(2005/07) Any July 2005 new mums to be?

<font color="aa00aa">yo mummies,
this thead seem slow....any mummies free for gathering? bleuz and audrey pls give some suggestions...</font>
hi ice,
Sorry, been away from internet for quite sometime.

Gathering? Nice to have one
I have no idea where will be the best place to go but normally I will bring my boy to Zoo or out for breakfast.

hi all mummies,
Any other good suggestion?
Hi mummies,

My gal is born in July 2005 too! Does any mummies know of a good childcare centre in Sengkang or surrounding areas? Am thinking of putting my gal in childcare as my mom's health is deteriorating...

hi there,

yes. been busy w 2 kids. Bingo, bleuz.

anyone keen to meet up at Fidgets one of these days??? m thinking of a sat. Chk tis site.


proposed meet up dates,

25th Apr 2009 (sat)

anyone keen?

I hv 2 kids. Girl (24/7/2005) boy (1/4/2008)
Wow! Our kid turning 4 years old soon! By now, I think most of July mummies is cracking our head on our kid's birthday celebration, especially cake
Hello, just to say hi hahahah....

Are you all worried that they are going into P1 in 2yrs time?? I am leh...

Some fren tell me to start the volunteer job now...lolz...but the school do not give special treatment to volunteers...

Haiz..just hope can get into the school lor...but the seats are limitted...I may need to ballet even i'm just within 1km...zzz...
Hi Mummies,

My little ger may need glasses liao leh...5yr old nia, nid wear glasses...

She keep failing the eye test leh...haiz...any of urs too??

ello mummy, i'm new in this topic.. :D
recently buz on july2010 topic.. LOL~~

i'm quite worried for my gal too..
not sure she can cope with Pri 1 life..
Even now, she is in K1 having difficult in concentrating studying &amp; learning..
Even sch started to give them spelling,
she seem to know the words, but some how she will tend to forget those words easily.. and also she cannot write properly, or should i say cannot write nicely..
and her hand seem like not very flexible..
i am so so so so worried..
dono what should i do..
plus she keep falling sick too...
my god.. dono how..

my gal's CC did an eye screening test..
Seem like her result half good half not good..
But they din ask us to bring my gal for another round of checking...

Now, i guess, i will wait for next yr again.. coz norm she see think so sharply.. guess maybe she is frighten of stranger or wat.. that's y her eye test result half no good, half good... hai~
hello Hershey (choz_cai),

mine failed 2x liao her eye check...zzzz she did the test when she's 4 last jul...den failed

schedule to go back in jan this yr but we dragged till ard apr den go...fail again...

den again schedule for next yr check...dunno y they schedule so far apart de leh...1 yr...zz

haiyo, my ger hor..dunno y la, she's like getting a bit lazy...when given homework, must sit with her to see her do, else she dunno take how long to do...I guess this is the problem will most kids la haha..


I also got #2...but I think most of my time is spend with #2 cos I'm still BFing my 13th mth baby...but oni at night after i return from my work...

It's so busy...I can see I'm neglecting my #1..feel so guilty...but she's getting very naughty... I feel tat I scold her more den show her love leh...My HB say I can be patience with #2 but throw all the anger at my ger....feel so sad n guilty...

Already try very hard to control but guess I'm too busy with work n all those BFing...so getting very impatience...and wanted to do things fast..

