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(2004) stay home mommies

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by nellin, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. nellin

    nellin New Member

    Hi, i'm new here, hopefully can meet new friends. are there full time mommies here?

  2. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    HI Chau Lie,
    Welcome. I'm a full time mummy too. 2 kids - 6 (going on 7 year old boy) and a 2 year old daughter. What about yourself ?
  3. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    (btw I changed my name to english name because I lost the password)
    Hi Janet [​IMG], I have an almost 2 yr old girl named Cellin . Did your daughter go to school like a playgroup or somesort?
    because i'm looking for a good one near bukit batok (where we live).
  4. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    Hi I am also a sahm with 2 girls - one 2+ and the other 2 months. My older girl refuses to go to a playgroup. Sigh..
    And I have no maid!!
  5. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    yeah, I have no maid too, and currently my daughter (cellin) is sick,
    she's having a cough and from last night have been vomitting about 3 times.
    I'm really concern
  6. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    janet and chicmuffet you're really great, how can you handle 2 kids?
  7. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    hi there,
    I'm a SAHM too. My girl is 2 1/2 and I'm expecting a boy due in Feb. I have no maid also, and have no intention of getting one. But I'll be trying out a part-time cleaner from Dec (cos my tummy now too big to move about comfortably).

    Chicmuffet, give me tips on how to handle two young kids! I'm not sending my girl to school, even when #2 comes along. Currently teaching her at home.

    Have you brought your girl to the doctor?
  8. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    I live from feed to feed to quote someone. I do everything when the small one sleeps.
    I feel so bad for the bigger one (E) - she used to throw a lot of tantrums and I have to smack her sometimes - I feel soooo bad.
    Now she is much better and she has learn to play by herself. I have decided not to smack her anymore because it doesn't work.
    Also because initailly I had trouble coping and very stress!!!

    E is soo much better now. I give her lots of hugs when I put the baby to sleep. Now she knows that I can spend time with her when baby sleeps so she waits.
    I think you really have to "let go" a lot if you don't have a maid. I really cannot try to be "wonder woman" otherwise can go mad.

    So I tingkat for dinner even though I hate it. Thinking about getting part-time maid.
    As a last resort, I have the number of a part-time nanny but I haven't used her yet.

    I used to go out a lot with E - now stuck at home mostly. One thing bad though, E spends A LOT of time on the computer playing games..
    Wonder if it's good or bad!! LET ME KNOW!!!!

    I really wonder how our mothers and granmothers cope with so many last time - imagine having 10 children!!!!!

    But I love my kids and I am so thankful I can look after them myself!!
  9. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    I already went to the doctor when she had the same sympton of coughing and then she vomitted after seeing the doctor (because singapore weather is windy this time) i guess it's too much for her.
    so I just called the doctor. she's okay now (thank God).

    i think it is better for her to stay at home when the climate is un predictable..

    Chicmuffet, i had scolded my daughter too, I'm really angry at that time and feeling terrible afterwards.

    but when my head is cleared I think it is useless to be mad at her and only make things worst. so after that I try to explain to her why i was mad (and somehow i know she is listening and after that not mad at me anymore for scolded her.
    Now when things seems to be so easy to get mad at, i try to take a deep breath and think she is more important than spilling milk, dirty laundry, messy house, or anything than seems so logic at that moment, and look her in the eyes and try to understand her too.

    you know, sometime i think not mommies who have endless love, but our baby who have that, because after we mad at her, she still love us, want to hug us..

    once i cried a lot in front of her after yelling at her, she's the one who take a tissue and rub my tears..it makes me think i'm so dumb, she just want me to love her that's all, she wants me to see what's she is proud of and share her moments with me... before she grew up

    about E spending a lot of time on the comp, i don't know but maybe pencil or crayons and paper will be better, but my kid also like playing with computer too...

    now, the discussion with my husband for another child, i make it clear for him, have to have a nanny for the second child (if we can't affort a nanny, i really have to rethink of having second one this year or next year.

    i've got so much to share with you , but maybe tommorrow okay,

    please be strong and as a woman in the house, let's keep our house full of love, it's the number one priority than keeping it clean and tidy
  10. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    good morning everyone,
    i think all of you still busy..
    well i just want to greet all of you and keep our smile big even when things doesn't go like we want to,

    and cellin's is a lot better now hooray..

    how's E?
    and how's mommy E doing?
    how's Janet, priviledged?
  11. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    Hi Canellin

    Thanks for sharing. Actually I was torn between smacking and not smacking because "spare the rod and spoil the child" mah.
    I have friends who don't ever smack the kids and the kids are SO spoilt and badly behave so i didn't want my kids to turn out like that.

