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(2006/10) OCTOBER 2006 MTB

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by leetung, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. leetung

    leetung New Member


    I just tested positive last week. EDD is 4th Oct 2006. Anyone in the same league?

  2. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi hi

    I just tested positive today, have not seen gyne yet, but EDD should be 2nd week of oct
  3. shir_shir

    shir_shir New Member

    hihi all!

    tested positive last week too.. went to the doc.. did the normal scan but couldn't see anything yet... so even doc cant confirm when is my EDD... but roughly should be 1st to 2nd wk of Oct.
  4. happybride

    happybride New Member


    I've yet to book appointment with gyne [​IMG] will there be a long waiting list? before i get to see him?? so excited
  5. leetung

    leetung New Member

    Hi, Ladies. Congrats to you both! Is this the 1st baby for you?

    I went to see the gynae last week too. Was in my 4th week + 2 days. Calculated the EDD from the first day of my last period. There are little programs on the internet that you can key in the date of last period and it will return the EDD. You can try that out... :)

    Which gynae are you seeing? The popu;ar ones will have long queues. Some can also be fully booked for the year. Better to call early if you have a favourite in mind.
  6. puppybaby

    puppybaby New Member

    hi all,

    i'm still waiting for another few days before using to preg kit. do u gals have any symptoms before u are tested positive? such as swollen breast, tiredness?
  7. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi Lee Tung

    I will be going to Dr Jen at Women's clinic of Singapore. Called to make appointment but noone pick up the phone... Don't know if they are still closed for CNY
  8. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    hello ladies,

    i used the preg kit last night and tested positive. Are those preg kits bought from pharmacy accurate? Thinking of seeing a gynae but dunno which gynae to visit.
    Any recommendations?
  9. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi carmen

    which area are u at?
  10. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    hi doggiemummy,

    I am staying at Yishun
  11. happybride

    happybride New Member

    the gyne i will be seeing is at amk
  12. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    My cousin recommend Dr John Tee at KKH.
    I still considering.
  13. happybride

    happybride New Member

    so have u make appointment with the gyne?
  14. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    hello doggiemummy,

    yup! In the end, i made my first appointment wif Dr Han at AMK coming wed evening.
    Hopefully, everything will be fine.
    Wat about you? Have u seen your gynae?
  15. happybride

    happybride New Member

    I cant get hole of the gyne my sis recommend. I will walk in tomorrow morning to make appointment, but if still cant get hold of him I thinking of changing gyne...
  16. shir_shir

    shir_shir New Member

    my gynae's Dr Heng from ESH.. she also has a clinic at bedok... visited her today and did the scan again.. finally saw my little one!!! 6wks 4 days.. 1.4cm and EDD 25 Sept but according to doc, the machine always calculate a bit early.. should be abt 5wks only.. so seems like EDD will be end Sept to Early Oct..
    my gynae's charges a little on the high side.. thinking of changing.. cos too ex for us to cope esp just after wedding and now renovating hse... [​IMG]
    anyone goes to ESH? any good gynae but not so ex to recommend?
  17. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    Dear all, i juz confirmed my pregnancy yesterday by the gynae. He hasnt told me when is my EDD but my caln shld b in 1st wk of Oct. So excited coz its my birthday month! He has estimated my pregnancy to be abt 4-5 wks. I only saw a small black bean shaped like yolk sac (which he told me) at the ultasound. So exciting! [​IMG]
  18. maynn

    maynn New Member

    Dear all, congratulations. Has tested positive yesterday too by GP. Am starting Week 5 now. My GP is saying is still early to see the gynae. So he is asking me to go back say a few weeks later, and then I think he would write me a referral letter. I am pretty anxious actually. Anxious to see my little one. Not sure if I should go and book an appt with the gynae. Is only 7-8 weeks a good time to start see a gynae?
  19. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi maynn, think we r very close... me oso 4-5 wks. Gynae has arranged me to go back next wk, but i hv yet to decide on which gynae 1st. I think GP cant do ultrasound 4 u right? I went gynae yest and did ultrasound. can see the yolk sac, better than nothing. [​IMG]

