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Hi Mommies,

Do you have any boys borned in year 2005 like my son? I would like to find out how are they coping in school - progressing well? Able to read a sentence by themselves?

Please share with me. Thanks

My nephew's born in Nov 2005 :)

He can read a simple book aloud by himself, both Chinese and English. Needs help with words that have more syllables, but he tries to guess the right word using phonics. Can spell simple words w/o help.

Still has some trouble focusing for longer periods of time when doing hw but much better compared to before. The teacher recently commented that he needs to brush up on his general knowledge though!

He didn't used to be able to do all the above in the 1st half of 2010 and stuttered when he talked, so everyone was quite worried. But he suddenly had a "brain and verbal spurt" haha. So don't worry so much, they all learn at their own pace :)
Thanks Sarah. You must be a great aunt! Can I find out from you where did your son learn his phonics?I guessed I have to get worried otherwise I will worry mire when he goes into p1
Hi Genki!

I agree with you, better to make sure he catches up now, less of a headache for you next time :)

Hmmm, he learnt phonics in school actually! And my mum follows up at home. So when he asks how to read a particular word, we'll ask him to try on his own first. E.g. helicopter, he'll try to pronounce it like that: hhh-hee-lll-lee-ccc-co-ppp-teh-terrrrh.

Its quite funny to hear hahaha but at least he gets close to the correct pronunciation now. Does your boy's school teach phonics? If not, you can get the Leapfrog Phonics DVD, it got rly good reviews! http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6724&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=338590d6f418a3c35d014db13fb105ba

For maths, he can answer simple ones like 4+5, 6-3, 11+3, 15-4 etc. Uses his fingers to count loh but not always correct xD He likes to answer the questions written on his chalkboard.

Chinese i think he benefited alot from his Berries Class for reading :)
hi genki, my son is born in oct 2005 and he's gg to p1 next year. like u, i am also worrying for him (compared to his older sister).

at the start of last year at k1 when he started to have homework (1-page oni), he simply reluctant to do and took so long to do just 1-page of homework. ultimate scene was i bang the table and threw his book! over months, he has improved tho' (phew!)

His handwriting was terrible too but also improving (phew!) tho' chinese bi shun nid more coaching and emphasising (i dun reali coach his sch work as told him to do at nani's plc in the day!). nani recently complained to me that he refused to learn his spelling and ting xie but we manged to make him practise at home.

He has no problem in reading tho' (beta in english compared to chinese)... he's attending phonics (finishing soon in Apr 11) and berries (chinese)...

he prob. can do some simple maths too. he is also attending abacus :p
hi genki

I have one too and he is also pretty slow compare to his peers of the same age. He is also very active so makes his learning slower than others.
I have send him to I Can Read, he is slower picking up.
Chinese he is still not good, can speak but then recongise of word are bad.
I send my son to phonics & reading(florence sim) organised by CC, he improved tremendously and even in his handwriting.I already started bringing him to the library and teach reading when he was 2 plus.I always allows him to choose the books and he will read by himself.I thought he was slow and I was worried when he dont really talked when he was 1 yr old (i was very timid and quiet during my childhood).Apparently, he started to talk in clear crisp voice and no baby talks when he was 2.. Till today, he conversed like one "uncle or even ah kong" lol
Different kids progress differently. So far, I am quite satisfied with his progress and even his teachers said he got no problem .The only thing is, we also do not know how our kids will progress in primary school. I let nature takes its course :)
My son's P1 ready intellectually but not self-helped skills. Guess he's over-reliant on the maid to do everything for him when I was busy working. Now I stop working then realize the problems I have on hand... He can't change his own shirts, pants, socks & sometimes shoes! keep wetting his pants & underwear when urinating.. Can't wash hands properly, doesn't know how to flush the toilet, can't feed himself... All the self-help motor skills are missing! Any suggestion how I can speed up his learning process? Worry that he may get jeered by friends next yr especially he's gg to an all-boys sch..
hi, my son was borned in May 2005. Overall he is ok...not really worry for his academic area. But need to any Mummy out there can advise me how u train ur son to clean up after doing big business? Till now he still not able to do that.
last yr, feedback fr teacher was, he needed to brush up on his readings. we realised we din read a lot of books to him... teacher commented also that his phonics were not strong, if not it would help in his readings. after we enrol him into phonics cum eng class, we saw improvement. so now he can read more of the words, if not, slightly not accurate. but mother tongue, he cannot make it. think we forcus too much on 1st language.

juz wondering other than reading, can your child do write a 5 sentence composition well? mine still need coaching...