(2005/06) Due in June 2005, Any 1

So happy for u...congrats sia...
wah so late liao...if not call my mum also...wahahahahahahaha...
she still ask abt u occasionally
TL, congrats!

Audrey, my son was trained to drink FM from cup when he was about 2-1/2 years old till now. So can train him to drink from cup ya.
Thanks thanks.

<font color="ff6000">Glayz,</font>
Really ah? Your mum still asking about me?

Send her my regards please.
Ya lor... she sometimes will ask...JJ still alone har... becos think she onli knew u among my forum friends sia...wahahahahahhahaha
TL,congrats..so happy for u!!!

btw, can u still remember how many lines JJ has on his inner thighs when he is a baby?
heard that if u see one line, then ur next bb will be a boy, or if u see two lines, then ur next bb will be a girl..

it happen to mi...
TL: Congrats!!!
It must be really exciting now.. to get bb stuff, look for names, and prepare JJ for it!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Congrats TL!

keep us updated of the gender sex, k?

hey Cookie,how are u? Long time nvr hear from u.
u having a gal, congrats to u toO!! so fast u popping liao, mine is coming 4 mths in 2 days time. hehe.
Because of my 6 yrs old son, I have personally spending times exploring 3G Abacus &amp; Traditional Abacus.

After completing the 3G ABACUS instructor course, I have applied the methods to teach my son. It is very simple &amp; easy to understand. As such, he has shown more interest in mathematics than before.

I am planning to let him take part in the INTERNATIONAL Grading Exam this coming DEC 09. If possible, I will let him take part in year 2009 competition.

Currently, I am teaching kids &amp; parents the 3G Abacus.
If you are interested in 3G ABACUS, please email me.
i feel 2nd pregnancy more tiring than my 1st. Maybe because of my lil monster bugging me all the time. I'm so glad to have a gal, as u know, i've always wanted a gal. How r u coping with 2? Next yr i'll be totally on my own with 2, scared i can't cope...
Ya my 2nd preg also more tiring. Mine didnt really bug me but cos have to take care of her needs, so really tired. Ya i'm so happy for you that u having a gal.
Why u next year will be totally on your own? Ur mum leh? Dun think so far yet, just cherish your pregnancy now.

I'm very tired &amp; busy right now, with my 2 kids, BF + work.
Hi Mummies,

My boi is born in sep 05. I have noticed that recently my boi is having some hair loss. I am just wondering is this normal. I am so so worried. Anyone can share?
i must learn how to survive from mums-with-2-kids. What's more, u've to juggle work n bf, really not easy. My mum will not be helping out daily next yr, she may pop into help once a week only. Now i'm stressed out training my boy to self-feed during mealtimes so that i can better cope in future when mei2 comes out.
no problem 1, u sure can do it. just a matter of time &amp; getting used to ur new role.
Just lun the 1st few months, things will certainly get better. No doubt I'm v v v tired nowadays, but I feel life is so fruitful &amp; when I see my 2 kids so happy, I feel so blessed &amp; so contented.
<font color="0000ff">twinklets</font>
So want another one? kekekeke....

Jerrell has just started walking 3 wks ago at 15.5mths. I am busier now and my hb ask me not to prepare our dinner anymore and watch closely on him. Anyway, I am also very tired esp after work when my body has not recovered and then I am back to look after the 2 kids. Even though, I am still missing them so much when I am away.

<font color="0000ff">Child's Development</font>
Any updates on your kids development? What they are able to do at their age?
NOPE, 2 is enough for me. kekekee..
Although this Ashley keeps asking me to give her a Mei Mei .. kekeke..

Jerrell starts walking liao meaning u will be so much busier.. he calls u yet? My sis's boy starts to call Por Por &amp; Mama (ah ma) but never calls my sis. ERrr..Wat happen to your body?? I'm quite guilty here. I hardly miss my lil boy, too bz at work liao.

Not sure abt wat can a 4 YO do leh. I only know my gal is so channel 8 that i simply cant stand. I'm trying to tune her back to English channel. She is into writing her chinese names nowadays &amp; folding papers into fans. &amp; she is trying to do "spilt". Are these term as developments???hahaahha.
<font color="0000ff">twinklets</font>
My 'body' is usually very tired after a long trip and the lack of sleep. Last time I don't have kids I usually sleep 24hrs to get back all the energy.

It's normal to miss #2 lesser. Furthermore, you see them everyday. No guilt.

Jerrell has been calling me and his grandma 'ma-ma' in canto. When I tell him to call me ma-mee....he goes ma-ma, ma-ma.... So I don't consider him calling me yet.

Oh Ash can write Chinese name now. I have not taught Jo to write her chinese name yet. Oh no....her chinese names strokes are pretty difficult.

