</font></font>

hur? underweight? no leh.. i see frm the foto he is cute n chubby leh.. kekeke..
mamapoko hw many pcs for L do u koe? i wanan calc per pc hw muchie leh..
<font color="03b6ea"><font face="Comic Sans MS">babycupid.. cos seeing june babies here, i think he is light and short lor.. tt's y i always ask whether he is underweight... ha ha..

mama poko.. nv buy b4 leh.. later i go and see and let u noe..</font></font>
<font color="ff0000">babycupid
chubby lah yr boy....

wat i saw here, most of yr bb weight had reached 7kg at the age of 4mths....</font>
hello hello, i just brought my little boy for his 3rd DTP jab. he's only 6.5kg at wk 17 leh. but he's 67cm tall. again, wt is only 25percentile. hmm he's skinny lor. but healthy and playing n eating well..

wah mummies, ur bbs all v chubby hor?! cutie cutie leh!!!
tks ya..

U really had a hard time then...But now everything will be fine =).

L size quite big lor, frm 9kg-14kg if i rem correclt lor..
There are 56 pcs in L size..
Ahyo, ur boy soooo cute leh...

MP is good deal lor..but still slightly ex compared to Pureen Diapers bot frm Kiddy Palace..L size 44 pc $12.90..
wor wor.. thanks for the info! sure check it out.. cos i tinking of getting nepia.. but duno the size L got hw many pcs.. mus compare price lol..
<font color="ff0000">feifei
ya lor, so i must pump her also hehehe...

how many time u give makan like rice cereal or porridge?</font>
<font color="03b6ea"><font face="Comic Sans MS">bbcupid, i jux order a carton of nepia.. can chk for u when back home.. ;p</font></font>
i am posting this on behalf of a friend whose baby just turned 6 months old.

These 900gm Enfalac A+ are unopened and their expiry date are in 2010.

wanted to sell off $34.50 each tin. if take more than 2 tins she will sell of at $34/-

self collect : Jurong area

pls do not pm, email: [email protected]
Morning gals.

Cactus, welcome back. Waw, your boy more than 7Kg already and drinking so much (at least 1 litre/day somemore). Good for him. We do have some mummies here who mentioned their babies also more than 7KG already, like Leng2, Priscilla, Janiviy, a few more others. Think your boy can be on par with them.
Glad you find your milk supply back before you almost sell your PIS away.

Is your boy still using cloth diapers during daytime, as what you have mentioned before?

Some babies are not easy to take care. I think some of our mummies here are also facing the same problems you are facing, so dun worry as you are not the odd one out.

You boy so fortunate to be able to go for branded stuff. Unfortunately my kids are ordinary average kids who can use anything from branded, cheap till 2nd hand or 3rd hand items as their parents are no rich folks.

Babycupid, I also ordered Goon S for my gal to use at nanny house. I think she yet to use coz still have a few pcs of current brand. But i find goon comparable to pampers premium.
<font color="03b6ea"><font face="Comic Sans MS">veniz.. hee...my bb oso ordinary average kid but as he is the first thus mostly are new.. think for babies and kids doesnt matter whether it's branded or not.. i think i want my bb to learn to treassure things and those who can take challenges when getting older..etc... </font></font>
Hi to all mummies! Been quite a while since I last logged in. Will be starting work next week. Feels kinda sad to leave my baby to maid.

I hv some useful websites that u may find them useful.
For free downloadable flash cards:

For nursery rhymes:

These websites are tried and tested on my elder son. He loved them when he was younger.

Am wondering if we hv a common place to store and share these useful links so tat more mummies can access.. Advice?

I been busy yesterday cos just back from Tue leave thus clearing work, plus need to moo in office so no time to login forum. catching up on postings.


Yup i tink u have feedback us on yr labour process n then later didn't see yr postings liao.

On the topic of epidural, my labour is 19hrs and i was on epidural for 14hrs (tolerate without epidural for 5hrs). After labour, i also forget abt the pain actually but can remember the after-labour pain as i have assisted labour with forceps and my wound is all the way to anus so it took me 1.5mths to full recovery.
The main thing is i nearly went into coma after delivery cos my BP drop low to 50 and it freak all the nurses and my gynae and they all went to rescue me while leaving my bb alone at the weighing area. I didn't manage to latch my bb on delivery and the night, only manage to latch on the day after, thus my BM kick in quite late around 2 weeks later then came in, after the engorgement problem. In order to resolve my engorgement i pump after latching everytime thus resulting in more supply afterwhich. But supply has dropped after a few sick, once while i was having heavy flu for 1 week and now when i didn't pump at night also. I am still on full BF currently hoping to carry on for as long as possible.

so are u on full breastfeeding or partial?

ohh.. goon is gd.. personally quite like.. and the size cutting is bigger than the other brands too.. but their M onwards is quite ex.. so changing to Nepia which is comparable to goon as well.. Nepia size M is 31cts per pc.. Goon is 36cts.. so tot change to nepia..