    But I am not going to do it anymore because it doesn't work and it makes me upset also. Sigh. Good to hear Cellin's better!
    Now my small one is a bit feverish. I hate it when kids get sick especially when they can't tell you what's wrong!!!

    It's good to have a sibling for Cellin - no? One child very lonely!!!
  12. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    yeah, when a child is sick i hate it too, hate those germs and viruses...
    about smacking kids, my mom used to beat us (4 kids) and believe me it didn't make me a better kid, i turn out bitter to her, it took me a long time to forgive her,
    and because there's a period where my mom was going to america for more than a month, i've got to be the lady of the house and a mother for my 2 young siblings, instead of my mom anger they actually listen, if they don't there's always dicipline (like if you get home late from school clean the floor etc), so i try to use that method to my daughter, but i try to told her according to her age, involve her in any activity like cleaning the house, help me tidy up her toys, and something like that, she's learning fast,

    ohhh maybe you can try to involve E in taking care her sibling, like bing mommy diaper etc, everytime she done something right appreciate her, that will encourage her (cellin is very proud when she can do something well and i appreciate her) it also can bring her confidence and help building back mom and daughter relationship. and always laugh a lot (it really difficult at first, but give it a try, laugh at anything that used to make you very mad)..
  13. hee

    hee Member

    Hi everyone,

    Great to know that they are many sahm like myself around.

    I am also a sahm with a 29 months daughter. My girl is very active and very attention seeking. Got to spend a lot of time with her.

    Really must salute janet and chicmuffet, who have 2 kids and no maid to help out.

    I used to have mother and maid to help out. Now, I have to handle all things myself. Not too bad, although very tiring.

    I also do not advocate to smacking kids. Like the mummies here, I also smack my girl when she misbehaves and trying to test yr patience. I know I should not smack her, but sometimes really hard to control.

    But, things are better now. Realise that if you talk to her properly, she will listen.

    Agreed with carnellin that you can involve yr girl to help out. In this way, they will be involved and they also learn.

    I will involve my girl when I am doing cooking. Eg, I will ask her to scoop the rice for me and help to wash them.
  14. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Hi everyone. I am from the 2003 thread where there are a mixture of SAHM and working mothers. We tend to focus more on issues abt our kids as they were born in the same year so I'm really glad someone started a thread specifically for stay-at-home mums. I need SAHMs like us need to form our own support group to know we are not alone.

    I have a boy born in Oct 2003 and a girl born in Dec 2005. I became a SAHM in Jun this year after I realised that my parents were struggling with taking care of 2 young kids and the fact that my boy adjusted badly to his childcare centre in the initial months. I have finally made arrangements to withdraw him from the centre in Dec which means I will be a real SAHM to both my kids from next week. My husband and I could not accept the idea of having a maid esp since we like our current part-time helper. However, I am not capable of handling both kids on my own yet, so my parents will take turns to help me out in the day until I become independent.It's tough for them as they are also catching up on age.

    I strongly agree with Carnellin that our job as SAHM is more a mum than housekeeper. Let's always remind ourselves not to let housework overwhelm us and waste the time we could spend with the children instead. My own policy is outsource to gain time whenever possible, hence we keep the part-time maid though our income is significantly reduced.

    Chicmuffet, can you share the contact of your part-time nanny? While my mum is happy to help me as I can't cope, she's not supportive if I ask her to babysit to get some time-out for myself. I'm sad that she's not understanding abt my need to have some time for myself so I'm actually exploring a part-time nanny that can help on ad-hoc basis, if there is such a service.
  15. home

    home New Member

    hi all,
    so happy to c this thread! so great to read all ur sharings too.

    i have a boy, born 2004, and another boy, 6wks old. intially really have a tough time adjusting. i find it so hard to 'split' time for both the boys. i share the same feelings as Chicmuffet. now much better, will try to do things together with both the boys.