    Frens has mentioned 7-8 wks is a gd time as thru ultrasound can see baby's heartbeat.
  20. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi ladies, i am 4 ~ 5 weeks too [​IMG] i didnt other to go to GP. Will be going to gynea next week [​IMG]
  21. okasan2b

    okasan2b New Member

    congrats ladies [​IMG]

    good to see gynae as early as possible...coz beside confirming your pregnancy thru ultrasound (u can see the sac liao), the gynae will also give you supplements especially folic acid...folic acid is VERY IMPT esp at the early stage of pregnancy (esp 1st 28-30 days)....
  22. misterygal

    misterygal New Member

    hi ladies,

    i jus tested positive today. I still cant believe it. Wanted to visit a gynae, but i am currently out of SG. Will be back in 9 days more. Thus, i am not sure how many week am i? What should i do now? I bought folic acid today. What else should i take until i see a gynae?
  23. happybride

    happybride New Member

    i was told to take milk
  24. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    misterygal, as a gauge, u can start counting from the 1st day of ur last menses to estimate how many weeks you r pregnant. Eg if ur last mense is on Jan 1, you r abt 4 wks + 3-4 days pregnant. [​IMG] hope i am right.

    U can start ur folic acid intake, but be sure to consume the correct amt. Other than tt, try to avoid cooling drinks like watermelon, tea & coffee (as they contain caffeine). They say cannot raise our arms as well. And b extra careful in wat u do now. no drilling of things in the hse from this moment. thats all i can think of now. heee...

    i tried to drink milk every morning, but most mornings, aft i drink, i will start feeling nauseous. b4 pregnancy, i love milk. So i still try to gulp at least half a cup every day.
  25. okasan2b

    okasan2b New Member

    you dun need to take other supplements except folic acid now...coz during the 1st tri, baby dun take any nutrients from mummy....avoid drinks like ching chow, alchol, caffine-drinks....
  26. adelynn

    adelynn New Member

    halo ladies, happened to chance upon this thread. I'm 8mths preggie liao, bb due Mar 20 [​IMG]

    So exciting to be reading your postings. I was like you girls initially too. so many questions, so many things to know.

    Just a little advise from me. For those who have tested +ve on your own, you can go down to GP to re-confirm. Not necessary to waste money to go see gynae so early coz still early to detect bb's heartbeat. a good time will be when u are about 8-9weeks preggie, then u can see bb's little heart beating during the scan, it's amazing.

    what u need to do now is be more careful on your diet. no raw food at all, everything must be fully booked. Milk would be good. Go and get folic acid and take one a day in the morning.

    Enjoy for now coz morning sickness is likely to come in during this stage. i kena bad vomitting during the first 4months!
  27. misterygal

    misterygal New Member

    Thanks for the advise, ladies

    crystallized, what do you mean 1st day of my last menses? for example, the day is 1st jan and my menses last for 7days, 7th Jan. Should the number of weeks be from 1st jan until today or 7th jan until today? I am confused....

    Also, I read somewhere that we cant take fish becos of mercury. Did anyone hear that from any gynae?
  28. maynn

    maynn New Member

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for the advice.... It is good to have also hear from Adelyn who had been there before us.

    Hey Crystallised, yes, I think we are quite close. Have calculated .. I think my EDD will be 13th Oc...

    Hi Misterygal, I think week 1 starts from the day of your last menses. Then 7 days later, Week 2 begins.
  29. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    nvr mind how long is ur cycle, juz count from the day 1 when u start ur menses. So if say ur last mense starts jan 1 (day 1), thats the day u start counting. [​IMG]

    oh yes, i heard abt the mercury thing, best to avoid, i heard all the big fishes like shark or marlin. but i did not hear fr the gynae though. it was thru frens.

    maynn, my gynae haven cal my EDD date, but my guess is Oct 2. he has scheduled my next appt to b nxt wk when i am in my 6th week.
  30. yuz

    yuz New Member

    Hi, ladies

    I tested positive with a home pregnancy kit about 1.5 wks ago, went to see gynae and she said no use scanning as we probably can't see anything. So, made an appointment to see her again this coming thursday. Hopefully, everything is ok. My EDD (based on those pregnancy calculator on the website) should be in early Oct. as well. So excited since it's my first pregnancy ;p

