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2006/2007-Twins/Triplets MTBs

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by humble, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. humble

    humble New Member

    Hi all, are there any twins/triplets MTBs out here? I m eager to meet more multiple mtbs who are going deliver in 2006 or 07.

    I m due on the 8th of March 07.


  2. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi twinsmom

    wow, new thread, of cos i must come in to pong chang. [​IMG] heehee... hope to see more twins/triplets MTBs here.

    hi all MTBs
    i am due on 5 Feb 07, but most likely will go for c-section if can tahan till 36th week in mid Jan 07. One of my babies is a boy, another one suspected to be a boy and another one is still unknown. Cheers!
  3. humble

    humble New Member

    Hi hi chloe,
    Welcome! hehe ya loh want to start a thread for multiple mamas like us, hope we'll find more gals soon.

    How are u, I m doing ok, I m 13 weeks + now. I dont feel the normal preggie symptoms anymore and also the breast size and tummy size keeps varying every now and then, just wondering if this happens to anyone else???

    Lets start a list, hope ur details are correct! Please go ahead and modify the list as and how u gals like.

    Nick----EDD----No of bbies----Hospital----Doctor
    Twinsmom**8/3/07**2(??)**KKH**SF Loh
    Chloe**5/2/07**3(boy/??)**GlenE**LC Foong

  4. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi twinsmom

    yes, my info is correct, thanks for starting the list.

    i am now in week 17. So far ok, except that dun seem to be drinking well, due to the bloatedness. Whenever i drink any fluid, it will stay in the stomach and not moving downwards. Becos i dun drink much, my urine is little, yellow and very smelly (smells sour and acidic). heehee... even the toilet bowl now has my urine smell...

    My breasts have also become bigger, more tender. Tummy is small when i wake up in the morning. Funny thing is it keeps growing and by evening, it becomes real big...
  5. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    Twinsmom & chloe,
    Hello there! I'm expecting twins too! I'm glad you started this thread for multiples. I'm now in week 12.
    I'm trying to make myself drink more as well, since I usually don't drink much water...Now no choice since all the books mention about dehydration no good, etc...Moreover nowadays my mouth feels dry every now and then.

    What kind of supplements did your doctors give you? My doc gave me iron and fish oil to start taking.
  6. humble

    humble New Member

    Good morning ladies!

    me too, me too my tummy also small in the morning and that scares me at times. my urine had been yellowish orange ever since i stopped drinking 2 litres of water everyday after ET, nowadays i can drink more than 4 or 5 cups per day and i had to walk a bit after drinking water to push it down i guess.

    Welcome to the thread! Ya loh, all the books says dehydration is no good, but drinking water is horrible, how[​IMG] My lips are dry and scaly nowadays. My doc has given me calcium and fish oil in addition to folic acid.

    please post your EDD and other info or add the info to the list ok!
  7. verona

    verona New Member

    Dear all,
    An update on my progress...
    I am now into my 28th week and going for my last detail scan this Friday. In KKH, there will be 3 detail scans to look at the baby's growth, blood supply etc. The scans are usually scheduled at 20th, 25th and 30th week. Since the last scan, doc has prescribed aspirin to help improve the blood supply to my babies. Hopefully this Friday's scan will be alright.

    Currently, resting alot because feel very tired even after standing/walking for a few minutes. However, sleeping at night is very difficult because cannot find a comfortable position.

    My tummy also feels smaller and softer in the morning and becomes more and more bloated as the day goes on. Guess it is the food and drink that we take in the day...

    Chloe, it is very important to drink water. No matter how difficult, must try and drink. There was one period when I also did not like to drink water and my urine also gets really concentrated. I then drink other fluids to supplement.

    I never take much supplments...only folic acid during 1st trimester and subsequently switch to Obimin (multi-vitamin). I try to drink lots of milk to supplement Ca needs. Now also taking fish oil.
  8. humble

    humble New Member

    Hi verona,
    sooo nice to see u after a long time. I was about to PM u to find out how are u (its me humble) Congrats! u are in 28 weeks already, great news!