    hope to be able to come in often to chat with u gals. having 2 boys to look after really take up my whole day!
  16. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    wow I'm really glad there are many SAHM mommies here, when I first moved to Singapore I thought it would be difficult to find SAHM, because in my neighbourhood, only 2 I know (incl me hik hik).
    and in my circle of friends only 1 friends took care her own children, so I didn't know there will be much challenge..

    yes that's right, we have to support each other.because not many people know, sometime raising kids by ourself can make us secluded, half of my friends left me, they only want to got out with me if i didn't bring Cellin and my husband, can't u believe that? i feel really bad that time. but cellin and my husband is far more important than them, but it didn't leave a fact i still do need a friend... what a better friend than a group whose experiencing the same thing, right?! [​IMG]

    when i'm still in indo i used to have maid so i didn'y have many challenge, now when i already tired cleaning the house i feel like i didn't have anymore energy to play or educate Cellin, I even bought red bull hahaha [​IMG] so i can do both.

    Oh I just remember, chicmuffet how's your baby doing? is the fever gone yet?
    How' s E and you? because when the attenttion focused on one person the others sometime neglect.. are you okay?

    because i know how terrible i felt when cellin is sick, can't sleep tight, can't think straight, like all i'm doing is not right (nervous [​IMG] )

    horrayyyy today is friday... tomorrow i'm thinking f taking cellin to barneys in united square after Baby jumper gym, i always like weekend because hubby at home and he can clean the house hehehehe

    share your weekend please [​IMG]
  17. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    oh guys i got a good one,
    everytime we feel like mad to our kid, think about this,
    the way we treated them is the way they will behave.

    how come?
    everyone know that child learn from their parents right? or anyone that they look up too, in this case us SAHM mommies because we spend most of our time with them, if we show them passion and patient, they will become someone like that too, but if we don't show them that... you see where this is going?

    so now let's think like it is an investment for our kids, don't let our kids become someone who have all our bad side (you know the side of you that every body told you it'd bad, like easily angry, complainer, spoilt, etc)..

    so from now on show them that we're a good friend, a good listener, patient, and full of laughter (like the one we used to, when things are easier, come on, you all remember when ur teenager right? hanging out with friends, joking, we can give our kids a beautiful childhood right? come on... just laugh, plenty of laugh in the house, ease your heart, enough with the burden of expectation, expectation that you give to yourself, like house have to be clean and tidy, kids have to do that or this, etc.. they only kids [​IMG] we're the one who brought them in this world [​IMG] come on!! admit it, if you see your kids giggle don't it make a smile on your face, yes, yes discipline is important, but if that make a heart turn cold, why don't we just adjust..... make it a happy discipline,

    cellin more listened if i use a soft voice and a smile, she like it when i greet her, applause her, it bring out more of her good side..

    don't get me wrong, i'm not telling you ladies what to do because all the bad side i told you is from me [​IMG] so i'm still try to get the hang of it...

    so come on!! lift our spirit up!!

    now when i'm mad i try to think something else before i'm exploded... hik hik yesterday cellin broke my glasses [​IMG] sighhhh i have to keep in mind she didn't understand yet, she didn't understand i needed it.....
  18. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    hi gals
    nice to see so many people joining the thread! Hubby away so it's just me and the girls - very tiring.
    The part-time nanny contact I got from the notice board at Cold Storage in Sengkang. Her name is Daisy i think
    hp 97118165. She stated that she is a qualified nanny. If anyone tried her services - let me know!

    one more thing I want to "complain" - why do people think SAHM are so boring and dowdy and can only talk about
    vegetable prices? Actually sometimes I feel quite sloppy - always in shorts and t-shirts. Sometimes I look at my contemporaries moving
    so high up the corporate ladder - like wow I could have been like that. Thats just me grousing...
  19. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    One more thing - thanks Carnellin for all the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a maid or send the kids to childcare.
    Wow she broke your glasses??!! Having children really shows whether you have patience or not. And I don't have a lot to begin with!!!!

    BTW mommies - any tips to share on how to do things quickly and efficiently? Eg recipes?? I cannot stand the sight of porridge now after
    two and half years of it..and a few more years to go.... hahaha
  20. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    yes that's right, even though i'm a mom i still updated my news about beauty and stuff i like for ages and i still enjot sitcom and movies not just cartoon (because cellin monopoly the tv)

    oh yes almost forgot hi ruhee, meilan, and home [​IMG]
    welcome to the thread where you can simply be urself
    cellin like veggie and spaghetti... i think it is different than E...
    oh i used to make veggie soup and then blender them with some cooked rice too, safe much time than making porridge..
  21. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Carnellin, thanks for the reminder on the right way to treat our kids. Indeed, my boy has picked up some bad language from me cos of the harsh way I speak to him sometimes. It really caused me to reflect on myself.

