(2005/10) Oct 2005 MTB???


Already done ours beginning of mid term this yr.
and did 4 hrs of outings with a group of students last mth too
hihi Mummies,

HAppy New Year!!!Time flies...its CNY soon and I haven't start spring cleaning!!!

Hi Fun & Sweetie - your PV duties sounds pretty relax... mine is v shiong! have to do a pathetic 30 mins twice a week of traffic warden... and I mean directing traffic at zebra crossing for a full 50 hrs compliance. I am only halfway thru...Can you beat that?!!

What price we parent do to get our kids into 'preferred' school???
Hi mummies,

Anyone with kids 4-7 years old interested to go for a Free music trial class at Serangoon gardens, burgley drive?? It's a new building called Lifestyle Hub if i'm not wrong.

Sending my twins there so thought maybe can meet some SMH mummies there to chit chat while my twins having the FOC trial.

Please pm me for more details like the map and school name.

Timing should be 11plus am.

Dear all,
Im new here... Im a mother of 3, Oct 05, April 07 and April 09...
Sweetie, the registration will start from July... If P2C, it will be August... Any school in your mind? Any PV in this thread? Can share? Im a PV in Bukit Panjang PS and had already finish clocking in... So now wait for the day to come... Gan cheong
Ya, ais risky for the batch 2005 as there is no balloting during P2B... this year will be the 1st time as the school include all the 73 PV...
Really hope my gal can get in... Pray hard
Hi Fun,

Do you know if there is any ballot for Chongfu outside 1km? Have you finished your 40hrs already? I havent received the completion confirmation yet, think still got some hrs balance. July is near, wonder can finish or not.
ya.. we finished 40 hrs already.. doing extra time now.. the person in chrg inform my hb just go for another 2 times can dun go anymore.

did u attend last fri's briefing seminar in Chongfu? the principle somehow estimated tat Beyond 2km den need ballot. but its all estimated.
Wow! Doing extra time? We got one last time end of May and will have a plastic file then. I didnt go for last friday's briefing. You went? How was it?
Principle explaining what we can expect from their traditional style of teaching lor. wat CCA is available for students. end of 2012 or early of 2013 will change to single session.
Pri 1 & 2 - school camping. (day)
Pri 3 - zoo camp
Pri 4 - Dariy Farm Camp
Pri 5 - Boot Camp
Pri 6 - Adventure Camp @ Malaysia
Read from the forum that there is alot of re-shuffling among teachers and relief teachers needed lo. Not sure if its really true but CFS did not produce top students in 2009 and 2010...

also learnt that CFS is actually not a SAP school like Ai Tong or Tao Nan although its SHHK
hi sweetie,

hmm actually i dun mind not having SAP School title.. cos actually Alden can enter Nan Hua (hb is old boy) but we gave tat chance up
oh ic, for me is the distance of traveling.. dun want Alden to be too tired on making his way to school and back from Nan Hua. Moreover, HB likes the chinese culture in Chongfu School. So decided on Chongfu lor

Been 1.5 years since I last posted. How's everyone? All busy with pri 1 registration? Coming back to this forum thread brings nice memories. Did you guys check out kiasu parents forum? Stressful...
Ya..stress..Just went for P1 registery yest for my elder ger at neighbourhood school .. didn't know the responds for Phrase 2C is so overwhelming..1st day already 67 applicants for 93 vancancies...can't help but worrying if it will exceeds by fri..
<font face="Comic sans ms"><font color="0000ff"><font size="+2"><blink><center>HELLO!!!</center></blink></font>

FINALLY the heat is over for P1 registeration... I was so stressed for the past weeks, having to go through 2 ballots. Hopefully no one else is as "lucky" as me
Time really flies</font></font>
i wonder how are some of you doing? hope mothers are doing well.

yes time really flies and our 1st one is going P1 soon! anyone putting your child in student care centre? i did for mine coz no choice, no one can look after her studies when we are at work.

i am also expecting my 3rd one, so life will be back to the diaper days again. quite nervous to go through it again!
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Welcome to the mommy to 3 club.. I'm sure you will enjoy the good old diapers day again *hee*

Janelle will be gng to student care too, centre just confirm her place as there was a long waitlist. I doubt my in-law will help to supervise her in terms of study so this way works the best.

<font color="0000ff">Sweetie</font>

I was REAL stress during tt period. I forgo my Phase 2A(2) place in Methodist Girls &amp; Fairfield Methodist for Endeavour Pri in phase 2C. End up she didn't manage to get a vacancy despite just living opp the sch. Was gng to register her in Wellington when my my hub decided to try Marymount Convent.

It's a blessing in disguse that we manage to get a place in MCS instead as it's a better sch. But hor really can die of heartattack when you witness the balloting. Cannot imagine having to go thru the registration stress again in 2 yrs time when it is my boy's turn *sigh* </font>

Your experience really scary. Endeavour very popular this year. Mcs better. Start doing pv for your son's school.
Congrats Dreamer!! welcome to the Club of 3!

time is really flying... before we know it, they are all gng primary 1 next year. a tough time during the last few mths to decide which school or our little ones. well, again before we know it, they are all starting school in just few months.

Jia you mummies!!!
thanks gers! its nice to see some of your familiar names here again, especially carole, i rem u used to be very active here.

next year, we can come here and share about our no1's p1 schwork.


quietly? whahahaha... not really quiet, just hardly logs in here. I m still SAHM but managing 2 of my biz at home.

So which School are all our little kids gng?