    Thanks for all the valuable info. U r with doc loh also rite? Rest well and drop by whenever u can ok!
  9. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi verona

    So nice to hear from u!! Hey, 28 weeks liao ah, very good u know. My dr said that once reach 28 weeks, the risks will start to reduce!! It must been very tiring for u, but u did great!! Hang on there, soon, soon, the babies will be in ur arms already. [​IMG] Will hear ur advise and try to drink more.

    twinsmom, i think i siao liao, quarelled with hubby yesterday, then started to cry non-stop like nobody's business. Dunno why, body just not listening to me. Now i think i am even more dehydrated, got to replenish water to recover those tears. haha... no wonder today cannot cry anymore, cos dehydrated liao. urgh... we fought over stupid in-laws problems, so bo liao. i bo chap liao, going to splurge this afternoon, make sure i go shopping and buy things.

    Choco_latte, glad to hear u expecting twins. Welcome to this thread.

    Me taking calcium tab in the morning and iron tab in the evening. Used to take 2 calcium tabs in the morning, but now dropped to 1 ever since started on milk. twinsmom, u gotten the sample milk powder already??
  10. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi gals

    i updated the table with verona's info, got them from the IVF MTB's thread. Choco_latte, i dun have ur info, u may wanna add urs below.

    Nick----EDD----No of bbies----Hospital----Doctor
    Twinsmom**8/3/07**2(??)**KKH**SF Loh
    Chloe**5/2/07**3(boy/??)**GlenE**LC Foong
    verona**15/11/06,**3(boys)**KKH**SF Loh
  11. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    Here's mine:
    **16/3/07**2(??)**Pte**Dr Fong
    It's his own private clinic. Haven't decided on hospital yet.
  12. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    My doctor didn't give me calcium tablets as I told him I was drinking 2 cups of milk everyday.

    Not sure what the calcium & other mineral requirements are for carrying twins...since should be higher than singletons. Will read some of my books to see if I can find anything.
  13. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    Don't worry. I think the emotions are more volatile during pregnancy. I also find myself flaring up very quickly over trivial things that I normally wouldn't. Sometimes I myself quite surprised after that. Blame it on the hormones...hee hee...

    As for drinks, does it help if you try to drink ribena, honey or 100plus if you don't like water? I find sweeter drinks easier to swallow too. I tend to drink more when it's ribena...now there's even a new flavour ribena+apple. [​IMG]

    One question to all the ladies, when you go for your scan, does your doc give you a printout everytime? I find it very interesting to track the babies' progress.

    How big were your twins measuring during your week 12 scan? Mine were both 5cm+.
  14. jessp

    jessp Member

    Hi Verona/Twinsmom

    Are you all with SF LOh under IVF previously? So is he good at delivering twins/triplets then? What are his consultation charges for 1st/subsequent visits under TPS?
  15. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    hi hi,

    Glad to see a new thread. M actually in the Jan 07 MTB thread.

    M now approaching my 19th week, expecting twins. M due on 27 Jan but if I can tahan till 38th week, I will be very happy (mid Jan). Gynae is Cathryn Chan, Gleneagles. Gender of the twins still unknown so got to wait till detailed scan in 2 weeks' time.

    Choco-latte, my bbs were around 7cm at 12+ weeks.

    Any of you can only feel 1 twin kicking? I can only feel the one on my right kicking but the left one's pretty quiet. Only when I saw him/her on the U/S last week, was I then relieved that the left twin's fine.
  16. humble

    humble New Member

    Like choco said I think its the hormone, i was also very moody last few days as i wasnt happy with hubby regarding in law's matter (same same). But this time round i didnt cry but was close to tears a few times, may be no tears due to dehydration haha...Take it easy for now....We are physically carrying the babies but think hubbies mentally carrying![​IMG]

    Welcome Jovia,
    I am seeing doc Loh in D clinic, his charges are abt $80 first time and 56 for subsequent consultations. I m not sure of the TPS charges. I know that he sees a lot of multiple pregnancy cases. Hope this helps. Do post ur details if u wanna be included in the list k!