    Thanks, Chicmuffet. Do you live in Sengkang too? I'm in the Rivervale area. I'm always in shorts and T-shirts too, so if you spot a mum with 2 kids at Compass Pt Cold Storage, that could be just me [​IMG] Actually I'm really comfortable in these and I don't care what others think as long as I feel confident and good about myself [​IMG] Try to see being a SAHM as a privilege. I thank my kids for giving the "excuse" to exit the corporate world and work for love instead of money. I feel the pinch and miss my leave but otherwise, I really feel happier being with those I love all day.

    As for quick fixes, I've been doing a lot of one-dish meals eg beef stew, chicken rice and Japanese curry for dinner. For the kids, it's mostly porridge but the thermos cooker saves me from having to watch the stove all day. Sometimes I wished there were more SAHMs in my area so that we can rotate to cook as it is very time-consuming.
  22. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    Hi ladies,
    how are you all tonight [​IMG]
    chicmuffet, i feel really sad when my hubby away on bussiness trip, it makes me feel so alone, but keep your spirit up okay [​IMG]

    yes that's absolutely right, cooking not just consuming time but all the dishes for one meal and preparation, is any of you know any daily catering?
    well in Indonesia we can order daily catering, for a day they will serve 2-3 dishes and we can choose the menu weekly (very cheap and conveinience), is there any of those here?

    today i'm quite tired...cellin doesn't want to see Barney after all we been through (it's far from bukit batok, where we live)
  23. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I am a SAHM with a 13months old baby girl. Like many mummies here, I am guilty of spending too much time doing chores and surfing net at times. Now, I make a point to engage some activities with my girl whenever we are home.

    I try to do alot of singing and storytelling to her on a regular basis. At times, I will call for the magic box(activity of the day) to attract her attention to wat is inside the box. However, I am running out of new ideas at times.

    Yes, it is tiring to cook but will try to cook 1 meal daily if we are not visiting our parents. Grilling, steaming and pan fried food as less time consuming. The only thing I hate is to wash the dishes. Luckily, my hubby will clear them for me after dinner.

    I tried catering but the food taste horrible. I always wish to have more SAHM like me at my area so that we can exchange our dishes. In a way, I just have to cook a larger portion of 1 dish instead of few dishes. Save time and effort!
  24. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    Hi Cutie,
    yes that's right, cooking larger portion also make me feel better, like it worth the effort [​IMG]
  25. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    Hmm, I have one favor to ask, if any of yoy want to teach me mandarin?
    I'm an Indonesian Chinese [​IMG] but can not speak chinese.[​IMG] my mom never taught me.. she speak mandarin fluently, now because of my looks everywhere i go in singapore people talk to me in mandarin so sometime it's difficult...
    you don't have to tutor me or something just small words that i might need in regular basis hehehe
    i hope it's not to much troubelling...
  26. home

    home New Member

    why dun u give ur E the same food as u eat? isn't it easier?
    u can try tingkat if u wan. but i think got msg.
    u live in bbatok? i stay at cck. Do u go market? u can learn quite a lot by just talking to the vendors. sometimes they give my cooking tips.

    for me, i guess i'm fortunate. i go to my mum's plc once a wk. then my inlaws cook dinner for us twice a wk. so i only need to prepare lunch and 2 dinners. life was easier b4 my 2nd one came. now a bit more difficult to handle both kids. i'm still in the period of adjusting to looking after 2!
  27. hee

    hee Member

    Hi mummies,

    Just to share what I do for cooking to save time.

    I do steaming for most of my dishes. It is more healhty and save quite some time. I use the tingkat containers so that everything will fit into my wok and just need to steam everything at one go. Eg you can steam fish,vegetables, rice, porrige and boil soup all at one go. I follow what my daughter eat most of the time.

    Coping with kids and housework not easy. I'm sure all of you are great mummies
  28. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member


    U must have a very "tall" wok to stack all the tingkat containers. I like to steam too. It really save time. Grilling is good for meaty dishes.

