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The liners can be washed if baby did not poo on it. The washing, drying and folding can be tiring unless you don't have to do it yourself. For me, I changed almost everytime it is wet or soiled. I have abt 30 nappies and they have to be washed everyday so that there is enough to go around. If kenna big poo, the nappy may also kenna..


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dorothy, garfield
although i dun latch, i do notice tat my milk looks more creamy. or mayb it's juz "xin li zuo yong"

hi-5, me also eat junk lots so badly wanna make sure i take supplements 2 "nourish" my BM.


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My gal's name is Kate Lynn. I think we just lazy to type in full lah...hehe.

what brand is your liners? Are you going to Kelly's place? we communicate via sms lah hor.

Mommies who use cloth diaper, do you use it for night time too?

Kelly, when u shave ur boys' hair, how long did it take for them to grow to a decent amt? i.e. not bald but say can use hair clip kinda amt? i'm tempted to shave and help K grow her hair but I oso 'heow" wanna buy hairclippies for her.


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re using abbreviation for bb's name - bad habit carried over from SMS lor...type her full name very long, so started to just use first alphabet hah =P

i think not your imagination. it's probably true. in my case, quite confirmed cos previously when i take out my chilled EBM, the fats do not form a full layer above my milk but look more like scattered clouds. nowadays, it's one thick thick layer.

mj i wan i wan


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re:milk more creamy.
cos noe Gervaise is still drink the april batch so cant comment on that. but i notice that the frequency that my breast engorge has increased

is it yr boy is used to yr fresh ebm?
if u store yr milk properly, dun think it will turn sour so easily.

Arielle looks veri alert not naughty

Gervaise wishes all aunties "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"



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good morning mummies,

today might be bringing ashlynn to shave her hair.

bbkgal, our gals sisters, urs Kate Lynn, mine ashlynn. somemore born on same day


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Your Gervaise very handsome boy =)

Haha we shall all use baby's full names from now on.

<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">Wishing everyone our very first Happy Mother's Day!!</font></font>


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Iso, a friend of mine who uses only cloth told me that bumwear sucks big time, very leaky! Personally I am disposables all the way! :p

garfield, wow you have a gorgeous girl there, I think you gonna be very busy when she is a teenager to help her fend off suitors hahaha :p

kelly, stella looks good even after shaving! Beri cute!


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is it? hahahaha! yes, twin gals. We must meet with our babes some day



hi kelly

can i know where did you bring stella for the haircut? me thinking of shaving my girl hair in two weeks time when she turns 4th months.

baby having running nose must take medicine?

Happy Mother's day to all......


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wow..ur bb Gervaise veri cute and chubby!

re: frozen EBM
it doesn't taste sour, but tastes like vomit... like cider

dunno if he's used to fresh milk 'cos i latch on all the time...
i trying out with stock i frozen last week, see the smell/taste still as bad...
will update agaiN!

robinsons got car seat sale
in today's sunday times - check it out!


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frozen EBM:
I took out from freezer at 7am this morning and transfered to the fridge. until now still haven't thaw. Is it must consume within 12 hours? i took out 2 packets. i am worried that my bb will not finish by 7pm. can anyone describe how u actually thaw and eventually warm ur frozen ebm, e.g the timing...


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Happy mother's Day to all...
Its been sometimes since i last log in.

Does your bb cough after the 6in1 jab?
My bb had hers on last fri and been coughing after a few days..isit common? feel so hurts to see her cough and we thinking wanna bring her to doc anot.


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the lunch is at $32++per pax..now got 30% off, some say nice some say not fresh. but there was a reporter that went to eat without telling us and he send an email to my GM and commented that the buffet is nicer then some 5star hotel.


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have been so bz that cannot come noline sigh...

bx, yuo can try to put the packet in bowl of water then keep in the fridge below. it will melt and yet still maintain temp...


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hi winnie,
u started work?
u keep in the fridge how long? i wen to search in the internet, most websites say 24hrs after thaw.


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usu i let ebm thaw overnite. sometimes in the morning still icy, depending on what time i took out the nite before. for the 12 hours grace period, it should be counted from the time ebm is thawed.

tks for the feedback on RSVP. cos got buy 2 get 1 free vchr from UOB. so thinking if i should go. the 30% off is from where?


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now they having promotion? when u going maybe can meet up with you there but not on sat dinner or sun cause i not working?


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agree with Stephie

lactation consultant told me "thaw" means when everything turns to liquid. so juz have to be consumed within 24hours (+/-) after thawed.
mine also takes >12hours to thaw completely


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thks!! so i will let it slowly thaw. and make sure once it turns completely liquid, i give myself a grace period of 12 hours (to be safe).