    Welcome Alethea,
    Oh u seeing cathryn chan, she was my gynae last time but later decided to change to kkh. BTW, when did u feel the babies kick for the first time and when can we know the gender? I cant wait liao!
  17. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    Hi Best_Twins,

    I felt the movements in my 15+th week. Actually, I should be able to know my BBs' gender by now (some frens & colleagues could tell from the U/S by week 13-15), but during the 3D scan, one was sucking thumb, then slowly turning away to show us backside. Then when the screen turned to the other twin, he/she was shielding eyes, and also slowly turning away to show us buttocks. So, got to patiently wait till my detailed scan happening in a fortnight.

    If it's not too sensitive, can share with me why you've decided to change to KKH?
  18. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    Hi Alathea,
    Wow, your babies quite big at 12 weeks. Anyway, i was reading different books and each seems to have a different range for a week 12 foetus...quite confusing. But when my gynae measured mine, he said they were on track. Not sure how the length of a twin differs from a singleton at this stage.

    Anyone else can share your babies' week 12 lengths as well?
  19. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    Choco, to be precise, think they were around 12.6 weeks when they were 7cm thereabouts.
  20. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi gals

    Can i check whether anyone is still taking progesterone injections in 2nd trimester? Me still taking it twice a week, and i suspect it is causing the bloatedness. Feel so bloated, cannot even eat or drink well now... [​IMG]
  21. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    Hi gals

    i had my detailed scan on week 12, babies were 5.1cm, 5.5cm and 6cm. wow Alethea, ur babies are big! [​IMG]
  22. trips

    trips New Member

    Hi gals!

    Sigh.. my internet access has been down tt's why I've been MIA!

    Best Twins

    Thanks 4 remembering me n ur good wishes! Hope ur twin bundels of joy are doing great!!! It' great tt u've started a multiples thread... makes it so exciting 2 noe tt there r so many more of u gals out there!!!

    Just to intro myself... I'm now currently 13 weeks preggie!!!
    My details...
    Trips **5/3/07** 3(???)**KKH** SF Loh

    Just had my FTS (first tri screening) last week. All 3 babies measured 6cm at 12 weeks. Dr claims within normal range of singleton at this point in time.
  23. trips

    trips New Member


    I actually stopped the progesterone jabs once I tested +ve on day 18. Was prescribed oral progesterone twice daily until 12th week.
    The jabs really made me feel bloated n was really glad to switch to oral form instead. Maybe u can check with ur doc if u can do tt? Wonder if it'll make u feel better?

    Now currently taking folic, obimin n fish oil. Advised to drink 2 full glasses of milk a day for Calcium supplement.
  24. trips

    trips New Member

    Just wondering if any of u gals have thought about the sleeping arrangements 4 ur multiples?

    Wondering if it's silly to invest in 3 seperate cots? Not only $$$ but also space constraints!!! Any thoughts on this, gals???
  25. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    Trips, initially DH and I were planning to get an ultra big cot (those 4-in-1 convertible type) so that our twins could share. But on the advice of frens who said that BBs tend to grow very fast, esp. in the initial months, we don't think this is feasible after all, considering the legth and width-wise of the cot. Thus, I was planning to get 2 baby cots. However, not too sure if this is the best option as well. Would welcome any advice.
  26. verona

    verona New Member

    Jovia, yep, did IVF under SF Loh and subsequently continued under him. Initially, wanted to switch to a private gynae but afraid of the huge costs later if there were complications. So continued to stay in KKH. can't remember the initial consultation cost at TPS but currently I am paying about $60. This includes the u/s that Dr will carry out in his room.

    I think don't be too bothered by the size of the babies, especially during the early weeks and when doc says they are on track. sometimes, because they are so small, also cannot be very accurate.

    Chloe, I had progesterone jabs in 1st trimester and after that stopped. However, I am back on the jabs now, but once a week. Think it does result in some bloatedness but heard it will help to delay contractions and stabilise the pregnancy. If you really feel very bad, let your doc know so that he can probably cut the dose to once a week?

