(2005/04) Apr/May/June 2005 MTB

<font color="0077aa">Hello Applemum,

Nice to meet you. Yes, never get to meet Rou Ler around here before. You stayed here since TOP? Xavier used to say Rou Ler and Donovan are his best friends in class. Hahhahahah. Btw, happy belated birthday to Rou Ler. How did you find out that we stay in the same development?

Hi Carla,

Woah, so many kiddos in the same classes. How did you know them?</font>

Dear Dewdrops,

Yes, I have been living here since TOP. Queued up for many days to get my unit. Think it is hard for them to meet as I only use the carpark and lift so if we are not from same block, it is unlikely to meet. I have never seen Xavier during the parties although I went for a few. Yes, they are good friends as they have been together in the same class since Nursery.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I found out as I was looking through the old postings, the swimming pool and marble flooring looks the same. I also asked Xavier when I was at school to celebrate my girl's birthday.

See U around!

<font color="0077aa">Hi Applemum,

Your unit is the hotcake in this development. You must be the first few in the quene! When I came to know of this project, it's like 2 days after launch. So my unit is the highest floor available by then for the design I want.

His Daddy doesn't like the loud noise from those parties so we never join. Xavier only comes home after 9pm from my MIL's place so won't get to see him much during weekdays. I used to bring him and Iden to swim on Saturdays morning but I have stopped for quite a while since their mei mei was born.

Xavier is keen to visit Rou Ler when he knows that she stays so near. Maybe we can visit each other one of these CNY holidays? You can pm me if you are keen.
Dear Dewdrops,

I have been monitoring the development since the government sold the land as my mum lives nearby. However, although lving so near, I did not realise that there was a queue formed so my queue number was 36. Cried on the spot when I saw a long queue formed when I happened to drop by one of the evenings.

The best unit was taken by queue no 1 cos it was really very worth it (its just $50K more than my unit and much bigger). My unit is smaller in size but I just took it as I wanted a unit without west sun and with view of Nature park.

We can visit each other but has to be in Mar cos my Feb Sat weekends are all full with gatherings, outings and housewarming. Sunday is my girl's enrichment day so by the time we are back, she is very very tired already. I can pm you my hp no to arrange.

<font color="0077aa">Hi Mummies,

HAPPY RABBIT YEAR! Hope everyone have a good year ahead!

Mine started with 3 kids and my myself having fever and flu... so sad... really din get to enjoy this CNY...

Hi Applemum,

We should be available almost every Sat nights. Pmed you my contact number.</font>
Dewdrops / Applemum

Really curious to find out which development you are staying in... hahaa...

BTW, ladies, just want to confirm that K2 and playgroup do not have CNY celebration. Only Nursery and K1 will be performing... Is that right?

Do take care.
Dear Dewdrops,

Happy lunar new year too!

Take care. My girl was asking why Xavier did not come for the Chinese New Year Celebration this morning. I will confirm the date on Sat. Forgotten my girl has ballet exams in mar. I have pmed you my hp number.

Dear Carla_lily,

I have pmed you where we live. Forgotten to click on send to myself as well. Do let me know if you did not receive. Yes confirmed K2 no CNY celebration at sch. Think maybe because they will have a grand yearend concert this year.

By the way, did your child happen to tell you about Mr Ivan? My girl is very sad that he has left the school and she misses him a lot.
morning all mummies..

Happy lunar new year..

hi dewdrops,
hope you are doing fine now...

my kids are also sick during CNY.... so din plan to go anywhere.......
Hi Applemum,

My girl quite bochap... hahaa.... I don't think she missed him.

Your girl is learning ballet... so nice. My girl doesn't want to learn. Forced her to attend a trial... in the end, she just stood there.

Wanted her to learn piano... but she told me she's not interested...

*sigh*... not a talented kid.. haha... but I also quite bochap... so I think she takes after me!
Hi Carla_Lily!

