2007 Buangkok Mom??

mega project running turbo speed. New big boss, so many top management trying to profile themselves...what's new?

vamiga, pluck strawberries! fun fun fun ..
we din ve anyting planned .. so sad coz hb cant commit any time at all
can oni do weekly plans and still subject to his availability, or we (me n sr) alone w/o him
Hi Adeline,
Hope ur boy had long recovered & u r enjoying urselves in Japan! Antibiotics usually takes abt 5 doses to kick in.

Perhaps he is referring to the PG-N1 kids that r still having their normal lessons?
hehehee...Jx loves to KPO & b the "teacher's assistant" when the sch weren't so strict abt outsiders last June hol. He would hang ard to play the toys while I did some quick mkting.

Hi Wan,
Can understand... *pat*pat*

Hi Slimz,
Yes, it's fun & the weather is crispily cool!

I was actually worried that Ipoh might b quite boring other than the yummy food but some of the cave temples were quite interesting. 1 of them reminded us of Har Par Villa!
Let me upload the pix into FB soon.
planning to go to the zoo tis sat... hope it wont b too crowded. heard frm a fren who went 2 sat ago that there were not enuf parking lots and the cars were parked along mandai road!
Hi Slimz,
Best to go b4 9am if u r driving.
That's 1 of the reasons we didn't 1 2 renew our membership when it expired end May.
we haven start her leh. initial planned to start her early june but bcoz she got alot of GUG make up classes in june, we decided to push her schhse til end of the month. i dun wan her schhse to ve too much disruptions, scared she settled down liao den break for her gug makeup den she will need to re-settle down in schhse again..
mummies any suggestions on holiday destinations in the second half of july? was tinking of aussie for farmstay but its their winter rite?
We went to tokyo japan last week for 8 days. E place there is very clean n nice. e train there is easily accessible dun ever take e cab there very expensive. But e communication with e local people is very bad they dun understand english. Is best to plan everything 1st before u go. must go to mt. fuji.very nice view there. So lucky we get to see e mountain. e weather there is just nice ard 22degree in e daytime. very cooling. dun go on april is their school holiday there. disneyland will be super crowded.
Thanks Adeline. Did u spend a night at hakone? Been to Tokyo twice b4 kids. Followed japan hour itinerary, take train to eat ramen, okonomoyaki, sushi, sashimi, tofu set etc. Have been asking hb when is our next visit. But with 2 kids in tow, I supposed we can't cover as much. April is the best time to see sakura. Next trip we will like to see autumn at Nikko. Wooh...I need a break!!!
Hi Adeline,
Welcome back!

Yours is F&E?
Never been to Japan so can only drool during Japan Hours.
Would love to go Hokkaido! *dream mode on*

Hi Slimz,
Farmstay is quite fun for kids. We brought Jx to Perth just for that when he was 2.5yo. He enjoyed it alot but the best time to go Oz will be late Jan-May.
Late July...mayb can try some cooler part of Taiwan? They hv farmstay too. Must check this year's typhoon forecast tho. Else can also consider beach resorts in Krabi, Bali, Bintan etc.
thanks for the tips mummies.. tw farmsty wor.. lemme chk with my fren, her SIL is taiwanese .. haa.. sty her hse =P
hokkaido ive been to b4 sr out (was preg during that trip but din noe i was preg =P)
nope din stay there we book a one day tour for mt Fiji n hakones back to toyko by bullet train. Quite interesting to seat all e different types of train there. Was waiting for e bullet train n one went pass was so fast n noisy that my gal cried.
yes f n e with kids best to go f&e. Too pack if follow tour.
This will be our last trip until they go primary school. Haa must start to save $$$.

I love their bento. Bento & train is a special combination

Onsen (hot bath) is another pull factor.

Hokkaido would be nice...with snow

but must work hard NOW!
Hi Adeline,
Pri sch go hol, can only go during sch hol. V restrictive & ex. Everywhere crowded somemore.
Really miss those days when we could just pull jx out of kindergarten for a few days to a mth.
These days, missed 1 day of sch already need to catch up till panting, & then later on still discover got gaps. *faint*
Hehe when we were there almost everyday eat bento cos is easier for e kids n cheaper oso.
so serious ah.... wow then we have to go somewhere before my son starts his primary one. These trip already spent 7k a big hole in our bank have to take a long time to fill up again.
adeline, u went japan f&e? spent 7k? we looking at a budget of 6-8k... asked sr and she says she wan go to MIckey mouse's castle ... and it means HK, Jap or States.. we went hk last yr le n States too far (duno she can tahan the flight anot)..
ehh.. if u still happen to ve ur itinerary, can PM me ??? plsss... tankoooo ^^
ur family been to tw farmsty? got any tips to share? we are most prob gg to ve 2days in HK + 7days in TW
nvr been to tw b4, duno how to go abt planning it .. =(
slimz & wan,
SHould have ask me earlier. i throw away e hard copy already. never keep e soft copy. i collated everything through e website. theres a website called trip to japan got all e information u need can check it out.
Hi Slimz,
Even i also can't tahan flights to States myself!
W kids these age, guess my threshold would b 6hrs on SQ bah. :b
Never been to TW but hv seen some TV programs on its farmstays & think they look interesting. Think its train system quite good too & of cos the food!
Perhaps can check on its travel sites 4 ideas?
Guess SR wont mind revisiting Canton Mickey if u r stopping by HK again?
We went disneyworld, Florida 10yrs ago. Took us more than 24 hrs to fly, with 2 transits. Cannot imagine if we travel with 2 kids now. Can die
shld b taking package tour le.. coz with my parents too.. they cant tahan walking ard too much .. if F&E mite need to walk ard looking for places etc, my mum cant take it..
6D tw ..
Hi Slimz,
U booked already? W which agency? Includes farmstay? When leaving?