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re: safety 1st car seat @ kidzloft
can any expert advise me if the car seat is good?
I am really interested to buy.
are you still interested? if we can buy 2 then got free delivery.


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hi ladies,
happy mothers day to all...

hardly log on now coz i'm trying to cut down my electricity usage hence have been turning off pc while not in use... all because somehow my electricity bill for last month was >350 dol !! and i stay in a 4rm flat, so i think that's a lot and promise hb i'll try to turn off whatever gadget that is not in use....

waited for you on sat still no news ? anyway, good thing is that i'll be trying to give my son ebm 2x a day so most prob i'll not be storing any ebm for at least 2 weeks until he wants to take the bottle again...that means, i should be able to still keep all my existing ebm till then...

arielle looks very cheeky ! hahaha...but i love cheeky looking babies...

stella can carry off botak look very well...still looks cute !

gervaise looks big leh...how heavy is he now ah ?

for pampers active...one of the cheapest i find in sengkang is the jintaitong shop at rivervale plaza... i got pampers active s size for $22 there while all other places is selling $26 and above..
btw, kiddy palace also have offer for the pampers active (30% off)

re: bb weight,
hmm...all my friends have been commenting that my baby looks big for a 2mth+ old... he weighs around 6.3kg with 63cm in length. today i compare my son with my friend's daughter whose about 16mth old and they are almost about the same height... think bb boys do tend to grow bigger than bb girls huh..


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xiaoyun, I am definitely not a car seat expert by any means but just wanna share my own (limited) experiences. So far till now, we have owned four car seats- two are britax and two are other bands (cant recall the brands, but one costs around $200 and one $300+) Out of the two britax CS, one of them has been used by my DD (the other is for my bb and I bought the same model my DD has) since she was a newborn till today and still in excellent working condition despite almost daily usage (hee, I bring them out alot)- the fabric covering may look a little worn, but the straps are in *perfect* working condition and she is still comfy in this same car seat.

The two other unnamed car seats that are used only several times a month are in a condition not half as good as her Britax. One of these unnamed car seat is bought for my bb only recently and less than just a month, the straps are already stuck (can you imagine struggling with the straps for 5 min everytime before you put bb in?) half the time! The britax I mentioned is called "britax first class", can be used from newborn till 15/18kg (around there, my 3.5 yo DD still fits v comfortably and she not not small for her age). I bought it from mothercare at a sale price of around $360++ and its worth every single cent. Plus, all britax car seats have gone thru strict crash tests and is definitely a safe choice. So yeah, I only rec britax. Just my $0.02's.


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hi mummies,
back at work already and it's ok for me cuz i know my bb in good hands. also, i get to go home during lunch to see her and latch her on for awhile.

Wanna share Ruth's advancements which made me so happy today.

1. She's started to finally take to the pram. We can put her and sleep on her own, and she can sit there and be entertained by the environment when we shop. Of course she gets cranky once in awhile and needs to be carried/fed/changed. But it's really an achievement from having to constantly carry her/strap her!

2. She's also started to enjoy sleeping on her own. It seems more comfy now that she's bigger and 'outgrown' my body! We can now put her to sleep in the cot, on our bed, in the pram without much problems after she falls asleep.

baby Ruth wishes all mummies happy mothers day.


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Bx, Bkk, Ashlynn &amp; Kate Lynn, such beautiful names.
I was considering calling my bb gal RaeLynn but hubby said sounds like 'railing', next time she'll be made fun of so end up with RaeAnne. If not, can be triplet sisters. Hee.

Wa, tute, your bb is big, mine only 6.015kg though she's born on 22 Jan. :p

Kelly, Garfield, EBM creamy? I think my frozen stock looks more yellow, does it mean more creamy? Dor, my supply/engorgement never increase leh unfortunately. :p

Gar, I'm so envious that your father will help take Arielle's photos. I'm the only official photographer and videographer around cos hubby not keen on these things. But I'm busy (from BF, expressing, washing, sterilising etc), missed a lot of the opp to capture her kodak moments.

Lezy, your gal looks so cute, hugging big bird. My gal doesn't know how to do that leh. Don't know why. I should try one day...

Xiaoyun, sorry, forgot to reply you. I showed hubby the photo but we both feel it looks very basic and not very comfy so not buying. Think I still need to look and feel since I'm only buying 1 car seat that will eventually be used for no. 2 so must be good if not waste $$$.



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Hi Garfield9 / dorothy,

I am glad the BiOmega is working for you.
I can't really comment on milk supply cause I have always been taking Essentials, Active Calcium and BiOmega since 3 months pregnant. Although when chilled my EBM has quite a thick yellow layer on top of the transparent layer which I assume to be the water layer.

