(2005/07) Any July 2005 new mums to be?

i am expecting my second unexpected bb around that time too.
still feeling upbeat thou it is "lao er".
all the 3 pretty mums-to-be having a baby no 1?

lim, you posted 2 times ah? me reply twice liao leh...
hi ladies...

if im cfm preggie then i tink my due date will b in july as well...juz tested on the kit this morning ...yet to cfm by GP
hi bubbleling,

congratulation!!! first baby??
actually can go straight to gynae instead of GP. save the extra $. coz u will still have to go gynae after GP confirm.....

My bb EDD also end June, might be a July bb as well since I am most likely opting for normal delivery..
hi serrich ...

mi also hope i can go for normal delivery ...rite now juz hoping for a smooth delivery

my gynae is Dr AL Lim practising at TMC. I have been with him for a few years even before my pregnancy.

He is patience, experienced n easy to talk to.
Best part, his consulation is less than 40 and routine ultrasound scan (not the 3D type thou) is FOC.
But his Q for appointment is long and usually the wait at clinic is a few hours....
I usually report to his clinic first to chop a Q then go shopping for 1-2 hours before returning to his clinic.

You can try him if you r those can tahan wait and want more value for $ type.

Another factor you may want to consider is the hospital the doc can deliver ....
TMC and Mt A is one of the cheapest private hospitals.

enjoy your pregnancies gals...
hi jo...
ya im considering TMC & MT A now...hehehee....
by the way where is Doc Al Lim's clinic? does he offer a package price?
hmm less than $40 sounds cheap leh hehehee...
Hi! rene3446
Think my due date is ard july, still not sure the actual date as my baby still young . Can't be able to scan it.
What abt yours? The first or second child.
Hi! Jo
This is my second baby. I just had my first baby delivered 2 months ago, but as she was a still born , thats why i try for another one.
Hi gals

I am seeing my gynae tmrw. if confirmed, this will be my 1st child and my edd will also be July 05. anyway i am keeping my fingers crossed. I had my ectopic pregnancy removed sometime back this year. according to my gynae, i will be in the higher risk group, thus I am rather worried. Hope this is not another disappointment again.
hi ladies..

slowly seeing a few july mums to be now...

hi lkf,
can check with u which gynae u seeing now cos rite now mi still searching ard for gynaes....
congrats to all mums to be....

britni n lkf:
feel sad to learn about the loss but baby love is back to you guys. take great care n be positive k?

Dr Lim is at #05-05 TMC. Tel 62553333, 63561133
he don offer package as he don want to tie his client down... He got no time for walk-in. So must call to make appointment which sometimes is quite long...
Hi Gals

Can I join in? My I dun know my EDD yet (should be jul05 oso) but I only know I am about 5 weeks preggie only.

Do you all know when gynae can doing scanning on us huh?

glad to see u in mtb thread finally
scanning can be done anytime but from wk6 onwards, the gestational sac and heartbeat can be detected. Though for some people the detection of heartbeat may happen later in wk8.

your beta has jump very high over the weekend.... did your gynae comment whether it would be multiple pregnancy ?
Hi poohy

Thanks for chatting with me. I am really bored to death (nearly) at home.

My RE never said it could be a multiple pregnancy. I also scare to ask him 'cos I am not mentally prepared for that oso. Everything seem so unprepared for me from the day I knew I was preggie. Of course, besides that, my hubby and I are really happy about this news.

Btw, how are you coping wif your BB. When can know the gender?

oh ya must be very bored at home...I was real bored when I was at home for 2 week ..hmm dun worry... high doubling beta also may not means multiples. I got more than doubling beta also but still one bb ...
but whatever it is I am sure you will be able to cope fine ... do rest more ... early stage.. dun walk too much

I hope I will know the bb gender next friday when I do the detailed scan. But it may have to depend on bb position I guess. So far so good... just that at times I get some jitters... u know like those we feel when we were abt to get married. Cos its like a permanent change in our lives soon and then suddenly cant help feeling a bit scared of the uncertainty.
Hi poohy

So excited for you!
Next week can know your bb gender liao
I still remember the time when we did the IUI around the same time
Time really flies

I guess it all parts and parcel of life. We have different stages in life and having bb is just a 2nd stage of our marriage will have to go through. Next time when our bb is born, we will have to worry about their education.
yah hor, i also wondering when can we know the gender.. Heard from my frens tat sometimes the bb's leg blocking their genital area so unable to see whether its a gal/boy..

shd be able to see bb gender from wk 16 onwards. However, as usual, it depends on bb position
Hi gals

I am very relieved now. The sac is in the correct place this time. it's very small so still too early to detect the heartbeat. will go back to see my gynae 2 weeks later.


my gynae is Dr K T Tan from KKH. She is a senior consultant. my best friend recommends her. so far I find her responsible and delicated.
Hi lkf

Glad everything is doing well for you
My gynae told me that for initial stage, rest as much as possible. It can really help to stabilise our pregnancy.
Hi gals,

I'm oso jul05 mtb & I'm about 4.5 weeks preggie only.

do you all know is there any food that we can't eat?

Hi kokopooh


I only know that we can't eat chinese herbs, cooling food and cannot take cold drinks at the moment.