    Sleeping arrangements are a headache...have been getting lots of advice from different people. Most important is that try not to let the babies sleep together. This is because if one cries, the others will cry as well. Anyway, have decided not to buy any baby cots but to ask for "second-hand" ones from friends. Have managed to get 2 cots for the moment. Having multiples is not like people with singletons as we have to consider the cost (everything needs to multiply by 2 or 3x!).
  27. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    What kind of help will you be engaging once your BBs arrive? I'm intending to get a maid, but becos' my parents and PIL may not be able to help, the maid will not be having 100% supervision. During the confinement period, I will be getting a CL. DH will also be taking leave, so I don't foresee the 1st month to be that bad. However, from the 2nd month onwards, especially, after I return to work after ML, it'll be a big worry for me.

    What are you girls' plans? All got help from parents or PILs? M also thinking of the Infantcare option but 2 BBs can easily cost $1k and moreover, such places may have a lot of germs.
  28. humble

    humble New Member

    Good morning ladies!

    Its such a cold and cuddly morning but i m up at 7 am!

    haha, ur twins seems to like to show their backsides (sooo cute leh). Icic! so may be i'll be able to know the gender in my next consultation. I'll PM u today regarding Dr matter ok...

    mine is also like verona, taking tablet for progestrone twice a day but stopped since yesterday as adviced by Dr. Dr didnt tell me the size during my previous scan so i dont know their measurement.

    [​IMG] to the thread! I m glad that so many multiple mtbs had joined us, think its really gonna be great here for us!

    I was reading some oversease multiples thread and they seem to use one cot until the babies are one or two months, but for us in singpaore we need to consider children falling sick, if one falls sick then all will get it if we cant move them away. Its best to get seperate cots or playpens, I have also heard that many mummies use two in one cot cum playpen kinda bedding arrangement but dont kow hos does it look like. One mummy was sharing somewhere that carrefour sells a playpen for $95 which is good. But cots can be used for a few years i guess!

    I'll do a table and add ur info k....
  29. humble

    humble New Member

    I m looking for a baby sitter or nanny who has experience with new borns for 1 month or so. My MIL will assist the nanny and cook for me and my mother will be doing the cleaning. My hubby is on an oversease assignment and thus cant help me.

    If i cant get the kinda of nanny i want then i have to opt for a temp maid for two or three months.

    I m planning to become SAHM until the babies are 16 or 17 months, after that will send them to childcare and continue to work. My mother is not good at taking care of kids and my mil may not be willing to baby sit full time so this is the best arrangement for me.

    I agree that infant care centres are expensive for twins but dont think there will be a lot of germs la...cos the teachers will be sterilizing every single thing daily and after each use. Children will definitely get sick during the initial period as they are in group care but eventually their immune system will get better than those who are not in group care.
  30. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi gals

    trips! So happy to hear from u!

    i also had oral progesterone tabs in the first trimester + the jabs. Stopped the tabs in 2nd trimester but the jabs still continued... and like wat verona mentioned, my dr is still giving me the jabs to avoid early contraction which could cause pre-term labor. Now i am in dilemma, whether i should just try to tolerate with the jabs (but then cannot eat or drink well) or reduce the jabs or even dun do the jabs... each got pros and cons lor.

    i have 1 hand-me-down baby cot and 1 hand-me-down playpen. i am considering to buy another playpen to make it three. Thinking of getting from kiddy palace, i thought i come across one that is $99 with mattress free. Like wat twins mom said, i prefer to separate the babies, just in case any one of them fall sick. However, as my parents will be looking after my kids, the baby cot and playpens will be shifted to their house after i go back to work. i will only be able to bring home the kids during weekends, and while they are at home, i will have to place them on mattress on the floor, no choice, can't possibly get another 3 playpens, too costly liao.