    I usually cook a large portion porridge for my baby girl so that she can eat 2-3 meals throughout the day. At times, I just give her ABC pasta.

    maybe u can watch more TV serials and learn from there. Or meet up with mummies here to brush up your mandarin.
  29. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    I think cooking takes up a lot of time for most of us! Thanks for sharing all the tips mommies.
    Ruhee i never tried steaming soup before!!
    My girl eats very little if i feed her rice. I know some kids can eat rice from the age of 1!!
    She also refuse to eat spaghetti or tomato sauce which is standard kids fare.

    I tried tingkat last month - very bad food. tried quite a few companies but they are all quite bad on some days.
    I suppose there is nothing better than home-cook food!!

    I do one pot of soup in the morning with meat, veg etc and then just add another dish at night.
    I think it's not the cooking but the preparation and washing of food that's time consuming.
    Anyone tried freezing food sucessfully? I tried it once or twice but it doesn't taste as good as fresh food.

    Cutie - grilling as in pan-grill or oven grill? Still have to watch over it right?
  30. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Carnellin, I got a flyer today for Pernankan food catering and thought of you since you are Indonesian (and therefore like spicy food, right?). It's Flavours 'n' Spices and their website is www.flavours.com.sg. You may want to check it out.
  31. naliem

    naliem New Member

    Cutie, where do you live? If in Sengkang, maybe we can take turns to cook? At least for the baby's food - I hate to cook porridge cos so much cutting for so little amount!
  32. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member


    i use electric grill for meaty dishes. i do have a timer to remind me from time to time. just need 20mins for yummy chicken wings, chicken cutlets or cha siew. usually i will pre marinate them and store them in freezer and use them within 1-2 weeks.

    i am still breastfeeding my baby at night. she always wakes me up at about 5am for milk. usually, i will go marketing after that. i tend to buy more during my weekly visits to the market. i prefer wet market as they are able to precut/debone for me. this helps to save alot of time. for example, i just tell the butcher that i want to cook cha siew and sweet and sour pork, he will choose suitable parts and cut them accordingly. all i need to do is to wash and marinate them before putting into the freezer. in a way, it is quite easy to cook. usually, i only take 30-45 mins to cook. i just hate washing up.

    u also can save time by adding veggi into the meaty dish so that u need not cook vegg dish. for example for sweet and sour pork, i will add green and red pepper, spring onions, tomatoes, onions and parsley. i will also add sesame seeds as it is a good source of calcium.

    i stay in Teban gardens, near Jurong East. i usually put quite alot of water for my porridge, this reduce efforts for monitoring. i just set my timer and once time is up, i just add veggi and egg before turning off the gas.

    if i am rushing, i cook oats and stir in forumla milk into the lukewarm oats.
  33. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    hi everybody.

    Home.. E is Chicmuffet's daughter [​IMG]

    thank's Meilan.. i'll take a look.

    Cellin didn't want to eat porridge since she's about 19 months, so she want solid food only.. so bassicaly she eat what i eat, but if the food got spicy she refuse it, actually i'm not a spicy food lover too [​IMG]

    yesterday i was sick, thank Gos today i'm a lot better, but since yesterday Cellin really give me a hard time drinking her milk, she just want breast feeding (yes she is 23 months and still want breast milk)...
  34. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    Today i want to make a list of all the things that i think is a minus sign for being a SAHM (and no maid or nanny or grandma to help):
    - still have to take care of my child even though i'm sick and desperately need rest
    - the expectation of a mother (from society or my self), like mommy should be able to handle this and this and that [​IMG] i'm still a plain human being..
    - when stranger or someone i met told me that something i already know but having so much difficulty in making it realistic... like telling me to taught my daughther to walk when she is younger... (sigh [​IMG] don't they think i've tried it, why did stranger think they know better than me about my child habit [​IMG] )... don't worry my girl is walking everywhere now [​IMG]
    - put child's need as my #1... i still do have my own needs...
    - but most of all expectation of a mom should be [​IMG] to cope when an endless job and things to do
    - sometime i feel all my freedom have flown away
    - all the worry and still have to be patient [​IMG]

    but the plus side is.. [​IMG]
    + being able to see all the things that Cellin's do, really funny and adorable
    + the first to hear her say a word, do this or that
    + being entertain by her 24/7 she always available for games and playing
    + still love me even when i'm grumpy and so not in the mood..
    + never get tired of me
    + never give up on me
    + always welcome when i need hug and kisses
    + always there for me..
    + the feeling of being needed
    + watch her grow every day..
    + no matter how long my speech are, she's keep on listening
    + the wonderful feeling everytime i hug her...

    so mommies everytime you feel like so much burden on you, write it on, all of them, after that find all the pluses too [​IMG] you'll find something worth it...

    have a nice day eveyone [​IMG]
  35. chicmuffet

    chicmuffet New Member

    - yah i have people telling me that E should walk on her own when i go out in a stroller. she is not even 3 yet - how to walk so far?