My girl is always like that. For teachers, I understand that the contact time is more so she might miss them. What I do not understand is even when Ms Jacqueline (the previous principal) left, she has also said that she missed her. But I do observe that the teachers at Pat's are much more passionate and nicer to kids compared to the previous schools I have sent her.

My girl is learning ballet and piano. She used to enjoy her ballet lessons until I decided to send her for exams. Bad idea to do that but I already paid so no choice. Next time will just send her for lessons. She enjoys her piano lessons currently as there is no exam yet. Thinking of starting her for arts this year as sch replaced with i-maths and she keeps telling me that she misses her art and cookery lessons. I did not take up the bundle of 3 as I prefer her to have her lessons during weekend so she gets to sleep.

Think your girl is already learning piano (using keyboard) under bundle of 3 in school. So no need to send her for additional lessons outside.

I ever observed the afternoon class last year Jan (but Xavier was not in the class then)when I was considering if I should take up bundle of 3. It was a music lesson. I found your girl very outstanding in class, so much so that I remembered her name. She is very vocal, attentive and bright. Maybe she has unique interest which is not discovered yet. On second thought, if your girl is not interested also good. Then you do not have to kill your weekend time to send for enrichments.
Hi Applemum,

Thanks for the compliment on my girl... haha... she is vocal because she's a bit kay poh like me... wahahaa...

I had stopped sending her for bundle of 3 enrichment classes. Found that she didn't really learn much. However, I will be signing up for arts &amp; cookery next mth... wanted to sign up for Feb but realised i forgot to pay for it... anyway, Feb is a short month with CNY holidays too... so maybe more worthwhile signing up in March.

Maybe when she's older, i will ask her if she wants to learn piano again...
<font color="0077aa">Hi Applemum and Carla,

I din know Mr Ivan left. Xavier din say anything. He used to tell me his goings in school everyday until this year, he suddenly stopped doing that. Is there any replacement Music teacher?

Agree that this cc's teachers are much more caring than Xavier's previous school. That's why still let him and Iden attend class there even though the school fees is super ex. Can see the difference in the quality of schoolwork and the quality of food served.

Iden is ok already but Xavier was having diarrhoea yesterday so avoided school today. Heard Si Zhen is sick too.</font>
Hi Dewdrops,

My boy is okay now... yesterday morning, he was having a fever, i didn't gave him any panacetamol and brought him to see a PD.

At the clinic, his fever was gone... wow... my maid and i gave a puzzle look to the nurse when she told me my boy was not running a temp. hahaa

I insisted he was. Anyway, he's fine now... so i guess the rest don't matter... hehee
Dear Dewdrops,

According to my girl, they do not have music lessons since Mr Ivan left. Suspect they are still looking for a new music teacher. Is your family free on 2 April (Sat evening) or 22 April (can do in the morning cos it is a public holiday)?

Dear Poshies,

I know I should not be doing this, but I have been using rewards to make my girl follow instructions. So far it worked well. But there are experts out there who said that this should not be done. But my parents did that to me when I was young and it worked well on me. To me, it is better than scolding and canning my child.
<font color="0077aa">Hi Applemum,

I think Sat evening 2 Apr should be more confirm. We can confirm again when the date is nearer.

How do you reward her? We find it hard to upkeep the discipline as they will just keep testing our patience/toleramce or push their limits.</font>
Hi Dewdrop and Carla_lily!

My girl told me that there is a new music teacher Ms Sandra. They have not started music lesson as music room has been used for performance these 2 days.


Yes, we confirm nearer to date.

When my girl was very very young, I had to wrap a lot of small small presents. I gave her if she has been a good girl or has completed a difficult task. The present is big if the task is difficult. Every holiday that I bring her I will tell her its because the teachers told me that she is a good girl in school. Even the many clothes and toys I buy for her, I will tell her that its because of the nice princess behaviour. On one occassion when she refused to go for additional ballet lesson in prep for exam, I bought her a cake which she has always wanted that night. Sometimes, even small thing like, if you finish your dinner, I will give you ice cream or sweets worked.
morning mummmies....