Ah...very worried on the P1 thing...my fren's daughter may need to ballet on the school he wanted cos there are more applicants den the vacancies...and his daughter tell him, if she can't get into the school, she don wan go Primary 1!!! Can you imagine tat....OMG....so worry abt next yr...my turn...zzz
i think the reason for 1yr apart is becoz they scared the kids anyhow say... or feel scared to say.. LOL~~ no worries..

my gal also like tat lehz.. have to sit beside her &amp; follow her... scold her.. hai~~
ya i guess most of the kids are like tat.. hai~~

yaya... i am also very impatient towards my gal too.. hai~~ feeling very guilty too.. plus no time to play with her.. or bring her out too.. omg~~

my #2(boy) is juz 1 month few days old.. LOL~
ya.. Bfing is quite tiring &amp; is making me hungry.. LOL~~ eating like non-stop..
But u muz be more tiring than me.. Coz u're working mum.. i am not working...
hi mommies, looks like our thread starts moving

re: eye screening test
Last year my boy went for the 1st eye screening test, also fail. 4 mths later, went back for 2nd test and he passed, but result also not so good. this worried me tat he needs to wear glasses in future

Later his CC will have an eye screening test, either this mth or next mth, hopefully the result turns out well!

our #2 born in same year
she is now 15months old.
ello mummies,

anyone noe of any good childcare or better childcare around srgn north??

Recently there's this childcare "PCF SPARKLETOTS" open..
did any mummy have any comment on this particular childcare??
Hi audrey (audreylau),
Ya....my #2 in 2009
...actually he like to stick to the sister but hor, the sister like don wan play with him...in the end, he stick to the maid. So sad. I tot give birth to 1 more so tat in future me n my hb die liao, still got 1 more companion to discuss if prob arises.. I hope they 2 can xiang qin xiang ai leh...haiz... we keep talking to the big one n tell her nid love her brother one...bla bla bla..

But i can see some improvement...as my boy now can walk liao, she will call him to follow here n go find papa to built a mattress tent to play..n the small one really follow her haha...very fun leh...love them so much ^_^ .... i don wan to die hahaha....faint...zz..

Hi Hershey,
Dunno le, last time i try put my ger to the CC cos I don wan her to waste the time doing nothing at home, tat time oni have 1 kid....1st 2 mths (dec/Jan) she's ok, but the next one, she started to throw tantrums, n in the end refuse to get down the car when reach n cry like hell. Just refuse...den we no choice but to go back n put her to my mother house as I just started to return to workforce. she's 3+ tat time.

Den ask her why, she say very long the time haha...n she don like to take nap, cos CC make all kids have nap cos morning wake up early..
i think she prefer to have time to do her own things n play rather den following the school. haiz...so we switch to PCF one in feb. She's quite happy there...but frankly speaking, PCF nothing much to learn one...sometime the teachers there also a bit like bo zou gang (not working). let the children sit in front n the kids talk n talk, den the teacher just sit in front of the class n do her own reading n marking.. i peep n see liao feel like throwing my ger back to the CC. haiz..but in the end, we still stay..

I also dunno la, i just wan my kids to feel happy learning, i don wish them to reject learning n in the end, they will have this kind of "rejection" in the brain n i scare in future they will become problem kids....anyway, you only get to be kid ONCE...lolz..Life is just 1 round n time waits for no one.. so as long as they are learning n progressing, i guess it's fine...

Moreover, if you notice, those really become bosses may not have high education haha...n the contridicting part is those with high qualifications are workers!!! Cos I think, everyone want to have a comfort zone. If you can work n draw tat kind of salary, why nid to start business...lolz...so end up, those not much education are bosses!!!

Btw, all these are just my personnal feelings n don mean to cause any harm to anyone...just in case I had offended any, very paiseh n sorry :p
thanks for sharing ur thoughts..
Coz currently my gal is in wesley CC.. But they seem to keep changing some of their teachers.. SO i'm kinda of worried, though, my gal is not much affected..

But wat worried me most is tat are the teachers up to the standard or ccapable to teach?? Whenever i when to fetch her home, like say 4pm or 5pm, they will either playing games or with frends OR doing colouring or drawing..
And i am not sure how long is their lesson per day.. but also how the teacher teachs..
everytime, i asked her teacher how's her progress.. she will reply "okay lahz.. most of the stuffs she know" hai~~
just alway the bland answer..