Jo is learning phonics word blending from her speech and drama class. I think I have to take up lessons for that too cos whenever I teach her to do her homework I can't blend it very well too. Not sure whether she understood what I am saying.
no, she can't write properly yet. Just copy from our strokes &amp; still learning.

I duno much abt Phonics. die liao, i dun have keeness to learn.

Yes same here, my nephew also calls his grandma as "Ma Ma", also cantonese. Then tat day at Coffeeshop I was carrying my nephew while my sis went to buy food, he called "Ma Ma". I told her, but same like u, she said tat 1 not counted. Hmm..
I also dunno much abt phonics..and sky also NOT keen to blend letters together..

But now he is SUPER ENTHU in learning chinese...my mum bought him cards... and he learning like a few words a week... and then hor...he just like to recognise...refuse to write!!!
I have bought a bumbo for my gal
is lime colour, very nice and happy that I can put my gal in for a while to attend other stuff

I found myself spending less time with my #1 nowadays, even talk/chat with him I can't hold him on my arm, because #2 is with me. So sad leh!
Do you experience it?
but I know you missed your #2 :p
re: Child's Development
Improve alot in his Chinese language. He is more happy to speak and write in Chinese. Able to tell/share with me wat happen in school.
Most interesting part is whenever he disagree with me, he will talk back and answer me till left and right! **FAINT**
any mummies bought bumper playmat for your kids? Still using it? Can give me feedback on it's quality after using for so many years?
I wanted to buy but no idea is it worth of investing one for my gal.
Thanks in advance.
hehe today I wake up at 6am+ to pump milk, nvr go bk to sleep liao. Hope I wont be blur when I send Ashley to ballet later. keke.

Think Ashley same like Sky, not v interested to blend together leh. Err I also duno how to blend. I'm too tired nowadays liao, so I just let it be. Hope next year she kai qiao will noe how to blend herself bah.

Aiyo why both so much alike hah? Ash is also v enthu in Chinese &amp; she does't speak much english to us anymore at home. Getting worried, so now I have to remind her to speak English with us. I told her if u speak Mandarin to me, I won't answer u back. HAHA. Really too much Mandarin in her school. Haiz..

Enya is so cute sitting inside. U manage to get a 2nd hand? I also put Julien inside when I was alone with him. Need to do stuffs.

Sad to say my #1 used to be Mummy's gal somehow has become Daddy's gal.
She doesn't want to sleep with me anymore. Her logic is that she has grown up already. &amp; she will sleep with Daddy &amp; Didi is small so sleep with me. I feel very sad. As for the time spent together, I'm still able to spend some bonding time with her together cos i need to fetch her first from her CC. Then together we go bk to my mum's plc to pick Julien. I'll still need to bathe &amp; eat dinner together with her. I also drive her to Ballet during Sat. When go shopping, I'll hold her hand while Daddy pushes the pram. So I think still ok so far. She never complain I never spend time with her.
audrey, I think its normal with a baby to spend less time with the older ones? I am walking through that stage right now, and keep telling myself that I'll make it up to them later on when the baby grows older.

twinklets, my #2 has become very sticky to my hb and even more sticky to my MIL since #3 arrived. Maybe she feels the lack of attention since the baby arrived. I feel sad too, but I can't really do much now, as my time is occupied with the baby.
Ya my gal also very sticky with her Daddy during my confinement month, which makes me real sad too. After Confinement, things do improve abit, but somehow feel things are different already. Tat time I really feel I lose the bond with her, every moment tat time was Julien &amp; Julien.. Now things are definitely better after getting back to work. But somehow, r/s aint the same anymore cos i feel like i'm no longer her #1 anymore..
twinklets, I think the dynamics in the family, and the mummy's r/s with the kids will change with every addition in the family. The same situation also happened when I gave birth to #2, didn't feel close to #1 for a while. But when both of them started to grow up together, my #1 and I became closer once again.

So things will certainly improve when Julien grows older
I'm hanging in there believing that when Isaac is older, things will be overall better as in I'll be able to develop a r/s with each of the kids as I'll have more time.

May I ask how often u pump at work? I am wondering what kind of pumping schedule I should maintain when I start work when he is 16 weeks old.
<font color="0000ff">audrey</font>
I have a pooh bear floormat and a bumper mat. For safety, the bumper mat is thicker, heavier and cushion better. But it can only be folded and cannot be rolled if you don't want to use it. I have use it for 1.5yrs and still very good and durable. I put it at my MIL house.

The pooh bear floormat we have been using for 4.5yrs now. Thinner material but can be rolled up if you need to mop the floor. I find the bumper playmat is better.