    Now, trying to calculate how much i should give to my parents every month for looking after my children... Not forgetting also must give them allowance, going to be a lot of money leh... haha... maybe it's time to look for a better paid job. [​IMG] We will not be getting any maid cos my mom is strongly against the idea. Better dun force it upon her, else i think i will have a bigger headache next time!

    twinsmom, just to share about baby cots. i heard from friends that once babies are big enough to crawl and stand, better dun place them in baby costs becos they tend to meddle with the side bars and they will try to crawl out. Most of the friends stopped using the cot when baby is about 1 year old. But as for playpen, it is not as dangerous cos the side is fabric and there is nothing for the baby to try to cling on to crawl out. So they tend to use the playpen longer. For my case, i prefer playpen cos it is cheaper, heehee... [​IMG]

    trips, i've got one empty room at home, and the room that i used to stay in my parents' house is also vacant. So most likely, the babies and their properties will be "dumped" there. [​IMG]

    i went shopping yesterday afternoon. Could only stay out for 2 hours becos legs were very wobbly and felt very tired. But still wanted to go out cos was very bored at home. i went to Metro sales, bought a few pieces of baby shirts. Long sleeved ones cost $6.50 each, while short sleeved ones cost $5.90. Prices before 20% discount. heehee... cost constraint, so i just bought those cheaper ones. [​IMG]

    i just woke up and had breakfast, wow, so nice, outside is drizzling and air is so refreshing. And best part is, tummy is small and soft now. So shiok. i really dread the bloated tummy in the day! Tummy should start to bloat anytime now... [​IMG]
  31. trips

    trips New Member

    Morning ladies!!!

    The bedding arrangement is kinda bugging me cause wanna start preparing the nursery b4 i get 2 big n tired! I was initially considering co-bedding during the first few months while they're small enuff coz i read somewhere tt they kinda used 2 sleeping tog n can calm each other down when placed in close proximity. Cute huh? But i'm also concerned about the germs spreading or one of them suffocating the other. 'Sides, dunno how long can squeeze all 3 into 1 cot!
    As 4 the playpen, what I'm worried about is tt we'll have to bend really low to pick them up. Not too great 4 our backs esp after a caesarean.
    Dunno lei...
  32. humble

    humble New Member


    <table border=1><tr><td>NICK</TD><TD>EDD</TD><TD>NO. OF BBIES/GEND</TD><TD>HOSPITAL/CLINIC</TD><TD>DR. </TD></TR><TR><TD>twinsmom</TD><TD>8th Mar 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chloe</TD><TD>5th Feb 07</TD><TD>3(boy??)</TD><TD>GlenE</TD><TD>LC Foong </TD></TR><TR><TD>Verona</TD><TD>15th Nov 06</TD><TD>3 boys</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh </TD></TR><TR><TD>Choco_latte</TD><TD>16th Mar 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>Private</TD><TD>Dr Fong </TD></TR><TR><TD>Alethea</TD><TD>27th Jan 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>GlenE</TD><TD>Cathryn Chan </TD></TR><TR><TD>Trips</TD><TD>5th Mar 07</TD><TD>3 (???)</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh</td></tr></table>

    post your details if u would like to be included
  33. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi trips

    i saw that playpen height can be adjusted. i think there are 2 heights. One is quite high, which u can use during confinement, and when bb big enough can adjust to the 2nd height, which is lower. oh yes, better dun strain urself after c-section. Perhaps u could go reccee for playpen and see if u are comfortable with the design. [​IMG]
  34. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    wow twinsmom, nice table. [​IMG] hey come to think of it, there are quite a handful of MTBs expecting multiples in s'pore. At least this is wat i could gather from this forum. So many gals have joined this thread.
  35. humble

    humble New Member

    I agree, even in infant care we dont place them in cots after 1 yr but i thot some cots can be convertd to bed??? confusing!

    Ya many mummies advice playpen may be thats the best option. Actually hubby wants to buy the white cot ikea sells, cos i m thinking of painting the babies roon light green.

    U r soo cute leh, say gonna dump babies and baby stuff in the roon haha...