    - cleaning grill tough or not? i have a solution for your washing up - i bought a dishwasher. really wonderful.
    you keep loading dishes through out the day and then wash at one go at night after dinner. apparently it uses less water
    and it's really clean because wash with hot water.

    i stay in sengkang but i am a reaally bad coook. thats why have to ask for tips and advice!!!
  36. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Cellin really put me in a bad temper today [​IMG]

    what am i suppose to do? [​IMG] now she's taking nap after 3 hours breakfast!!!) Oh dear, she usually eat her meal quite fast, i don't know what happen today, i even gave her 2 menus incase she's bored or something..... uughhh..[​IMG]

    everybody i have an idea (if your kids are like mine)..
    cellin got a lot of toys in home but she easily get bored after playing for 2 weeks or so.. anyone interested in trading?
    here's the plan..
    i'm not looking for a terminal trading but temporary, so if u got a box of toys trade with mine, then after a week or so trade it back, each of us have a copy of list things traded so it wont be lost.. because sometime after couple weeks cellin didn't see that toys she will want to play with it again, in the meant time she have "new" toys..

    but we have to understand to keep somebody's toys as good as before but for precaution don't give your valuable toys, just trade the one that your kid is not playing currently or what u think less valuable (for safe keeping)

    i'm thinking of doing it because i'm tired giving her new toys, and my house become a giant toy house, and the stack of toys in her room in starting to full...

    so i try to keep things "new" for her but in the same time her toys wont be such a waste..

    but before trading make sure the toys are clean, like soak in dettol or wipe with antiseptic so our kids maintain healthy...

    the list of toys in the box is made by the owner and fill up according to the owner wish too..

    i hope this plan works...

    what do you all think?
  37. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member


    i usually put aluminium foil so it can be easily washed.

    yes dishwasher is great. i know it years ago but my existing kitchen layout doesn't permit a dishwasher.plus we may be leaving for australia next year, so try to have min stuff at home.

    unfortunately, we don't have many toys at home. my baby is attending playnest in JG and they have lots of toys. she gets to play the toys during her lessons. i do have several storybooking though.
  38. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    anybody know appetite increaser and really works?
  39. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    anybody know appetite increaser and really works?
  40. pringles

    pringles New Member

    Hi mummies
    I'm also a SAHM living in sengkang with 2 kids. A 30 mth old girl and a coming 4 mth old boy.

    Can understand the difficulties of taking care of kids with no help at home. Thankfully, i have a helper since my boy came along. But i tasted what it was like handling 2 by myself for a few days. In short, u must be able to tolerate some mess in the house, stacked up dishes waiting to b washed, crying baby and a toddler who wants your attention all the time, lack of sleep and so on....that's why i marvel sahms who look after 2 or more kids with no help at all!

    I read that your boy had difficulty adjusting to his CC initially. Can share what was the reason? I'm thinking of putting my gal to half day school nearby (gingerbread skoolhouse)soon. But just a little apprehensive coz my gal is reserved and very uneasy when placed in a new environment with lots of people/kids. She would cry very badly if i leave but i really hope to see her overcome this fear. Why did u decide to withdraw your son from CC?

