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Hi All,

Very soon our little ones will be on their way to P1... time really flies pass so fast!!!

I'm getting excited and stress over the P1 registration! Praying hard that i can get into the school of my choice....

Hi Dewdrops,
I have evidence of Iden bullying Natasha (not sure what the girl's name) during the performance on Friday! Haha... my boy kept asking why Iden hit Natasha.

Hi Bidosoh,

Welcome to this thread
Hi all!

I am not excited. Only very stressed now. Cos I am going to try my luck for a sch within 1 km. Really high risk.

I also feel guilty that I am sending my girl to a neighbourhood sch (or any other school that would take her if she does not get into her first choice phase 2c less than 1 km school we wanted) out of convenience. Infact, I am a bit sad that she will be graduating this year. I wonder if I will cry during her K2 graduation concert. The only comfort I have is that I have given my girl the best preschool memories by sending her to a school that could give her great happiness while learning through play. And that by sending her to a neighbourhood school, I will allow her to thrive more easily in a less stressful environment.
<font color="aa00aa">pri 1 registration:
phase 2b will only be in july.

stressed yes.. definitely. the only not is my girl. hahaha. </font>

hi Bidosoh ,
welcome.... our thread also very slow.... haha.....

hi krazy,
i'm not only worry but also tired by my mil... coz she is nagging me everyday that my boy sure start more studying... haiz....

hi apple,
for my case... my boy not only start neighbour school... but he is erolling into a brand new primary which is still busy builting on the way....
Carla_lily, me too I am outsource mum. Your girl attending Berries which branch? My boy is from the Bishan branch.

Poshies, a 6year old thread which can sustain this long is really good. Oh, from old post, you have a 3rd kid recently. Congrats! Must be busy for you. 2 kids are draining us already. With the elder one going to primary school next year will be our ultimate challenge. I wonder where I can find time to coach his work.

appplemum, i am also going to send my girl to neighbourhood school. It is exactly 5 minutes walk from my house. It may be the best choice, as I heard that CCA is important. Hence, having a school near is convenient for CCA. Though it is not an elite school, last year psle result highest score is 279. So it is really up to the kids ability to learn. We should be in 2b, as its my old pri school.
Hi Poshies and Bidosoh!

Think we have the same criteria for choosing sch...convenience. Actually, there are 3 pri sch within 1 km from my place. So I will just try my luck. Hopefully can get my first choice cos that sch is just next to my place and my girl does not even have to cross a road to get there.

Carla_lily- maybe I should have outsourced like u. My girl told me she had a surprise chinese spelling recently and she only got 3 correct. If I am not wrong she is the second last as she told me another classmate got 2 correct. The rest all scored better than her.
Carla: hb and I no affiliation or what not so have to go by proximity. The only mixed pri sch within 1km is so darn hot. We prob go for the next nearest one, which is also catching up on popularity. Hope all goes well o/wise valerie may need to go to a school far far away!
Hi Applemum,

Surprise Chinese Spelling in school??? My girl did not mention anything on the Chinese Spelling leh. My girl had conjunctivitis on Sunday and was resting at home for the past two days. Back in school today.... I must check with her then...

Hi Bidosoh,
My girl is at West Coast Berries... still considering if i still want to send her there next year.

hb and i also have no affiliation.... so had to be PV lor... hopefully the number of PV is less than the number of vacancies in phase 2B. Stress leh.... cos i have no backup plan....
toking bout P1 liao...time flies
Carla_lily, me too considering. As i wanted my son to learn panio this year. Feel that he has alot of things to learn. He is learning speech and drama and badminton too. But then it is really a good school. The vacancy is hard to come by. BTW, he didnt complete his work well and the teacher make him stayed back to redo. So i find the teacher is rather committed. So may continue next year too.
Hi Elaine,
How is my future dil doing??? hahah...

hi bidosoh,
yup... now still on maternity leave it is okie... can't image when i start work how.... luckily my mil is helping plus... my boy will be going into the school that is about 5 min walk from my house....

wow ur boy so young start badminton.....

hi applemum,
all the best for the primary enrol....
Our registration will only start in July because we will be applying through Church Affiliation.

Don't know... way past the anxiety stage and leaving it to God's will. haha. Either way, just make sure that C is prepared for Primary 1. Academically wise, I am not worried because C's current pre-school does prepare her very well.

Besides, only Pri 1..
so let her have fun. haha. I do realise that I may sing a different tune when she really starts Pri 1. haha}
why you wanna put Xavier to CCK? No one at BB to look after them mah? CCK school are so hard to go in if its those popular school. I wanna put her in South View since its just infront of my care giver but even doing PV also need to go for interview and we failed lor. So we decided to go to the school jus infront of my house lor. Then my caregiver will suffer lor, both so old already still need to travel to and fro just to pick and send them. We might decide to put her in day care too since its more routine then to stay with the care giver. Which school are you looking at?

i heard from my neighbour you should have proirity in chosing your school of choice? No mah? Still must go thru church affliation?
<font color="aa00aa">meow: nope.. It is only applicable ro pri sch teachers who teach in that school. And if they want their children to be in the same school, then they will have priority but only in the sch that they teach.

