(2007/03) March 2007 MTBs

yvonne, Pax,
Now I also no need to stay with them in the room. After story book time, i will off the lights or leave a small light and ask them to sleep. After 15mins to 30mins normally they will sleep.
Ya, it's boring to stay 3 hours with the kids. Slowly she will adapt well and follow the class.
hi mummies, finally settled down, tdy super tired at office hv to pia very hard for sales.

Tks all mummies for their well wishes

Today chloe went for hair cut, this time round i dun like, told pete she looks like some mushroom head :p

alamak, i told pete WS down with hfmd..urr..adults will kenna also huh?

wah u not only can cook can also sew! i HATE sewing :p

wah! tks for your auspicious dates. haha i m laffing n showed pete the dates you chose for us hee. maybe 050510 is out maybe too early..unless bb really fat then this date is in again hee.
The rest is in my books liao!!

ok ok hee colin vs clifton .. i was so bz at work then i got a beep on hp... was smiling to myself when QQ text me the name clifton

haha! oki no good model ahh... skip! :p
hey saw ur FB how come only 1 pic by kelley i wanna see more le.

i like Caleb le.. just told pete yday.. but caleb lim like a tongue twister hmmm not much nice names on C hor..
Isacc? colin? That jon & kate plus 8 show..one of the kids is Aiden isit? One is Joel :p
i m thinkin of other alphas to get more ling gan.. hmmm

how are u? tks for your suggestions
i m still 'tikam' stage hee

i think why Rae adapted so well is cos u hv been bringing her for dance, GUG etc..so she oredi exposed socially...i think its the reason why

u install webcam for rina? u got time to watch her ? for me imposs..at work i dun hv internet access
Ws seems to be having ulcers in his mouth, no other sign of spots.

btw, i brot K to see the dentist this afternoon. and must say it was a pretty quick vsit, everythng done deal from registering to payment took less than 30mins.

happy to share that K's teeth all clean ! no more food stains! yipeee.... she thanked the nurses and dentist and told them she come again!
good for you ... Reyden almost screamed the whole place down, made me so paiseh.
Luckily Reyes managed to "convince" him to get his teeth checked. In the end he even showed the dentist how he brushes his teeth.
kaexin/ RR
can your kids brusth their own teeth? will u allow? chloe always wants to take over the brush n anyhow brush le.. ended up waste time only i prefer to brush for her.. she tend to keep biting the brush while i m cleaning for her..
RR brush their own teeth. Just that sometimes they'll forget to brush the inner then I'll hold their hands to brush. The dentist asked them to show how they brush and told them must remember to brush the inner teeth. And they came home and remember to do it! The dentist just need to say one time, beats my daily nagging. :p
K got clean bill of health last night. actually on monday night noticed no more spots and ulcers. so since i made appointment for her for 7 jan, brot her to GP to get clearance.

like wat i told you, we heard Reyden crying, so once we were done, we went to find Reyden.

ws was happpy to see her teeth all white and nice, over-esthu wants to brg every mth. told him crazy, just go twice a year can liao :p
MiL was impressed that we find gd deal and ask me how come i know where to brg her.
K also likes to brush her on her own. but i preferred to brush for her too. the dentist also ask her show me how you brush and the nurse gave her a brush to demo.

heng she din cry. she sat on my lap and lie down for the dentist to check and clean :p the whole journey while i was driving, told her later show dentist ur teeth, open your mouth big big!
told her we met u gys there too :p
K slept until 5pm today! i went for facial earlier, come back straight and she dooze off on the way to yishun.

and when i went over for dinner, both MIL & FIL said my face so fair now !
mejo, whoever....
let me know your experience.

my fren got into an accident. the car smack her car side. then the lady refuse to admit her fault. my fren took a photo, the lady's car is at the back of her car (meaning she wanna filtered in but bang into my fren's car). My fren din see her car though cause it was raining and she was at her blindspot. So this lady should be at fault right?
they exchanged their particulars and left cause it was in a heavy rain.
now how?? what to do?
went workshop and got the quotation, but they advise to claim her own insurance first then claim from the other party after that.
but then, what if the other side relaly refused to pay?

thank u!! i go meeting first. real busy these days.
bel is getting prettier and prettier!
how much is the HK boaster seat! i wana buy!

hmm....no posting from SQ....hmm..

natalie same class as leia?
teacher said can only buy uniform after 2 weeks, ask her again later
belle: aiyo.. talk about adapting well, today i am on leave and i send her to school, cried big time again as i was leaving, but she soon calm down and teacher even distracted her by asking her to help put the other kids water bottle on the tray.
yes her BIG HK is from HK too.