    Chicmuffet and Carnellin
    U can try neo garden's tingkat dinners. They have quite a lot of variety. Then maybe just cook a nourishing soup on top of that for the family. I've tried cooking so many times but in the end, still resorted to tingkat to reduce stress and spend more time with the kids[​IMG]

    btw, HI Priviledged!
  41. sanrio

    sanrio Active Member

    hi sah-mummies,
    gd to c tis thread. i m oso a sahm. my boy is 2yrs 4mths old and i m expecting my no.2.

    hi meilan,
    my boy jus started half day cc on 1 dec. 3 days in school only (he wen for 2 days orientation n 1 day 'officially' in school) n he was down w bad stomach flu, haiz... n he passed d virus to me n hubby so now d whole family is down w stomach flu.

    hi carnellin,
    tks for listing down d + n -. yes, sahm's job is one of d toughest, i mus agree. but it's oso d most rewarding n challenging. i m like u, alone w no help. many tx i 'break down' n cry wen d going gets too tough but wen my boy gives me a hug or kiss or said some comforting, interesting or even funny words, i find evytg is all worth it.

    hi pringles, hi pv [​IMG]
  42. sanrio

    sanrio Active Member

    hi carnellin,
    i stay in bt batok too! my boy jus started half day cc st st joseph's church cc centre. hav u visited justkids at bt batok?
  43. ribena

    ribena New Member

    Hi ladies.
    i'm a sahm too with a 20 mth yr old boy [​IMG] i'm residing at the north and so glad to have found this thread. Frankly speaking, i don't think i'm very suited to be a sahm, many a times i feel that i'm not doing enough as a mum. Really peifu all those who have more than one kid and still doing so much for them [​IMG]

    Lets motivate each other
    and get some inspirational help here!

    Hi Pringles,
    i recently tried tingkat again, and i got scolded by my sister that i'm feeding tingkat food to my boy [​IMG] but what to do, i really have no time to dish out dinner ley.
  44. tibbar

    tibbar New Member

    hi loving mums,

    very fortunate to know all of you. i m a full time SAHM to an adorable 24mths girl,little pumpkin, who will b attending playgrp next yr.

    guess most of us strive to bring lotsa love to our kids and always hope to be able to do more than just clean house and cook meals.

    let me contribute by sharing one receipe, junior risotto:
    1 tblspoon olive oil
    125g lean meat
    1/4 cup chopped mushrooms
    1 tomato, peeled, seeded and chopped
    1/4 cup peas
    1 tblspoon tomato sauce
    1/4 cup rice
    1 cup chicken stock

    -Heat the oil in a small saucepan, add the meat and brown well.
    -Add the mushrooms, tomato, peas and sauce and cook for 1 minute.
    -Stir in the rice, add the stock and bring to boil.
    -Reduce heat and simmer, covered until the rice is tender and all stock is absorbed.

    my girl is a fussy eater so i have to rack my brains to get her to eat. got the above from the book 'baby and toddler food'.

    hope it helps mommies who are tired of cooking porriage.

    Can anyone pls share tips on how to handle fussy eater? Tks.
  45. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    fussy eater?
    i've come to a conclusion, cellin is not a fussy eater, she just didn't say it clear what she want or didn't want to eat at the moment... just like me, sometime i want beef stew, sometime spaghetty, so i try bring more menus to her
  46. carnellin

    carnellin New Member


    hi glad to hear someone in bukit batok too, i can't find a daycare in bukit batok that i think comfy enough for cellin, one time when i visited a daycare i saw a care taker waking up a boy with her foot, ugh big no no..

    now she is attending baby jumper gym but it'll end next week, and because it's expensive i want to find cheaper playgroup
    i already registered her in bukit gombak star tots, starting january. class from 10.45-12.30
  47. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member


    need your advise.

    my baby girl has red spots all over her body and now it is spreading to her face. she has fever on sun but recovered yesterday afternoon.

    she remains active and eat relatively well. she doesn't scratch on the red spots.

    any mummies experience similar symptons on her baby as well?

    many thanks.
  48. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    does the spot come out after or in the meiddle of fever?

    if the spots appeare AFTER the fever it is roseolla, no need to worry it will dissapear in 1 week

    but if the spots appear during the fever it is measles

    if worry better check doctor
  49. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    cellin got roseolla when she's about 1 yr old.. that time we were clueless, but after searching in the net and asking professional help, we know it didn't need any medicine (but the fever need, like panadol for babies) but that's it...
  50. cutiemax

    cutiemax New Member


    thanks for the valuable info. i just read up about roseolla and notice it is common for babies between 9-12mths. maybe this is why our babies are infected at about this time.

    my guess is also roseolla. she had fever thurs morning. KKH doctor said it is viral flu. with medication, her fever disappeared on fri morning. we soon found rash on her trunk on sunday late morning when we bath her. now it is spreading to her face and legs.

    How long did the rash last on your baby's body?

    will consult a doctor tomm/thurs.

    thanks again for your help.

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