Happy Valentine....
i don think present work good for my boy... haha it don take long before he is testing his limits again.....haiz.... very very tired....
like yesterday night i return back from function.... he ask for ice cream... i told him to behaviour after i bath i will give him if he behave well... then next min he start jump around in the house..... how to give.... thne before he sleep he remember he din get his ice cream... then he start crying.... haiz...
Hi Poshies,

I use rewards system on my girl and it works... for my boy, nothing works better than the sight of a cane... haha...

No one-size method fits all... hence, i think you must test whatever available method and determine which works best.


My girl told me that she asked you why is your nick applemum... haha.... i didn't expect her to do that... haahaa...

She saw you and your girl on TV too... too bad i missed it...
Hi Poshies and Carla_lily!

Maybe for girls, rewards system works as most girls love surprises and gifts. Hee....

Hi Carla_lily!

As for my nick, my girl is the apple of my eye. So I call myself applemum. Yah...appeared on TV for one ad. My hubby in too. Cheers
Hi Carla Lily!

I asked my girl yesterday. Your girl really went to ask her about my nick and my girl answered but did not tell me. Your girl is so cute! :)

Hi Dewdrops!

It's a Science Centre Ad for CSI exhibition. Ad should be ending soon as exhibition last day is 20 Feb.
morning mummies...
haha nothing work for my boy... that why stress.... gift, sweet, toy, cane.... haha.... don know lah......
Dear Poshies,

Oh dear. Is it because of naughty classmates and your son learnt from bad behaviour? Some school's teachers have no time to correct bad behaviours? Last time I had a neighbour's kid who was very very naughty. She changed his school and he became better as the new school's teachers spent more time to teach behaviour than the previous school.
Hi Poshies,

How abt the soft approach??? Spend more time talking to him nicely... in a relaxing setting.

For example, talking to children on your bed... all lying down... talk abt school, behaviour of his classmates and comment if that behaviour is right etc...
<font color="0077aa">Hi Applemum,

Gee, I guess I haven't been watching enough TV to catch that ad. Come back from work is just eat my dinner, feed didi and meimei milk and make them sleep one by one... then Xavier comes back, then make him sleep and by then, I will be super tired and will sleep together. If work is busy, will be catching my work after they sleep. No TV time at all...

Anyone has recommendation for dentist for 2.5yrs olds? Iden is having some tartar on his front teeth and cannot be remove by brushing. Should I bring him to a dentist? I have never brought anyone of them, not even Xavier to a dentist before. Not sure what is his reaction.</font>
Hi Dewdrops!

It is tough to handle 3 kids if you are working. I can only handle 1 and thus decided to stop at 1. Kuddos to you! Where will you be sending Xavier for Primary school?

I have never brought my girl to dentist too.
hi poshies,

maybe u can do the rewarding system, like giving me $0.20 if he can sit still for a period of time or $0.50 if did not cry the whole day...etc..

its helps him to save also...then next time he can use the $$ to buy whatever he needs.

but also must be fair lah, if he notty, then deduct his "salary"

i'm doing that with my kids now...they earned quite abit, now they are loaded, more $$ than me..hehe
<font color="0077aa">Hi Carla and Applemum,

Sorry couldn't talk more during the Readers' Theatre. Xavier was bringing me all around to find his friends.

Hi Krazy,

Are your milk powders still available? Enfa is increasing price again! So scary. 1 tin of Enfagrow 1.8kg is selling at $62 at ntuc! This is the 2nd time increase I think within a year since their new packaging launch. So expensive...
<font color="aa00aa">dewdrops:
I didn't realized that they have increased prices. Yes, they are still available.</font>
Hi Carla and Dewdrop!

Nice meeting both of you. I am quite amazed that it was really the first time meeting both of you despite attending such events over the years. Did not have much time...I was busy looking at my girl's school craft. Very interesting...one of the wall, the teacher made the kids described what the kids think of their mummies. My hubby say not fair, no wall for daddy. Hee...

I feel happy for the kids. They really improved a lot. Still remembered that when they had to do the Christmas song item in N2, they were so unco-ordinated. Looking forward to the graduation concert.