Tat's y i am looking for alternative.. &amp; comments/thoughts of other CC/PCF.. LOL~~
Seeing that the PCF is opening out their branch everywhere.. Also not sure their teachers good or not..

What u mention also not wrong..
higher qualification usually only works for government or so.. while most of the bosses are not those with good or high qualification..

I also let my gal do watever she like or excel in..
Eg. she loves music.. every Sunday she attend music lesson.. but i am not sure is she a fast learner or slow learner.. LOL~~ Somethings she learn faster.. somethings she learn slower, some even stretch to 1 month.. hai~ worried..

I also hope she dont have the rejection feeling instill..so scare... coz sometimes, she learn slow, i will flare up.. hai~~ i'm kinda of impatient toward her too.. i so scare she dont know everything when reach P1.. Scare her classmates or teachers will laugh at her ignorance or whatsoever..
Hi Hershey (choz_cai),

You are right leh...

actually this yr, i actually intend to put my ger back to the cc again for her K1...but den, after i know that they had many foreign "teachers" i hold back. I am very worried for the English tat she is going to pick up over there. at home with the maid already learn all those broken english...not say my english is good or wad, but u know the way maid talks...my next worry is my little one #2....haiz....

I took care of my ger for her 1st 2 yrs, but not to my boy..he's with the maid all the time....i feel so sad....if not for the debts we are in during the 2 yrs of my unemployment, haiz..i also don wan leave them with a stranger....it's very sad...

in PAP although her teacher is also not very fantastic, but at least is local or wad....so, the slang is not tat bad...I also heard even the CC principal left n many teachers...so now all almost new faces...so i just stay with PAP lor...

Cos I also scare it may affect my ger if she keep changing schools....I think it's not good to let a child keep changing schools unless no choice lor...cos the "human relationships" is built up over times....if keep changing, the kid will find that making new friends also no use, very fast change school again...well you may get many friends...but really good friends is not easy...hmmmm....lolz...maybe i think too much hahaha....YEAH, finally got LONG weekend!!! Enjoy the Holidays EVERYBODY!!! especially ALL MUMMIES!! haha....Rest well!!

hi MommyBaby
yoh, u think so far away :p 'die'? whahaha... ...
ya only child very lonely, but nowadays, we tend to approach to our friends for help 1st rather then relative, so no issue n don worries abt whether can they 'xiang qin xiang ai' or not
guide them how to get along with each other will work better
hopefully my statement not so 'chiem' :p

that's the point i am worried about.. Afraid to change sch for my gal... Even though, she make friend easily but also at times she is quite "nia xiang"... LOL~~ i dono how to describle... :D She is also quite popular at her CC too...

Change sch already, also scare the new sch got teach properly or the teacher is good or not.. very troubled... HAI~~ :C

worried here &amp; there.. just wan to give my gal the best environment to study in... hai~~
SO scare 2 yrs later, she enter P1.. i am not sure she can cope with the stress not.. hai~~

Enjoy ur long holiday...
ello mummies..

next year, our babies turned 7 years old.. going to primary sch le..

i'm kinda of anxious and worries... hai~~ any mummies have start to give ur babies any pre-primary 1 tuition, n home work??
Hi mummies,

Anyone with kids 4-7 years old interested to go for a Free music trial class at Serangoon gardens, burgley drive?? It's a new building called Lifestyle Hub if i'm not wrong.

Sending my twins(2005 may babies) there so thought maybe can meet some SMH mummies there to chit chat while my twins having the FOC trial.

Please pm me for more details like the map and school name.

Timing should be 11plus am.

Yoyo....long time din come here liao....

So fast, my ger is going Pr 1 next yr!!! How time flies....looking back at those old pics seem like just recent nia....

I just got her school uniform n P1 books last wednesday!!! Oh ya, I really put my ger back to the child care centre this yr for her K2...she went for soooooo many outings unlike in PAP

Think all these outings is to "compensate" those that she missed for the past years haha... but one thing for sure, kids nowadays seen more things than our times