It's not a free choice and definitely not for all teachers.

Thought I do feel it should be a case. And it's also not a good idea to have the child and mother / father in the same school; conflict of interest.

Hahaha.. Looks that there are lots of misconceptions regarding teachers. </font>
<font color="0077aa">Hi Meow,

We going to De La Salle. My hubby is old boy there. So should be sure get one. We tried to do PV for a popular school nearer to us but din managed to do it. Are you putting Cheryl there?

Hi Carla,

Yes, Iden was bullying Natasha for quite a while. I asked him why did he do that. He couldn't answer. I was wondering if the teachers will "counsel" us after the performance or if Natasha's parents complains. ><"</font>

Hahaa... but Iden performed well... not like my boys who stood there looking so blur!

I was given "feedbacks" on my boy on numerous occasions!!! So, i had to slowly brainwash my boy lor... He has since made great improvements (at least this is what his teachers told me).

Hi All,
I wanted my girl to go to a Pri Sch of my choice... deep inside, i am actually worried if I have made the correct decision.

I have heard of pri sch kids not adapting well to the pace of a "better-ranked" popular pri sch. I have heard of parents telling me how much their kids enjoy in a neighbourhood pri sch...

I hope i had made the right choice... been telling myself not to think too much. Maybe my gal can't even get into that popular pri sch!!!
Hi Carla!

Dun think too much. Your girl is so smart so you do not have to worry. I decided not to send my girl to top sch as she is not the academic type. I made the decision so that she can enjoy school.
Hi, it's good to see that this thread is still active after 7 yrs and many of you are now moms of 2, 3 and maybe 4!
<font color="0077aa">Hi Tane,

Nice to meet you. Now we are in a new era of our lives... see our 1st kid going to proper schooling. Here is a picture of my 3 kids. This is one of the rare rare shot that all 3 are captured in frame and they are looking at the camera.


Hi Carla,

What were the "feedbacks' on Sizhen. He seems to be so kwai, compared to my disturbing Iden?:p</font>
<font color="0077aa">
My girl just turned 1 YO! Seeing the end to my moo moo days. I wondering what to do with my breastpump... seems to have more sentimental value attached to it but doesn't make sense just to keep it ... I remembered how I struggled so much on expressing from Xavier's time...</font>

My boy hit or pushed Yongyi... According to my boy, it's becos Yongyi refused to share the storybook despite him requesting for the book numerous times. So, he fed up and snatched the book from Yongyi...

Second feedback, he was waiting for my parents to pick him up. Tired of waiting near the door, he threw something on the floor... He was being punished by the teachers...

Aww...so precious!
Looks like the boys sayang their baby sis a lot.

Next yr P1 dunno how my boy can cope. Now ask him to do homework already very difficult. He just don't bother!
<font color="0077aa">Hi Carla,

Wo, Sizhen has character. Even Xavier has his own naughty moments. He pinched 2 of his classmates last time and the teachers called us and informed. He still remembers the event but still didn't tell why he did it. Anyway, after that event, the kids are still friends.

Hi Tane,

Xavier is sayang his sis more than Iden. Iden is the one pushing meimei away. Iden behaved like Xavier when Xavier first had his bro. Now since they have a common interest, that is super car fanatics, they are much better now. Waiting for Iden to outgrow that phase...</font>
not sending her to DLS. I'm hoping on to SV which is nearer my parents and they dun have to travel so much to take care of my kids so cut down on logistics. I did PV at unity, so will be in Phase 2B so i already have a slot there. Glad your HB is in DLS, else you will be trouble too. But how will you settle the logistics issue? School bus or day care? I do not like the idea of school bus after hearing scary things like kids being molested etc. With that, my dad will have to take the bus which takes 30-45mins to send her to school. Then my mom will have to fetch my boy from TW who's in K1 next year. We're monitoring to see if this works and will be too tired for my 74yrs old dad. If so, we will have to get put her in day care or something like that.

homework will have to re-enforce lor. Like my son only in N2, i ask him to write numbers and alphabets when her sis does her homework from kumon too. Of course he will take longer to do and fuss but he still completes it. I get very impatience too when it comes to coaching him to write.

SV is also a neighbourhood school, but they produce good PSLE results. But i heard it could be very stressed for the kids too. I heard of a case, school i dun wan to disclose. Heard it from a friend who's kid is in A school. The child was to stressed that he took a penknife to threaten the teacher
Hi all!

Today, I brought my girl to visit the sch I intended to send her. Quite like the environment. All the kids looked so happy there. I emailed the principal and received very prompt reply as well. There is a day care within the sch so can send my girl there. I am now happy with my decision. Just hope there is no balloting within 1 km.
Dewdrops, 3 good looking kids! I am still a moomoo cow to my girl, now 19th months. True, the pump has become part of my life and have great sentimental values too. I am struggling with the supply. It is extremely low now. Barely enough for her.
<font color="0077aa">Hi Bidosoh,

Bfing still at 19th month. Admire your patience. I am glad to dong until 1 year for my kid. Not anything more. Always rushing at work to pump in between meetings. Some of my coll can pump happily for 30min while reading a book, while I just can do express pumping for 10min and zit off for the other committements. At home also like that, unless the kids are sleeping already.