Kaexin: when rae had HFMD, it was also contained in the moutha s ulcers, no spots on her feet or hadns.. so doc was a bit puzzled initially and we had to do blood test to confirm. get WS to rest well, i think he will loose a lot of weight this time.

kaexin: which dentist u brought them? to the school recommended one? can public make appt and go? where isit? good that K was so guai leh. rae cries each time i bring her to the dentist.

QQ: ask ur fren to make a police report immediately. on the same day, dun delay liao.
i bring bel to polyclinic dentist. There is no extraction, so the nurse arrange a therapist to clean her teeth. Veri good i feel. The therapist is gentle and fast to clean the teeth. Bel going back again in 6mths time. I feel the first experience is veri inportant. Wont scare the child.
ok spam some pics.. of rae's first week at school.


In her new school uniform


A picture in the school compound


with a new friend her name is charlotte. See she is still crying, eyes all red.


In her PE attire


Playing in the class


Outdoor play
veri shiok to see the teeth as white as pearl right? Wahaha! Yes, i did the same as u, keep telling bel to show dr ur teeth, and open big big. I say don noe how many times man. Lucky she did. Wahaha. Ur dr got book 6mths later for next check up? Actually i tot i m kiasu. But i asked the nurse there, they say is good, cos alot of children have tooth decay, parents don even know. Scary to see them pluck teeth as such young age.
Yvonne: i brought her to polyclinic once it was not a bad experience but tat time she was very very young so they can't handle her tat well.
brot her to the school of dental centre @ SGH. RR also brot RR there too yesterday, same timing slot.
we paid $9 nia

u can call them to make appoitment,we called last nov but dec all full, so we went yest.

see liao, very happy, and i kept telling K to go see in the mirror. wahahaha.... silly mummy
star: Rae's school seems very big!

my sore throat really bad.. and the stupid lozenges dumbs the tongue and not the throat! stupid.. then elie since she gets back.. hasnt recovered.. it was a coughing rhapsony last night over dinner! haiz..
Rae's school looks nice. Actaully in CD, her teacher there will ask her to help pack diapers, water bottle when i drop her off. she will be distracted then i go off quietly.
ya. her uniform is quite pretty..

and her fren charlotte.. is quite pretty lei.

this teng hor.. haiz.. when he was fussing one of the days i was there.. there is this very independent and frenly girl who came and hugged him to make him stop crying.. then she touched his hand. teng cried even louder! and then asked me 'how come she touch my hand?!'.. wah liew.. :S
then she called him gor gor and touched his thigh.. he also cried and ask the same 'how come she tuoch my thigh?' question.. teng ah! u are a boy.. not a girl leh! wah liew.. :S
astro: how is YH?? yes her fren very pretty hor.. hahaha... she cried too after seeing rae cried.. hahaha. but hor i find that rae dun really interact with the other kids leh.

hey astro, this girl interested in teng leh.

wha i just saw a very smartly dressed pastor walked out from the church.. how come pastor nowadays so trendy one.. maybe he takes care of the youth ministry, must dress young and trendy so the young kids will listen to him.
i laughed at tengs hands and thigh touched by the girl.