    I going to move my current study room together with hubby's study so that i can do up the nursery there. I dont care mil, I m gonna start doing the nursery in December hehe...But uh my the roon is quiet small but nice view and windy. I m also sourcing for chest of drawers and other stuff, may be will start going for shopping after my next scan.

    ya la...me too wanna do it when i can but MIL always negative and thinks something bad will happen if we prepare things in advance!
  36. trips

    trips New Member

    My hubby always says "one should never plan 2 fail... u can only fail 2 plan!" Tt's what i've been telling the PILs. I guess it's kinda different in our situation, having multiples n all. Unlike single preg, we might get big real quick. 2nd tri is supposed 2 be the honeymoon period... but don't think tt's gonna last the whole 3 mths in our case! Plus, we never noe when CRIB is gonna hit us. Really don't wanna leave my hubby 2 settle everything... guys kinda foreign 2 all this! Guess my kiasu side is kicking in! [​IMG]
  37. wiky

    wiky Active Member


    I'm expecting twins. **9/4/07** 2(??)**KKH** John Tee

    I'm so envious of you all already into your 2nd trimester. I'm just in my 8th week, getting naseous everyday, hungry but no appetite. Going to toilets at least 3 times a night. Heard that all these will ease when I'm into my 2nd trimester, looking forward to that. [​IMG]
  38. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    My twice-daily progesterone was in gel form and I used it until week 12, when the doctor scanned and saw the placentas formed. Think the placenta will then take over the production of progesterone.

    Hi Trips,
    Good to head from you! My SIL was suggesting that I use her children's old cot which is big enough to co-bed the twins in the first few months. Then have more time to decide if need to buy another one later. Maybe your doctor might have some helpful advice for triplets as I'm not sure if they all squeeze into one of those normal cots? I haven't seen those ultra big ones you mentioned as I haven't really gone baby-shopping yet...maybe will pop into kiddy palace for a browse...can't wait to shop! [​IMG]

    Thanks for compiling the table. Not sure how difficult it is to rearrange the rows in the table, but i have one small suggestion...maybe in the next update, can sort the rows by due date so that we roughly know who is due first? So exciting, we're all within a few weeks of each other! Thanks for setting up this multiples thread, as the issues we face having multilples are different from singletons.
  39. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    Hi Irin,
    Welcome to the thread! I know what you mean about the frequent toilet trips during the night...esp when I was bloated. But from week 10 or so onwards, I started to sleep through the night most of the time without waking up for toilet break... so I guess the problem will ease for you in a few weeks...[​IMG]

    You said you could feel your babies kicking in week 15+...Wow, so cute! I'm really looking forward to that! I can see them moving around during my week 10 and week 12 scans, but at this stage we can't feel it yet as they still have a lot of room to bounce around in their sacs.
  40. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi twinsmom

    i heard about those cots that are convertible to beds, but never seen one. My mom said my cousin's child is using that. But i should think it will be quite costly? really no idea... Actually my MIL suggested we leave all three of them in ONE babycot until they are bigger. But i protested for hygiene purpose, wat if one of them fall sick? haha... scully becomes an epidermic in a PIG pen!! [​IMG]

    wow, u going to re-paint the nursery ah? So nice. Btw hor, i heard about this superstition where preggie not suppose to paint the house. Maybe u should excuse urself when hubby is painting. Moreover, the paint may have some chemicals, dun think u should expose urself to those stuff. Hey, make sure u dun move things here and there hor, u expecting multiples, cannot do heavy stuff.
  41. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi irin

    welcome on board! All these symptoms should stop in week 12 or latest by week 14. First trimester is very impt, so must really rest and take good care of urself. [​IMG]

    gals, i am drinking iced honey water now. Yummy... hope can drink more water else urine damn smelly...
  42. verona

    verona New Member

    Dear all,

    I think I am one of those rare MTBs who have not even done up the nursery even though I planned to deliver in 6 weeks time! In fact, I have not even collected the baby cots from my friends. Like what Trips said, before you knew it, you are too big to do anything! Guess we are quite superstitious cos people said not supposed to move anything in the house and I have not been feeling well throughout my pregnancy. So things just got delayed.