Carla- during the session, Qiheng's mummy shared with me about the berries lesson. I am thinking if I should join as well. Is it really good?
Hi mummies,

Anyone with kids 4-7 years old interested to go for a Free music trial class at Serangoon gardens, burgley drive?? It's a new building called Lifestyle Hub if i'm not wrong.

Sending my twins (2005 may babies) there so thought maybe can meet some SMH mummies there to chit chat while my twins having the FOC trial.

Please pm me for more details like the map and school name.

Timing should be 11plus am.

Hi Applemum,

I'm basically an out-sourcing mummy... no time to coach my girl at home and thus depend heavily on enrichment classes.

On berries, i really don't know if it is good as i have no basis for comparison. hahaa... What i like about berries is that the homework is easy to complete... good for working mummy cos no time to coach...

R u considering? Better contact berries fast cos there might not be any vacancies left.
Hi Carla_lily!

Was thinking about it cos it will be fun for the kids to attend the lessons together. Actually, I changed my girl's school last time because of Chinese. I was shocked that the previous school made her memorised a lot of difficult chinese peoms but she could not even answer me anything when I tried to speak to her in Mandarin on one occassion.

I tried to test my girl on Chinese these few weeks. She improved a lot. Maybe I just teach her myself. Cos I only have 1 kid and can still spare the time to coach her personally.
<font color="aa00aa">applemum:
if the centre allows you to sit in during a trial session then do.

I did that and was quite disappointed with B... and though there were many raves about this particular centre, I didn't sign my girl up.

Dear pSi,

Really? I thought of sending my girl as many of my friends' and neigbhours' kids attended and told me that its very good. Infact, one of them told me that of all the enrichments that she sent her kids, that is the one that made her felt that its money worth spent. And all her friends also made the same comments.

Your words made me feel better. Sometimes I am tempted because I worry that if everyone else is doing it and if I do not do that, my girl will lose out. It's the same struggle that is bothering me with regards to chinese enrichment as well as school selection. I have been asking around and most of my friends,neighbours, my girl's schoolmates' parents sent/will be sending their kids to top schools. I decided to send my child to a neighbourhood school as I have no energy to do volunteer or shift home to be within 1 km and take the risk to ballot. But constantly, I am worried that my girl will not get the best programme as a result of me being lazy.
<font color="0077aa">Hi Mummies,

Poshies has delivered her boy in TMC today. Height 51cm and weight 3.48kg.

Hi Poshies, post some photos when you are available.</font>
<font color="aa00aa">appkemum:
Yeah.. I do agree that the methods are interesting and materials good.. However a lot lies in the teacher's ability to control the class. If she can't, it's quite difficult to have any take-home.

Ask for a sit-in during trial.

Hi Applemum,

Do ask for a trial as recommended by pSi... what works for others might not work for you... most imptly, your girl must be comfortable there...

One thing that motivates my girl is that her classmates are with her at Berries... so, they attend Berries together... very fun
Hi pple,

I hv 6 coach tickets (2-way) and 2 deluxe rooms at 1st World Hotel in Genting to let go at discounted price on 14-16 Jun 2011.

Interested party pls PM me for details.


Hi Mummies,

Anyone interested to participate in a 2hrs group discussion on 7th or 8th Jun? We are paying $80 to $100 cash incentive. Purely research study.

Mothers with 4 to 6 years old:
7th Jun @ 3:45pm - Formula milk drinkers
7th Jun @ 6:45pm - Non-Formula milk drinkers (like fresh milk &amp;/or milo drink) - used to drink in the past

Mothers with 7 to 10 years old:
8th June @ 9:45am - Formula milk drinkers
8th June @ 12:15pm &amp; 2:45pm - Non-Formula milk drinkers (like fresh milk &amp;/or milo drink) - used to drink in the past

Must not have participated in any surveys in the last 12 months.

Interested, please do not PM. Kindly sms me at 91892420 with your details ASAP!

Have a good weekend!