Hi Wan,
Hahaha...actually younger kids don't really care where they r, as long as they enjoy themselves.
Even my 2 playgrounds downstairs can keep them amused ard 2hrs. So sometimes, i wonder y we bothered to go anywhere further. :b
wow, travelling talk...how I wished I can go but not now till 2yrs later. Now tie down with this new born and 2 elder kids.

Go hair-wired already moreover now I just fired my maid. Alone with 3 kids, my hands become otopus.

By the way, please let me know if anyone interested or know any people that need confinement nannies or post natal massage. Many thanks.
it's mummy want to go travel. But need to bring the kids along. Hb refuse to go holiday without kids. So bo bian. Actually I haven't been to many places in sg, eg USS & Marina sands. Sg also no time to cover. Trapped in our kumpong Sengkang
we r pushing the TW trip to oct le.. my sisters cant make it.. tis time round will b jux me hb and sr.. somewhere near maybe cameroon or some resorts (bali, thailand etc)
Hi Shannon,
Wow, sorry to hear that. Getting a replacement maid in soon? Really can't tahan the previous 1?

Hi Wan,
I'm not even interested in USS,unless there is any free tix. Too hot! Yet to been to 313 somerset & only shop from L1-basements of Ion. No wonder retail trade so bad.
hahahaa... :b

Hi Slimz,
Oct good to go Oz le! hehehee...
vamiga, we r gg tw in sept/oct. then tis july gg aust .. any recommendations for farm sty there?
i nvr been there b4
Hi Slimz,
We stayed at Catton Hall, Perth for a few nites 4yrs ago. Chose it bcos not many can provide meals & we didn't 1 2 rent a car & navigate e country roads w Jx only 2.5yo then.
It helped us to arrange for taxi airport transfers.
Had a v good time & the hosts were v nice. Brought us ard the farm & get our hands dirty helping w the chores. Hubby even drive the tractor ard.

She also helped us plan a day trip to Fremantle while we r there & taught us to use public bus & train & picked us up at bus stop etc. She even dig out a light wt stroller 4 jx.
hahahaa... :D

When she heard that Chinese usually will hv fish for reunion dinner, she purposely baked fish fillet on CNY eve to surprise us & another S'porean family of 7!
While we were there, there was another returning Swiss family based in S'pore, who rented a separate cottage nearby. So I guess it's not just only us who enjoyed their hospitality.

Heard from friends who went last yr that it's now under new owner & the place had expanded but still managed by the same old couple.
More details:
Hi Mummies,

Is me again. I did come in this thread and say helo before think 1 year ago
but eventually did not join you all after that.

Can any mummies give me the comment on Blk 535 Hougang PCF Kindergarden?TIA
Hi Slimz,
U r welcome! It brings back fond memories.

How's SR & her 1st day of sch?
Which sch did u send her in the end?
haizzz .. vamiga, sr been sick since monday. cough cold fever. yday morning din recover, fever still on n off .. brot her to doc for follow up yday AM and doc says suspected lung infection, admitted hosp =(
till today still in hosp, its bronchitis (dun tink spell rite) ..
tink we giving the trip a miss le .. see sick now, the trip would b in 2 weeks time, dun wan to stress her body ..
Hi Slimz,
Poor SR! Hope she will be discharged soon & a speedy recovery to her! *hugz*
Had she been coughing prior to this?
Hi Vamiga,

Thanks for the concern. Yes. nowadays maids difficult to get passport. Chosen one but pass port delayed , need to wait another month..now need to chose another maid again. Hope everything goes well else I am unable to get back to work.
vamiga, sr dischrge on sun late aftnoon... still coughing till today .. appetite picking up .. her 'fishball cheeks' are gone
Hi Wan,
No news yet. Perhaps I'll hv to call & check.
Do u hv to accept their offer of placement by certain deadline?
Vamiga, only confirm class & timing & inform giro deduction date. I guess they will send to all applicants whether they r placed or not
its been a week since sr started her cc .. first day no cry but all the other days that follow -- yesh .. =(
wonder did something happen on 1st day which resulted in her not liking it thereafter .. =(
So long never post here. I din let her join Pcf. Stop my son oso both of them now in cc. My gal just join last week. not much crying from both of them. Settle down nicely. Last minute my hubby has a change of plan said to let them go cc. Now they are happily settle at e new cc.
Oh dear maybe u can try talk to her.
Adeline, r u planning to go back to work? Which cc?

Slim, hang in there. There will be ups & down. But must be firm. Alamak, next year my turn (again). Keeping my fingers crossed
haizz... she tell me she dun like to go to sch wor =( Just this morning she told me she wanna go popo's hse and not to sch

teacher's feedback is she is enjoying the activities leh
duno how ...
Slimz, it will go on for a while. Every evening, u must show interest in what she learnt in sch. I told de I wish I was in his sch, but teacher say mummy too old to accept me as a student. Ask sr to sing new songs/ activity she learnt that day. U must sound very enthu when she "teach" u. Even if u know, must make it like u r making an effort. Hope this method works for u
They r at learning kidz hougang green there. Every afternoon there is enrichment basically everything is covered so i dun need headache to go source for enrichment. I did that to my son oso every evening will ask him to talk about his school wat did he learn n do there. Yesterday nite my gal said to me she wet her pants so teacher scold as she was saying she cried so i told her next time go toilet before urine comes out so teacher wouldnt scold. THink she understands this morning she happily walk in to e school.

adeline is that the new sch at hg green? think May went there to look c before .. cant rem what her comments were ..
wan i do ask her wat she does in sch and songs.. well guess will take awhile .. next mon- wed we r going to Desaru .. cant imagine wat she will be like when we come back