So have you chosen your gynae?
Congras! Avoid those "liang" stuff like grassjelly, those long green bananas - del monte type, pineapples, coconut..

besides the "liang" stuff, avoid raw or uncoooked meat e.g. sashimi, half-boiled eggs and cut down intake of coffee, tea and cola (at most 1, 2 a day)

u also need to take folic acid (1 5mg tablet per day).


yeah, i do agree with you that we need to rest well. I try not to exert myself too much during this period.
Hi tomatoes,

Congrats to you ! Happen to see this thread and saw your name. Really happy for you. You succeeded thru IUI or natural ?

Take care ok. Rest more if you can.
hello ladies

congrats to all.

im expecting bb no.2. due end june. really glad to find this place.

hope to make new frens n chat to past time. really bored at home cos had to be on bedrest now.
Hi ladies,

Thank Q for all your well wishes!


yes will be going to the gynae next week... DR SC chew frm Mt E, he's recommend by my hubby's friend... wonder if he's good...

Hi funny

Thanks for your wishes. Happy to know that you still remember me
I succeeded thru IVF recently. Conceiving naturally is quite difficult for me because of my endo problem.

How is your bb doing?

Hi dreamydove

Congrats to you too!

I was asked to have bedrest also for this week and I am really rotting myself away at home... Super bored mann!

Hi kokopooh

Do update us after your gynae visit next week

Btw, I also feel hungry easily but I cannot eat too much at one go. If not, I will feel very uncomfortable.

I know it is very normal for us to feel hungry. But then, dun eat too much of those unhealthy snack. Some times, we can try to eat more fruits as snack also
Hi tomatoes,

Of course I still remember you. Your IVF is done thru Dr Chris Chen ?

My BB so far so good. Going for my checkup this Sat.
Hi Funny

Yes, my IVF is done thru Dr Christopher Chen at Gleneagles.

Btw, I will be going for checkup this Sat too
Hopefully my beta level will keep increasing.
Hi tomatoes,
like you, i am also under "house arrest". I nearly went crazy after the second day of bedrest. now watching winter sonata, time passes faster.
You may be able to see baby's heatbeat this Sat, make sure your hubby don't missed it becos the feeling is wonderful!
Hi Cherry

Would it too early to detect heartbeat? I dun even think I will be able to see anything during the scan.

So you need to have bedrest for how long?
aiyoh, all these mummies can rest at home and yet complaining....don think u gals will be a SAHM.
when bb born, u gals will appreciate the time that you don need to go to work n play with bb whole day long...

take good opportunity to read up more on pregnancy tips and parenting, or hook up on the net lor.

when i was pregnant, i have urge to eat more too as don need to watch my figure anymore liao. But actually i don really feel hungry...jus be more careful with wat u eat lor...
hi tomatoes,
for my case, we detected heartbeat at around 6 weeks. you will be able to see at least a sac.
my gynae wants me to stop work and rest at home at least until i am 3 months, thats another 1 month more! i don't think i can tanhan, will likely ask him if i can go back to work next week. i am suppose to see him weekly so that he can closely monitor my condition.

how long is your MC?
Hi Cherry

Is it a norm for gynae to ask us to have bedrest for the 1st 3 months of our pregnancy? Are your under any special condition that needs to have more rest?

For me is that I was conceived via IVF and hence my gynae wants me to rest more juz to play safe. My MC is till end of this week. I am thinking of going back to office tomorrow.
woah, ur co so good, can accept MC for so many days??! When i told my boss i preggie, he seems to be worried.. Or maybe regretful for converting me to perm staff so soon?! Hahaha...

Somehow I just got a feeling that he's unhappi abt it. Somemore asked me if I am carrying my bb till full term?! I tot he expect me to abort my bb?!

cherry, tomatoes,
Better listen to ur gynae. Take a good rest...

think cherry got spotting/bleeding thus gynae want her to have more bedrest in the 1st trimester. If you do not have spotting/bleeding.. normally dun need bedrest unless of course other complications lah.

bedrest can helps to improve blood flow to the uterus and growing bb... when bedresting, lying on your left side is a good position.

I took 2.5 weeks medical leave also for heavy bleeding previously but my gynae actually issued hospitalization leave instead of mc. So at least it wont eat into my mc quota.. else for the rest of my pregnancy cant take a single mc liao...
I wasnt hospitalised at that time though he did give me the option.
Hi Poohy

Thanks for your explanation. I will heed my RE advice and rest more also.

Hi Cherry

Then you must really rest as much as possible. BB more important and work is only secondary. Take good care hor

Hi serrich

Of course you be carrying your bb to full term. That's a silly question from your boss.

Actually I also dun dare to think how my boss will react. Somemore she is those old spinister... I am sure she is say happy for me but in her heart, she think otherwise.

But I dun care so much... I am thinking of resigning next year end when I get my bonus after my maternity leave. I very bad hor? ;p


dun worry u r not that bad compared to me... I am even thinking of looking for a new job during my maternity leave and then after that go back can quit liao lol. I had wanna leave this job but I am preggie now and cant move anywhere without giving up my maternity leave which is really not worth it... besides, during my maternity leave next year, I will be getting my bonus too!!! haha .. my company give out performance bonus in april