<font color="0000ff">Mich, twinklets, audrey</font>
As Jerrell gets older I am able to balance myself better. Jerrell don't need as much attention as he was when he was a newborn. I begin to build back that bond with Joelle.
Now that he is walking and both of them can play together I find that I am actually playing with both. So things really gets better when they are older.
Yes, I bought a second hand bumbo seat.
Your bumbo for Julien - hand-me-down from your #1?
Same, my son didn't complaint, but it worries me

Wah, you got 3 kids! My ideal # leh but hubby said 2 enough
boh bian so stick with 2.
Now I have to tong till my #2 grow up then I can have both of them play together with me.

Thanks for the feedback on bumper playmat.
I tot of investing on a 2nd hand one, managed to get $150 for 2100x1400x18, been keeping for almost 2 years but only use for 6months. Will be seeing her this coming sunday, hopefully the condition not as bad as I think off
and pray hard to turn up as a good deal
Your 'having some hair loss', mean your boy getting bold?
My boy's hair will drop, especially after bath when daddy wipe his hair. I think normal to have hair drop, our hair do drop rite!
This Saturday gog out with Ashley for bonding time, just 2 of us only.

my pumping schedule is 530am, 12pm &amp; between 830pm to 9pm during weekdays. My interval is between 6 to 9 hrs...

I do hope that when Julien grows bigger, my r/s with Ashley will be liked last time again. Things do improve now though after getting bk to work.

Do u get ur hb to bathe/feed Enya during wkends? Get him to do all these so U can bathe Wayne &amp; bond with him during those hrs. That is what I do during my maternity leave.
twinklets, that is great! When my #2 was young, I used leave the baby at home and take #1 out on my own quite often. Say to visit friends or buy groceries. I really enjoyed that.

Do you latch on when you are at home?

Audrey, when the 2 are older, it is quite fun. My 2 girls are really good playmates now. and its super cute to see the kind of conversations they have
when i see this, it makes me feel like all the hard times are worth it.
hahaha... ... He prefer bath with daddy, cos can play water, mummy don't allow
so he die die want daddy, unless daddy call, tell him that he will be late.
Is it because he is not hungry? My #1 latched on in the morning and before bed after I return to work. So no worry, try n try till he latch on

I have to wait for another 18months
Similar. my #1 &amp; #2 will approach daddy saying they want to bath. then, no one can get them out in peace. Daddy will not bother until maybe one hour later... imagine, all their little fingers getting crumpled.
twinklets, the most impt thing is that he is still getting the benefits of BM even if u dun latch. Its amazing how u maintain supply when only pump 3 times a day. I remember when I switched from 4 to 3 pumps, my ss really went downhill.
I already given up liao ler.. since July I went bk to work.. He is a weird baby, even hungry, u wanna feed him, he also crys like mad tat kind most of the times. I attempt to BF him, he cry like I torture him like tat..

Ya I try to give him the morning &amp; night feed straight away when I finish my pumping.. prefer to give him immeidate antibodies.. My body is used to the 6-9 hrs interval liao.. SS did dropped abit compare to 4 hrs pump, but still exceed my daily supply..

Yeah we went to watch UP yday, FINALLY. such a heartwarming show..

My gal likes to bathe with me. Cos I let her play water, Daddy is chop chop kind. hahahaha..
twinklets, that is good news, after my ML I may decide to pump fully instead of latch and three pumps is really quite manageable as compared to 4, which is alot more tiring.

Does he also appear not hungry when bottle fed?
u going bk on 16th week right? Ya 3 pumps definitely better than 4. before i went bk to work, i was like pumping 6x per day, feel like whole day is simply pumping,feeding &amp; seeing Julien all hrs.

Ya he was crying mad when bottle fed. Yesterday he only took 20ml during the 6pm+ feed. His previous feed was 3pm+. He can tong till 10pm then drink 150ml of milk.. also never drink finish.. He is just so... not interested in milk when he's awake..

btw i just send a request in FB to u. I saw Isaac foto, he is so handsome &amp; adorable!
I also pump 3 times after I go back to work... will latch KE at night..
how long does you all intend to bf till... very tiring
KE wake up how often at nite?
I wanna stop at 8 mths old, ie this Dec.. very tiring.. but kinda sayang to stop also.. dilemma leh. u??
twinklets, thnks for the compliment! yup, confirmed you as a friend on FB already. I think its normal for babies that age to show no interest in milk at all. My #2 did the same thing around then, and it was very frustrating! I ended up stretching the time between feeds to 4 hourly and still she wasn't hungry. She could drink very little and still sleep normally at nite (sleeping thru for about 7 hours then)... hmm...

Six times is very tiring indeed. I found that even 4 times was very tiring. I'll try 3 times when I go back to work.

Yes, taking 16 weeks. Did you take all 16 weeks too?

Jasmine, I wanna try do it for 6 months if possible. I stopped at 8 months for my #2.
KE wakes up 2to 3 times at night. But she only drink for a while each time.

Twinklets / mich
haha than I can stop now cos KE is 8 months plus. Max is bf till 1 yr but may stop earlier. Counting down. For ky I stop at nine months