Hi Meow,

Heard SV is good school too. Most popular in CCK. Hubby is self-employed. Since he is the one who advocate his old school, and managing the logistics, I leave it to him. My preference is the school just next to my condo. Hahhahahahha. Most likely he has to shuttle between Bukit Merah (my MIL's place) and Bukit Batok (for Iden to come home in the afternoon from CC at Clementi). I warned him but he still insist.</font>
Dear Dewdrops,

Actually, if my primary sch is in the west, I would make the same decision as your hubby. It is so risky to send kid to the sch next to our place. I just met a neighbour with kid at the other sch near to our place. He told me her girl was balloted out from first choice last year. Stress.

Hi Meow!
Thanks. I am still praying.

today is the day!!! how many of u had registered...

i'm back in the office on monday after 16week of rest... so busy for the last 2 days... till today then i remember of this thread...

haha gerald had already got his place in a brand new pri school which is within out zone, haha i was super luck as i had made at phase 2b.... so no more logistic issues... now it is only make sure he study... he have some many thing that he claim he can't read... haiz....

hi dewdrop,
if can continue with the bfg... i managed to bfg my girl till 20 month... then i stopped... i remember my girl refused FM till my supply all finish... now i had start the cycle of pumping again... hope this round will able to make it through the 24 month... 4 month gone... 20 more to go.... haha.....
Hi Mummies,

Manage to get into the school of my choice. Phew... the process is so stressful!!!

Poshies, how's your first day at work after such a long break???
Poshies and Carla_lily,


I will register my girl tomorrow, last day of phase 2C. Stress. 87 Vacanices and 125 applications as at today.

Carla_lily- I finally sent my girl to berries. I put you as the one who recommended me. Do expect a $20 voucher from them.
Hi Applemum,

I have received the $20 voucher already... without you informing me, I would have thought that it was a nice gesture from Berries... some sort of loyalty rewards... haha... which slot will your girl be attending? You are going to West Coast CC too right?
Hi Carla_lily!

I panicked a bit after I received my girl's progress report recently. I dun believe her chinese report, only 1 A for know how to write her chinese name. She used to be ok. But since this year so many go berries, she scored badly when benchmarked aganist her fellow classmates. I called so many branches for Berries and Tien Xia, all have no vacancies for night and weekend slots. Got lucky when I called the west coast branch- last slot available for Sat afternoon as someone just withdrew. Lousy timing (my girl's sleeping time) but no choice.
<font color="0077aa">Hi Carla,

Where is Ziwai going?

Hi Poshies,

20 months is too much for me. I think I have officially graduated from bfing... don't feel the engorgment anymore.

Hi Applemum,

Good luck to Rou Ler!!!
Thanks so much Dewdrops!

It is really stressful to go through balloting. Thank goodness you made right decision to send your boy to your hubby's pri sch.
Hi Dewdrop,

My girl will be going to Nan Hua. How abt Xavier?

Hi Applemum,
Did you register your gal at Shuqun Primary School?
Actually, I might be putting my girl in Tien Xia next year instead of Berries... Easier for my parents to send and pick up my girl cos there is a Tien Xia branch that is within walking distance from where my parents live.
Hi Carla_lily!

I registered for Keming that is next to my place. It's a 2 min walk to sch from home door.

Do you have facebook account? Your Parents will help you to take care of girl when she goes P1? I am deciding if I should send her to before/after school care.

I heard Tien Xia is better for Pri Sch. One pri sch chinese teacher told me Tien Xia is more drilling (they might learn more) but Berries is more fun. Convenience is more impt though. For me, there is a Berries near my home but there is no slot at all. I am hoping to transfer to the branch near home. Decided to stay with Berries as my girl is not taking higher chinese so no need to drill her so much. Just want to make sure that she is interested in the language. But I will opt for the higher chinese enrichment instead when she goes P1.
busy busy since back to office... my blood presure is super high... last fri my company had the yearly health check and my pressure is super high... haiz no more afternoon beauty nap...

hi dewdrop...
good for you no more engorement, i will endure... only 2nd week in the office haha....

hi applemum,
i think keming got ballot right...

hi carla lily,
busy and more busy...
how is the result applemum...

wow most mummies got into the school through ballot... good news...

why don we do a list of primary our kids going... kids will be schoolmate???
i think i only know a friend who's gal went into DLS. I'm still going for waitlist for SV. Today went to school to fill form. Wonder how terrible this wait will be. I was told some even waited for 4 years and are still waiting. Keeping my fingers cross.

Hmm...why is Tein Hsia better than Berries for P1? I'm thinking to let her continue after this Term 4. Maybe because of the Han Yu Pin Yin?? But i don't think my gal is still that smart. She has forget all the chinese characters she learnt in previous terms

If you still short of the green ambassodor stamps then look for me bah, i see how much i can spare you. How's the collection so far?

Anyone else collecting that from South West Zone?