    By the way, I used to take multi-vitamins, calcium tablets and Evening Primrose Oil. Wondering if these are safe to take still? Anyone has any idea?
  31. happybride

    happybride New Member

    try cheese or yogurt
  32. newbird

    newbird New Member

    I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child. My fist son was born in US and I haven't seen a doctor after I moved to Singapore last July.
    I am a now 36 years old with history of having high blood pressure and diabetes during my first pregnancy. Could any one suggest a doctor near Choa Chu Kong that is good taking care of high risk woman?
  33. adelynn

    adelynn New Member

    Hi Ladies, generally fish is good for us as it helps in bb's brain development. But my gynae did mention we have to avoid certain fishes that's high in mercury. i remembered they include shark's fin, tuna, swordfish, marlin, catfish...

    Vicky, i suggest u stop taking the current supplements now, there's alot more supplements that we have to take for the bb instead......eat till i so sianz.... I was told to stop taking evening primrose that time too.
  34. happybride

    happybride New Member


    I will be going to see Gynea for the 1st time later in the evening [​IMG] Anything to look out for?
  35. happybride

    happybride New Member

    is ur tummy showing any signs of pregnancy yet? mine is showing... any idea why so fast? kind of worried
  36. wewecheng

    wewecheng New Member

    Hi Chin Chin

    Which part of CCK do u stay? I m staying @ The Warren. I am consulting my gynae at Thomson Women's Clinic in CCK. He is Dr Adrian Woodworth, an australian Chinese. I find him a very caring and gynae that I could relate.

    I just tested positive and will be back in 2 wks time for follow up.

  37. newbird

    newbird New Member

    HI, Wendy:

    I also live in the warren. I checked the web and the clinicl seems to be nearby. Is it OK that I can have your information so I can consult with you?

    Chih Chin
  38. milderina

    milderina Active Member


    Y cannot raise arms? I am currently TTC and waiting for testing. Nowadays i like to raise my arms and stretch myself leh. .......
  39. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi dgoggiemummy, i tried cheese on a sandwich last wk, it made me naseous! [​IMG] however, when i consumed it later in the aftn, i loved it! Crazy rite? hahaha [​IMG]

    i hv heard abt yoghurt but haven tried it. many pple asked me to avoid cold stuff. so i try to limit my intake of cold stuff lor.

    when i scanned last wk, all i cld make out was a small dot, perhaps the size of kidney bean? i juz needed the confirmation i am pregnant other than the urine test lor, and the gynae wanted to scan as well. so it rested my mind. and all day i keep thinking my baby is still a small young bean. hahaha [​IMG]

    Dunno y cannot raise arms leh. Alot of pple say lor. My mum & MIL keep reminding me. Oh yah, u reminded me, in the morning, i am used to stretching in front of the mirror. oh dear... [​IMG]
  40. happybride

    happybride New Member

    I heard from people that yogrut has certain content is good for baby, and fruit yogrut has lots of Vit C too...
  41. yuz

    yuz New Member

    Hi, adelynn, thanks for the advice. I've stopped taking my vitamins (other than folic acid), think better to wait for my next check-up and bring all my vitamins to show the gynae.

    Crystallized, yeah, I also would like confirmation of the pregnancy beyond the urine test. But the gynae said to only scan this week. Can't wait for the scan to see how the baby is developing ;p Heard that 6th week onwards should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Can't wait ...
  42. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    hi all

    I am from the June 06 thread & am consolidating the next bulk purchase for Neurogain Pb fish oil plus. For me, gynae recommends taking the capsules from 3rd month. It costs about $31 (30 capsules) to buy from the gynaes and pharmacies. [​IMG] I have contacts to get at $26.50 each for a minimum of 5 bottles.

    Pls kindly email pebblestones76@yahoo.com by 15/2/06. Thank you [​IMG]

    Anyway, for those who are clueless abt Neurogain PB plus fish oil, these are the info.

    Product Details
    DHA & AA: EFA`s with a structural & functional outcome.

    Everybody needs DHA & AA. DHA & AA are particularly important early in life to meet structural requirements for brain & eye development, growth and immune functions. DHA & AA enter into the composition of biomembranes and play an important role in the proper functioning of the membranes and receptor-neurotransmitter functions.