I also eat a lot of junk. Therefore, must eat more supplements to make sure my breast milk is nutritious.

Not sure if my supply is good a not. Danica is now at the start of her 11th week and I can pump 160 - 180 ml without latch on and 100 - 120 ml with.

Hi kelly,

Stella looks so sweet.

Hi Garfield9,

Arielle looks so playful. She must be lots of fun to play with.

Hi dorothy,

My HB commented that Danica looked like Gervaise. Maybe cause she is still botak from her 1st month shave.

Hi lezy,

Ruth looks so peaceful sleeping. So adorable that she hugs the big bird to sleep.

RE: wet wipes

I am currently using GOO.N wet wipes. Pack of 3 refills (3 X 70) is selling for S$8. The duck like box is also selling at S$8. I like that it does not contain fragrance, aclohol, paraben and hydroxybenzoate.

RE: diapers

I am still using 6 - 8 diapers a day cause Danica is still pooing about 4 - 6 times a day. :p

Oops... Just realised that I posted a super long post. Sorry about that.


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hi jac,

it is my 1st time going to rsvp cos heard a lot of +ve comments abt it :>

hi bkkgal,

i use pampers,cos now no 1 helps me to wash :p
the brand is lucky baby


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the promo is till 17 may.
neck support can buy from any dpt store, kidzloft also got. else, you can do your own if you don't mind: by rolling the cloth and put at the side of the head to ensure that the bb's head is supported 'cos now their neck is not strong enough.

xiao yun
the safety 1st car seat which is on promo now, IMO, it's not really suitable for new born and for our bb at this age 'cos there's not much support for the bb's neck unless you are buying the head and neck support and stuff in the pillow to support the bb's head. it's more suitable for 6 mths and above.
i bought it 'cos currently i have an infant car seat for my boy and after he outgrows from that car seat, he can use the safety 1st one.
indeed $99 for a car seat which got rear and front facing is considering a good buy. so far, i can't find car seat which got rear facing at this price. and safety 1st is a popular brand loh.


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re: car seat
thanks for your sharing on the car seat. britax one is good but ex ho.
i don't intend to spend so much on a car seat as i don't own a car. i will only use it 2 times every 1-2 months when i bringing my gal back to malaysia. that's why hoping that can get a basic one only.

it's ok.

I will look around first. me not going to have #2, a basic one will suffice. probably will get it and pay for the delivery.

re: wet wipes
the GOON one no paraben? really?!
I didn't notice that. I find the GOON one is quite good. just that I would like to cut cost and use Carrefour one now. In fact, Carrefour one is quite good too, just that it contains paraben.

re: bb poo
my gal not poo for 7 days. her poo pattern just suddenly change from several times a day, once a day then once a week. brought her to PD, and PD inserted her finger to trigger her poo. Her poo is in cream soup texture. PD says she's not constipated. wasted my $$. :p
now she farts a lot. and it's very smelly kind.


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thanks for your info on the carseat.
any other kidzloft promotion with ABN AMRO card?

re: cloth diaper
I am using cloth diaper in the day and disposable at night.
In fact, I don't find it too troublesome to wash as I dump everything inside the washing machine after I soak them in water. Folding them when waching TV or talking to bb.
it really save a lot of disposables. now I still got 1 packet of S size huggies (44 pcs) and 2 packets of S size GOON (63 x 2 pcs). hope bb not going to outgrow them so fast.


I don't stay in Pasir Ris.

That's why I cracked my brain to think of places to pump during lunchtime. If your breast is painful, it means that you have blocked duct already. Better pump them out before you get fever leh. Press on the lumpy area and you will see milk squrting out.

I try to trf to you soon. Lately no internet access. V have patches of hair grown only after her shave at 1mth old.

I also squeese. Both to quicken the process and also sometimes the flow is slow. My fingers are pain also. I put frozen BM in the lower fridge overnite. Took them out and put them in normal tap water cos there's still frozen. Will pour them into bottles after thawed and put back to fridge and consumed within 24hrs. So far V is alright after taking them.

Breastmilk in freezer thawed are this taste and smell. It's not turn bad as long as you store them in freezer properly (after pumping) and away from frozen food. In the first place, I have trained V to take frozen BM, fresh BM and latch on. So that she can customed to all conditions when I'm not at home. So far she's taking it well.


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Hello mummies,

happy belated mother's day! having been online over the weekend, hope everyone had enjoy the weekends with ur little ones..

re: mahjong at kelly's place
kelly, scarly need 2 tables..hahaha...