Star, i tot no injury then no need to make police report. rules changed liao.
rae will settle down v soon, no worry.

tian's schooling seems fun for her, but also a stressful one.
she went potty shh shh 3-4 times before bed (interval of less than 3 minutes type).
then 5am, wetted her bed, she refused to sleep and kept going to potty for 3 times. then finally too tired and slept.

she told her papa: someone wetted her pants in school, and teachers cleaned for her.
i think tian is self-induced stress in shh shh-ing. maybe she had a dream that she shh shh that's y bed wet. we never scold her, nothing, just keep quiet and changed bedsheet for her.

still, she said she likes her teachers, school.
rae's classroom looks big and nice!!
star: yh is ok. his cough, sore throat, blocked nose all much much milder than mine :S.. anyway. he is getting rounder. fatter.. 5.9kg. yesterday chatted with a oct mum.. decided to call her daughter ms prata coz she keeps flipping. then yh will be called Bally.. (coz he is short, round and fat.. like a ball!).. not bad leh.. yh is Ah Ball.. Teng is Ah Bao! whahahah

ya. i also think the girl likes teng. but teng.. for his size.. 'can see cannot use'! (translate into chinese pls)..

Rae always strong and observent kind mah. During LNT lessons, Rae always intent on teachers.. teng says hullo to rae.. rae just look at him.. kekeke. teng has 'cracked' Ye and tian liao. just ice beauty Rae hasn't cracked her yet :p
can tell me exactly where u get it from ?
maybe can ask my ex-collg to get for me. coz he just called fm hk yest and said he is coming over soon.
QQ: teng very gu niang lah. ta boleh tahan him!
and ya.. teng also wet himself all the time during naps in school.. teacher yesterday asked me can wake him up. i said go ahead.. he doesn't need such a long nap either.. she woke him. teng said dun need go toilet went back to sleep.. then when time to wake up.. shh-ed again..

then hor my mother.. haiz. i mean i appreciate her help lah. but hor.. haiz.
yesterday brought the gang to fetch teng and then to cwp to have dinner. this teng wants to go toilet. my mum brought him there while ifed yh and ellie helped me.. then like barely a minute later.. teng came out with my mum. my mum said teng wants to poo.. then i am stunned and was thinking'then poo lor! why bring him out again???'.. end up. teng grimaced and started to poo in his pants! my mum still garang kapok, tell him hold his poo dun poo yet.. haiz..

wah liew! gross :S.. then teng protested and 'waddled' his way into the toilet for ellie to clean him up.. haiz..

lucky i dun have to clean the poo man.. how gross :S
my booster cost mi 59dollar!
i saw the lucky baby one, 39bucks. But as hard as rock. So i buy this with cushion. Lol!

my booster from carrefour. 59dollar.
Nowadays our kids can upgrade to booster seat liao? or no need any seat?
the HK seat is cute!!

Astro, wah your mum tot u can chiong back home to let him poo is it?? haha!! nevermindla.
tian also one kind, she can tell teacher that she wanna go shh shh but she din. she told nanny to chiong home after lesson for shh shh.
nanny said tian feel paiseh to tell teacher, our kids are paiseh also.
and maybe teng also paiseh when he was molested. haha!!
i like rae's uniform

astro: teng so funny. kenna "molested"

i dun think i dare to bring A to a dentist now? scared he cry big time n traumatised
pink,yvonne,astro,kaexin,QQ: ya her school is quite big esp the compound. one class total 15 students to 2 teacher + 1 helper. Rae likes her helper a lot Mrs Loh. She is very patient with her.

Pink: YES we saw this set, i saw snow white too.. we bought the Minnie set for rae, let me find a photo and post for u, the figures are very small though rae likes it a lot, cost us HKD130 per set.

Kaexin: thanks, will call and make appt.
its at tsim tsa tsui/mong kong side, i forgot the street name, its the place where they sell a lot of car accessories. there are 2 diff model on sale, one cost HKD495, i found this in one shop which was carrying this last one which is a older model, thats why i got it at HKD100 cheaper.
QQ: i wrote inside the communication book for teacher to remind A to go shh shh. i think they did cos he went toilet twice y'day

no injury no need to report police but must report to insurer within 24hrs. Your friend can tell the insurer that it's not her fault and they would be able to assess from the damage and pictures. The insurer will claim from the other party's insurer. Unless for uncertain cases when they other party die die also deny and they cannot find the evidence that it's her fault then they might "persuade" your friend to claim from own insurance.