    Our ability to synthesize DHA & AA from precursors ALA & LA is limited. We rely more on dietary sources of DHA & AA rather than conversion from precursors. It means, the less we get DHA & AA from our diet, the less we have in our body. At times of high requirements, like during pregnancy & lactation, such a dietary intake should not be neglected in order to minimize the risk of deprivation. DHA & AA can be found in fish & eggs.

    A healthy & balanced diet is particularly important during pregnancy & lactation to minimize the risk of fetal dietary deprivation. Conditions like closely spaced pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, unhealthy maternal diet, lifestyle should require extra attention.

    ?Maternal DHA consumption during pregnancy and lactation continues to be studied intensively as a means to improve pregnancy outcomes as well as to optimize perinatal brain and retinal development.?

    What is NeuroGain PB PLUS
    NeuroGain PB PLUS is a special formulation of conditionally Essential Fatty Acids for Pregnant & Breast-feeding women. NeuroGain PB PLUS is rich in DHA, low in EPA with AA & OA to help Pregnant & Breast-feeding women meet important pre & peri natal nutritional requirements. NeuroGain PB PLUS provides a balanced intake of omega 3 Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), omega 6 Arachidonic Acid (AA) and omega 9 Oleic Acid (OA) fatty acids.

    Who needs NeuroGain PB PLUS

    Pregnent & breast-feeding

    History of low birth weight, pre-term births

    Frequent, multiple pregnancies

    Allergy to fish & eggs

    Poor, unbalanced maternal diet

    What is the ratio of DHA : EPA in NeuroGain PLUS ?
    The NeuroGain PLUS "DHA oil" is specially concentrated in DHA and diluted in EPA to mimic natural levels of DHA & EPA in the human milk in line with WHO recommendations for DHA supplementation at an early stage of life.

    Early in life, high EPA levels may lead to: increased blood loss at the time of delivery , depressed AA status and affected growth.

    DHA-rich edible fish oil, AA, OA, EPA and Vitamin E as antioxidant in a soft bovine gelatin capsule (gelatin, glycerine, water)

    The DHA: EPA ratio in this formulation is higher than 10:1.


    Dosage : Take 1 capsule daily with meals or as directed by your physician.
  43. edksdid

    edksdid Active Member

    hi Chih Chin Chin,

    u mentioned u had history of diabetes and high BP during ur previous pregnancy, may i know when was it detected? during which trimester? thru blood test (for diabetes)?

    was there any complication due to diabetes n high BP? anything to take note of?
  44. newbird

    newbird New Member

    Hi, edsksd:

    Everytime you go to do check-ups your doctor should check your blood pressure so you don't need to worry about it. Mine happended during my 3rd trimester and I took medicine for it. I was advised to bed-rest for the last couple weeks because moving may increase my blood pressure.

    In terms of deabetes, I guess you will be tested around half way of your pregnancy. They will draw your blood and they found it's problematic then they will do a suger test with empty stomach. In my case, I was sent to a nutrishist and she helped me to moniter my diet and check my blood suger everyday. I did not take any medication for it.

    There's many comlication due to diates and high BP. You should check with your doctor if you have concerned.

    Good luck
  45. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi ladies
    went to see gynea on 6th feb, Doctor didnt scan for me. Going on 16th Feb again, (week 6 pregnancy) to do scanning and maybe can see heart beat.
  46. maynn

    maynn New Member


    Booked an appt to see gynae next week...

    Anyone experiencing morning sickness yet? Feeling so nauseous these days... Tried suan mei but saw that licorice is present in suan mei.. Read licorice is no good for preggies...Anyone know anything?
  47. happybride

    happybride New Member

    hi i nauseous, but without vomiting
  48. thewife

    thewife Active Member

    Hi Doggiemummy,
    how many weeks pregnant are you? mine should be 4 weeks, scan but see nothing yet. I'm a bit worried and can't wait to see too.

    I tested early cos symtoms like sore breats, thirsty, hi-temp kicked in very fast. now it's better, and i dun feel nauseous, hope im normal.
  49. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi ladies,

    I just tested positive this morning with testkit. Have not planned to see gyne yet. Maybe will arrange to see 2 weeks later when I'm into 6 weeks. My EDD should be 16 Oct 2006.
  50. joycesprit

    joycesprit New Member

    Jenny, congratulations! [​IMG] Wish you a healthy and happy nine months. [​IMG]

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