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good morning!!

i dun know Gervaise's weight cos i delay his 2nd dose of his 6 in 1.
at week 9, he weighs 6.5kg n measures 60cm.
re:power supply bill
mine too!!! i almost fall off my chair when i rec it...

is it?
Danica looks like Gervaise!!! post her pic leh...

blocked duct!!! but i cant afford to express that often in ofc.


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Morning !!!
Today is my 1st day at work..

wow, ur 4-rm PUB bill so high..
mine (5-rm) abt $200+ every mth..

ur gal is cute..


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it was a chance thing - we just stuffed into her hands and she took it. i dunno if she really 'enjoys' the companionship of 'big bird junior' but well, it makes a cute picture.

it was always hard to get her sleep in the day...but i think she's starting to 'enjoy' sleeping now! Still needs quite a bit of coaxing at times though.

re: PUB Bill
eh, my 5-room bill about 50-60 per month. Recently every night on aircon so maybe more? will update again.

re: Breast Compression
When the LC came and did it for me, it wasn't painful or forceful one. She just gently press. She say no need to hoot all your strength until your knuckles turn white. just lightly press.
all those things u all mention, is it really crucial to get the "RIGHT" wipes for baby?

re: Diapers
i went to buy the Pampers Active Baby and saw this new PAMPERS COMFORT (58pc @ $11.45). I thought can try try so bought M size (6-11kg)...but it's barely fitting my girl who is about 62cm and 6kg.

It's barely bigger than Huggies Ultra S - which i also bought and she's outgrown. Sighz. Dunno what to do with the 'extra' diapers hanging around.

I'm glad i bought the Pampers ACIVE BABY box of 88 though. Think it's quite a good deal for PAmpers. I used Pampers BABY DRY before and it's quite good. ALso using GOON at the same time...but GOON i can use size S.


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wow, ur PUB bill so low w/out aircon..
b4 i had kids, just mi &amp; my hb, the PUB is ard $80-$100..

how much u bought the Pampers ACIVE BABY (M) ?
Giant @ vivocity got offer.. $29.90 per box (88pcs/box for M size)..


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how's first day ?? yeah lor...my pub v high, that's why need to cut down...electricity alone is already >200 dol, the other 100 plus comes from gas + water. my usual bill is b/w 100-200 so now trying to figure out now what attributes to the big bill...

gervaise bigger than my son

re: pub bill, prob due to the fact electricity just went up too :p

think most babies here are quite big too

50-60 v low !! i use aircon everyday but only night time...think biggest diff is that i on my pc almost the whole day everyday (most of the time i don't shutdown coz bb cried so attend to him first)...

xiao yun,
wow...u still using cloth diapers...i give up on week 2, eventho i had help...find it troublesome coz always leak to my clothes...

hmm...what's the diff b/w pampers baby dry and pampers active ? price diff quite a lot...

i find that mamy poko is better for night time coz can absorb more and still doesn't leak for my son.. so now me using pampers during the day and mamy poko at night...

re:bottle feeding,
today i try to "cheat" my son...put him on bed and sideways like his normal position for feeding and quickly put bottle in...but he only drank 20ml, after that dun want anymore..i latch him and he latches for 5 min...haiz...afternoon shall try again... think i've to be extra patient in this...


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oh, v bz 1st day @ work but still can find time to surf.. hahaha..

i tried a couple pamper dry long time ago..
i think the difference is that pampers active is thinner and absorbent is really good..
Pamper dry is thicker in material..


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ur pub bill very low!!! mine about 70-80 w/o aircon (electricity+gas+water).
Pampers comfort so cheap ah? why is the cutting so small? my gal now 5.6kg, using Huggies S now. But can some red marks at the thigh.

yes. still using cloth diapers ever since she had diaper rash last time. it's true that it leaks. for me, i use diaper cover, normally it doesn't stain my clothes. but when bb poo, it will be a bit messy. now my bb only poo once a week, then less headache for me liao. :p

as a Pamper loyal supporter, can you please advise the difference of different kind of Pamper? Dry, Comfort, Active?


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i m a loyal supporter of <font color="aa00aa">Pamper ACTIVE &amp; COMFORT</font> only.. hahaha..
Pampers Comfort, i think is available for newborn &amp; Small size rite.. I m currently using it for my gal and will be switching to Pampers Active M size when she outgrow the S size..
As for Dry &amp; Active, i think the difference is the thickness..
Pampers Active is really good to use.. cos the material is thin (but absorbent is good), it is light to wear &amp; not so bulky for the bb until he/she urinate alot..


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For all mummies of bb gal
my maid cut short my bb gal lashes when she was 1mth+ and now her lashes is so long and it curls up by itself.

im using huggies also.but im using M size its big but it doesnt leaks out.maybe u can try?