    Anyway, I am currently desperately seeking a filipino maid to help to look after the babies after I get back to work. can't seem to find one who is suitable from all the biodata that I have seen. For the 1st month, I have gotten a CL who will look after my babies together with my MIL. I planned for the maid to get trained then. After 1st month, hopefully, the maid and my MIL can cope with looking after the babies. I started looking for the CL after my 1st trimester and trust me, it is really not easy to get one to agree to take up the job. Once they heard that I am having triplets, they were not willing to take up the job cos they are afraid they will not be able to handle. So if you are really keen on a CL, start booking early.
  43. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    Added in irin's info and sorted according to EDD:

    <table border=1><tr><td>NICK</TD><TD>EDD</TD><TD>NO. OF BBIES/GEND</TD><TD>HOSPITAL/CLINIC</TD><TD>DR. </TD></TR><TR><TD>Verona</TD><TD>15th Nov 06</TD><TD>3 boys</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh </TD></TR><TR><TD>Alethea</TD><TD>27th Jan 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>GlenE</TD><TD>Cathryn Chan </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chloe</TD><TD>5th Feb 07</TD><TD>3(boy??)</TD><TD>GlenE</TD><TD>LC Foong </TD></TR><TR><TD>Trips</TD><TD>5th Mar 07</TD><TD>3 (???)</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh </TD></TR><TR><TD>twinsmom</TD><TD>8th Mar 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>SF Loh </TD></TR><TR><TD>Choco_latte</TD><TD>16th Mar 07</TD><TD>2 (??)</TD><TD>Private</TD><TD>Dr Fong </TD></TR><TR><TD>Irin</TD><TD>9th Apr 07</TD><TD>2(??)</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>John Tee</td></tr></table>
  44. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    I just had a glass of ribena, but after hearing you mentioned iced honey...think I'll make myself a glass too! hee hee [​IMG] Having lunch now while watching tv and surfing the internet...

    Agree with Chloe...the paint fumes/chemicals may not be suitable for pregnant mothers.
  45. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member

    hi verona

    wow, 6 more weeks to go!! jia you!

    i can forget about getting CL cos my babies will be delivered in mid Jan (if i can tahan until 36 weeks). It is around the CNY season and i heard that CL charges about $1800 to $2000 for each baby!! So no choice lor, got to "dong" using watever resources we have at home.
  46. chloe_chee

    chloe_chee New Member


    haha... sounds like the good old ribena advertisement!! "gei3 wo3 yi4 dian3 hao3 ma1?"

    me going to get another glass... heehee...
  47. trips

    trips New Member

    was wondering... has KKH asked u to decide which ward class u wanna go under? cause i heard tt the babies' class will be tagged to their mummy's. really worried about the high cost of NICU stay so wondering which ward type 2 go under? me seeing dr loh under TPS (same as u rite?) so dunno if they allow downgrade.
  48. choco_latte

    choco_latte New Member

    ya lor...what to do...have to do whatever that makes us drink more liquid right? [​IMG]

    Wah, this thread quite active today. By the time I post my response, another 3 more posts has gone up...hee hee...
  49. arielyn

    arielyn Active Member

    Hi hi, so glad to see this new thread so active! [​IMG]

    Chloe, yah, better don't leave all 3 in 1 babycot. So poor thing, all cramped tog. But then again, I've no better suggestions, save for getting 3 separate ones.

    Irin, I'm still waking up in the middle of the night to use the toilet, tho' it's been reduced to once, when it was twice in the 1st trimester. My energy level has also improved quote a bit. Last time, I used to doze off on the couch by 8pm but now, I can stay up till 1am. Also, I used to feel faint when I went out, and was always looking for a seat, but now, I'm feeling quite fine, save for the occasional tugs and pulls I feel on either side of my abdomen.

    Verona, agree. I had a hard time getting a CL initially. I was super kiasu and started looking for one when I was in my 10th week cos' afraid no one wanted to do since it will be near CNY. After suffering countless rejections (they said it's very tough taking care of multiples), there were a couple of CLs who actually tried to fleece me by charging my $3000-$3600 for my twins!! Finally, managed to confirm one last month, who's charging me $2300 for my twins. Already paid her a deposit, and the tacit agreement is built on trust. But if she wanna play me out last minute, I think I will cry!
  50. verona

    verona New Member

    Trips, from what I understand, can downgrade if needed. That is why I did not sign up the package. For example, I was warded in KKH a few weeks ago for premature contractions and when I was in the delivery ward, my hubby was asked to choose the class of ward that we can afford. They advised my hubby to choose the lowest ward 1st because if I really deliver at that time, the charges for the NICU would be about 40K per baby (even with the lowest class ward)!

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